Hey Everyone!

As I’m sure you have already seen there are major changes to my blog.

To get right to it, I’m growing tired of trying to post everyday. Some days have more content than others and sometimes I get super busy at work. For those reasons I’ll be stepping back a bit, and not daily blogging.

I have taken my premium away, gone to a default theme, and change back to my free domain name. With this change, for at least now, I’ll post when I have things to talk about. I would still like to keep this blog to chronicle some of my son’s life and things like that so for now it will stay. My ultimate goal would be to create my own website, built by me, for me and my family. I have been learning HTML and CSS, and hope that with some more added ‘free’ time I can work on it.

I felt like i was becoming a bit stagnant with the current set up and don’t want that to be the case. If I ever do stop blogging here for good I’ll be sure to let you all know, you can all still feel free to follow me on Instagram as I’ll still be posting things there. You can find me @nrgmandrake

I hope you all understand, as this is sort of a tough decision for me since this has become a major part of my life. I didn’t make this choice on a whim, but I do think it is for the best.

I hope to see you all around when I post! When those days come I’ll be sure to hit you up as well. With added free time I may even be able to strike up a conversation with you instead of posting and running haha.

I hope you all have a great weekend and I’ll see you when I see you! 😀 😀