Bit of Everything!

Hey Everyone!

Back on track a little bit today. Things are a bit more ‘normal’ you could say.

I got to get my hands a bit dirty today with some of our hardware in the server room. We are making room for a new setup to allow a mirrored set of servers running virtual servers. We are also making room for a new cloud backup, and a high availability array, to store over 9 terabytes of data. That was sort of fun and scary all at once. We were doing all that in a live environment. If anything was to get unplugged it would could have taken down a server that was currently in use, and mess some stuff up.

We had some left over cookout food from yesterday. That made for a nice lunch again today. I have also been binge watching Dr. Who season 5-11 which is only on Netflix in Europe, I believe. I have a new web browser that I am using. It is called Opera and it has a built in VPN or virtual private network, which makes it near impossible to trace back your location. Since I have mine on Netflix thinks I’m currently in Sweden. Its really cool actually.

I have a Masonic practice scheduled for tonight at 7 pm. We are going to cover the 2nd degree a bit since next week we have to preform one on our newest member. We shouldn’t be too long tonight since we should have most of it down pretty well.

That is all that is going on today! I hope you all have a great Wednesday and I’ll see you again tomorrow! 😀 😀



Happy Wednesday!

Hey Everyone!

It is Wednesday, I made it through my interview yesterday and everything went well. I’m not sure what I said about it, but it was the first round of interviews to become the head of my department. It is a pretty big deal. the interview really did take an hour and forty minutes. I never thought I would have someone want to ask me that many questions and for that long of a time. This is all new to me and this was a first. It was really laid back, and I obviously knew everyone in the room, so that helped my nerves. I met with the HR manager my manager, and the CFO of the company. I was able to bring copies of my resume, notes I’ve take, and my final project from my last semester of school. I used those materials to compliment my documentation skills, project management, and organization. I think over all it went great! I’m excited to see if I make it further along in the process. My boss came over to me before the end of the day and said I did a good job and that means a ton.

In other news I have been using my Varidesk 100% of the time, and I’m still loving it. I have a few gripes, but they aren’t anything to make me stop using it. I have noticed that it cramps my wrists when I’m using it for a long time, which may be just a height issue. It does take up a ton of space, and all of my files and things are so much lower that it is kind of a pain in the butt to reach down and grab them. Overall I have been using it for about two days straight and haven’t stopped yet.

That is about all I have going on today, I have Masonic practice again tonight, because we were really rusty on our lines and movements. I hope you all have a great Wednesday! I’ll see you all again tomorrow! 😀 😀

Short and Sweet!

Hey Everyone!

Sorry I wasn’t able to post yesterday, I ran into an issue at work right around lunch. I had a terminal that was acting funky, and needed the assistance of a guy in the shop that could run a scissor lift. He just so happened to be ready as I would post so it just didn’t work out well.

Today has been slow. I am very ok with that. It was raining all night last night, so I was able to stay in and work on my leaky basement toilet. I thought I had it all fixed up, but it appears to, possibly, still be leaking around the base. I changed out the whole fixture except the flange. If you know someone or are someone that has experience with that sort of thing, hit me up about a possible fix! 😉

I don’t have much else to comment on since I wasn’t doing much else lol. I’m going to leave this one short today, in hopes that I have something more for you tomorrow!

I’ll see you then! 😀 😀


Keep On Rollin’!

Hey Everyone!

Last night I met with a guy who helped run the gas plant that needed some IT help. I wan’t able to fix anything last night but I was able to determine what I thought could be done to help. I’m still in the dark on a ton of things that they have going on, but I have a direction for the issue that I saw. They have a machine that measures the amount of certain gases in other gases? I guess? It is pretty cool either way. It isn’t communicating with the PC that runs the software. I believe that they are clearly not on the same network based on their IP addresses and therefore cannot communicate. Coming in late to the game I have no idea how or why this is. I have them calling the company to confirm, and left myself open as a contact for further issues. I hope I can help a few more times.

This morning work as been a bit hectic. I have been tasked with taking care of all of the ‘dummy’ terminals in the shop, since our co-worker retired. Well, its a bit of a mess. I ran around all morning getting the make, model, serial number, status, and location of all terminals and scanners. It was not terribly fun, in any way. I have since entered them in a simple Excel sheet to keep track. It will have to be updated every time we send one out, replace one, or get new ones. After this I’ll run over to our other shop and do the same.

Tonight we will have our first company softball practice that huge softball tournament. I am excited to see if we get a decent turn out. I’ll be pitching so I’ll be sore tomorrow, after pitching to, potentially 20 people. With a bit of luck we can determine who is good at what and who can hit. If we hold a couple more practices before the tourny we should have a pretty darn good team. Our company hasn’t come close to placing and getting a trophy for years now, so it would b nice to bring something back! 😀

That is all for me today! I’ll be back again tomorrow, and hope to see you then. 😀 😀

Pay Day!

Hey Everyone!

It is pay day! Thank goodness. I have been waiting until now to pay off our vacation and get my credit card back to $0 . That is a great feeling, if you have ever done it yourself you will understand haha.

We put about 98% of our vacation on my credit card, on purpose. It was my plan to pay it off when I got back. I get cash back, on certain things, and was able to build that up a little bit. I’m glad I was able to keep the cost down on our vacation. I think everything all said and done, including driving and extra hotel stays, as well as everything we did, only cost around $2,100. 😀 I’ll take that as a win. It was a 1500 mile drive with a stop on the way and the way back. It involved a 6 night hotel stay that we didn’t have initially planned. We ate out every night and went shopping. We also paid for things like museums and zoo fees. I’m proud of that! 😀 Maybe that will help people thinking that they can’t get away for a decent price.

Every pay day I get a nice feeling of rejuvenation. I get my bills paid off and what not sure, but more importantly I save. I know that each time I get paid I have some money go to my 401k, and into Everett’s 529 college savings account. I love knowing that I am preparing for the future while working on being able to live in the present. Some of those savings are a bit depleted as of late because of our trip but by next year they will be ready to go again! 😉

Another thing I recently did was signed up for a credit union savings account. Trust me, I don’t need another savings account to monitor and deal with, but this is the next step in the process to get my ass a car of my own. credit unions have the lowest interest rate of most places out there for things like auto loans. When the time comes, I’ll now be established there and be able to pull out some money with a low rate, like under 2% low.

As for today, it has been super slow and boring. I am at a stand still with the UPS project. I am waiting on other people to move so I can continue to work. That is my whole project for this month so I want to get it done. 😀

That is all for me today. I hope to see you back again tomorrow! 😀 😀

New Daycare!

Hey Everyone!

Today is our first day back at a somewhat normal routine. The last two days my mother in-law was at our house watching Everett. Today he started his new daycare! We were nervous just because we hope that he has a good experience.

I was maybe a minute late for work, but they don’t mind because they know I start work early all the time and work through my breaks, when I need to. I dropped him off and met some of the staff. They all seem very nice and I like that he will be in a room with other children his age, most of the day. I know including him there are 4 kids in the 1-2 age range. If they all stay at this daycare they will move through the other rooms together.

I made sure to tell them that he is eating using the baby led weaning technique. Which is that he eats real food in decent sizes, that he picks it up himself and puts it in his mouth. Learning theses skills also helps him with chewing and learning how to swallow better. He has been doing it for a few months and has really started swallowing quite a bit of the food that we give him. There are very few things that they don’t want you to feed them using this technique, so that is nice in the way that he can eat what we are eating.

At this new daycare they have a nap time, I’m not sure how good he will be with this right away. We generally see that he is tired and lay him down. We don’t force a nap on him, so we will see haha.

Like I have mentioned before, they are a 100% legal daycare which is very hard to find anymore. This is great, because the staff is trained and clearanced. We are able to claim the expense on our taxes each year, and they have limits on how many children they can have.

I really hope when I go pick him up that he had a great time. When I dropped him off he was very aware that he was in a new place. But he did stagger over to the one staff member before I left, and wasn’t fussy at all. He has his own little cubby for all of his stuff, they also drop notices and things in there for parents to pick up.

In other news I may be working with a local company in the near future on fixing up their network. I still have to call a few more people and get myself some physical access to the building. A person that works there reached out on an alumni Facebook group, looking for help and I responded so that is that. 😀 It would be after regular work hours and i would be getting compensated for my time, so if I can help out I gladly will. It would be nice to pick up some side jobs doing consulting and networking.

That is a bout it for me today. I hope you all have a great Wednesday, and I’ll see you tomorrow! 😀 😀

3rd Wedding Anniversary! <3

Hey Everyone!

It is the middle of the week and it is also the third wedding anniversary for my wife and I! With Mother’s day, Everett’s birthday, and this all so close to each other it is a bit over whelming, but May it going to always be a busy month for us now. 😀

My wife Jordyn and I met in college, and started dating shortly after, in 2011. She would spend most days during the summer at my college home. Within the next semester we started living together in a house with 3 other people, her friends/sorority sisters. We hadn’t gotten sick of each other yet so we kept moving forward! We soon moved to a place on her grandfather’s land not too far away, where we lived for about 2 years. I was in and out of working multiple jobs, and then decided to go back to school during that time. She was finishing up her bachelors and starting her masters program. When I finished school I began to look for a job, which ultimately led us back to my hometown. This being about four years ago now. We lived with my parent’s in the upstairs of their house, with our dog and cat. My wife made this all work out by driving over an hour and a half a few days a week, to finish her masters program! We didn’t want to be apart for days on end. At this time we had been engaged and eventually got married May 16th, 2015. In November of 2016 we closed on our house and that is where were are currently. During that time is she had been pregnant for a few months, and had our baby boy soon after on May 22, 2017. Here we are a year later!

We have been through quite a lot, with school, friends, family, financial distractions,  distance,  and a child, but have come out better for it. Each day I believe that we are stronger as a couple, and hope that continues for many years. She is everything I have ever wanted in a partner, and more. I couldn’t imagine living a life without her or our fairly new little family. She supports me in too many ways to mention, all while being my very best friend. For that I thank her.


That is it for me today! I just wanted to give a shout out to my amazing wife today, and let you all in for a sneak peak of where we came from and how we got here. Thanks for reading! 😀 😀

One Day Surgery!

Hey Everyone!

Sorry for not posting yesterday. I came into work and realized that the sinus pressure building in my head was stopping me from doing anything at work. I left work at around 10am and took myself to the walk in clinic. They got me hooked up with an antibiotic and,  honestly I fee much better even after three doses.

Last night was a little tough, because we knew in the morning that Everett was getting tubes in his ears. If anyone doesn’t know what they are or what they do I’ll tell ya! They are literal tubes that are inserted in the ear drum to allow fluid to drain properly, and not build up and cause infections. For babies like Everett, must be put to sleep for a few minutes since they move a lot and don’t listen, so that is the freaky part. So my wife and I had a restless night thinking about things that could go wrong.

This morning we got up around 5:50am and had to get him there by 6:30am. So it was an early start. They checked him over and then had us get him ready in his little gown. He was tired and not sure what was going on.


After a little while they gave him the pre-op medicine that made him loopy, which was kind of funny after it kicked in. You can tell he was getting goofy.


His head was getting heavy and he was getting sleepy again. The doctors and anesthesiologist came out ad talked us through everything.


Here is a short video of Everett just feeling the loopy juice.

They took him back, which was hard for us, because we didn’t have control over what was going to happen for the next 10 minutes. We sat in the waiting room and tried to stay as calm as we could. When they were done we were called in to talk with the doctor and go over how everything went. He let us know everything went perfectly and that we could go see him in post-op. He was still coming out of the anesthesia, so he was floaty and not sure what to think. So he was crying and not happy. We were able to feed him before we left, since he hadn’t eaten in 12 hours.


By the time we got him in the car he was asleep. I hope when we comes out of his nap that he is feeling a ton better.


I am clearly back at work and trying to play catch up from the last two days.

That is it for me today! I hope you are having a great Wednesday, and I’ll see you all back tomorrow! 😀 😀

Weird News Wednesday!

Hey Everyone!

Lets try this haha.

One student was credited with saving a squirrel’s life thanks to the hit show “The Office.”


There is a scene in one episode where they brought in a CPR trainer, to try and teach the people of the office, well CPR. She was using the stereotypical “Stayin Alive” song we all know and love haha. Natalie Belsito, a Central Michigan University student, saw the squirrel drowning in a pond. She saw it being slow to move and saw its head dipping under the water frequently. With the help of another person she was able to get the squirrel out of the pond. It is then that she noticed that it wasn’t breathing! She admitted to not really knowing CPR, but did remember the episode from “The Office.” She was quoted saying “I was literally signing that song as I tried to do it.”

Once the squirrel was breathing again she nursed it back to health in her room. Once she thought it was ready to be released that is exactly what she did. She, along with her group of friends, released it back into the wild campus! haha. Her twitter video captured it all.

In even more amazing news the Actor, Robin Lynch, who played Rose (the CPR Trainer) on “The Office” caught wind of this and Tweeted out to her. She congratulated her on saving the life of the squirrel. How amazing is that?


There, that is some nice pick me up news for ya! I hope this post has brightened your day, I know it brightened mine. 😀 😀

I’ll be back again tomorrow, I hope to see you then! 😀 😀

Discover The Dinosaurs!

Hey Everyone!

I have been keeping very busy at work, which is a great thing. It makes my entire day go by so fast! I am already ready for the weekend haha. I have been working some more on the UPS upgrades at work and even created a nice spreadsheet to present my work when the time comes. I have also been working closely with a company in Florida, to repair and replace our IBM terminals in the shop. They are old and have to be, to work with our somewhat dated system. Lastly I have finally placed my April order to replace workstation PCs, and even got some monitors and battery backups! 😀 I kinda squeeze those things in sometime for stock purposes. If someone needs something I try my best to have it.

Speaking of the weekend a bit ago, our Saturday just went from fairly dull to something I am looking forward to. My wife has a baby shower in the morning for one of her friends so I’ll travel with her to that and just kinda hang out. Afterwards, I just bought tickets to “Discover The Dinosaurs: Time Trek” It will be at a local convention center. I’m not sure Everett will ever remember such a thing, but it fills the time gap that we have.


Here is the write up for the event:

At Discover the Dinosaurs: Time Trek, you’ll be transported through our special Time Lab where you can observe enormous prehistoric dinosaurs and glimpse at mythological, magical dragons. This experience is all about hands-on family fun! Kids will love the larger-than-life creatures, and activities like Design-a-Dino, Prehistoric Poop, or the Race Through Time Labyrinth will keep everyone entertained. Families can compete in the Cretaceous Challenge Zone, visit the Time Trek Theater to meet baby dinosaurs, and test their dino-knowledge in our family and individual trivia contests.

PLUS at our Dragon Edition events, we’ve incorporated famous dragons and lore from three very distinct cultures – dragon legends are thought to have started with the discovery of unknown dinosaur fossils!”

I think it will be pretty neat. I’m not really going in with any expectations, so i can’t really be disappointed haha. I’ll be sure to take some pictures and show you all what it was like.

After that fun, my wife scheduled a photo shoot with a couple. We will meet them at the desired upon location around 6:30pm and then travel home. So you can see we really packed that day with plenty to see and do.

On another note I was please to receive a phone call from the garage door people, telling me that they came to my house and fixed my door! I’ll get the bill in the mail, but they fixed it! It hasn’t worked since we moved in over a year ago, and I just got around to having it fixed. I have been picking it up and putting it down this whole time for my wife. It will be amazing to click a button and have it actually work haha. they changed out the gear box and attached the missing arm that connects the motor to the door. They were going to go back and apply weather stripping to the sides to eliminate the gaps on the sides. I’m not sure I have ever been this excited about a garage that I don’t even get to park in. 😀 😀

That is all for me today, I hope you enjoyed the post. I’ll be back again tomorrow, I hope to see you then! 😀 😀