Industrial Softball Tournament!

Hey Everyone!

This was a great weekend, spent with family down at the ball park. We started off Friday night with a game at 8:30pm. We won that game by one point, keeping us in the winners bracket for the next day.

Saturday we started bright and early with a game at 9:15am. We promptly lost that game in the wet conditions, and weren’t feeling the best at that point. The next game couldn’t have been a more fun match up, because we played our other company team! We beat them pretty convincingly, but it was fun all the same. Now up until this point I hadn’t hit the ball very well. I was 3 for 11, which is terrible for me. I was in my own head and needed to snap out of that. Everett was my official bat boy all weekend!


He really wouldn’t let that thing go haha. Later Saturday we played one last team. We beat them by 26 points and we were ready to play again Sunday morning. I hit really well that game and the rest of the tournament. What was interesting, was that my brother’s team lost and now had to play us in that game. We got there and the nerves were there. I knew their team was good, and I knew we had to hit well to win. In short we did. We won the game by a few runs, and secured a 3rd place finish.

Next on the agenda was the team that beat us before. We again had to show up and play the way we did the two games before. We did fall short yet again and lost to the same team twice. :/ we really wanted to beat these guys and didn’t get to. It just wasn’t happening, we had too many mistakes in the field and gave up too many runs. As far as my hitting went the last three games I went 11 for 11 with three home runs. That brings my overall stats for the weekend at 14 for 22 with three home runs. That is much better than what it was looking like at the start. We did spend the rest of the day watching that team lose terribly to the team that won it all, and that was fun! 😀  Everett was just chilling in his cousins little chair.


Watching the games and having a bottle haha. 😀

We finally got together and had a family picture. My brother changed his shirt to root for us when he got back to the fields. My dad was on the other company team, and Everett and I.


And finally, my main man and I holding the third place trophy! 😀


That was a great way to spend the weekend. It was full of family fun, and great food. There were highs and lows but at the end of the weekend we were all proud of what we accomplished. 😀 😀


Softball Incoming!

Hey Everyone!!

I have a few doctor appointments this afternoon so this will probably be quick.

Last night we had another successful softball practice. We had like 12 guys show up and we all hit a bucket of balls. My back did start getting sore from bending down to pick them up so often, so I have to be careful of that. I was pitching so I had to get most every ball. During the games that wont be happening that often. We play our first game tomorrow night at 8:30pm under the lights. It is against the company right beside ours, so that will be fun. They manufacture tires and do a bunch with rubber in general. Our company caters the event for us so we will have a pavilion with food and drinks all weekend. Sadly our second team will be playing the same time as us on Saturday so we won’t be able to watch their first game. It is a bit of a shame because my dad is on our second team and my brother is on the team they face. It will be a blowout, but it would be fun to watch them both play. There are 39 teams total this year, there are also four brackets breaking up the divisions. We are in the Industrial bracket with 8 other teams. We have a good shot of doing pretty well. Most anything will be better than last years two and out situation.

This weekend we also have a cookout. It may be tough to get to though due to the softball tournament. If we get done soon enough I’d like to head out to my buddy’s house. There is a parade early in the morning and fireworks at 10 or 10:30. They have three little kids and it would be nice to just get everyone there to hang out for a bit.

I hope you all have a great Thursday! I’ll be heading out soon and wanted to make sure to get his post out. I’ll see you all again tomorrow! 😀 😀


Birthday Girl! (&Some Work Stuff)

Hey Everyone!

It was one of those days again, yesterday. It was a fairly calm day until just before lunch.

My co-worker called me up and needed me to bring him a tool. He was in our other shop location, and was sick of driving back and forth. He offered to buy me lunch, so of course I was in! 😀 That is why I wasn’t able to post yesterday. I was helping him gt the WiFi up and running at our other location. It took about an hour, then we stopped off and grabbed a sub from the local gas station that makes them pretty well. I picked up a weird taco sub, with Doritos, and your general taco stuff. It was really good! That busy momentum from before carried all the way through the afternoon.

If we go back a bit further, it was my wife’s birthday yesterday! I got up ad made her a breakfast sandwich, with some strawberries, and an iced coffee. I was able to fix Everett some breakfast too, taking some of the load off of her. She and Everett have been getting up later since she starts work later now, so she has been getting stuck making her own breakfast most days.

I ordered her a camera bag that she has wanted for some time. It was on back order for ever and still won’t ship out until the 31st but it is worth the wait. I let her know she had that coming and now she is super excited and can’t wait to receive it.


If you would like to take a look around that small shop click the link: Here!

After work let out, and my wife finished up working as well we got ready to go out for dinner. I let her pick where she wanted to go and she decided on the local Taco Hut! They have some of the best ‘south of the border’ food around us. My wife got some Fajitas, I got the steak tacos, and we split a nacho buffet! 😀


Everett picked off of our plates. He really seemed to like the beans more than anything, but also had rice and chips as you can see from his chin haha. 😀 😀 That rounded out our day and we just spent the night watching New Girl re-runs and lounging.

Today, so far is a terrible day for the terminals in our shop. I came in to three of them not working correctly and have only been able to get 1 back online. I took a break from them to write this because they are driving me nuts.

These are the two models that have been failing hard lately. They are both about 20+ years old and need to be thrown out, but until we upgrade the whole thing they need to work. If you don’t already know 20 year old technology is not something you want incorporated in your modern business haha. 😀

that is all for me today! I hope you have a great hum day and I’ll be back again tomorrow! (as long as nothing drags me away again) 😀 😀

Another Busy Weekend!

Hey Everyone!

We made it through the weekend. Friday We took some time out to weed the major part of our backyard garden. I’m not entirely sure what the purpose is since by the time any of it gets done it might be winter haha.

During that process Everett picked up his mommy’s phone.


He is such a dang cutie! He has been picking up on things so quickly. He is learning a ton. He has been organizing things, in his own way. He will take and place items in and on other items. We also have a verified 5 teeth! We haven’t been able to have him show us long enough for a picture, but I promise they are there haha.

Saturday was a huge softball day. In total our co-ed team played six games and took second place. I was their pitcher for each game. As a team we sustained two injuries to a couple of our girls. We had to pick up two different girls along the way, because you need four to play.  My groin injury I sustained during the regular season flared up part way through, so that didn’t feel good. Today my back and everything is not doing well, so I’m taking it easy here at work.

Sunday we headed out to visit my wife’s father again. He was placed in a nursing home during the week. He needs to be placed somewhere that can handle his dementia, and not just another nursing home. But either way he is at least in a safe space. Afterwards we went to a local bar in our college town and had lunch with her mom, before heading home.

On another note season 6 of Orange is the New Black is out on Netflix. I am halfway through and it is decent. It is, so far, at a bit of a slower pace but you can tell the build up is for something good. If you watch it, it is time to get at it!

I hope you all had a great weekend, and I hope to see you back again tomorrow! 😀 😀

Monday Funday!

Hey Everyone!

We had a pretty good weekend, I hope you did as well.

Friday our little family went to dinner at Red Lobster. It was nice to go out to eat for once and spend some time out and about.

Saturday I had that softball tournament. Our first game was at 9am. We didn’t do as well as we had hoped but still managed to be 4th in the league and get 3 games in the tournament. Now follow me here, We beat this team by the ten run rule, we then played the best team and lost by one. The third game knocked us out, via a team we have beaten before. The weird thing is that the team we beat by ten went on to knock out the best team and take second place in the whole tournament! We were stunned! We easily beat them by ten, how in the world did they beat those other teams? I understand it happens and I’m glad for them playing that hard, but it is just weird lol 😀

My wife was able to attend the first and most of the second game, until she had to go get ready to shoot a wedding. Everett and my mom stayed at the fields.


Saturday while my wife was away, and after the tourny, Everett and I went to my parent’s house. They were cleaning out their garage attic, and wanted some help getting things out. Everett found my first grade Halloween costume (Red Power Ranger), and spent some time smacking my mom’s dog lol 😀 He is still learning how to be nice.



Sunday we visit with my wife’s father. He was sent to the hospital, to get checked out. He has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, I believe, and was having some weird things happening. They found him to be dehydrated mostly. We saw him there for a couple hours.


Afterwards we hit up the Olive Garden, and Barnes and Noble. It was a dreary, overcast day with some rain sprinkled in. When we got home we decided it was time to just watch a movie. My wife has been wanting to re-watch the Lord of the Rings movies, so we started with the 3 hours Fellowship! 😀

Here we are Monday afternoon, I have been working hard to get these darn terminals under wraps. I have a few orders placed and am waiting their arrival. Oh, other big news. My boss is retiring this April! That is good news to me. I will be bidding on his job, more than likely won’t get it. Based on who we all think might get it, I may be able to move up and take his job. I’m hoping to be the new Network Coordinator by May. I’m not sure if it will affect the blog or not. One day I may get too busy to run this thing, who knows!

That is all for me today! I hope you are all having a great Monday, and I’ll see you tomorrow! 😀 😀

Industrial Tournament!

Hey Everyone!

Compared to yesterday this post will be short lol.

Today marks the start of the 38th Annual Terry F. Ristau Industrial Memorial Softball tournament! Most people in this area wait all summer for this tournament. There are four divisions, in this slow pitch softball tournament. They have a men’s open bracket, co-ed open bracket, industrial men’s bracket, and lastly an industrial co-ed bracket. In order to be considered ‘industrial’ everyone on your roster must work for the company that your team is based on.

There has been a major shift in how many teams are in each recently. It used to be strictly ‘industrial’. In the past decade they have added the ‘open’ teams. For a while they played together until some very smart people realized it was very unfair. The ‘industrial’ teams had restrictions on who could play, therefor having a very restricted pool of people to choose from. This all while the open teams like the Legions and other clubs could choose anyone from anywhere.

This year there are only 8 ‘industrial’ men’s teams, I am on one. In total I want to say there are about 30+ teams throughout the four divisions. That is pretty impressive for a small city.

My company always rents a pavilion and has food catered each year. We are in for some more good food! Our first game is tonight at 8:30. To make it a little more interesting we play against my brother and his team. We normally play on the same team all year long so we know each other very well. It is rare that we are not on the same team, let alone have the chance to play one another. Usually we get going and end up on different ends of the bracket, but we can’t do that if we start out playing each other haha. To be brutally honest they are a team that consists of people who play all summer, and have played as a team more often. They are proven, so far, as the better team. Good news is, it is slow pitch softball and none of that matters haha. This year we have a couple summer help kids playing and a strong team. I think we can take them!

I will be pitching for the second year in a row, and really hope I don’t catch a line drive to the face or family jewels! It is a real possibility, but should be able to be avoided. Just the shear small distance the pitcher is away from the batter is scary, then you have a big yellow ball hurling back at you.

The last two years haven’t been good to us as a team, but we have also struggled to get guys to sign up. the first year I was with this company they didn’t even think they would have a team. To make matters worse we couldn’t hire summer help because we had a downturn in sales. We won 2 games and lost 2 games that year. Last year we had a better team but worse luck. We only won 1 game and lost the next 2. This year I have more optimism than both of the prior years. We have a few young studs and the remaining good guys on our team. With only 8 teams in the bracket this year we may have a fighting chance. Who knows!

That is all for me, I hope you have a great Friday and a great weekend! I’ll see you all again Monday! 😀 😀

Welcome Back

Hey Everyone!

Sooo a little embarrassing, but I forgot it was even Labor Day weekend until about one hour before I left work on Friday. I mean, don’t get me wrong I was a big fan of finding this out, but I should have known. Partly because I have a huge calendar on my desk lol.

Anyway, as you know I had my last softball tournament of the season on Saturday. We came in 3rd place this year in the annual one pitch tournament. We ended up playing five games that day, so we were hot and tired. Over all it was a fun day, of course there was some controversy over the rules. This tournament has always been known as the tournament that seems to be thrown together in a weekend. No one is organized and the bracket changes two or three times the day of the tournament. The umpires don’t know the rules, even though they are there every year. It is a really weird tournament. Trust me on that, it’s hard to explain. Again, it was fun though.

Sunday I was pretty spent. My wife and I took our dog down town for the first time. We walked around town and played Ingress for a couple hours. It was another nice day, so we weren’t going to waste it. Later that night my brother and his fiance came over and we all ordered Chinese and hung out.

That brings me to Labor Day. We didn’t have much of a plan that day, but we did know we had a cookout at 1pm. In the morning we slept in a it. Once we got up we did some house work and got caught up on all the stuff we didn’t do the rest of the weekend. My brother and dad went to his land. I was going to go but My body still hurt from softball, and I didn’t want to wake up dragging today for work. We had a nice time in my parents backyard all afternoon. After we ate we took the dogs to the creek. My dog cannot be trusted to stay in one area so she needs to e on a leash. I wanted to try something different to give her an opportunity to feel like she was running free even though she wasn’t. We tied a 50+ ft rope to her harness and let her run and swim all over the creek. She was able to play with my brother’s Great Dane and not even feel like she was restricted. By the way she is a Norwegian Elk-hound. (This picture is two years old but she looks the same)


On a different note I will soon be getting a hold of my wife to see if the bank sent the preapproval letter for a house. We are looking to see how much we can afford. Last night we made up a mock budget using existing Excel templates. We over estimated the cost of all the bills to really give us a safe idea of what we can afford for a mortgage. We hope to be in a house before the end of the year, fingers crossed.

That is all for my weekend, I hope you all had a great one! I’ll see you tomorrow! 😀 😀

End of Softball & Weekend

We made it to Friday yet again, a congratulations is in order.

I don’t have anything spectacular planned for this weekend but this one just feels deserved. Today after work I was asked by my co-worker to help him get drywall with my truck. His family is out of town for the day and he wants to take that opportunity to work on finishing his basement project. We will pick up six or so sheets of drywall to finish up his walls. It doesn’t hurt that he offered some beers as a thank you. I told him I’d help him, no problem. My wife is going this evening to meet up with our next bride to be, to go over schedules and check out the reception place. I think it may all be held in a somewhat local park.

Saturday, I have known for a while that I have a softball tournament. It is about 30 minutes away. It is all day Saturday, starting at 8:45am and going until it is over. Most times it is a one pitch tournament, meaning you start with a full count to speed up the games. This is because they only have one field and too many teams. It adds a different playing style when that happens. Our team won the whole thing last year. We played six games in one day! This is the last tournament for me this season. I’m kinda glad it is over because it has been a long year. But, to make it suck a little we have the first game….at 8:45am…..30 minutes away. I will have to leave my house tomorrow by 7am to get there and warmed up. That makes for an early morning, and potentially a long, long day.

Sunday i don’t have any real plans to do anything, but I feel like I should go do something fun for myself and possibly my wife. I’m thinking an Ingress trip up North. Maybe, we can stop at the mall up there to satisfy my wife a bit too haha. I’ll try working on the Minecraft server domain issues this weekend as well. Speaking of that I finished my tower and then found out my profile got all jacked up. I ended up blowing it away completely and re working it. I thought it was the Mob Spawner that was doing it but it wasn’t. As another side note I hope we get the pre-approval letter today that would make the weekend ten times better. If not we would most likely get it Monday, which would be a good start to the week.

I hope you all have a great rest of the day and a great weekend. 😀 😀

Monday Drag

Hey Everyone!

As you know I had a softball tournament this last weekend. It didn’t really go as planned, which is a little disappointing. Overall it was still a good weekend with good friends and family.

We had our first game at 6pm on Friday night. This was by far our worst game. We got ten runned in the 5th inning. I only got to hit twice and they may have been the worst two hits of the entire season. I was initially very mad at myself. It carried on until the next morning. I just had a sour taste in my mouth. I had let my team down by not doing my part and I didn’t live up to my own individual standards.

The next day I woke up hopeful. At this point I took the stress off myself and had a “what happens happens” attitude. Once I did that I no longer felt like I was trying too hard, which was probably my issue the day before. We played a local back team, on one of the local baseball fields. So that meant that there wasn’t going to be any ball his out of the park. I got up four times that game and did really great. I hit a deep ball over the center fielders head and got an in the park home run. The next time I was up I hit a hard grounder through shortstop and third. The third time I hit a one hopper to the fence in left field, for another in the parker. As a wise decision by the other team, my fourth time up they walked me intentionally. This was the only game we won, and was by far the best game we could have played.

The last game was later Saturday evening. It was against a team that shouldn’t have even been in out division. They were a group of kids that had a regular Sunday team and they just added a sponsor. None of the guys worked at the place, which in an industrial tournament is a must. Either way we played and lost by a couple runs. Our fielding fell apart a bit, but we also weren’t hitting very well. I got up three times and didn’t do anything significant. That game ended out tournament.

We had catered meals all weekend thanks to our company. Good food and cold drinks are things you can’t beat during a hot softball weekend. My family came back down to the fields the next morning at 8am because my little brother’s team was still in the tournament. They did lose their game against the city cops but they did fairly well.

Now I just feel sore and older than I am lol. I will take it easy the next day or two. My wife was gone all weekend at a bachelorette party and bridal shower. She will be home tonight and I can’t wait to see her. It is weird being home alone for a couple nights.

I hope you all have a great week, and I’ll talk to you tomorrow! 😀 😀

The Weekend Is Here

Well, not exactly. I am still at work for three more hours. Also, happy Friday! You made it. I made it.

Tonight is the night. We have our first game of the tournament at 6pm tonight. It is against a team from the company that my mom works at. So there will be a lot of people that we all know. The first night is fun because everyone comes out and supports their company.

We had batting practice again last night and there were already a ton of tents up and RVs. People stay here all weekend and eat, sleep, and breathe softball. Our Industrial Men’s bracket we have 12 teams in total, so two more than the other day. If we win two games we are guaranteed to play on Sunday. I looked at the bracket and we only have two games Saturday, regardless of how we do tonight. But again if we lose twice we are out. I would like to get at least 4 games in to feel good about it all.

I put more pressure on myself than I should. It is still fun but I have a feeling of obligation. People look to me to hit home runs and crush the ball. Most times I can deliver, but there is always that chance that I won’t. I don’t like letting teammates, or anyone, down. I know they won’t care too much, but I seem to care more than I should. All I can do is go out there like any other tournament and play my best.

This year I think I am going to be pitching. I hope that I don’t get hurt, from someone hitting a line shot right back at me. With the ball coming in sooo slow people can generally put the ball where they want. Most people don’t every try to hit it right up the gut, out of respect to the pitcher. But to win the game all bets are off. Anything can happen. It is just a short distance from the mound to the plate. My reaction time is great but I will have to stay vigilant. It can take some time to pitch the ball and get back in a defensive position.

That will be my weekend, I hope you all have a great weekend as well. 😀 😀