Amazing (Busy) Weekend!

Hey Everyone!

Back from another great and productive weekend! 😀 😀

Friday wasn’t fun by any means but I did get to cross something off the to do list. After work Friday I picked Everett up from his last day at daycare, went home and started working on our tub. I had to chip, pull, and chisel the old caulking out. That was the worst thing I have done in a long while, even worse than painting our fence. After that it was time to clean and re-caulk it. I tried for the first time the hand squeezed tubes of sealant, thinking it would be easier in that tight space, but I really didn’t like it. I went through 4 of the little things and at the end of the day would have liked more, but that amount at least filled the space back up. So on that note everything is looking good.

Saturday was our super busy day. We woke up, had breakfast and headed to my wife’s mom’s house. We got to her place and cooked out on the grill, fr lunch. Everett was having a great time under the patio umbrella.


My wife was invited as a guest to the wedding of her dad’s, wife’s, mother’s wedding. She was also there to take pictures of the event. At the same time I was heading out to my best friends 30th birthday party that his wife threw him. They happened to be the same time and in different directions, so I missed the wedding. I was able to catch up with him and his family for a couple of hours before heading back to the reception on the lake. There they had a beautifully decorated ball room on the ground level over looking part of the lake.


The dinner consisted of everything on my plate haha. Keep it short and sweet! 😀


Once it was time to leave the reception we stopped to visit my wife’s dad. He isn’t in the greatest health anymore and it has come on all of the sudden. His brother and sister in-law were there too. We hung out for a bit and then stopped back at her mom’s to get Everett. By the time we made it home again it was 10:30pm and we were beat!

As days go, Sunday was next on the list. We had 2 softball games in the middle of the day. In short we won both games pretty convincingly. I pitched the second game until it was a blow out and then we all swapped positions. I hit a big home run in the second game, but other than that a quit hitting day for me with only a .500 average.


When I got home I just stayed in my ball pants and mowed the grass, and trimmed the edges. Everett was outside with him mom enjoying the sun and the pool we inflated. When I got finished I just stripped down and laid in the pool. Then the randomness started. We wanted to head back to the local Ollie’s Bargain store to look around. We wanted to get something for the yard. We we did and headed home. More on that in a bit. My mother and wife decided to take the initiative and weed what they could of our massive garden. It is over run with that Morning Glory crap and it is everywhere.


So it all looks like that up top


They got this back half looking pretty good, but had to stop due to time and lack of room in the truck bed lol. If they could do this for another 3 solid days they could weed all of the flower beds in the front and back yard, if they hustled. 😀 In the mean time I was draining the pool to move it for our big purchase! I was in the background setting it all up.


We bought this nice offset umbrella for the yard as well as the bug net, four chairs, and glass table all for $200! 😀 I’m grinning at that price all day. 😀

Lastly a nice look from within. If you look close you can see Everett ‘helping’ in the last four pictures haha. He stood out there with them the whole time, just holding on to the wheel barrow.


Once I was done unloading the scraps at my parent’s house, we called it a night and here we are. It was a great weekend I would do it all over again in a heartbeat if given the chance. I hope you all had an amazing weekend as well. I’ll be back again tomorrow for another daily post, and hope to see you then! 😀 😀



Hey Everyone!

I hope you had a great Wednesday. I made some major headway on my tub situation. I have some detailed pictures to prove it. Enjoy!

Here we have the face plate that I was dealing with.


I was able to get an Allen wrench in there and get it off, finally! In the back of this picture is with the new caulking on.


Here is the back of that front plate. The bolt there was what I needed to loosen. When it is tightened it fits inside the other part to enable the drain to open and close. With this part off everything was fairly simple.


These next two shots are different angles of the same. I did find what I had hoped to. The elbow joint is there and the seal was there. The issues was that there was a gap on the bottom side where the seal didn’t cover, that was what let my house flood.I was able to caulk around the whole thing and make myself feel 100% better.


I used the good old DAP Kwik Seal, gloss white, caulking. It was what I had left from installing the kitchen pass through, that you may remember from previous posts.


I did run into an issue putting everything back together so I still have some work to do. If you refer to the pictures of the caulking you will see that the thread on the middle piece is a cheap ass plastic. The female end that goes over it is metal. Well, longer story cut short, the plastic thread is stripped…:/ All I did was try to put it back once and it was all jacked up. So after going to bed super angry and annoyed that I would have to call a plumber, I found out what I would do. By the way, a plumber would end up replacing the whole thing and cutting into my wall. Which was what I was trying to avoid. Anyway, I woke up and realized that the two parts that wouldn’t work, at this point didn’t serve a purpose. It was a way to space the face plate, but it isn’t a necessary part in whether the thing works or not. So I’m going to have everything sealed and dried, and then I’m going to reinstall the face plate where I want it and tighten that sucker down. As long as no one is pulling or pushing on it as hard as they can it wont go anywhere, once it is tightened. I am of course still super scared to test it because I don’t want to flood my house again, but I feel like after all of this I kinda have to. I mean if there is another issue I would like to know about it.

In other news, I was called into my bosses office today to talk about my career and moving forward. I brought it up to him yesterday during my yearly review, and he felt that he didn’t give me much guidance. We ran through different scenarios and thought about where my energy could be spent. I was reassured that I’m in a good place and that the sky is the limit. I should have no trouble moving up to any of the three other positions when the time is right. That is great to hear/know. I like having that kind of security, especially while starting a family.

That’s all from me, I hope you guys have enjoyed my long awaited victory with the tub…for now haha. If you have enjoyed my posts spread the word! Feel free to like/comment/share my blog. 😀

I’ll see you all back again tomorrow! 😀 😀

Tuesdays SMH…

Hey Everyone!

We had a rainy, rainy day here yesterday. If you know me at all you would know I love rain. It is very calming and keeps me leveled out haha. After I left work yesterday I met my brother right after work and we got to work cutting the tops off of the fencing that I put up yesterday. I forgot to snag any pictures but it looks pretty good. While we were at it we cut a slant in our fence gate, so that it shut easier.

When my brother left I cleaned everything up and just did some paperwork. I had some bills to scan into my laptop and random other stuff. My wife made noodles and meat sauce for dinner, since I was busy doing that other stuff. She had told me earlier that her car was making a noise. This is a bit strange, since her car is only like two years old and has less than 30,000 miles on it. I figured we could kill two birds with one stone, by taking it for a drive and gathering some spring water. We have been buying bulk spring water at Walmart and just tossing the containers in our recycling when they are empty. I wanted to see if we could just refill them. There is a natural spring not far from our house, about 10 minutes away. On the way out I listened, as best I could, to her car for any noises. I didn’t really hear anything out of the ordinary, so I told her it was most likely not a big deal, and that unless something gets worse not to worry about it. If anything it may be related to her air system. Once we made it to the spring I got out and started to fill the container. I quickly realized that to get good water flow we had to have a hole poked in the top. I spilled quite a bit of water all over the ground haha. Once I got it filled and capped we went home. I had the water in the refrigerator and filled my cup. I noticed that the cap didn’t really stay water tight, and was dripping. I had to ditch the whole thing, but I am now going to look for a more reusable container and just get spring water, instead of buying it from the store.

I have a few things that I would like to get done in the near future. I need to purchase a dog collar for my dog. She never likes to go outside, which I think is super weird. We always have to tag team it and push her out the door. If we get her the collar we can put a leash on ad make it easy. I also need to buy that clutch head bit for my tub and get to work on that. I made sure that I had my Dremel the other day in case I need to cut an access hole. I was also going to take my completed taxes to the post office, to ensure that I had the proper amount of postage, but I have since decided against it. I think I’m just going to slap a few stamps on it and hope for the best. I hate going to places like the post office. They are only open for like a half hour after I get out of work and it just costs me time and money. I want that refund asap haha, I have furniture to pay off!

Here at work I have been keeping busy. I am posting a bit early today, because I came in at 5:30am. I will be done with work today by 2:30pm, and wanted to have enough time to post. I pretty much do a completely different job when I cover for this co-worker. She runs a lot of reports on a whole different system. It takes most of the morning to complete, and then I have to attend to my regular networking duties as well. I have to cover for her again on the 15th. By the way the other system I am talking about is a IBM i-Series database and looks like this:  SNAG-0002.jpg

It is about zero fun….


**OK so I was going to be putting this post out early, but now its right on time haha. I got super busy at work and it evened out.**

That is all for today, I hope you enjoyed your stay! I’ll see you all again tomorrow. 😀 😀

Nothing Is Ever Simple

Hey Everyone!

As you read from my last post my tub leaked somehow all throughout my house! DOH! I have it mostly figured out. It is one of three things and hopefully not a combination of all of them. The first and best possible scenario is that there is a pipe that is butt up against the overflow, and the seal is just gone. The second and third involve cutting an access panel into my wall. Scenario two is that there is no elbow pipe against the overflow. I would have to cut the access hole and buy a panel and the correct fitting and get back there and install it. If this is what is going on then any water that gets into that overflow valve is just going somewhere in my house. Scenario three is that all the the pieces are there, but part of the vertical pipe is cracked or broken. I am worried about a couple things first being,  I’m not sure if the pipe is old galvanized steel, copper, or pvc. If it is old steel I am worried that if I put pressure on it that it will crack or shatter. I am also worried about having multiple things going on in there, like having a broken pipe and missing an elbow joint to corral the water.

Now that you kind of understand the situation, you can imagine my frustration when step one is to pull off the overflow cover and not being able to do it! I have everything figured out and the simplest of tasks is standing in my way. All the the other fittings, from teh same company, fit with a certain size Allen wrench. There is a hole for the overflow and of course nothing fits it. On top of that I have no way to get a good look at it. The hole is facing at a downward angle and it is very close to the tub wall, even taking a picture with my phone isn’t working. I would like to take the cover off to see if there is indeed an elbow pipe and check the seal. If it is just that I don’t need a hole in the wall. Oh well, I’ll have to find some way to get it off without trying to hulk out and break it haha. Those little things get me super mad and I have to back up or I make it worse. Thankfully I know that about myself now.

In other news pay day is tomorrow for me, and I have couches coming on Thursday!

I bought my wife a gift out of the blue. She has a side photography business, and has run out of room to store all of here data. I went ahead and bought her a 3TB external hard drive made by Western Digital, and an internal hard drive of the same size for inside her PC. This will give her room to grow and be a a great way to keep those precious photos backed up. She had been wanting a solution for a little while now and I just got the itch to help out so I did. 😀

Our taxes are all ready to be sent in too! I can’t wait to get our refund, so we can pay the majority of this furniture off haha. I hate being in debt over everyday life items. Once that is all paid off I’ll start my hunt for a family sized vehicle for myself. I’ll be looking for something with all wheel drive, or four wheel drive, for our harsh winters. It also has to have back seats for the incoming little kiddo.

That is all for today! To ease the pain of my current bathtub issue, please comment about anytime you have had a seemingly simple task go haywire. I need a good laugh in good company! I hope to see you again tomorrow. 😀 😀

Cabin Build & A Mishap

Hey Everyone!

I am feeling much better than I was on Friday.

Saturday was busy, busy, with us heading out and starting a cabin build. My brother and I met at my dad’s house at around 10am and gathered what we needed. From there we stopped at Lowes for some lumber and we were on our way by 11am. Progress by picture….now:

Once we found our spot we had to square things up and dig post holes. This took the majority of the time. We ran into every tree root and rock in the ground, I promise. Here s my dad trying to get a rock out by hand.


We made three sections like this one. 12′ across and 10′ deep. The cabin will be 24′ with a 6′ porch, as long as we don’t constantly change our minds. Here you can see my brother trying to dig a hole, with the help of his two Great Danes.


Like I said before we made three of the same sections. Here are two of the sections. Don’t mind that the posts are all messed up. They aren’t set in the ground or squared at the top.


Along the way we met this little buddy!


Here we have all three sections up and squared at the bottom. We still haven’t set the posts because if we have to move them in any way or dig beside them we still can. The creek is off to the right, where the porch will face.


Since we strayed away from making a 40′ cabin we had a few boards left over. We used them to straighten up the top of some of the posts. My brother and dad want rafters, to help with making the roof, but I think it is a terrible idea. The standing room will only be about 6′ if they do. One or two would be fine for stability but I think they should just make gable ends and run a ridge beam. That would make the standing height over 8′.


Here is just a picture I took riding on the back of my brother’s 4-wheeler, after we were all done. I went to cut firewood for home, only to realize that my chain was all jacked up. I had to use my chainsaw to get a few roots in the post holes, and I must have chewed it up on rocks. :/ ( A little muddy)


When it was all said and done, we left around 5pm


After our jam packed Saturday we wanted to go out again Sunday but my dad wanted to watch his NASCAR race. Sunday was spent around the house, until the worst thing happened. We filled our bath tub for the first time only to realize that our overflow doesn’t drain into a pipe, or that our waterproof seal isn’t water proof! We had water from the second floor all the way into the basement. I called a plumber this morning to make the official call about what happened, even though I’m sure it is one of the two things I stated. Still here at about 1pm I haven’t received a call from them :/

On a better note I will be having our final pieces of furniture delivered on the 23rd of this month! It will be a good feeling to not have to worry about tracking huge packages for a while.

I hope you all had a great weekend. I know I did, up until last night haha. I hope to see you all back again tomorrow! 😀 😀

OH! By the way, I have had more views these past two months, than I had all last year (Starting in May) so eight months! That’s awesome, thank you all so much. 😀 😀