Amazing (Busy) Weekend!

Hey Everyone!

Back from another great and productive weekend! 😀 😀

Friday wasn’t fun by any means but I did get to cross something off the to do list. After work Friday I picked Everett up from his last day at daycare, went home and started working on our tub. I had to chip, pull, and chisel the old caulking out. That was the worst thing I have done in a long while, even worse than painting our fence. After that it was time to clean and re-caulk it. I tried for the first time the hand squeezed tubes of sealant, thinking it would be easier in that tight space, but I really didn’t like it. I went through 4 of the little things and at the end of the day would have liked more, but that amount at least filled the space back up. So on that note everything is looking good.

Saturday was our super busy day. We woke up, had breakfast and headed to my wife’s mom’s house. We got to her place and cooked out on the grill, fr lunch. Everett was having a great time under the patio umbrella.


My wife was invited as a guest to the wedding of her dad’s, wife’s, mother’s wedding. She was also there to take pictures of the event. At the same time I was heading out to my best friends 30th birthday party that his wife threw him. They happened to be the same time and in different directions, so I missed the wedding. I was able to catch up with him and his family for a couple of hours before heading back to the reception on the lake. There they had a beautifully decorated ball room on the ground level over looking part of the lake.


The dinner consisted of everything on my plate haha. Keep it short and sweet! 😀


Once it was time to leave the reception we stopped to visit my wife’s dad. He isn’t in the greatest health anymore and it has come on all of the sudden. His brother and sister in-law were there too. We hung out for a bit and then stopped back at her mom’s to get Everett. By the time we made it home again it was 10:30pm and we were beat!

As days go, Sunday was next on the list. We had 2 softball games in the middle of the day. In short we won both games pretty convincingly. I pitched the second game until it was a blow out and then we all swapped positions. I hit a big home run in the second game, but other than that a quit hitting day for me with only a .500 average.


When I got home I just stayed in my ball pants and mowed the grass, and trimmed the edges. Everett was outside with him mom enjoying the sun and the pool we inflated. When I got finished I just stripped down and laid in the pool. Then the randomness started. We wanted to head back to the local Ollie’s Bargain store to look around. We wanted to get something for the yard. We we did and headed home. More on that in a bit. My mother and wife decided to take the initiative and weed what they could of our massive garden. It is over run with that Morning Glory crap and it is everywhere.


So it all looks like that up top


They got this back half looking pretty good, but had to stop due to time and lack of room in the truck bed lol. If they could do this for another 3 solid days they could weed all of the flower beds in the front and back yard, if they hustled. 😀 In the mean time I was draining the pool to move it for our big purchase! I was in the background setting it all up.


We bought this nice offset umbrella for the yard as well as the bug net, four chairs, and glass table all for $200! 😀 I’m grinning at that price all day. 😀

Lastly a nice look from within. If you look close you can see Everett ‘helping’ in the last four pictures haha. He stood out there with them the whole time, just holding on to the wheel barrow.


Once I was done unloading the scraps at my parent’s house, we called it a night and here we are. It was a great weekend I would do it all over again in a heartbeat if given the chance. I hope you all had an amazing weekend as well. I’ll be back again tomorrow for another daily post, and hope to see you then! 😀 😀


Spaghetti Pie & To-DO List!

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday, my wife was still not feeling well. I also saw a recipe on Facebook and decided that I’d make dinner and try it out. It was a spaghetti pie, I guess? Real quick I’ll run through what I used/did.

  • Beat 3 eggs into a bowl
  • Add 2 cups of red sauce
  • Add 1/2 cup Parmesan cheese
  • Add 2 TBSP of Oregano
  • Add cooked onions (optional)
  • Add 1 tsp of salt
  • Mix it all together
  • Stir in browned, 90% lean beef
  • Add strained noodles
  • Pour into a cake pan
  • Sprinkle Mozzarella cheese on top
  • Bake for 30 minutes at 375 degrees

After all of that I didn’t take a picture until most of it was gone haha here ya go!


Ahh it was so good! Super easy to make and delicious. Of course there are variations of this everywhere, doing things slightly different. The only unhealthy thing is the cheese used since it has a high fat content.

Speaking of food, we just had yet another retirement lunch here at work. It was pulled pork with a five bean salad, pasta salad, fruits, and veggies. They have cake too! I only enjoyed the healthy stuff to stay on track with my diet but it all looked so good.  I think after this lunch there will be two more in the coming weeks.

Not this weekend, but the following one we have our opening softball tournament. It is hard to believe that the season is already starting. My weekends are all shot until about June and I have soo much stuff to do. I have a few things that I wanted to finish up with the babies room, most of which is just cleaning up the room a bit and getting everything out that doesn’t belong. That being said I want to clear the other bedroom out too and do the trim. To add to the list of things to do would be to paint the fence, fix the stairs more, re-install outdoor carpeting down the stairs, and fix my leaky pipe. Since I mentioned the pipe it is only fair to let you know that I bought this tape called ER Tape. That should do the trick. If it does half as well as this video describes I’m in business haha.


WE are getting excited to welcome our baby into this world, and with each day getting a little bit nervous haha.

That is where I’ll leave you for the day. I hope you are enjoying your hump day, and I’ll see you all again tomorrow! 😀 😀

Tuesdays SMH…

Hey Everyone!

We had a rainy, rainy day here yesterday. If you know me at all you would know I love rain. It is very calming and keeps me leveled out haha. After I left work yesterday I met my brother right after work and we got to work cutting the tops off of the fencing that I put up yesterday. I forgot to snag any pictures but it looks pretty good. While we were at it we cut a slant in our fence gate, so that it shut easier.

When my brother left I cleaned everything up and just did some paperwork. I had some bills to scan into my laptop and random other stuff. My wife made noodles and meat sauce for dinner, since I was busy doing that other stuff. She had told me earlier that her car was making a noise. This is a bit strange, since her car is only like two years old and has less than 30,000 miles on it. I figured we could kill two birds with one stone, by taking it for a drive and gathering some spring water. We have been buying bulk spring water at Walmart and just tossing the containers in our recycling when they are empty. I wanted to see if we could just refill them. There is a natural spring not far from our house, about 10 minutes away. On the way out I listened, as best I could, to her car for any noises. I didn’t really hear anything out of the ordinary, so I told her it was most likely not a big deal, and that unless something gets worse not to worry about it. If anything it may be related to her air system. Once we made it to the spring I got out and started to fill the container. I quickly realized that to get good water flow we had to have a hole poked in the top. I spilled quite a bit of water all over the ground haha. Once I got it filled and capped we went home. I had the water in the refrigerator and filled my cup. I noticed that the cap didn’t really stay water tight, and was dripping. I had to ditch the whole thing, but I am now going to look for a more reusable container and just get spring water, instead of buying it from the store.

I have a few things that I would like to get done in the near future. I need to purchase a dog collar for my dog. She never likes to go outside, which I think is super weird. We always have to tag team it and push her out the door. If we get her the collar we can put a leash on ad make it easy. I also need to buy that clutch head bit for my tub and get to work on that. I made sure that I had my Dremel the other day in case I need to cut an access hole. I was also going to take my completed taxes to the post office, to ensure that I had the proper amount of postage, but I have since decided against it. I think I’m just going to slap a few stamps on it and hope for the best. I hate going to places like the post office. They are only open for like a half hour after I get out of work and it just costs me time and money. I want that refund asap haha, I have furniture to pay off!

Here at work I have been keeping busy. I am posting a bit early today, because I came in at 5:30am. I will be done with work today by 2:30pm, and wanted to have enough time to post. I pretty much do a completely different job when I cover for this co-worker. She runs a lot of reports on a whole different system. It takes most of the morning to complete, and then I have to attend to my regular networking duties as well. I have to cover for her again on the 15th. By the way the other system I am talking about is a IBM i-Series database and looks like this:  SNAG-0002.jpg

It is about zero fun….


**OK so I was going to be putting this post out early, but now its right on time haha. I got super busy at work and it evened out.**

That is all for today, I hope you enjoyed your stay! I’ll see you all again tomorrow. 😀 😀