Coffee Talk

Hey Everyone!

I hope you are all having a wonderful morning. I remembered to write this post so that instantly puts me in a decent mood haha. I have one cup of coffee under my belt, or in my stomach for you literal types, and I’m ready to go.

While having coffee it is imperative that you talk about the weather. Out weather went from -15 to + 50 in one day. It is insane. We had more than a foot of snow and over the course of two warm days it is all gone. Here is the kicker, tonight and over the weekend we are getting another foot of snow, DOH! Make up your mind mother nature. I’m hoping your weather trends are less harsh.

On a Friday whilst drinking coffee with your friend you are also obligated to talk about any plans you may have for the weekend. I’m fairly certain that some one on my mom’s side of the family is getting married and we said we would go. We don’t see them often, probably for good reason, but it is nice to get a dose of them here and there haha. I think most of you can relate to something similar.

Lastly, if you have a family of your own you have to catch the other person up on what has transpired since you last spoke. In this case, Everett is doing much better. He is getting over his yeast infection, croup, and ear infection nicely. He is as happy as could be, somehow, and growing like a (good) weed. In other somewhat family news a little while back, my brother and sister in law announced that they are having another baby. So I will have another niece or nephew in about 7 months. Yippie!

Then you have the always awkward park, when your are both done with your coffee and realized you ran out of things to talk about. You say “Welp…” get up and pay your bill. Say your good byes and head on your way, until next time. I’ll see ya then! Have a good weekend. 😀 😀



Quick Monday Update

Hey Everyone!

I have some exciting stuff to tell you. My brother had a baby girl yesterday!! That makes me an uncle for the first time. She is a healthy 7lb 14ox, 21.5in long baby! Her name is Rory Jean and she looks a little like this:


Today’s post is short and early because I will be leaving work at noon to buy some parts for my truck. I will be picking up a cold air intake and hopefully spark plugs and wires. I may not get to all of the work today but ill be able to get it done this week since my wife will be out of town for job training.

My Minecraft server is up and running. We had a hiccup with it during a big storm that hit our area Saturday, but we are back up and running with no issues. Again feel free to come in and have a good time. I saw Riley from joined, lets see if we can get a few more people as well. It is just a chill survival server, where you don’t have to be threatened by other players griefing.

I may or may not go to my brother’s house today to see them and the baby. I don’t want to intrude because I am sure they are tired and have stuff to do. I’ll keep you posted as always. I hope you have a great start to your week and I’ll see you tomorrow! 😀 😀