Everything But The Kitchen Sink!

Hey Everyone!

It is Wednesday and for me that means payday! It sounds great until you know that I don’t have any money haha. I hope someday I won’t have to live pay check to pay check. I got my direct deposit, only to come into work and pay off my bills and have enough money for gas in the car that isn’t even mine. RIP. The only good things I can say are that I am saving for retirement and my sons college, so that is a plus.

Speaking of money being gone before you even have it, I have a plumber coming tomorrow sometime after work. I’m sure that they will run their own snake and prove for themselves that my pipe is busted. That will come with a fun bill, followed by a bigger more fun quote to fix it lol. If it is anything like the other quote it will be a couple thousand dollars, for them to jack hammer my foundation and replace the broken piece, then filling it all back in. They should, like the last plumber, also repair the dry wall they have to tear out.

Friday starts the last month of 2017, and that evening I am going out to camp. the next day I will be getting up early and heading further into the woods, to hunt. We have 4-5 spots set up on my dads land that are prime for hunting, which is good because we have three people usually hunting. I will start low on the hill at my deer stand. Depending on the weather I may go higher on the hill. It is looking like it may be cooler, but still won’t be any snow. That makes it tough to see the contrast of a deer and hard to follow it if you have to. that being said the goal is to take a good shot and not have to chase it down. My dad went out yesterday and didn’t see anything, so I hope there are still some in the area when I get there. I have to find something to sleep on in the cabin because it isn’t finished. I’ll have to find a couple cushions or a small futon mattress or something to drag in there with me.

The other day I finished the third season of Zoo on Netflix, only to be disappointed that it was a cliffhanger leading into the fourth, which isn’t out yet. grrr. I hate that, I mean I understand why it happens but I really thought they were gearing up to end it and then it just drug on and on, then stopped. RIP again. I tried watching the first episode of Godless last night and it was so boring I fell asleep on my couch watching it. I may give it another try when I’m not also fairly tired from the night prior haha.

My co-worker is off today so I am the only one here with any real networking experience, you would think I’d be busy, but I am not. Half of my company takes this and next week off to go hunt, that should give you an idea about where I live haha. Most highschools in the area give the first day of hunting off, because it is pointless to try that day because no one shows up. Anyway if no one is here no one can have a problem with their computer!

In other news my wife is looking for a work from home position. We would like to get away from spending $500 a month on a babysitter and she would like more time home with him, so that seems to be a win win. The hard part is finding one. I have found her a few but she didn’t want to do them I guess. She has also just signed up at care.com to be a babysitter herself! I mean our baby sitter is making bank for being a retired woman, making money under the table. Doing some simple math, at $500 a month for one kid, and having a solid 6 kids at all times (some days more/some less), then multiplying by the twelve months in a year, that is about $36,000 a year from home. I am not sure if she pays taxes on it, she might but I’m not sure. It isn’t the greatest income and it is demanding but it is viable for where we live. If we were to move out a ways like we would like to someday it may not work, that is why I would rather her get in with a company that will keep her even if she moves. We will see, only time will tell.

That is all from me today. I hope you all have a great humpday! I’ll see you again tomorrow! 😀 😀


New Networking Closest

Hey Everyone!

Yikes! I thought today would be fairly normal, I was wrong haha. I was remarkably busy this morning and just got free-ish now.

First off last night Everett did a very poor job sleeping lol. He was up quite a bit, which does not help mommy and daddy at all. I have been dragging all day. Topping that off with a bit of chest congestion, and I’m having a heck of a day.

This morning I had to reach out to a different plumber to see if they would respond to my requests. I tried two different times a week apart to schedule an appointment with the old plumber to fix my sewer main and they have yet to call me back! They must really not want my two grand, weird. I have a new appointment with another plumber this Thursday for them to look at it, only to tell me the same thing I’m sure. From there I will see what they quote us and go from there. I hope they actually help. I’m sort of dumbfounded by that whole thing. I mean for real, I was contacting them to give them my own money and they just never got a hold of me?!? Oh well.

The rest of this morning was spent working on anti-virus threats and weird PC issues. On a similar yet different note, yesterday we received our new rack! At our company we have switches in multiple spots throughout the plant, They are just exposed wall mounted racks up on a wall. They get dusty and dirty quickly. Well yesterday we got the first piece in fixing that, well at least at one spot haha.


As you can see we have the old dirty wall mount on the left and the new 38U rack on the right. By no means will we fill that cabinet with networking gear but we wanted it to all be eye level. It is fully enclosed and is mounted with six exhaust fans at the top. We will mount the battery backup at the bottom to spread out the heat distribution, and the rest at eye level, to be easily worked on. This is a tough task. All of those gross cables will need to go back in the same spots and everything has to remain the same when we move it all. On top of that it has to happen on a Saturday, because we have people that work every shift and this would take the whole west end out of commission. That is fine with me though because I’ll be able to claim some overtime, which may come in time to pay off some of that incoming debt haha.

The rest of the afternoon I’ll be answering whatever questions come my way. I also bought a fire escape ladder today, since my wife had a bad dream about our house catching on fire. This being followed by the realization of not really having a fire plan yet. So the need is there and it could be immediate, so I got one! 😀

That is all from me today, I hope you have a great Tuesday. I’ll see you all again tomorrow! 😀 😀

Daily Post!

Hey Everyone!

What can I say, I still hate printers. The issue is still not resolved and I have been on the phone twice today with a Schwab rep.  We have made progress, but I can’t help but feel like printers should work as well as computers. Most everything now a days ca be easily set up and swapped, when will printers be the same? Honestly I ca’t wait for the day where we will  no longer need them. That will surely happen before they become user friendly. I mean think about i, what do you really need to print? Other than the occasional physical flyer, most things can be done simpler another way. I hope they do away with them soon! 😀

This will not be a printer post though I just wanted that out there. My wife and I just started watching ” It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” which is great, until we got the news that in December it will be taken off of Netflix. RIP haha.

We have had our first through third frost already. I guess it was bound to happen. Good news is I think I am done mowing my grass for the year! 😀 I have yet to find anyone to purchase my pellet stove, and will need my brother to come over and help me move it to the back of the garage, so my wife can park in there. My goal was to have the walls up and the stove sold before the first snow. That is no longer the case at all. I have no idea why there has been no interest in my stove, I haven’t even received a low ball offer, thats insanely rare. I have it on pennswoods.net, craigslist, five different Facebook garage sale pages, and posted here at work. Nothing, not even a whisper.

Again we have no plans for this weekend. We will see what lies ahead. I really hope nothing comes up and that we can just stay in. I like when the weather starts to get cool and you can coffee up and stay on the couch nice and warm. On another note I”m not sure when my dad will have more parts for the cabin. We have enough done that it can snow and be fine, but we still have some insulating to do.

That is all for today. I hope you all have a great Thursday, and I’ll try to remember Coffee Talk, bright and early tomorrow! 😀 😀

Low Key Night

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday, after work, we headed to the doctor’s office for our baby’s four month checkup. He is still small in stature only being in the 23rd percentile in height and 8th percentile in weight. Of course he is only four months old so not really a big deal. He also had to get a couple shots in his legs. He tends to scream bloody murder for about 20 seconds then he is OK again lol.

Afterwards we got home and cleaned up a bit around the house. My friend from grade school came over for the first time since we bought our house. He is working in town again so we had to catch up. I showed him around and we just talked for a while. He is staying at his parents house while his wife stays in the city, where they reside. It was great to have someone over and break the norm a bit.

Early this morning my boy woke up in, what would seem like, pain. We assume it was from his shots, so we got out the infant Tylenol. He went back to bed so that is a plus! 😀

Here at work today I will be staying late. We are doing the tidying up of the server room. I have spent a couple days making Ethernet cables to the correct length. About 40 or so, which if you don’t know the process can take a toll on your fingers. I’ll post a video below if you feel inclined to know more.

I have the exact same cable tester, and when you use it they should all light up green in the correct order. It is simple, but it is tedious and making that many takes a while. I’ll take pictures if I can to show before and and after.

That is all for now! I’ll see you all again tomorrow! 😀 😀

The Battle Is Back!

Hey Everyone!


Go there ^^

Send that letter.

This issue has not gone away, and won’t unless we the users of the free internet do something about it.

If you haven’t already, read my last post a couple months ago about it for more detail: CLICK HERE 😀

The website above looks like this:


You can quickly add your name e-mail and other info, if you choose to, and send Congress and the FCC a per-written letter on your own behalf. You can customize it if you felt so inclined. Like it states the first step was taken one day ago from the time of this post. Now please feel free to watch these videos about Net Neutrality:

If you watch any of them, watch this one! It covers it well and keeps it interesting.

https://dearfcc.org/ Where you can send another letter, if you so choose. 😀

I don’t agree with Bernie on much but on this I do.

This is a huge issues and if you value your time on the internet in anyway you should get involved. I hope to see this issue get snuffed out as fast as possible! Thank you for taking the time to look through this post! I’ll see you tomorrow! 😀 😀


Busy Work Day & 1 Month Old Baby!

Hey Everyone!

I have a short amount of time to post and I am late already. I have been swamped with work today and that is a good thing! I cam in at my normal time, and started setting up the new PCs I got in the mail a day or so ago. While doing that and running updates I got pulled away to help rearrange someones office. They need me there to make sure that everything gets unplugged correctly and plugged back in the right way. I was helping a fellow co-worker through my lunch break, with a parts list for a PC build for his kid. He has a son that has saved up enough money to buy his own gaming PC. He wants to surprise him and throw in a couple hundred dollars more, as a good gesture and reward, for managing his money so well. His son built a complete parts list and he gave it to me to look over and change since he added more money to the budget. I can say that I have spec-ed out a pretty good full size gaming rig for the budget of $1200. His kid will love it! Later this afternoon I have spent my time helping one of our summer design engineer inters with his issues. He is having problems with his Auto CAD and Inventor programs crashing. It has happened a few days in a row and twice today, so it was time to do something about it. I researched a few things and think I found a solution to his problem. I reverted his PC to use Direct X 9 instead of 11, deleted the junk out of his temp folder, updated is graphics driver while disabling the on board Intel one, and changed a series of variables within the programs themselves for better performance. I know this all sounds like gibberish to you guys but it was a fun day filled with technical issues that really got my brain moving!

In other news I am feeling much better, even though I never got any answers from the doctors I spoke with. I won’t be feeling good when my $150 bill from the ER comes through though :/ the weather here is crappy, and I can’t really do anything so I, will continue to take it easy. I mowed my grass yesterday when it was still nice out so that is a plus!

My baby boy Everett is officially 1 month old today! Dear god, they aren’t kidding when they say it fly’s by! I can’t imagine what I’ll think when he turns 18 and leaves haha. He is working on the sleep thing, and has been working out those neck muscles. We are still camped out in the living room because it is easier for my wife in the middle of the night.  That and my dog peed all over our mattress and ruined it! We aren’t very fond of her at this moment haha.

That’s all for me, I’m sorry this is jumbled and ran together. Please forgive me! I’ll be back tomorrow, and I hope to see you all then. 😀 😀

What Do You Think About Net Neutrality?

Hey Everyone!

This topic has been popping up all over the place again so I thought I would see what your take is, as well as give you mine.

The topic is, as stated, net neutrality. Net neutrality has been in the news again since the transition to the Trump administration. The newly appointed FCC commissioner said that he objected to an open internet and wanted to ‘modernize’ policies.

You may not know what it even is, or how it could effect you personally! If so This paragraph is for you. Net neutrality put simply is that internet data should be treated the same across the board. From my understanding the internet service providers and government have been upholding this principle. This means that if you are paying for a certain speed, or bandwidth, that you will get that no matter what you are doing, or where you are going on the internet. Put another way net neutrality prevents provides from dictating what content you can see online.

A while back Comcast, a well know service provider was slowing, or throttling, speeds of people uploading data to file sharing applications. They didn’t stop doing this until the FCC made them stop. This is just one of many ways that net neutrality can be violated. You may be thinking that this doesn’t pertain to you, but as long as you use the internet, I can assure you that it does.

Lets think of a few ways that it could affect you if net neutrality were to go away. Instantly when you are affected by something you assume it is bad, so lets start there.

  • You as a consumer would lose all control of the internet, plain and simple.
    • The ISP that you pay each month could control what you can and cannot get to online, for any reason.
  • The freedom to write what you want online and have anyone in the world read it could be gone.
    • This would change everything. Your ISP could block any site that isn’t based in the United States and that would be that.
  • The ability to choose where you want to shop online could also disappear.
    • Your ISP could have a deal with a certain brand or online store to only promote and allow access to their goods.
    • Another example is: You have used a Yahoo email address your whole life, and now your ISP decides to slow all traffic to Yahoo, because they struck a deal with Google. You could have to give that up and go to Gmail.

The list could go on and on. I mean take some time and think about what you would lose the ability to do or see if someone else was in charge of everything. It is pretty scary.

Now for who is on what side Check out this graphic from giplatform.org :


You can see that companies like Amazon, eBay, and Google want to keep net neutrality because they rely on everyone being able to access their services from anywhere at any time. If they had to pay a hefty fee to keep doing so they may not be companies for long.

Then you have AT&T, Comcast , and Verizon who want it gone so they can charge a butt load of money and be in charge of everything you can and can’t do.

What are your thoughts? I am an IT professional and all for net neutrality. The internet was made to be used and everyone should be able to do anything, with in the legal limits. Without it small businesses, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and everyday consumers would have a harder time doing what they set out to do.

Let me know in the comments below how you feel about this issue? Or if you have ever even heard about it?

Thanks for reading! I’ll see you all again tomorrow. 😀 😀


Do you Know Someone Using Kodi?

Since I am big into TV shows and movies of all kinds this topic is something I like to keep an eye one. I have some personal experience with people using and trying to get others to use this software. It is becoming an issue world wide for a few reasons, that I’ll discuss in this post.

First of all what is Kodi? If you haven’t heard of it you aren’t using it haha. The Kodi box itself is like any other box. Much like a Roku, it has channels similar to Netflix and IPlayer. This in itself isn’t illegal in anyway. What is illegal, most everywhere is the fact that the Kodi software has a library that lets you browse and watch pirated TV, movies, and sporting events. This gets into a whole big thing about copyright laws, since pirated material of any kind is obtained illegally.

It has been in the news very recently because the law has been changed, as far as punishment. From what I have read it is mostly a European law, but It will be similar in the US anytime now. The penalty for copyright infringement was about a two year, max, sentence. It has now been changed to ten years! That is a significant change in legislature, and a much bigger portion of someones life.

Kodi is able to be installed on a variety of things. Their download page offers you content for Windows, Linux, Apple, Android, Raspberry Pi, IOS, and more. WIth it being so easy to obtain and use, it is increasingly harder to stop or control. If people want something for free they can get it, plain and simple. Now again I want to stress that if you use the Kodi box for streaming legally you are good to go. It is only a criminal offense if you are using it to obtain illegal content. An example would be like, it is legal to own a gun and use it for hunting or target practice within the limits of the law. But, it is not legal to use that same gun to rob a bank and kill people. I know that got a bit extreme but you can see the clear difference.

Now just because the maximum penalty went up to ten years in prison doesn’t mean that just because you illegally streamed one movie you will go to jail for ten years. That is for the most severe cases. Still you may want to steer clear of it all together. This all does bring up some interesting questions like most things do!

  • Is there a way to control downloaded or streamed media at all anymore?
    • I’m leaning hard towards, no. Other than cracking down with harsher penalties not really. There are too many people doing it too often. There will always be a way to get around safeguards and rules.
  • Is/should Kodi able to be held responsible for allowing illegal apps?
    • To both of the questions, again no. They aren’t liable for how users use their device, just like Glock isn’t liable for someone murdering a guy with one of their guns. They shouldn’t be held accountable for people cracking their code and modifying it. I’m sure that they apply security updates and patches to try to prevent what they can, but back to question one. There is always a way around everything.
  • Are the laws changing and cracking down even going to stop anyone?
    • Again personal opinion only, no. I mean sure if they catch a person it will stop them haha but I don’t think the number of people stealing content will decrease at all. It may still just rise. It gets to a point were you cant have the population of the world all in jail! lol
  • How does the increasingly growing number of illegally streamed content effecting the different industries?
    • For music, movies, and events you may in the future see issues with funding. I don’t think it is there yet, but if the number keeps growing and people use these illegal means more often than not they won’t float the money to produce anything. It won;t be worth it if they can’t even make their money back. I’m not sure the industries will ever fold completely, but you may see a hike in prices if it becomes an issue. Maybe your baseball tickets will go up in price, or beer prices at the park may continue to rise because no one goes to the events. Who knows. 

Again these are just quick questions that come to mind for me. If you can think of some that I didn’t please let me know in the comments below.

I want to know your thoughts on downloading or streaming content illegally, to get free movies, music, or events? Do you know someone who does any of these things? What are your thoughts?

Is Handwriting A Thing Of The Past?

Hey Everyone!

Glad to see you again on this, almost complete, work week! Although I have a jammed packed weekend that will surely go by too fast I still I still enjoy a good Friday.

Yesterday I cut sort a bit because my boss had a project for me. It is something I can do, but it is more of a pain in the ass than anything lol. I am in charge of making custom signatures, for everyone with an e-mail address. The president would like everyone to have the same format and what not. I guess it makes sense, but at the same time I can’t help but think “who cares?” No one has anything vulgar or negative in their own signature, but hey who am I to say anything? I will be working on creating an image that can be edited to add information like, name, job title, fax #, and e-mail address. It will have the company log and be a simple format. The hard part is going to be getting everyone’s exact title, and enforcing the law! I have come to realize that in order to do all of this I need to create the template as a document, so I can edit the text, then export it into either a .pdf or straight into a picture file like a .png. or jpg.

Last night after work I came home to find that my new warranty phone came in the mail!It came quick. I ran back into town and stopped at the local AT&T store and had them transfer all of my crap over to the new phone and transfer the SIM card. This all took about an hour to an hour and a half. It is never quick. Once I was home for good we spent the rest of the night working on thank you cards for everyone that came to my wife’s baby shower. That took longer than expected too. It also reminds me that my handwriting is awful! I mean it was never great, but it was better. I thought about it for a second and realized that I almost never do it anymore. Maybe, only to sign my name here and there.  All I do is type and that works for just about everything. We are headed for a world where hand written text is a thing of the past altogether. Does that scare you? I know for me, I would hate to see it die. I could care less about printing, but I would hate for cursive to die because it can be so elegant. Let me know how you feel about it, in the comments below.


This weekend we are having our one day masonic class to initiate a handful of new brothers, as wells as cutting down a huge tree at camp, and moving my office to the attic! Wish me luck and safety, it might be needed for more than one reason haha.

I’ll see you all on the other side of the weekend! 😀 😀

Freezing Cold & Beauty And The Beast!

Hey Everyone!

Back again after a very chilly Monday! *This was me yesterday*prepare-your-car-for-cold-temperatures-this-winter-2j-s-automotive-96gKJ4-clipart.jpg

I was all set to go work on my tub last night, when I remembered that my wife said the furnace wasn’t working quite right. I stepped into my house only to be greeted with a cold blast of air. I first checked the settings on my thermostat, and it was in good working condition. I went into the basement and checked the filter and cleaned what I could. Still no luck. I noticed that there was an instruction sticker on the side of the furnace, that let me know how to completely shut it down and bring it back up. I ended up following those steps twice, trying to get it to work. You see it was about 14 degrees outside with the wind whipping, and only in the 50’s in my house, yikes! I needed to get this thing working, my poor pets must have been cold. Well at least the cat, the dog is a Norwegian Elk-hound, she probably loved it. I next noticed that the led light indicators were pointing me in a certain direction, so I looked it up online and saw that it was most likely an issue with something being dirty or backed up. Not knowing the inner workings of a gas furnace, and not wanting to blow myself up I called a guy. It took him THREE whole hours to get to my house. Once he did it was smooth sailing. I watched closely to what he did, so I can do it myself next time. He popped off 3-4 tubes and just blew into them clearing any build up from the gas itself. He then checked my filter, and flipped the switch and everything worked. One of the tubes was gunked up and caused the ‘switch’ to open, which was a signal to the furnace to stop operating and let me know. Good news is that everything worked like it was supposed to and nothing was broken. I will still get a bill from the heating guy but it is better than no heat!

Today at work I have been pretty busy. I have helped people with obtaining Auto Cad licenses, drives disconnecting, outside sales reps using VPNs, and a few more. I have also been setting up two new PCs for replacements. This took me right up to lunch and this post. I was also able to order a book of checks from Vista Print. I need checks for the handymen that I have to call. they seem to be the only people that don’t accept cards haha. I had to write them for the plumber, the chimney sweep, and now the heating guy. They were $12 for a book of 25, after shipping.  I got some that look like this:


Being a big fan of the outdoors and hunting it was a good pick for the cost. For my wedding my brother bought me a nice Remington 810 12Ga. shotgun, in wetlands camouflage, it looks amazing.

I am scheduled to get my TDAP shot today after work. My wife got hers a few days ago. We need these shots to cover Tetanus,  Diphtheria, And, Pertussis (Whooping Cough). It is smart to have anyone that will be in contact with the new baby to get one too! My wife has been having a hell of a time with her arm after this shot, so I hope I’ll have a better reaction to it.

My wife and I are going to see the new Beauty and the Beast movie on Friday. She has been counting down the days, so we can go see it in the theater. I think it looks great and can’t wait to go! The cast looks spectacular. Click the picture to be taken to the official trailer!


That’s all from me today! I hope you had a warmer Monday than I did haha. I hope to see you all back again tomorrow, hell feel free to invite your friends as well. 😀 😀