Oh Bother!

Hey Everyone!

Lets jump right into my darn electrical issue. The retired electrician came to my house before my meeting last night and looked at everything and listened to what I had already done. We tested a few things I still hadn’t done and still had.no.luck…. :/

That leaves me in a not so great position. He was baffled and hadn’t seen anything like it. I put a lot of weight on that statement because this was his chosen career for the majority of his life and even he doesn’t know what they did in my house.

I have found a way to bypass the knob and tube and have both lights operate on one switch. That will mean that the fan/light combo would have to be manually turned off while we want just the dining room table light on. I think I’m going to tape the new wires to the old and pull the run through the ceiling to the other fixture. From that point I can connect them all back up and should be good. I know it is all easier said than done, but to me it is a better option than taking my ceiling down.

We do have three outlets up stairs that are ungrounded, ran off of knob and tube wiring as well. I don’t think I can pull those through and fix them but I may try. If not I may have to just cut them off and fill the holes and lose three outlets. I don’t want to lose those outlets but I might have no other choice. So, that is where we are at…not the greatest.

Our Masonic meeting went off without a hitch last night and we successfully initiated our new brother to the first degree of Free Masonry. WE got home about 9:30pm and I passed right out.

That is all for me today, I hope to see you back again tomorrow! 😀 😀


Good Surprise!

Hey Everyone!

Last night I tried working on my lights again, and boy let me tel you it was awful! I tried thinking about what needed connected and where. I tried putting the knob and tube wire that I had to the hot wire from the additional run, and it popped and flashed and I was done. Nope, a whole lot of nope after that. I’m at a loss, as to what to do. I hope to find someone to give me a hand that has a clue about what they are doing. I really don’t want to rip it all out and tear down a wall or my ceiling so I hope I find someone.

Today I got some good news about my current position here at work. I was bumped from a category ‘B’ position to a category ‘A’ position. That starts me off at the lowest rate for that and from there I will get reevaluated at 9 and 18 months from when it starts, to get me to the mid range. From there I can get to the top of my category by merit raise only. If I get to a point where I cap out before I get a new position I believe there is a way to change my job description and open up a new set of ranges.

I just realized today that Monday is Labor Day. I get a nice long weekend! I can use that for sure. I’m not sure about the weather yet, but if it is nice it would be a good idea to work on the cabin. We will probably get together with my family and have a cook out or something. We may just have a quite weekend at home, I’m ok with that too!

That is all for me today! I’ll be back again tomorrow, and after that I’ll see you again Tuesday! 😀 😀

Thursday Goings On!

Hey Everyone!

We are certainly making our way through the week.

I have been busy today helping set up multiple stand up desks for the people at work. I am also starting back up running the daily routine on the database side of things here as well. It is a big change from what I normally do, and it is very tedious. I would like to help minimize it and automating it as best I can.

The rain here has finally let up, and the sun is back out! 😀 I’ll be able to mow my grass tonight as long as it stays nice. I haven’t been able to mow for a little bit due to weather and the ball tournament.

My golf outing is this Saturday. I’m pretty excited to golf again. I haven’t been since my brother’s bachelor party, which was a while ago. We are in teams of four and doing a scramble. We will be doing a full 18 holes and having dinner after. The company is paying for most of it. The cost for each individual is only $22.50 for 18 holes, a cart, and dinner. That is a damn good price! I hope I do well. I have been thinking about getting into golf, but only if I have a way of doing it often enough. Either way this Saturday will be a fun one! 😀

I’ll have to get back to work, we are still short staffed this week. I’ll be back again tomorrow! I hope to see you then. 😀 😀

Softball Incoming!

Hey Everyone!!

I have a few doctor appointments this afternoon so this will probably be quick.

Last night we had another successful softball practice. We had like 12 guys show up and we all hit a bucket of balls. My back did start getting sore from bending down to pick them up so often, so I have to be careful of that. I was pitching so I had to get most every ball. During the games that wont be happening that often. We play our first game tomorrow night at 8:30pm under the lights. It is against the company right beside ours, so that will be fun. They manufacture tires and do a bunch with rubber in general. Our company caters the event for us so we will have a pavilion with food and drinks all weekend. Sadly our second team will be playing the same time as us on Saturday so we won’t be able to watch their first game. It is a bit of a shame because my dad is on our second team and my brother is on the team they face. It will be a blowout, but it would be fun to watch them both play. There are 39 teams total this year, there are also four brackets breaking up the divisions. We are in the Industrial bracket with 8 other teams. We have a good shot of doing pretty well. Most anything will be better than last years two and out situation.

This weekend we also have a cookout. It may be tough to get to though due to the softball tournament. If we get done soon enough I’d like to head out to my buddy’s house. There is a parade early in the morning and fireworks at 10 or 10:30. They have three little kids and it would be nice to just get everyone there to hang out for a bit.

I hope you all have a great Thursday! I’ll be heading out soon and wanted to make sure to get his post out. I’ll see you all again tomorrow! 😀 😀


Happy Thursday!

Hey Everyone!

I had some plans change yesterday and wasn’t able to get a post out yesterday. I kept thinking I forgot to do something all day and I think this was it haha. 😀 What happened was I scheduled a doctors appointment as soon as they were available, which was the middle of the day.

Since Saturday my back has been killing me. I have full range of motion but it hurt/hurts when I breath deeper. It was confusing to me and I couldn’t calm myself down about it, so that is what I did. Once I was done with my appointment I just went home. The PA-C determined that I strained my diaphragm. Just like doing curls with your arms all day would hurt your arm, I hurt my diaphragm by using it all day. The two points where, I guess, it meets other parts of the body are where it hurts and that is why it felt like two separate spots. He prescribed me some muscle relaxer for the evening and ibuprofen three times a day for inflammation. I have felt pretty good today, so far. I’m sure I’ll be fine to get back out there for the tournament.

In other news I am finally getting my car fixed and inspected Friday. I have to drop it off at the shop tonight, and I can’t forget. That is part of the reason I am telling you haha. 😀 If you didn’t know I totally forgot to get it inspected in May and didn’t realize it until July. It is now August and It will finally get the work done. Don’t worry, since I found out I haven’t driven that car. It has only taken this long because it needed brakes and calipers. The other reason it has taken so long was that one of our shops in town completely burnt down, so every other shop is backed up. I hope to be back in business next week.

Yesterday my wife’s family came down to see Everett So her grandma and mom were there when I got home. They brought some ice cream cake from DQ for all of our birthdays and bagels from our favorite spot in our college town. They make bagels daily and they are really delicious!

That is all for me today, I hope you have a great Thursday. I’ll be back tomorrow and hope to see you then! 😀 😀


Softball & Haircuts!

Hey Everyone!

This week is slow going as of now.

I have received my order of an ‘All in One’ PC and a fancy laptop for one of our maintenance guys. I am still waiting on a terminal order that will probably take forever. lol

Last night after work we had our first softball practice. It went really well! We had about 10 or 11 guys show up so we ran through a bucket of ball and had some batting practice. We were able to gauge the interest and ability of a few guys that we were unsure of. Everyone hit fairly well so splitting the group into two teams will be a bit tough. I will be the pitcher of the first team, so I pitched to about 7 of the guys. This morning I woke up and my pitching wrist hurts really bad. I’m going to say it was from sleeping on it weird and not believe that it is from lobbing balls haha. 😀

Today we will take our first stab at having Everett get his hair cut at a salon. Wish me luck and cross those fingers that everything goes well. He has had it cut twice before, but by a family member. I will be taking him alone to get him a cut and myself. It is a new salon for me too, as I have been semi-actively been looking for a new spot. this place was recommended to me by a friend so I’ll give it a shot.

If everything goes well we might go for a bike ride tonight. We tried to last night but it just didn’t pan out. I hope we can do something to enjoy this weather tonight, even if it is just hanging out in the yard.

My wife is home with Everett alone for the first time with her new job today. I hope everything is going OK. The last few days she has had her grandma and mom come cover for her a bit, but not today! I think she will do fine. She just wants to manage her phone time around when he is being a pain in the butt lol.

That is all for me today. I’m hoping the week speeds up and then slows to a crawl this weekend, but I know better haha. I’ll be back again tomorrow, and hope to see you then! 😀 😀


Thursday Happenings

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday was a roller coaster for our family, but we are doing much better now. We didn’t get the best sleep last night but I think that is due to Everett’s weird sleep the whole day prior.

Today at work I was finally approved to order the shipping upgrades. I was told to order everything this next Tuesday, so that’s what I’ll do. 😀 I just can’t wait for this to all be over haha. It is quite a bit of equipment that should come all at once. Then it is going to sit in my office for a while until they are ready to be deployed. I know the guys in the shop can’t wait to get some new stuff so I’ll have to hurry it along when I can.

I’m hoping that this weekend we can just relax at home. We have had a few busy weekends and are ready to have one off. I hope the weather stays decent enough so that I can start working on my garage. I bought the plywood I needed a few days ago, but now I just need the good weather.

I’m going to keep this one short so I can go look into a few issues people are having right after lunch. I’ll see you all again tomorrow morning, if I can remember to get a post out haha. 😀 😀

Junk Drawer Post!

Hey Everyone!

This will be a ‘junk drawer post’ because it just kind of covers a number of things.

It has been a busy Thursday, that is for sure. I had a nice little break at lunch, because we had another retirement luncheon. Everything and everyone is a little more relaxed and the time restrictions on the break itself are too. The company understands that everyone is still gong to get the same amount of work done so they don’t enforce it super hard on those days.

As I type this I was just informed that I have a PC shipment here that now needs my attention. I will be setting another couple up like normal for this month.

This weekend is shaping up to be somewhat busy again, but without the long travel. I believe that Everett has a swim class Saturday that I like looking forward to. My cousin wants to have a game night sometime this weekend. Lastly we are going to head back out to camp. I think we have insulation for the ceiling, ends to cut along the bottom, and we may even get the wood stove in place (or at least the hole cut). It’ll be a great feeling to finally get that thing built.

My wife and are are paying down some debt with our refund check and putting the rest into some sort of savings for future projects or emergencies. I feel like that is the most responsible thing we can do with it. Makes me feel good to have a clean slate, even if it will only be for a short time haha. Speaking about money, Everett’s 529 plan for college savings is on a steady rise.


At some point, when I make more money, I would like to increase the amount I put in to it each pay check. I would also like to do that with my 401K, but the same thing applies. For now I am doing what I can and that is what counts.

With us, I believe staying where we are for now, we will be looking to continue fixing and improving our current house. I would like to paint our treated fence, replace the cracked spackling above the stairs, and finish the garage to my liking.  A huge thing, I don’t think will happen for a long time, would be to refinish the wood floors in the second floor. We basically live there though and it would be hard to have everything moved. Who knows, we will just have to wait and see.

That is all for me today. I hope you are having a great Thursday, and I will see you tomorrow! 😀 😀


What Day Is It?

Hey Everyone!

I’m all confused with this week. With our Valentines Day luncheon I thought it was like Friday, when it was indeed only Wednesday?! Today I still think it is Friday, when it is of course Thursday?! This is, of course, because I thought we were going back to her grandparent’s place on Saturday, and she asked if we were going back tomorrow. She meant that we would leave Friday and stay the night, which I wasn’t fully aware of. So needless to say my week is a mess! 😀 It is a very OK mess, but a mess all the same.

Work is very slow right now. I have one thing to do right after lunch so I do have to keep this one simple. Our adventure with Everett in his own room has ended haha. My wife freaked herself out, like most people do, about him suffocating and not being able to hear his cries. She then did the worst thing possible and got on the damn internet. For those of you not aware of that effect, its like when you have a cold and WebMD tells you, that you have cancer and will die in 5 days. Same applies here. She was a bit worried, got online, and now thinks he will just magically die for no reason haha. We all know that isn’t true, but to be cautious, because we can, we have him back in our room. He is in his pack and play instead of his bassinet because he is now way to big for it.

This weekend will be a nice relaxing one at her grandparent’s house. We are going to, hopefully, solidify that we are moving back, and that he will build or place the house down on the land and allow us to buy it from him. That way we can sell our house without worry of where our things will go and then the job search will really begin for me.

That is all for me today. I hope you have a great T.H.U.R.S.D.A.Y. haha, and I’ll see you all again tomorrow morning for “Coffee Talk” 😀 😀

Smooth As Silk!

Hey Everyone!

Everything was smooth yesterday. I picked Everett up from daycare, he seems to be getting better, got him home, fed, and chillin. I was instantly on a cleaning spree for seemingly no reason. I mean from the moment I hit the door I was cleaning. I fed the animals, started laundry and did three loads, folded and srted those loads as well. I separated and picked up toys, and threw away a bunch of random crap laying around. I had my wife move her clothing clutter mess, and also did some dishes. It was non stop action. She went ahead and made a nice spaghetti dinner and we fed some to Everett. Once he was good and messy I gave him a bath, those are always fun. We opted to sleep in the living room with him again, this time I’m honestly not sure why. I have gotten decent sleep down there and don’t mind it. I think my wife likes it because it is warmer downstairs for her and Everett. Who knows where we will sleep tonight.

During the night we started to hear this loud revving noise, coming from out furnace. We have a gas furnace and it hasn’t made that noise before. It seemed to do it right before the air would kick on. I haven’t found a reason online that matches the description of the noise we had, but I’ll go home tonight and check the filter and go from there. Not sure what it is. If you are a furnace person hit me up haha.

Today at work I drafted an online will for myself, and I think my wife will do one too. I also did a living will and a power of attorney thing. I know there are a million ways to do it but this was upfront and all encompassing. We can sign them in front of people at the court house and have them notarized if need be. I’m sure if we don’t they would still hold up in court if anything were to go sideways. We thought about getting that done now since we have a kid. We don’t want anything to happen and not have a plan. If I show her mine and she doesn’t like it we can explore other options.

That is all for me on this unnatural warm day in January. Enjoy the rest of your day and I’ll see you bright and early for “Coffee Talk” in the morning. (If I remember haha) 😀 😀