Monday Photo Dump!

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to the start of the week! We did quite a bit this weekend. Friday we went to Pizza Hut with my parents for dinner and Everett was being a normal goofball.


Saturday morning we headed back to the cabin. We are hoping to have the beds in before the start of the hunting season. We added stairs to the front and added boards to the ceiling. Some of the wall pieces are missing, because they are all pieces we have to cut to a custom size.


This area will be the bed room, with bunks on the right and left.


This next one is looking from the kitchen area to the bedroom. We have that half wall up to divide the room.


While I was at camp my wife’s two friends came into town. One of them has a little three month old. We got ready and went to the county fair for a few hours.



Next is a must have golf cart. Just sayin. 😀


Towards the end we lowered Everett’s stroller and he passed right out!


Sunday we went out to visit my wife’s dad. He has been in a nursing home for a little bit now. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s a while ago and can no longer live on his own. It is pretty sad because he isn’t very old. He remembers us and Everett and loves holding him.


We were able to meet with his wife and their kid Remi and take him to the courtyard. The kids ran around like crazy.


The lady in the wheelchair is Lois. She has sort of been watching over my wife’s dad while people aren’t around. She came out with us and loved seeing the boys.


Everett and Uncle Remi are playing here with some cars on the little bench.


Later to round out the day and make the most out of it we met with her grandparents and brother’s family for lunch. It was at a very nice golf course in the area. They have great food and service.


If you have your volume on you can hear Everett slurp up his noodles haha. if you look close you can even see his top teeth! 😀 😀

Once we got home, we got in our comfy clothes and watched some New Girl. Everett has been looking though his legs so my wife was doing it too and he was laughing hysterically.


That was our weekend! We did a lot and it was, like always, worth it. I hope you had a great weekend too! I’ll see you all again tomorrow! 😀 😀


Happy Thursday!

Hey Everyone!

I had some plans change yesterday and wasn’t able to get a post out yesterday. I kept thinking I forgot to do something all day and I think this was it haha. 😀 What happened was I scheduled a doctors appointment as soon as they were available, which was the middle of the day.

Since Saturday my back has been killing me. I have full range of motion but it hurt/hurts when I breath deeper. It was confusing to me and I couldn’t calm myself down about it, so that is what I did. Once I was done with my appointment I just went home. The PA-C determined that I strained my diaphragm. Just like doing curls with your arms all day would hurt your arm, I hurt my diaphragm by using it all day. The two points where, I guess, it meets other parts of the body are where it hurts and that is why it felt like two separate spots. He prescribed me some muscle relaxer for the evening and ibuprofen three times a day for inflammation. I have felt pretty good today, so far. I’m sure I’ll be fine to get back out there for the tournament.

In other news I am finally getting my car fixed and inspected Friday. I have to drop it off at the shop tonight, and I can’t forget. That is part of the reason I am telling you haha. 😀 If you didn’t know I totally forgot to get it inspected in May and didn’t realize it until July. It is now August and It will finally get the work done. Don’t worry, since I found out I haven’t driven that car. It has only taken this long because it needed brakes and calipers. The other reason it has taken so long was that one of our shops in town completely burnt down, so every other shop is backed up. I hope to be back in business next week.

Yesterday my wife’s family came down to see Everett So her grandma and mom were there when I got home. They brought some ice cream cake from DQ for all of our birthdays and bagels from our favorite spot in our college town. They make bagels daily and they are really delicious!

That is all for me today, I hope you have a great Thursday. I’ll be back tomorrow and hope to see you then! 😀 😀


Monday Funday!

Hey Everyone!

We had a pretty good weekend, I hope you did as well.

Friday our little family went to dinner at Red Lobster. It was nice to go out to eat for once and spend some time out and about.

Saturday I had that softball tournament. Our first game was at 9am. We didn’t do as well as we had hoped but still managed to be 4th in the league and get 3 games in the tournament. Now follow me here, We beat this team by the ten run rule, we then played the best team and lost by one. The third game knocked us out, via a team we have beaten before. The weird thing is that the team we beat by ten went on to knock out the best team and take second place in the whole tournament! We were stunned! We easily beat them by ten, how in the world did they beat those other teams? I understand it happens and I’m glad for them playing that hard, but it is just weird lol 😀

My wife was able to attend the first and most of the second game, until she had to go get ready to shoot a wedding. Everett and my mom stayed at the fields.


Saturday while my wife was away, and after the tourny, Everett and I went to my parent’s house. They were cleaning out their garage attic, and wanted some help getting things out. Everett found my first grade Halloween costume (Red Power Ranger), and spent some time smacking my mom’s dog lol 😀 He is still learning how to be nice.



Sunday we visit with my wife’s father. He was sent to the hospital, to get checked out. He has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, I believe, and was having some weird things happening. They found him to be dehydrated mostly. We saw him there for a couple hours.


Afterwards we hit up the Olive Garden, and Barnes and Noble. It was a dreary, overcast day with some rain sprinkled in. When we got home we decided it was time to just watch a movie. My wife has been wanting to re-watch the Lord of the Rings movies, so we started with the 3 hours Fellowship! 😀

Here we are Monday afternoon, I have been working hard to get these darn terminals under wraps. I have a few orders placed and am waiting their arrival. Oh, other big news. My boss is retiring this April! That is good news to me. I will be bidding on his job, more than likely won’t get it. Based on who we all think might get it, I may be able to move up and take his job. I’m hoping to be the new Network Coordinator by May. I’m not sure if it will affect the blog or not. One day I may get too busy to run this thing, who knows!

That is all for me today! I hope you are all having a great Monday, and I’ll see you tomorrow! 😀 😀

Never Boring!

Hey Everyone!

Back from a very busy weekend! I have a handful of pictures to help me out today.

Friday after work I found the culprit! It was this nut on my wiper arm. It was super loose and needed a good tightening. It now works like new. As you can tell by the ice it was pretty cold out. 20170303_162007

Saturday my wife and I made a trip to Erie, PA. It was a trip with really nothing planned. We stopped at the mall and looked at maternity clothes, before hitting up Old Navy and getting stuff there. We took her car to get a quick ten minute oil change. She had never seen a place that just got you in and out like a drive thru. We were close to her favorite chocolate covered strawberry store, so we had to stop. Here is a picture of her viewing some of the selection at Romolo Chocolates.


And here is a big ass candy bar!


They make all of their own chocolate and always have the most fresh fruit! When we got hungry we stopped at a place called Chopstix. It has great Asian cuisine. I was going to take a picture of the Godzilla Sushi roll that I had…..buuuut I ate the whole thing way too quick haha. So you will have to be OK with a couple shots of the inside!


Later that night, when we were home, I had to gut my PC. Here is a shot of the motherboard out and only the power supply and hard drives left.


Since I had all my stuff out I figured why not show it all haha. Here is my GTX 970 video card.


Here is some of the hardware as well as the RAM and Processor.


Lastly, here is the motherboard that doesn’t work. I needed to get this bad boy out so I could send it back to MSI. I brought it in to work today and had them ship it out. It will take like 30 days to get it back! I don’t know what I’ll do with myself by not having my PC.


Sunday was going to be a slow day that sped up at the end. My wife and I started the day with some breakfast and then went to get groceries. On our way I wanted to find the bit that I needed for the tub. I stopped at two stores before I found out what it was even called. I then stopped at two more to finally find the part. Sounds like good news, but both sizes they had are too big. I have to find a smaller one online. the bit is called a clutch head and it looks like a little bow-tie. Anyway, we got groceries after and put everything away. My brother, his fiance, and their baby came over for a little bit. We were happy to see them, even if it was just for an hour or so. During their stay, is when we encountered an issue. We wanted to let the baby roll around on the floor without being pummeled by our dog, so we put her outside. It wasn’t more than two minutes later we saw her running around on the neighbors porch, no more than 20 feet from the busy road. She jumped the existing railings… After my brother left I ran to Lowes and bought more fence boards, and had to put them up. I had to get it all done before it got dark out, and I succeeded! It is super ugly looking because we have to cut the tops today. Here it is:


Once we cut the tops like the rest of the fence it won’t be that high, and will look much better. If we get around to painting the whole thing this summer it will look even better haha.

I’ll stop boring you here. I had a pretty eventful weekend, how about you? Let me know what you were up to! I’ll see you again tomorrow. 😀 😀

What Will Your Weekend Hold?

Hey Everyone!

We have made it yet again to Friday. I hope you have had a great week.

This morning started early and rough. I woke up at midnight with a sharp pain in my stomach, near my sternum. I got up and felt like I was going to puke, not a great feeling, as I’m sure you know. the feeling subsided and I went back to bed. I was hoping this was the end of it. Well, it wasn’t. I woke up again at 2:30 am, with the same feeling. This time I was sure I would be sick. I went to our basement restroom, thinking I would be loud and not wanting to wake my pregnant wife. Again I got the feeling I was going to puke. You know the feeling, mouth watering, and constant swallowing. No fun. Yet again it just kind of went away. This time I slept until my alarm went off. When I woke up the pain had moved to about where my belly button is and still was a fairly sharp pain. In no other way did I feel unwell. I got ready and ate breakfast and headed to work. I have at this moment drank 96 oz. of water and had six antacids. So far I’m doing OK. I hope that the water may flush out whatever is messing around inside me, and until then I want those antacids to keep the peace! lol

My wife, sometime this morning, sprung on me that her sister was coming to visit tonight. My instant thought is “Great, they can hang out and leave somewhat ill me to play video games.” This will probably be what happens and I’m 100% good with that. I mean I’ll be inviting but then it will be back upstairs to work on my ARK Survival Evolved structure. 😉

**Pee break! Did I mention I drank 96 oz. of water? haha**

Tomorrow morning, if I feel the same or better, I will be meeting with my dad and brother. We are going out to start work on the cabin, at his property. We would like to take my brothers 4-wheeler and an additional trailer to haul wood and tools. By the end of the day Saturday I would like to see that the posts are in the ground, and framed up a little bit. I would also like to have a truck load of cut wood to stack and let dry for my fireplace. I’ll need to split the logs, so I hope my brother will lend me his axe. As far as Sunday is concerned I have no plans. I have a few cardboard boxes to take over to my dad’s, even if it is just to make room for more! Our couches and chair are being delivered on the 23rd of this month. After that delivery we will have received all the furniture that we have ordered. It will be a huge relief to not have to track packages for a while. My next big thing after paying off the furniture will, of course, be getting a suitable vehicle for a baby car seat, but that is a whole other matter.

Feel free to share your weekend plans with me in the comments below. I’d love to hear what you have going on.

I’ll be back again Monday. I hope to see you then! 😀 😀

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Baby’ Room (so far…)

Hey Everyone!

We had a pretty jam packed weekend. Saturday my wife and I went out shopping for things around the house. We were focused primarily on the baby’s room. We got about everything at Hobby Lobby, and everything we bought was on sale. We got home later that evening and hung up all the stuff we got, take a look:

* Sorry this first one is a little blurry, you get the point haha*


I should also mention that while we were shopping we picked up a bunch of shirts for my wife at Old Navy as well as command strips from Lowes to hang all the stuff for the walls. The command strips are like Velcro and can be taken on and off easily. They also hold 16 + pounds.

Sunday we had friends come visit us. They live where we all went to college and they made the trip to see the house and my pregnant wife. We haven’t seen them in a few years, and t was really fun catching up with them. We stayed in and made lunch, and later went out for ice cream. It is really amazing that in a place like NW PA it can be the dead of winter and people will still go out to get ice cream. Knowing I am a Dallas Cowboys fan you could have guessed I watched the game, and died a little inside. It was a great game there were weird calls on both teams throughout the game, but that’s neither here nor there. In the end the Packers made a huge play to stop the game from going into over time.  Our damn near perfect season was over in the blink of an eye. I can say that I was shocked I thought we would at least make it to the super bowl, so it did catch me off guard. I took my frustrations out on some video games and then finished my ice cream from earlier. That seemed to help haha.

Today has been very uneventful. I have a crack in my truck’s windshield, so that is new. I have a guy from Safe Lite out there as I type this replacing it. My wife is home today, because she gets today off as a holiday. I also got a request to help someone from work set up outlook in their home and on their phone, so that may be something to do as well.

I hope you all had a great weekend. I know they go by too fast, but I hope you found time to enjoy it. I’ll see you all tomorrow! 😀 😀