Quick Tuesday!

Hey Everyone!

Last night I was gearing up to pull out a ton of weeds, and other plants along the side of my garage, but plans changed. My wife text me and asked if we could hang out in our little inflatable pool, and that sounded like a better idea. 😉

Later we cooked out on the grill. Everything tastes better on the grill, we all know that. We had some hot sausage with peppers and onions. If you were wondering, yes it was delicious.

I have made some headway on my side technology project with that other company. I was able to get a hold of the manufacture of the machine and obtained the manual. I know now how to test the addressing and can get that thing up and running for them. I asked when I could come back to tinker with it and they said they are making me a key to come and go as I please. That will be nice, since I don’t work well with people looking over my shoulder. I hope to have it up and running this next time, which should be attainable, unless something else pops up as well. I would also like to map that part of their network out a little bit, so I know what is up in the future.

I have a few other things going on today that are keeping this post shorter. :/ I have to go meet a plumber any second now to fix my darn toilet….DOH!

I hope to see you all again tomorrow! 😀 😀


Try Again!

Hey Everyone!

Today’s post will just be a catch up, from yesterday. I was able to get the pictures uploaded today so I can share them with you now! 😀 😀

Here is my brother holding his new baby girl:


Before we left to go to the family reunion, we stopped at the hospital for a mini photo shoot.My wife will have some pictures out soon.


Once we got to the family reunion we had a nice lunch at the pavilion, with family. Here is my wife’s grandparents and mom. You can see the sides of my nephew and Everett’s faces haha.


Afterwards we hit the play ground for some fun in the sun.


When everyone was hot and sweaty we left and went to that bridal shower. There I only took one real picture and that is mostly because I forgot. Its cool though. We had all of the little kids playing volleyball and it was fun to help them.


Sunday, after our ball games, we stopped at my brother’s for my little birthday bash. Everett was sitting with me while I blew out the candles. I had to make sure that he wasn’t grabbing the fire though, he tried.


I was able to hold little Bridgett for a while while everyone was still eating. It is hard to believe that Everett was smaller than this when he was born! 😀


While I was holding her the other kiddos were playing with all of my niece’s toys.

99 (8)99 (9)

That wrapped up my day, and weekend! I hope you have a great Tuesday! I’ll be back again tomorrow, and hope to see you then. 😀 😀

Lonely Tuesday!

Hey Everyone!

I’m a lone wolf here at work today. I’m not entirely sure how it happened.

My networking co-worker is on a mission trip with his eldest daughter. Her youth group does something like that once a year it seems. Last year they went to Rome and did it all. I’m really not sure where they are this week. My other co-worker left at like 9am, not sure why he left. My boss is the biggest surprise. He has been out, going on two weeks now. He thought he had Lyme disease, and everything came back negative. He still felt like crap and eventually went to the ER. They sent him off to a better hospital where they found that he had irregular heart rhythm. Not good. I believe, yesterday, they shocked his heart back into rhythm. I guess that is what they do, but it is still scary at any rate. He said it instantly felt much better after they did that. I’m not sure if he will make it in the rest of the week or not.  So here I am, a one man department haha. 😀

It is another slow day. There have just been a few small fires to put out, nothing major. Which is what you want in my line of work lol. In more exciting news, the first semi-final World Cup game is on today at 2pm Eastern. France will be playing Belgium. I’ll be rooting for France since I have friends in Europe that are haha. I have no other ties to any of the remaining teams so that is who I’ll be rooting for the rest of the way. I think they have a pretty good chance to take it all the way.

I’m not sure if you remember, or if I even told you. I have been trying to get a hold of a large gas company in the area, who needed some IT help. They reached out on my Alumni College Facebook group. So it was oddly specific. I have been trying to gain access to their physical site, and they are being terrible about getting in touch with me. Well they finally have me coming to one of their sites tonight to look at a few things, to determine if I can even help them out. If it goes well and I am able to help them I should be able to learn a few things and make some extra cash, which is always a good thing.

That is about all I have for today. I’ll be back again tomorrow, and hope to see you then! 😀 😀

Tuesday, More Like Friday #1

Hey Everyone!

Today is July 3rd, and that means tomorrow is the 4th! It is America’s Independence Day. This is one of my favorite holidays. It may not seem like a lot, but when you do everything we do it really is a nice time in nice weather and what better can you ask for?

This time tomorrow we will have just finished watching the parade that spans over 2 miles through my town. We will be headed over to my parent’s house along with about 20 others, for a nice cookout, some Frisbee, and Cornhole! Later that evening we will be heading over to my brother’s house to watch some fireworks on the pond. It is the best way to watch. When you are floating on the water you get to see the fireworks and their reflection, it really is awesome!

Last night we were determined to catch Everett walking on video and we, kinda did haha. Check it out!

It is quick but it counts! 😀 😀 We wanted to catch it early so that we can look back on it and see where he started. He clearly isn’t the best haha, but he is getting better everyday! He will be running around in no time, then we are really in trouble.

I won’t have a post out tomorrow, but I will be back again Thursday! I hope to see you then. Have a happy and safe 4th! 😀 😀

Distracted Tuesday!

Hey Everyone!

I have been a bit distracted today. My boss is off with an illness and I need his input on a project. I am kind of dead in the water here, just a bit. I have done a few things here and there, little fires, but nothing crazy. I also have a few things I need to order, but they have to go through my boss, so why bother until he is back lol. 😀

I’m catching up on some World Cup news, while I wait. I’m still determined to root for Iceland until they are out haha. The ultimate underdog! I love sports that are overseas, because they are on at a reasonable time for me on the east coast. I hate when I try to watch a ball game, of other kinds, because they are most always further west and on super late for me. So I like this! 😀

Lets see. What is coming up for me. Oh, my brother is having a diaper party for my new niece arriving in August! We will also have some more softball this weekend. the next few weekends will be packed. We have a wedding, a birthday party, bridal shower, and a family reunion all packed in. It’ll be a bit hectic. I’ll try to have some pictures.

In some cool gaming news. I bought Conan Exiles a while back. It is a great game to play at your own pace and at your own difficulty. You are in well Conan the Barbarian times and level up and survive, all while completing quests and what not. Disclaimer there is anatomically correct bodies if you do have a child that wants to play it.  There is full nudity, if you don’t turn that off. There are ‘safe’ servers but you have to find them.I have been having a great time with the game. Here is a link to the Conan website!

I also bought House Flipper on Steam for $15.99. It is a part of the Steam summer sale, until the 5th of July I believe. Even my wife seemed to kind of like this one! 😀 If you have ever dreamt of being Chip and Joanna Gaines this is the game for you. You start small doing odd jobs for people while fixing up their places and your own. Then you can buy a house, flip it with your budget and sell it for profit. It is highly addicting and fun. At $15.99 it really is a steal.  My man Jon Sandman had the first video I saw!

That is all for me today! I hope you all have a great day! I’ll be back tomorrow, and hope to see you then. 😀 😀

On Boarding!

Hey Everyone!

Happy Tuesday! To be very honest even after I posted yesterday I still thought it was Tuesday yesterday haha. That’s how screwed up I was. 😀

Work has been very boring today. I have a meeting to discuss our on boarding process at 1pm. I was selected to be on a committee that will revamp our procedure on that topic. If you aren’t sure what on boarding is, it is the process of bringing in new employees and how you ensure that they get what they need, and feel welcome and comfortable with their job. there is way more to it but that is the gist. We are hearing a webinar today for more information and I think after work on the 21st we may be meeting at a bar to discuss more ideas.

Right now our company doesn’t do too much other than a welcome sheet, and a lack luster tour of the building. We are looking to be mentors and walk with them for the first three months. We want to offer surveys of how they are doing, what they expected vs what they have experienced, and assign them a buddy in a way in their department. This all on top of the welcome sheets and a real detailed tour of the company as a whole. Someday we will write it in to the handbook as ‘law’ for a lack of a better word at the moment.

I would love to know, if it applies, if you have dealt with an on boarding process, from either side. Have you ever been through an on boarding process? How was it? Have you been on the administration side? What techniques have you implemented?

Let me know in the comments below! 😀

I’ll be back again tomorrow, and hope to see you then! 😀 😀

What A Day!

Hey Everyone!

I wasn’t able to get a post out yesterday, and for that I apologize. Aside from being swamped at work, I had to meet with the plumber once again, and take the dog to the vet.

This weekend was fun and now I’m sore. We played 5 softball games on Saturday with a fairly new younger team. Still the same core people but some nice additions. We will have a good team this year. It was a long hot day, but felt great to get back out there.

Back to yesterday.

First at work I have been setting up a few machines at the same time trying to get everything out at the right time. I have a ton of things in my office. If you didn’t know better you would start to think it was a storage shed haha.

Over the weekend our big sink that the washer drains into, was clogged. Without being able to do laundry or wash the paint sprayer, we were sitting ducks. So around 11 am I got the call that the plumber was on his way. I was with him at my house until about 1 pm. They were the same company that I used before. He took apart all of the fixtures to the sink and moved it out of the way.


Until we were left with just this pipe sticking out of the ground.


In that picture you can see the small trap on the floor and his snake. He ran that a couple of times before doing this.


This is a balloon mechanism that you feed water into. the end expands, like a balloon, in the pipe so a seal forms. It then uses a tight nozzle on the end to shoot water out in a jet stream and blast the gunk out of the small pipe in the the main line. Thankfully this worked and we were able to clear the pipe. He put every thing back together and back to work I went.

I was only at work for another couple hours before I had to leave early to pick up Everett. Once I got home I turned right back around with the dog and took her to the vet for her annual Lyme vaccine. She lost the winter weight, and they said she looks and sounds great. We will take that win! She is a real pain in the ass at the vet. She walks in the door every time and starts barking non stop until she is put in a room. They put her in one early because she was so annoying haha. Its always a struggle.

I finally made it home and changed my clothes, and headed out to paint some of the fence. The weather isn’t looking great for the end of this week so I wanted to make sure I used the good days while they were here. My paint is getting old and the latex is getting a bit chunky? I guess? So the sprayer is getting clogged and isn’t working well. I decided to hand paint all of the weird spots like the 4×4 posts, and 2×4 supporting beams. this way when I go get another fresh gallon tonight, I can just spray the boards and maybe be done! that would be great.

That was my busy weekend and even busier Monday! I hope you had a great weekend as well, and I hope to see you back again tomorrow! 😀 😀

Tuesday Lull!

Hey Everyone!

This is the most Tuesday, Tuesday that I have had in a while. Its definitely not a Monday, nor is is the slight rush of hitting the middle of the week. It is a very normal day. I haven’t had one of those in a while.

It is moderately busy at work. I have been working closely with UPS to find a solution for our shipping department. We hit a snag early on but looks like things are back on track. I have an issue that has been bugging me for weeks in Excel. I can’t seem to figure it out. I made a sheet for the company to use to replace the old way of sending around purchase requisitions, and it has worked flawlessly for three years now. A month ago I had a user tell me his wasn’t working, even though everyone else is still able to use it just fine. I am completely stumped on why this is. I have been racking my brain, then sleeping on it, then racking my brain some more with no avail. :/ I have since posted my issue up on a forum in hopes that someone may be able to provide some “outside looking in” perspectives. If you are an Excel guru hit me up haha, I have questions lol. 😀

The family is doing better. My wife is still stuffy and has a headache, but I can only believe that that will pass in a day or so. We are going to be over this sickness just in time for good weather I hope! It will finally be 60 degrees here in a day or two. WOO! 😀 My poor flowers have been more than frost bitten. I went out a week or so ago and got rid of all the dead stuff and made room for the flowers to pop up, and they did. Since, they have been covered in snow two more times! If they make it through I’ll be surprised haha. Speaking of better weather, we should be getting back out to camp when it clears up. We have to finish that damn cabin! We need to insulate the ceiling and finish siding the peaks. Once that is all done we can work on the inside stuff like the counters and bunks, as well as get the wood stove in place.

Softball is going to start up soon too. I’m not sure if I am going to play or not. Part of me doesn’t want to, because there ends up being too much drama from our teammates (They are a family), but part of me wants to keep playing with my little brother. It is one of the only things that we do together. He told me I better play haha. Who knows! I have a lot going on this summer and if I play I’ll have to let them know that it is my last priority.

That is all for me today. I’m glad you stopped by, I’ll see you all again tomorrow! 😀 😀

Getting Projects Done!

Hey Everyone!

We have made it to Tuesday. It doesn’t sound like much but this week has already felt like an eternity to me.

I few neat things are in front of me today. I called the other day about my garage door. It is all set up to be an automatic door, but I’m missing a part. There is also a small gap at the top of the door when it is closed, I would like for that not to be there. It would prevent warm air from escaping and stop critters from getting in. My hope is that they are able to fix me up proper without a huge dent in my wallet.  I am probably overly excited about a garage door, but hey I’m an adult now haha.

The second thins is work related. Today I was tasked with heading up a small upgrade to our shipping area. This is the real first time I have been told to take the lead on anything. So I’ll take it! UPS does this thing, where if you do so much business, predetermined by them, within the year that you get money to use based on that amount. This can be used for anything, but they like it to be geared towards the shipping area. Every three years they give us this amount, we can determine what we need, bring it back to UPS and they set up a purchase order through their vendors. This year they are passing this off to me. Our amount is $5,000. We have three shipping stations, each has a PC, printer, label printer, and scale. My thought is to buy our own PC upgrades like we always do, that way we stay the same across the board. From there we can replace 3 printers and 2 of the label printers, because they are older than 5 years. Once I have that priced we have around $2,200 left. My goal is to allow that money to be used by the shipping department for a real upgrade, something that they don’t have that would make them more efficient. Not just a physical upgrade to what they have currently. We will see, it is about a month or so out, but I have the stuff I want now haha. Things move slow around here lol.

I think the end of this week is when I should be getting my profit sharing check from work as well. With any luck we will see our tax return come soon after. Those two things together will pay off our credit card debt and then probably be used for home renovations, or split into savings accounts for repairs later on down the road. This is also contingent on whether or not we move. I’m feeling like it may not be the right thing to do anymore. It is getting more murky as time passes, and her grandfather would like to postpone the process until next spring. All of that to me screams not the right choice. I feel like we would be better off sticking to the plan we have and finding better ways to manage our issues. Not that they are huge but still. Down the line we will have more equity and if we want to see we can when the kid/s are out of the house. I don’t like our one neighbor but we can deal with it I guess haha. Sure stairs suck, but that may be the only exercise I get all day lol.

I hope you are all having a great Tuesday! I’ll be back again tomorrow, my payday, for another post. I hope to see you then. 😀 😀

Lazy Tuesday!

Hey Everyone!

Today has been very relaxed, this could be because Everett was up coughing most of the night. :/ That isn’t ideal. I have been taking it easy today, because I’m a bit tired. I find myself just zoning out haha. People probably walk past my office and think I’m losing it.

My mom signed Everett up for a mommy and me ‘swim’ class on Saturdays. He was on a wait list, but I guess we are off of it now and expected to go haha. I think it is a great idea. I loved swimming as a kid and now we can get him acclimated to the water at a young age. The kids can go with parents, grandparents, whoever really. If we can’t make it one week that is fine too, so there is no pressure to do anything that doesn’t work for us. There are a few people that do it, my sister in-law included, who do it. We will see how it goes this coming Saturday.

We have not yet heard anything about our pre-approval for the house. I would have expected to hear from them already, I might have to call the bank lady. We would like to know as soon as possible to start getting things in order. I’m pretty nervous and excited about all of it. The more I eventually know the better I will feel.

There isn’t anything else I can think of to update you all on, so I guess I’ll end this here. I don’t know if my brain is working at 100% today haha. You know what I mean.

I’ll see you all tomorrow! Have a great day. 😀 😀