Lighting Weekend & Golf!

Hey Everyone!

I had a heck of a weekend. Friday my wife said she wanted to replace the kitchen ceiling fans and lights. I didn’t want to do any of that since they all worked, and we don’t have the money for any big issues if they arise.

In the process of taking those two lights down she wanted me to replace the light over the sink, and move the fan in the dining room to the other side of the dining room and get a new light there as well. In total it came to four new lights and moving a fifth. It was a long Friday evening, and it carried into Saturday morning.


This is the fan from the dining room moving to it’s new location.


Here is where it came from. More on this spot later.


The two kitchen lights were here.


I installed the lights in the kitchen and my wife painted the ceiling.


Saturday morning kept me busy and I had to stop to head out to the golf outing!

The night before my co-worker and I went to the driving range and hit a bucket of balls.


The weather was great Saturday and my team was ready to do a mediocre job haha. 😀 Here is my golf cart mate Jake, he works third shift and is the son of the lady in accounting.


My dad is hitting here, and then we had another guy in sales on our scramble team.


I decided to run to the sports store in town and get a nice shirt, glove, and pants. Lastly before my dad and I headed out we grabbed a split 6 pack for the day.


I got home fully expecting to get the rest of the lights up and going. I put the fan up and the new light up, only to find out that they didn’t turn on… :/ I fiddled with the both of them until I had to stop. It was very frustrating.

That took us straight into Sunday where I worked on them again. I stopped part way though because I ran out of knowledge and patience. I called my dad over and we did end up getting the fan working on the switch. I haven’t put it back up because we still can’t get the new dining room light working. It is the only light, that I know of, that is running on the only knob and tube wire run that we have in the house. I have tried every combination that I can think of and something must be disconnected somewhere. Knob and tube wiring is not up to any code anymore because it is not grounded, so I don’t think any real electrician will wok on it without replacing it. That would mean tearing up my ceiling and wall possibly and I don’t want to or have the money to do that. So I have to find someone willing to help me out and until then my dining room will be a mess.

In other news I got work today that I have an interview for my boss’s job tomorrow at 2pm.  I may not be posting if I am still preparing for that. I’ll be a bit nervous and figuring things out. It would be a huge leap for me and the job description looks scary but I think I could handle it if it came down to it. Wish me luck! If I don’t get this job which is very possible, I hope to have the ability to move into my co-workers job.

That is all for me today, I hope you have a great Monday! I’ll see you tomorrow or Wednesday! 😀 😀



Discover The Dinosaurs!

Hey Everyone!

I have been keeping very busy at work, which is a great thing. It makes my entire day go by so fast! I am already ready for the weekend haha. I have been working some more on the UPS upgrades at work and even created a nice spreadsheet to present my work when the time comes. I have also been working closely with a company in Florida, to repair and replace our IBM terminals in the shop. They are old and have to be, to work with our somewhat dated system. Lastly I have finally placed my April order to replace workstation PCs, and even got some monitors and battery backups! 😀 I kinda squeeze those things in sometime for stock purposes. If someone needs something I try my best to have it.

Speaking of the weekend a bit ago, our Saturday just went from fairly dull to something I am looking forward to. My wife has a baby shower in the morning for one of her friends so I’ll travel with her to that and just kinda hang out. Afterwards, I just bought tickets to “Discover The Dinosaurs: Time Trek” It will be at a local convention center. I’m not sure Everett will ever remember such a thing, but it fills the time gap that we have.


Here is the write up for the event:

At Discover the Dinosaurs: Time Trek, you’ll be transported through our special Time Lab where you can observe enormous prehistoric dinosaurs and glimpse at mythological, magical dragons. This experience is all about hands-on family fun! Kids will love the larger-than-life creatures, and activities like Design-a-Dino, Prehistoric Poop, or the Race Through Time Labyrinth will keep everyone entertained. Families can compete in the Cretaceous Challenge Zone, visit the Time Trek Theater to meet baby dinosaurs, and test their dino-knowledge in our family and individual trivia contests.

PLUS at our Dragon Edition events, we’ve incorporated famous dragons and lore from three very distinct cultures – dragon legends are thought to have started with the discovery of unknown dinosaur fossils!”

I think it will be pretty neat. I’m not really going in with any expectations, so i can’t really be disappointed haha. I’ll be sure to take some pictures and show you all what it was like.

After that fun, my wife scheduled a photo shoot with a couple. We will meet them at the desired upon location around 6:30pm and then travel home. So you can see we really packed that day with plenty to see and do.

On another note I was please to receive a phone call from the garage door people, telling me that they came to my house and fixed my door! I’ll get the bill in the mail, but they fixed it! It hasn’t worked since we moved in over a year ago, and I just got around to having it fixed. I have been picking it up and putting it down this whole time for my wife. It will be amazing to click a button and have it actually work haha. they changed out the gear box and attached the missing arm that connects the motor to the door. They were going to go back and apply weather stripping to the sides to eliminate the gaps on the sides. I’m not sure I have ever been this excited about a garage that I don’t even get to park in. 😀 😀

That is all for me today, I hope you enjoyed the post. I’ll be back again tomorrow, I hope to see you then! 😀 😀

Getting Projects Done!

Hey Everyone!

We have made it to Tuesday. It doesn’t sound like much but this week has already felt like an eternity to me.

I few neat things are in front of me today. I called the other day about my garage door. It is all set up to be an automatic door, but I’m missing a part. There is also a small gap at the top of the door when it is closed, I would like for that not to be there. It would prevent warm air from escaping and stop critters from getting in. My hope is that they are able to fix me up proper without a huge dent in my wallet.  I am probably overly excited about a garage door, but hey I’m an adult now haha.

The second thins is work related. Today I was tasked with heading up a small upgrade to our shipping area. This is the real first time I have been told to take the lead on anything. So I’ll take it! UPS does this thing, where if you do so much business, predetermined by them, within the year that you get money to use based on that amount. This can be used for anything, but they like it to be geared towards the shipping area. Every three years they give us this amount, we can determine what we need, bring it back to UPS and they set up a purchase order through their vendors. This year they are passing this off to me. Our amount is $5,000. We have three shipping stations, each has a PC, printer, label printer, and scale. My thought is to buy our own PC upgrades like we always do, that way we stay the same across the board. From there we can replace 3 printers and 2 of the label printers, because they are older than 5 years. Once I have that priced we have around $2,200 left. My goal is to allow that money to be used by the shipping department for a real upgrade, something that they don’t have that would make them more efficient. Not just a physical upgrade to what they have currently. We will see, it is about a month or so out, but I have the stuff I want now haha. Things move slow around here lol.

I think the end of this week is when I should be getting my profit sharing check from work as well. With any luck we will see our tax return come soon after. Those two things together will pay off our credit card debt and then probably be used for home renovations, or split into savings accounts for repairs later on down the road. This is also contingent on whether or not we move. I’m feeling like it may not be the right thing to do anymore. It is getting more murky as time passes, and her grandfather would like to postpone the process until next spring. All of that to me screams not the right choice. I feel like we would be better off sticking to the plan we have and finding better ways to manage our issues. Not that they are huge but still. Down the line we will have more equity and if we want to see we can when the kid/s are out of the house. I don’t like our one neighbor but we can deal with it I guess haha. Sure stairs suck, but that may be the only exercise I get all day lol.

I hope you are all having a great Tuesday! I’ll be back again tomorrow, my payday, for another post. I hope to see you then. 😀 😀

Exciting News & Eagles!

Hey Everyone!

I had a late night, for myself. I had my typical Masonic meeting, that went fast, and for good reason. We sped through what we needed to get done, so that we could enjoy the evening’s program. My cousin, Mike, got a state game warden to come give a presentation on the Bald Eagle, the the rehabilitation in our area.  It was really informative and fun to listen to. Here is a link to the live feed of a nest cam in PA. As I am watching there is an Eagle in there right now, it is really neat. GO HERE!

After the presentation, we had brownies and ice cream for desert. I was sitting with my cousin and the game warden and we had some good conversation. By the time I got home it was past 10pm, so Everett was asleep, and my wife was about the same haha. She had mentioned that she had to talk to me about something , but it had gotten too late.

This morning she asked if I was ready to talk a bit about it. I said I was, and she said that her grandfather called her and said that he was finding a way to build a house for us! I still want to confirm everything before I get too excited and nervous, but that is a very different story than when we talked to him last weekend. He wants us to get a firm estimate on the house we would want and the layout. She asked if he was aware that we would only be able to buy it from him when our house sold, and he seemed to be ok with that. So fingers crossed this may work out well. We will have to get a price and layout to him as soon as we can to get things rolling. The moment we actually break ground I will let my boss know that we will be moving, around a certain date, estimated completion kind of thing. From there I will scout for a job and hopefully they will allow me to start when the house is complete. If  they won’t and I still want that job I’ll let him know and have to put in my 2 weeks notice. It may be sooner and it may be later but that will play out. That is the scary part for me is leaving my job that I like, and the people somewhat high and dry. I’m not sure they would replace me until I left which would be terrible timing because our other co-worker is retiring.

I’ll keep you posted when I can. Work has been busy again today. I set up two full computers for people and deployed one of them. The other will go out tomorrow. Our conference room upgrade is still going smoothly as well. I was told to get a list of projects I was involved with this last year, for my annual review. I normally pass with flying colors and hope to again. If I do stay for some reason, this will help determine what I get in a profit sharing check and whether or not I get any raises. I really should track these as I do them haha. I’m sure it will be fine.

That is all for me today, I’ll try to see you bright and early for a “Coffee Talk!” See ya! 😀 😀

How Busy Can One Man Be? (Pictures)

Hey Everyone!

Back again on a dreary, Monday. It is colder than it was all weekend and still rainy. That being said there were a lot of things being done this weekend. I’ll quickly go through them, since I have a few more pictures than I normally do.

First up I got what I could out of my frozen cider! It was a little more than 2 liters. This is what I expected from 2 gallons of cider. I wish it was a bit clearer, but its not bad. I had some and it is definitely alcoholic haha.


Saturday we were up nice and early and going to get some work done on the cabin. We put the rest of the roof up and they did a few more floor boards without me and a wall frame.


(Below) You have my little brother, trying his best to attache the roof, without sliding off of it. You can wee how wet it is.


(Below) My dad and older brother are probably in a discussion about that piece on the right going up a certain way. It was nice that my older brother could come up. he works second shift and his sleep is all messed up.


Later after I left I went home and took my wife to Olive Garden for dinner, then strolled the mall.

On our way back, we passed a dinner that I always want to make time for and never do. I asked her if she would want to go the next morning (Sunday) for breakfast, and she said yes. We got up and got there about 8:30-9:00am. It is a small place but with great food.

You can see the walls were decked out with old pop cans and signs.


The tables are are covered with a glass sheet, but have cards, records and ads from old magazines under it.


Here is just a shot of how small it really is. That is the kitchen there in the middle.


They also had some memorabilia, that boarded on the creepy haha. It was displayed liek this in a few spots. with old toys and dolls.


Here is the store front, and you could guess that it sits right on Rt. 62! Go figure.


To put it in perspective, here is what is directly across the street.


It was a good decision to stop there for breakfast. Later that day my wife’s grandparents made the trip and came over to see us. We went and looked at teh local dam, which is a huge tourist attraction. Later we headed to Applebees for a less than satisfying lunch.

After they left, I followed a thought I had had for a while and bought two Roku Express thingys, for my TVs.


They were super easy to set up and after restarting my router I connected just fine. Everything is fast and responsive. We now have three network enabled TVs in our home. My office is becoming complete haha. I also have a futon mattress being delivered Thursday! I’m very excited.

I hope you all had a great weekend, and hopefully better weather! I’ll see you all again tomorrow. 😀 😀

Friday Has Come Again!

Hey Everyone!

Last night was seemingly very successful. I was able to make two more trips to Lowes and get my stove hooked up. I was able to connect the water line to the back of my refrigerator, as well as sand and paint over the hole I patched in the wall. I will be going back over after work today just to check on everything. With the remaining money from returning the fencing I will start to buy the trim for the floors in the bed rooms. I think that white quarter round would work well. It would be easy with a nail gun, but I don’t have one 😦 I’ll have to think on that one.

We have continued to run in to issues with the thought of knocking a hole in the kitchen wall for a breakfast nook. The contractor is willing to help us as a friend of my wife’s mother. This sounds great, and will also keep the cost down. The problem is that he isn’t willing to give us any kind of contract for the work, and I’m afraid that if something went wrong that our insurance on the house wouldn’t cover it and it would fall on the contractor. This would be fine but without a contract or something with his name on it, I’m not sure anything could be done to hold him liable even if he is licensed and insured himself. What is to stop him from leaving or cutting all ties with us once it is done? What is to stop him from saying no he didn’t do it? From what I also thought is that he offed to give us a receipt, but that would only be for the parts that we bought since he isn’t charging us with labor costs. So that wouldn’t say anything other than we bought “supplies” from him.

I am hoping that we can have this blow over for now and take a step back. We don’t know this guy and we don’t know his work. It is all sketchy to me. My thought to fix this mess is that come April when we get a tax return, as well as a bonus from my work, we can hire a local contracting firm and have them come do it by the books. I know it will cost more money but it will give us all better peace of mind. At that point we will have had about 4 months of bills under our belt and will be able to better understand what we can afford. This will be what I pitch to my wife. She tells me she hates the kitchen as it is and really wants this so I would like to do anything I can to allow her to get it, other than sketchy means. It would open the whole thing up but really we would only gain some counter space and a place to sit.

Other than that whole mess, I will be hunting this weekend, wish me luck. My family hunts by the law and we use everything we can from an animal. We do not kill for sport, we eat what we kill. If it is too much we give it away to others. With that I hope to get a nice buck or a mature doe. the season here lasts one more week, so I’ll make it out a few days if I’m lucky. It will be the first full time spent hunting on my dad’s land. This year if we get anything I think we will try butchering it ourselves. It isn’t hard but it does require some skill and patience. I’ll let you know how I do. Next weekend I’m going to a hockey game which I am also excited for.

Thanks for tuning in! I’ll see you all back here on Tuesday, since I have Monday off for hunting. Bye All, and have a great weekend! 😀 😀

Bit of a SNAFU!

Hey Everyone!

Most things yesterday went as planned, and overall I am generally happy about it. My brother was there when the appliance delivery came and they got everything in the house just fine. The stove and the refrigerator are great. I still need to find out how to hook up the water line to the fridge. As for the stove I bought the gas line (that I was told would come with it) at Lowes only to find out it doesn’t fit the part coming out of the wall. This means that today after work I need to go back up with the line and that piece and find one that fits both and then I’ll be in business. As for the microwave it really couldn’t have gone worse. they got everything out and were going to install it. They unwrapped the appliance and it had a huge dent in the front corner. This seems to be my luck recently. Needless to say, but they took it back and gave me some secondary receipt. I got a call today saying that they will bring the other one on the 7th. (One day after my internet service) I am not sure how much time I can take off from work but I’ll have to think of something. Worse comes to worse I can take back my vacation day that I had planned to hunt with on this coming Monday, but I’d rather not.

The fencing came along nicely. I think it was a bit longer than my brother thought because he had to go into work that night. Once I got to the house we put up the last remaining side. We found out how much of the lumber I still needed and then took the rest back to Lowes. I was able to get $170 back from what we didn’t use, With that I bought us both some lunch and we headed back to the house. We measured and assembled the gate in my garage. From there we brought it out and installed the hinges. Next we had to install the handle which is a bit tricky. There had to be a fairly good sized hole drilled through the gate in just the right spot for the mechanism to fit properly. Each piece had to be lined up perfectly for this to all work. On top of that knowing the wood is still a bit green it will swell and shrink over the next few months and through this summer. But, when it was all said and done I was able to go get my dog and show her around the yard for the first time. The only thing left to do for the fence is to cut all the tops even.

From yesterdays shortfalls, I will have to go to Lowes again tonight and get a piece to fit the gas line. Once home I’ll install the stove and get it all set up. I will also finish sanding the spackle over the hole in the bedroom and also get it painted. I will keep you all updated on progress as it happens. Thank you for reading again today, I appreciate it!

I’ll see you all back here again tomorrow! : D 😀


Hey There!

So all damn day today I haven’t done anything lol. I meant to, and I have some stuff that I could be doing and could have done, but I didn’t. I will tell you what I did instead. I was here early to work like I am every day and started catching up on my daily YouTube favorites, Philip DeFranco and Casey Neistat, when I saw a recommended video. This was the first in a series of 8 videos that the Neistat brothers (Van and Casey) ended up selling to HBO years ago. Since I have become a huge fan of Casey I decided to give it a look. It was super interesting and gave a ton of backstory into how he is who he is and why. You learn about his family and his upbringing. It doesn’t hurt to see his now wife Candice Pool in a bikini and even topless in the third episode haha. But this all being said They were 30 minute videos and that’s right you did the math, it was about 4 hours of my life. Here is where you can find it:


I got lost in the videos, and now I blink and its 1:30pm. Whoops! I will finish up some stuff here at the office and then I have something else that I will be doing after work.

Once that bell rings at 4pm I am going straight to Auto Zone one last time, for a while anyway, to pick up a jack and stand kit for about $70, and some bed liner spray. This will be used most likely next week, when I have more time. I will be painting the stock rims on my truck with the same paint that I did the whole truck in. This including the jack set will be under $100. I am hurting for my pay check to clear my credit card bill haha, it will all be better next Wednesday! This is the one I’ll be grabbing, I think:


I stated that I was busy tonight, and I am . I will be playing Rainbow Six: Siege for the first time. My old college roommate and best friend had been telling me to get it since it came out and I finally broke down and got it last night. It was a 50GB install and seems to be well worth it from what I have seen so far. I let it install over night so it will be ready for me when I get home.  I will be busy with the second round of D&D with my friends Friday night , thanks to Tabletop Simulator. And following that my wife and I have another wedding to shoot Saturday! So we have another busy weekend yet again.

That’s all I have for you guys today, I’ll see you tomorrow! 😀 😀

Truck Update

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday I got the call saying that my cold air intake was in, so I picked it up after work and went home straight away. I have never replaced one before and didn’t really have any insights. It was a little more complicated than I thought it would be. On top of that it was a super tight fit. Taking the old filter system out was as easy as popping out a few screws and pulling. Once it was out it seemed like there was plenty of space. I had to assemble the heat shield for the new intake, and mount it in the front right corner. This was where the old air box was. Next I connected the rubber angle tube to the throttle body and fastened it with a hose clamp, that was provided. I then did some fancy maneuvers with the main tubing, to get it in and under all of the hoses. I dropped the air filter in the corner by the heat shield first so it was in before the tubing. I had to install the breather tube as well. It sat behind the throttle body and went to the main tube for the intake. I used hose clamps on both ends for that as well. I fit the main tube into the rubber angled fitting and clamped it down. I then attached the filter to the other end with yet again another hose clamp. I had to make sure that I inserted the O2 sensor in the main tube through a hole and rubber grommet. I took a look and then shook it a bit fairly hard to see how it would possible move, if at all. I decided to use some of the excess insulated rubber tubing from the breather and squeeze it in between a few spots that I didn’t want it to bump up against. The clearance is tiny in the one corner and it scares me but it shouldn’t move so I hope there won’t be any issues. Here are a few pictures for you to get an idea.


GAH SO CLOSE!!!!^^^^^


On a different note, I have been in contact with our realtor and I think we are going to do a second walk through of the house we like on Monday. The only thing that worries me is that it may have things wrong with it, and that it is a big house. I don’t want to spend every weekend cleaning a huge house. We will see what comes of it. I’ll keep you posted.

I’ll see you all tomorrow! 😀 😀