Hunting & Family Time!

Hey Everyone!

I hope you all had a great weekend!

As you know I went out hunting on Saturday, and since I didn’t see anything it was a pretty uneventful day haha. I mean I saw some birds and chipmunks but that was it. So I took a a couple pictures of my surroundings and a couple walks around the woods before I went home.This first picture was taken about 6:40-ish in the morning. I thought it was pretty neat that it was naturally this purple. Oh and it is from the stand I was in.


Here is about the spot an hour later.


I got out in the woods about 6:30am and crossed the creek to get to the stand I was going to sit at by the time I took that first picture. I sat their most of the morning until I did a big loop around the hill. My brother and dad were out as well so we met up around lunch time at the cabin and ate. After that I went home. I’ll most likely be going back out this coming Saturday as well. My brother’s deer is being processed so he should have the meat back soon.

Sunday was a lounging day for me, but turned into doing some needed tasks. I went to get groceries, alone because I am much faster haha. I still hate doing it, but I hate it more when I have to slowly stroll. This way I can get in and out in about 40 minutes, with everything instead of 2 hours. When I got home I had to take a picture of my boy with his animal book and drool on his chin. 😀


Later that day we decided that we would for the first time feed him his first piece of ‘real’ food. We cut him up a banana and let him go for it.


Clearly you can tell he is new to this whole eating thing. He didn’t do much more than suck on it, but the taste was still there and I think he liked it. We will now continue to introduce certain foods to him and let him learn on his own how to pick them up and put them in his mouth. I was surprised that he didn’t instantly do that, because anything else he grabs he jams right up there. This will not be his main source of food, we will keep him on breast milk, hopefully, up to a year.

After we got him all cleaned up we took him and the dog for a much needed walk. It had been a month or more since we had gone on one and the weather was sunny and clear. It was a bit chilly so we wrapped up the babe pretty tight. This was also the first time he was front facing in the stroller.


Those eyes though.

That brings us to today, back at work. :/ I would much rather do something else with my time but this pays the bills and the people are nice. We didn’t end up taking family pictures because our nephew was running a fever and to be safe they didn’t come. I also am pleased to tell you that I got a hair cut and I don’t look like a moron, so that is a plus!

I’ll see you all again tomorrow! 😀 😀


New Microsoft Surface Laptop!

Hey Everyone!

Today I want to talk about the new laptop that Microsoft launched that is said to be “your next laptop.” Also why I think its not true at all haha. Here you can watch the corny puff piece that The Verge put out. *Note, I have nothing against The Verge, I love their stuff*

Let me do my best to walk side by side with this video and give you my input.

  • Right way they talk about how this could be the laptop that could make people switch from Apple to Microsoft.
    • I doubt that! With the price point where it is, it is just as expensive, and you will always have people just tethered to a brand.
  • The deck of the laptop is Alcantarta (fabric)
    • This is a neutral point. Just a fact. He states it himself, who cares? In a matter of unspecified time it will get worn and gross. Aluminum is just the better way to go in my eyes. It is purely cosmetic, which if that’s what you want then go for it!
  • The price starts at, a rounded $1,000. He continues by saying that you should splurge and spend the extra $300 + for better specs.
    • That will put you at $1300 for an i5 processor and 8Gb of RAM. Big deal! If you waned the i7, he says about $2200! Also at this price point you could buy your fancy Mac Book.
  • Speakers are under the keyboard
    • Who cares, yet again! You don’t have a laptop because you want to rock out with loud music.
  • The keyboard keys themselves have decent travel and clickiness.
    • That is good, I would want something for myself, that was as close to a mechanical keyboard as possible. I hate typing on laptops when the keys are too low profile.
  • The track pad is fast and accurate.
    • Great, it should be. That is like saying you car goes when you push on the accelerator.

He continues by comparing the looks and what not of the Mac Book Air and the new Microsoft Surface Laptop. They have the same wedge design. The Air has been styling since 2010 and nothing has topped it. (Bull Shit) He continues to call it the king of laptops. (Again Bull Shit) I’m not sure what target audience he is trying to speak with, but in my experience, you can build a far better laptop for under the price points of both. All while still having the functionality and more usable ports. Anyway, I digress. Back to the video!

  • Says it hits the basics of what a laptop should.
    • for over $1, 000 it should be better for more than just that.
  • It has special features like facial recognition, to unlock the computer.
    • That is a cool feature and it is up and coming with changing technology. I’m not sure if that matters when you go to buy the ideal laptop though.
  • Has a touch screen.
    • Blah! Don’t get me started. I know its a crossover tablet, turned laptop, but I don’t want a touch screen until somebody comes up with a way to never smudge a screen. End of story.
  • 7 hours of battery life, while being used. Closer to 9 hours when idle.
    • That is also good. Battery life in general is becoming better and better.
  • Boasts a big screen, with great resolution.
    • I can agree that the 3:2 aspect ratio is neat, and the 2256×1504 resolution is better than most. The screen isn’t big. plain and simple 13.5 inches of screen is normal, its fine, not big.
  • They played it conservative on ports.
    • Why would you do such a thing. Is that the hipster way? this guy in the video agrees with me on this. They don’t have any newer USB-C connectors (which is still running at USB 3.1 speeds) and only have 1 USB-A port on the laptop. There is another one one the power adapter, but why the heck would you want that? There is a mini display port you most likely won’t you and a surface connector for power. I do like that they kept the surface connector!
  • It comes pre-installed with Windows 10 S as an operating system.
    • Like he states most people will just upgrade to the full blown, free, Windows 10 Pro. The Windows 10 S OS is locked down to only allow you to run apps from the Microsoft store, much like Apple products. But, unlike the App Store, the Windows Store still sucks….bad. Let me quickly say that it runs better in this lock down OS because it is managing its resources better. Once you move to the full blown 10 Pro OS you will want more than 8Gb of RAM.

In the end he recommends it. I can agree that it is different, and would be a fun laptop for a short time. I wouldn’t say that it is great by any means. I also wouldn’t say it would have people jump ship on Apple. It is overall a good laptop that will be a stepping stone to the future.

I hope you have enjoyed this tech news/video review. I haven’t really done anything like it before. It was kind of fun. I’ll be back tomorrow, I hope to see you then! 😀 😀

Cabin Build & A Mishap

Hey Everyone!

I am feeling much better than I was on Friday.

Saturday was busy, busy, with us heading out and starting a cabin build. My brother and I met at my dad’s house at around 10am and gathered what we needed. From there we stopped at Lowes for some lumber and we were on our way by 11am. Progress by picture….now:

Once we found our spot we had to square things up and dig post holes. This took the majority of the time. We ran into every tree root and rock in the ground, I promise. Here s my dad trying to get a rock out by hand.


We made three sections like this one. 12′ across and 10′ deep. The cabin will be 24′ with a 6′ porch, as long as we don’t constantly change our minds. Here you can see my brother trying to dig a hole, with the help of his two Great Danes.


Like I said before we made three of the same sections. Here are two of the sections. Don’t mind that the posts are all messed up. They aren’t set in the ground or squared at the top.


Along the way we met this little buddy!


Here we have all three sections up and squared at the bottom. We still haven’t set the posts because if we have to move them in any way or dig beside them we still can. The creek is off to the right, where the porch will face.


Since we strayed away from making a 40′ cabin we had a few boards left over. We used them to straighten up the top of some of the posts. My brother and dad want rafters, to help with making the roof, but I think it is a terrible idea. The standing room will only be about 6′ if they do. One or two would be fine for stability but I think they should just make gable ends and run a ridge beam. That would make the standing height over 8′.


Here is just a picture I took riding on the back of my brother’s 4-wheeler, after we were all done. I went to cut firewood for home, only to realize that my chain was all jacked up. I had to use my chainsaw to get a few roots in the post holes, and I must have chewed it up on rocks. :/ ( A little muddy)


When it was all said and done, we left around 5pm


After our jam packed Saturday we wanted to go out again Sunday but my dad wanted to watch his NASCAR race. Sunday was spent around the house, until the worst thing happened. We filled our bath tub for the first time only to realize that our overflow doesn’t drain into a pipe, or that our waterproof seal isn’t water proof! We had water from the second floor all the way into the basement. I called a plumber this morning to make the official call about what happened, even though I’m sure it is one of the two things I stated. Still here at about 1pm I haven’t received a call from them :/

On a better note I will be having our final pieces of furniture delivered on the 23rd of this month! It will be a good feeling to not have to worry about tracking huge packages for a while.

I hope you all had a great weekend. I know I did, up until last night haha. I hope to see you all back again tomorrow! 😀 😀

OH! By the way, I have had more views these past two months, than I had all last year (Starting in May) so eight months! That’s awesome, thank you all so much. 😀 😀