Monday Photo Dump!

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to the start of the week! We did quite a bit this weekend. Friday we went to Pizza Hut with my parents for dinner and Everett was being a normal goofball.


Saturday morning we headed back to the cabin. We are hoping to have the beds in before the start of the hunting season. We added stairs to the front and added boards to the ceiling. Some of the wall pieces are missing, because they are all pieces we have to cut to a custom size.


This area will be the bed room, with bunks on the right and left.


This next one is looking from the kitchen area to the bedroom. We have that half wall up to divide the room.


While I was at camp my wife’s two friends came into town. One of them has a little three month old. We got ready and went to the county fair for a few hours.



Next is a must have golf cart. Just sayin. 😀


Towards the end we lowered Everett’s stroller and he passed right out!


Sunday we went out to visit my wife’s dad. He has been in a nursing home for a little bit now. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s a while ago and can no longer live on his own. It is pretty sad because he isn’t very old. He remembers us and Everett and loves holding him.


We were able to meet with his wife and their kid Remi and take him to the courtyard. The kids ran around like crazy.


The lady in the wheelchair is Lois. She has sort of been watching over my wife’s dad while people aren’t around. She came out with us and loved seeing the boys.


Everett and Uncle Remi are playing here with some cars on the little bench.


Later to round out the day and make the most out of it we met with her grandparents and brother’s family for lunch. It was at a very nice golf course in the area. They have great food and service.


If you have your volume on you can hear Everett slurp up his noodles haha. if you look close you can even see his top teeth! 😀 😀

Once we got home, we got in our comfy clothes and watched some New Girl. Everett has been looking though his legs so my wife was doing it too and he was laughing hysterically.


That was our weekend! We did a lot and it was, like always, worth it. I hope you had a great weekend too! I’ll see you all again tomorrow! 😀 😀


Well That Could Have Been Better!

Hey Everyone!

This weekend wanted to be great but had some setbacks! As you will see below, things got a bit messy.

Friday was a night of gaming and Netflix. I was going to work on the cabin Saturday, even though the weather was crappy. Sunday we were planning to tour the hospital in Erie, PA. Most of that went as planned. Most.

Friday, was going well I was just telling my friend over Team Speak ( a voice chat software) how well things were looking and how quickly things were coming together with the house. Soon after I was going to let the dog out and give her a treat, when I walked down stairs and found this mess:


You can see the floor should be red. The small marks are from the cat haha, and mine are the bigger ones. There was about 2-5 inches of water through out my whole entire basement.


Everything was floating around like those baskets, and the cat liter box in the back.


And finally The back door gets opened and a huge drain pipe is backed up. I think this was the cause of most of it.  I don’t have ‘after’ cleanup pictures because, well I was beat. I spent all day Saturday, not building a cabin, but mopping up the remaining water. I cranked the heat and closed the upstairs vents. It was super hot but necessary. I mopped and mopped and mopped. Once it was all dry you could see what dirt was still left on the ground. I still need to re-mop everything or Swiffer it to finish it all off. After that whole day being rough I went and bought a six pack and had a few haha. It was a late night and I didn’t get much sleep.

Sunday I got up early for some unknown reason. I made breakfast for my wife and served it to her in bed. I also found a recipe online for a Tim Horton’s Iced Cappuccino and made it for her. We did get out to Erie and we went early to make it worth our while. We walked around the mall and stopped in the maternity store to get a few things. Next we hit up the local Barnes and Noble, to pass the time. When we were through there and getting hungry we stopped at a Hibachi restaurant, for an early dinner. Then it was off to the hospital , for the tour. We arrived about a half hour early and waited for the other couples to arrive. The tour did take a full hour like they said it would. In short it was amazing! The facility is perfect, maybe beyond that. They have five floors devoted to just maternity.  We are going to try our hardest to get out there to deliver the baby, when the time comes. By the time we got home it was time for bed, so we cleaned up and went to bed. My wife went back to work for the time being this week and wasn’t pleased to wake up to her alarm after having the week off haha.

That’s all for this post! I hope you had a somewhat better weekend than mine lol.

I’ll see you all again tomorrow! Speaking of that, when the baby is born I won’t be posting for like a week, since I won’t be at work. If I’m feeling up to it I may post some updates but who knows.  😀 😀


Quick And Dirty Rundown!

Hey Everyone!

This is going to be a bit short and dirty today.

Last night we had a successful second, or fellowcraft degree. We didn’t get a ton of people there but we are kind of whooped with all of the degrees that we have had in the last two months or so. It all went smoothly and everyone had a good time. By the time I got home it was 9pm and I was beat. We just went to bed.

Today after work I am going to grab some stuff from my parents house, that we had left there when we moved. She wants some shoes and what not. I would like to get a few guitars and file cabinets, ya know since we are moving into the permanent office space. 😀 I have to run to Lowes and get a couple nuts for the backs of the wall plates, but then it will be all moving from there. It might make a long night but that is Ok. Anything I can do to get it right and start customizing it will be awesome! I’ll be sure to keep you all updated.

I just found out like yesterday that I have tomorrow off for Good Friday. Not being religious I lose sight of days like that, but I’ll take a day off anytime. We have plans to go work on the cabin roof during the day, and Tour the local hospital maternity ward in the evening.

This weekend of course is packed, with things to do. We may go back early to her grandparents house, or just take it easy around the house and get some cleaning, or garage work done. This being Saturday. Sunday is Easter and for the first time in a while we are going out of town to my aunt’s house for a lunch/dinner, as well as eating back at the wife’s grandparents as well. This will be a tough test for my diet but I am down 24lbs since I started! So far, so good!

I won’t be posting tomorrow, as I only post when I have the time and can at work. Sounds kinda weird but this is when I have a quick second to talk to y’all! I really hope you have a great weekend. I hope that if you celebrate for any reason religious reasons or otherwise that you have a happy and safe time! It’ll feel a bit weird not posting for a few days but I’ll have plenty to talk about come Monday! 😀

I’ll see you all again then. 😀 😀