Mother’s Day Weekend!

Hey Everyone!

Soo Happy, belated, Mother’s Day to all of you moms out there!

We had a rainy weekend, but we made the best out of it. Everett was waking up 5:30am so a bit earlier than normal and throwing us off a bit. Saturday morning was lazy, we watched some TV and what not, nothing crazy.

Later we drove a bit out of the way and went to a place with a few big green houses. We picked up a couple of hanging basket ferns for my wife and I grabbed a nice hanging flower basket for my mom. Of course it was raining but it was all ok.

We still had a few minutes before our reservation for dinner so we stopped at a TJ Maxx and Michael’s, where my wife picked up a some stuff for her mom and a few things for a project she wanted to do.

When the time came we headed over to the Fuji Steak House.


It is a Hibachi style restaurant. So we are big fans haha.


This was Everett’s first time at a place like this. He was having a good time.


He wouldn’t let go of that rubber from for anything though haha. The first time he lit the grill on fire he didn’t know what to thing. He was mesmerized by the guy cooking the food and all his tricks with the utensils.


I picked up a fruity girly drink while I was there too, but it was delicious haha.



Once we came home we just spent some time together and watch a movie or two. We also got word that our normally scheduled softball games were canceled due to the weather, so we decided to have breakfast Sunday. This was with my whole family. we normally can only do dinner because we have games during the day. So Sunday morning came and I had hung up her hanging baskets.


Around 8:30am we went to a local spot for a nice breakfast. My brothers and their families were there too. In total we had 8 people and 2 kids.

Afterwards we took some pictures outside of the restaurant.




The only person not in the photos was my dad, because he was the one taking the pictures haha. We then gave my mom her flowers.


It is a big pretty basket so it filled that trunk! After we headed to Lowes to get the rest of the stuff for my wife’s project. I spent the day at home, watching movies, hanging pictures in the hall and other little things. I made spaghetti for her for dinner to end the evening.

Overall it was a great weekend, despite the rain. I hope you all had a great weekend as well! I’ll be back tomorrow, and hope to see you then! 😀 😀


What A Day!

Hey Everyone!

Let me run down a recap of the rest of my Monday. I left work early to have enough time to gather my dog’s urine and take it to the Vet for further testing. She had a UTI and I wanted to make sure that it was all cleared up and that she was good to go! To be short, they called back and said she was all clear. Again I took her on the leash and slid a dinner plate under her haha. I scared her a little bit this time so she stopped going. I had to transfer the urine into a baggie because I didn’t have a different small container with a lid. It took some real skill to do all of this, I’m sure you can imagine haha.

I was all ready to head to the Vet and my wife had picked Everett up for his 9 month checkup. The timing was great. I was ready to go, and so was she. We grabbed Everett and headed out. We hit up the Vet first and then headed to his appointment. We made it there with about 30 seconds to spare. The called his name and back we went.

The appointment didn’t really go so well, unfortunately. :/ He only needed one shot, so that was good, but he seemed to be in rough shape other wise. He has another yeast infection on his bottom, and a double ear infection. This after he just got over the Flu. They gave us a referral to meet with an ear, nose, and throat doctor in Buffalo, for tubes. We have time to decide if he really needs them or not, but we may as well get the process started. After the appointment we had to grab some groceries. We hit up the local Wegmans and had some subs there, before shopping for food. That way we didn’t shop on an empty stomach. Everett was having the best time, because for the first time he was able to sit in the cart and see everything.


He is still a bit tiny so we watched him closely but he did great. We finished grabbing groceries and headed home. Once we were back in town we had to pick up his two prescriptions at the local CVS. He needed stuff for his ears and cream for his baby butt.

By the time we really got home, it was about bead time. We unpacked, and put everything away, and that was that.

One thing I forgot to mention, was that Everett also bonked his head at daycare and had a nice bruise on his head. I just told her that he is now crawling and pulling himself up. I did all of this so that she would pay attention to him and make sure he wasn’t doing anything that was going to result in something like that. :/ I guess he pulled up on a toy and was bouncing around, while holding on to it. He fell forward and hit his face. He also got a bloody nose…DOH! I just wish they did a better job at watching him. Sadly there is nothing or no one in the area willing to watch kids this young. So again, our options are more than limited. I feel trapped a bit, because I have to have child care, but the care isn’t up to snuff. This then leads to us not feeling comfortable with him being there for safety reasons, but having no where to go.

We will see how today goes when I pick him up.

That is all from me today! I hope you are having a great Tuesday. I know I am taking some time to chill after yesterday’s all day affair haha.  I’ll see you all again tomorrow! 😀 😀

Christmas #1!

Hey Everyone!

Welcome back on this fine Monday. Lets see, I’ll fill you in on this weekend in this post. Friday was very normal and not much was going on. Saturday we woke up and my wife wanted to get some last minute Christmas shopping done. We headed about a half an hour away and hit up the T.J. Maxx. We brought Everett, like we normally do, and he was pretty fussy the whole time.  I ended up carrying him so that my wife could focus on getting what she came for. He is getting heavy enough now that he really hurts your back. We were also having a guy come buy our pellet stove finally! He was supposed to come at 3-3:30 Saturday and he called me while we were still out shopping, saying he was at our house! We were about 25 minutes away and definitely not home. I was able to tell him that I would get a hold of my dad and/or brother to meet him. By the time I got home he was gone and my dad handed me the money. That was the easiest thing I had to do all weekend haha.  So here is your typical ‘money shot’ after the sale haha.


You may remember me talking about a game called Ingress. It is a mobile augmented reality game. If you don’t play it, you should. You should also be sure to join the blue team (Resistance). 😉 Anyway, every so often a group of us get together, hangout, and most times, play the game in a group. We also stop and have lunch or dinner.  We met up this summer and played for a while and had some awesome pizza. It being a terrible winter night, we all just met up for some food at a bar and caught up with each other on Saturday. We had the typical 7 people there, even though we were missing a few others due to sickness and car trouble. I’m sure they will see us at the next one. If you are thinking about trying it out just know that it is a huge game, played worldwide, and addicting as all get out. You can hook up with local players all over and join groups on things like Facebook, Google Hangouts, and Zello. Dinner was actually really dang good. I built my own blue cheese burger, while others got home made prime rib, and pizza. All of which got great reviews.

Sunday my wife’s dad and family came into town to celebrate Christmas with us. We are trying to start the trend of not really traveling on Christmas since we always travel to see them every.single.time. This year is working well so far, they came this weekend. Next weekend will be the rest of her family and possibly mine. We are probably going to my parents late Christmas day just because my brothers and I went in on gifts for my parents and it wouldn’t make since to not all be there. Back to yesterday though. They brought a nice spaghetti casserole, and we made salad and bread sticks. Nothing fancy but here is our little table spread.


Afterwards the boys played a bit and we opened gifts that we got for each other. Here is my brother in-law Remi playing with his dump truck.


Next we have Everett and his Grandpa Fred, hangin out on the couch. Look at those happy faces.


This one is just a group shot of everyone, except me that is, while opening gifts.


Here we have Everett with a bow on his head looking at his farm puzzle. He really likes chewing on those haha.


Everett and Remi are both playing with Remi’s puzzle in this one. I love seeing him sitting up and interacting with other kids.


We have two shots of him opening his big gift from his grandma and grandpa. He got a little sit on train with fun little buttons and lights on the sides. He can have it for a while and grow in to the rest of it.


Seriously how stinkin cute!


After that they headed home, they live about an hour and a half away. With it getting dark so early it is hard to stay very long anywhere. Once they left we gave Everett some of the spaghetti casserole.


He isn’t quite sure what to do or think about it all, and he is slow to bring real food to his mouth. We are trying to use a technique we learned from my cousins this summer called ‘Baby Led Weaning’ It is an approach to introduce solid food, to encourage the baby to self-feed. It is not done with any pureed food on a spoon. It isn’t to wean them off of milk but rather on to solids. Everett is now sitting with us and ‘attempting’ to eat what we eat. He can eat at his own pace, as well as as much or as little as he wants. He isn’t tied to only a few types and kinds of food. He is still getting breast milk and he is under very careful supervision. It seems to be going well. 😀 It is different from what people are used to and it freaks people out but it just fine for babies. I was freaked out at first, but not too much anymore. If you would like to read about it check this link out. Mama Natural.

That was about the end of our night. Oh, I am also testing streaming services to find what will work for us. I started my 7 day trial of Sling TV and can tell you now it isn’t what I want. I will be going to Hulu Live TV next weekend and think I will like it much more. I will also try to plug the coaxial cable right into my TV and pick up local channels. I’ll try to remember to let you know how it all goes.

I’ll see you all again tomorrow! 😀 😀


Homecoming Weekend!

Hey Everyone!

This weekend we traveled back to our Alma mater, for their homecoming celebration. We both met and attended the same university so we like to go back when we can. This weekend was homecoming. We left in the afternoon Friday, and checked in to our hotel, soon after. It was getting close to dinner time so we set out to find a place that wasn’t packed to eat. We didn’t want to go anywhere that there was a wait, since we had Everett with us. We ate at the local Quaker State. I had a decent steak sandwich and loaded fries, and a 22oz. Yuengling.  We couldn’t really go out to the bars, which is traditional on those kind of weekends, so we hung out and did a few things in the city before heading home. My wife and I are taking pictures for a wedding this weekend, and she normally rents a better camera. This time she is biting the bullet and buying the one she wants. It is expensive but worth it, since she is just trowing that money away renting it a few times. The local Best Buy ordered it for us and it should be here before this weekend. Just in time for the wedding. Our last stop was the book store and then back to the hotel.

The next morning was foggy as you can tell from the view of my breakfast table…


It would soon go away and be a beautiful day. We were in contact with one of Jordyn’s friends and met up with her at the parade.


The parade was super hero themed and kind of fun. It isn’t like it used to be but it was still fun.



This next one is a pumpkin catapult. Later that day they go launch a bunch of them in a field.



Like any function from our university it is accompanied by the sounds of bagpipes!


We took time for our friends that stopped by as well. We also needed a family picture, of course!



This is my old roommate Zoser and his little baby Emma. We came to school the same year and I had been friends with him for a few before we lived together. I don’t see him as often as I would like.We both had kids, I think less than a month apart. It was a surprise to see him and awesome to catch back up with him.


I met up with another roommate and fraternity brother too. We lived together for a couple years before I moved in with my now wife. He now lives in Maryland so I don’t see him much either, He has invited us to come down and someday, sooner than later, that would be cool.

After the parade we left to come home. There really isn’t much more we could do there with a baby. We grabbed lunch at Perkins when we got back home because neither of us wanted to cook haha. I was able to cut the grass and we cleaned the house up a bit and caught up on laundry.

Speaking of laundry we had a guy come “repair” our washer and get parts for our dryer. Everything was great until we tried the washer again. It still isn’t spinning all of the water out of our clothes. I have yet to call the guy, because he is going to get a hold of me later for the dryer anyway. That will just be more time off from work that I am quickly running out of for the year. None of this is the guy’s fault of course it just sucks that it didn’t work. It’ll pan out in the end.

Sunday we stayed lazy at home. I was able to finish my Warcross book. It had some nice twists and turns toward the end. It does leave you wanting more. I was able to predict a bit more than I would have liked to, and I did find two instances of things not lining up. That can be overlooked since it doesn’t really change the story line in any way. I hope she comes out with her 8th book as a sequel!

That is all for me today. I am here bored at wok for another four hours haha. I’ll see you all tomorrow! 😀 😀

Birthday, Shopping, Cabin!

Hey Everyone!

This weekend was jam packed with a little bit of everything. Friday was my mom’s birthday. We all met down town and had dinner at a nice restaurant. Afterwards we bought some pie from the same place and headed to our place. My brother’s family had to go early to put their baby down for the night. We stayed and played a couple of games of Yahtzee! My wife and mother did better than my dad and I. Not a great picture but still captures the moment haha.


That was the end of our night. Saturday my little family took a trip to the city to get a few things. We had some Olive Garden for lunch. I had a nice grilled chicken flatbread. YUM! Everett was very well behaved, and a few people stuck up a small conversation with us. All around good time.


We stopped at Babies-R-Us to use up a gift card and a returned item to buy a few things. Jordyn bought a few milk storage bags and what not, and the big purchase was a 4  in 1 convertible Graco car seat!


He will be able to use that seat until he doesn’t need one anymore. It converts all the way to a backless booster seat. It will take a little time to get used to but it is really nice. And just think we really got it for free, can’t beat that.

My wife then wanted to visit Kirkland’s for the first time. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it is a very nice home decor store. Most things are reasonably priced, and fairly well made. She had thoughts of getting a few little things there and then going to Hobby Lobby, but that didn’t quite pan out. I’ll tell you why. She, almost instantly, found a stand that would fit perfectly in our house. It was a large item and we didn’t think we had a way to even get it home. I eventually broke down and went and bought a set of ratchet straps and put it on the roof haha. Once we got it home, it really did transform the space. Check it out:




So there you have it, we now have a coffee bar! It fits so well. Just before we left to come home we stopped at Barnes and Noble. I was looking to start a Tom Clancy series, then realized that his books are bible large and that may not be the best for me. If you follow my Instagram you will already know what I got, but I did get something different. I picked up a book from an author I know I like. From the author of the Legend, Prodigy, Champion trilogy, comes my newest edition, War Cross!


I’m not sure how much time I will have to start reading this book but I really want to. I enjoyed that named trilogy above tremendously.

Sunday my dad, brothers, and I went to camp to work on the cabin some more. It is really starting to take shape as a real structure. They already had siding on the back, as shown:


We were going to be working on insulating the inside as well as putting up some rough cut boards on the front. Here is what it looked like before we started:


Here are the 40+ rough cut boards we had to carry into the woods:


My mom came out and helped my brother put up some insulation:



My dad and I measued and cut each board to fit around the roof rafters and screwed them into place. We are later going to rip a few boards into four inch wide pieces to go over the gaps between the boards. We will also draw a straight line along the bottom and cut the bottom straight, but that is for another day.


We may end up staining it in the future so it lasts longer but we aren’t sure yet. For now we want it boarded up and ready for winter. We will have to frame the door a bit more and finish the two ends. While at camp I cut a bunch of kindling from the scrap rough cut wood. I was going to go home and start putting wood in my storage container. You know the one I made a little while ago. Here’s how it looks!


I really like the way this piece turned out! I can’t wait to have a few fires, and not have to trudge through the snow to go get more wood.

That rounded out my weekend. My baby has his four month check up today after work and I have one of my best friends from high school coming over to meet him after. I haven’t seen him in a while so it will be a good time catching up a bit.

That is all for me today, I hope top see you all back again tomorrow! 😀 😀

Gearing Up For The Weekend!

Hey Everyone!

If you haven’t checked it out yet look at my last post. It was a fun app review that got a little longer than expected haha.

I wanted to make a second post just as a life post.

Today is my mother’s birthday, who knows how old she really is. I’m sure she wouldn’t mind people forgetting haha. We are going out to dinner tonight at a local place called the Plaza. It is a little dive, that has good food and great pie. We may head back to our place for further conversation and possibly board games. We really aren’t sure though since we both have little kids. Anyway, Happy Birthday to my mom! 😀

Tomorrow my little family is going on a day trip to the city to use up some remaining gift cards to Babies-R-Us and a few other places. I’m sure we will get some grub and hit up the book store while we are there. I have been wanting to read a book lately, but really need it to be a good one. I’m a crappy reader and need something that really gets me hooked. I’m leaning towards looking into the series of Jack Ryan, written by Tom Clancy. I see the first one in the logical series to start with is Without Remorse. If I can find it I may just have to purchase it. 😀

As far as Sunday, I currently have plans to go with my dad and brother to work on siding the cabin. We also have some insulation, but I think we need to seal the floor and what not first. Either way It’ll be fun to get back at it. If we can have it closed up before snow fall we will be grinning!

Big success I was able to mow my lawn finally haha. I know you were all wondering!

I’ll be sure to get some pictures and report back on Monday!

See you then! 😀 😀

Time For The Weekend!

Hey Everyone!

Friday is here and I couldn’t want it more!

I have to stop at the back after work today to drop off local tax documents. Let me tell you, they scared the crap out of me when they came in the mail. All we received were a couple papers saying that we owed almost $2,000! I was freaking out most of that night. I got it all figured out the next day, when I called the bank. I just have to drop it off for people in the Escrow part of the bank.

Once I get done at the bank, I’m meeting up with my mom. It seems that she is taking me “back to school shopping’ haha. Since I have lost almost 50 pounds over the course of the last 6 months, nothing fits me. My work pants have holes, my shoes are falling apart, and my shirts have me swimming. She told me that we are going to get new clothes haha. I’ll gladly take her up on that. I have no problem getting clothes on my own I just can’t ever justify getting things for myself when I have a family to care for. I would wear rags all day every day if I wasn’t financially comfortable enough to get my own stuff. that is the reason I hold off on clothes, haircuts, and buying my own car. I fear that if I go to far I won’t be able to get out of a hole. I know most of that is very irrational but it always freaks me out. We will probably just hit up a Walmart and get what we can on the cheap, since shes buying.

I also need to stop off at the local Tractor Supply to pick up some more dog food, and treats! With me leaving in the middle of next week I have to make sure we are stocked up for the lady that will, potentially, be watching our pets while we are away.

Yesterday I was able to beat the rain and finally mow my grass after about a week. Living in the city there are specific guidelines for how tall your grass can be. I’m sure I wasn’t that close but it was taller than I would have liked it to be. I love mowing, weed whacking, and edging my yard. It is peaceful for me and gets me out of my own head for a short time.

The rest of this weekends events are unknown to me. I’ll be going with the flow. We have some house work that needs done, and maybe we will find a way to get out and about, at some point.

I have been binge watching Marvel’s “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” I am most of the way through the 3rd season. Netflix show that there are four. I am a huge fan of the Marvel movies and shows. I really like it so far, and hope they don’t ruin it in whatever end it comes to.

That is all I have for my random thoughts Friday post haha. I”ll be back on Monday with a weekend recap, and hope to see you then! 😀 😀

Weekend O’Clock!

Hey Everyone!

This has been a short work week full of surprises. To top it off I will be on my own for the next three weeks at work. My co-worker won’t be back after today until July 28th! He is going with his daughter to Rome and what not with their church. That means it’s my time to shine and earn my keep. I have a list of about five big things I need to get done and anything else that comes my way must get tackled. Wish me luck! 😀

Last night was able to set up my son’s 529 account. It is exciting and scary at the same time! I transferred everything I have saved so far into an ‘Aggressive Growth’ plan. By the time he is 18-20 it should be about 80% bonds and 20% stocks. I mean if I’m going to do this thing I’m going big. I didn’t have any help financially from my parents, so anything is better than nothing, so I’ll shoot for the stars! I love that they have a Ugift, i think, thing where you can tell family and friends about it and they can donate right to it for birthdays and what not. I’ll be using that as much as I can. I have the paperwork going through today for the direct deposit from my pay check so that way I can’t screw it up haha. Fingers crossed we can get a good haul for him!

Lets see… This weekend my wife and I are going to go get out of town for a bit and do some shopping, window I hope. 😉 It will be nice to keep getting out of the house regularly so she doesn’t get cabin fever and what not. It will be nice to do something just for us finally. Sunday I have a double header in softball and that should be about it. With any luck I’ll be motivated to cut the grass again lol.

That’s all from me today! If I watch any good movies I’ll try getting a review out soon. It seems like a long time since the last one! I haven’t ran into many stories that I care about in the news to set those up either. We will see! thanks for reading and I hope you all have a great weekend! 😀 😀

P.S. Here is a picture of my cute son:


Never Boring!

Hey Everyone!

Back from a very busy weekend! I have a handful of pictures to help me out today.

Friday after work I found the culprit! It was this nut on my wiper arm. It was super loose and needed a good tightening. It now works like new. As you can tell by the ice it was pretty cold out. 20170303_162007

Saturday my wife and I made a trip to Erie, PA. It was a trip with really nothing planned. We stopped at the mall and looked at maternity clothes, before hitting up Old Navy and getting stuff there. We took her car to get a quick ten minute oil change. She had never seen a place that just got you in and out like a drive thru. We were close to her favorite chocolate covered strawberry store, so we had to stop. Here is a picture of her viewing some of the selection at Romolo Chocolates.


And here is a big ass candy bar!


They make all of their own chocolate and always have the most fresh fruit! When we got hungry we stopped at a place called Chopstix. It has great Asian cuisine. I was going to take a picture of the Godzilla Sushi roll that I had…..buuuut I ate the whole thing way too quick haha. So you will have to be OK with a couple shots of the inside!


Later that night, when we were home, I had to gut my PC. Here is a shot of the motherboard out and only the power supply and hard drives left.


Since I had all my stuff out I figured why not show it all haha. Here is my GTX 970 video card.


Here is some of the hardware as well as the RAM and Processor.


Lastly, here is the motherboard that doesn’t work. I needed to get this bad boy out so I could send it back to MSI. I brought it in to work today and had them ship it out. It will take like 30 days to get it back! I don’t know what I’ll do with myself by not having my PC.


Sunday was going to be a slow day that sped up at the end. My wife and I started the day with some breakfast and then went to get groceries. On our way I wanted to find the bit that I needed for the tub. I stopped at two stores before I found out what it was even called. I then stopped at two more to finally find the part. Sounds like good news, but both sizes they had are too big. I have to find a smaller one online. the bit is called a clutch head and it looks like a little bow-tie. Anyway, we got groceries after and put everything away. My brother, his fiance, and their baby came over for a little bit. We were happy to see them, even if it was just for an hour or so. During their stay, is when we encountered an issue. We wanted to let the baby roll around on the floor without being pummeled by our dog, so we put her outside. It wasn’t more than two minutes later we saw her running around on the neighbors porch, no more than 20 feet from the busy road. She jumped the existing railings… After my brother left I ran to Lowes and bought more fence boards, and had to put them up. I had to get it all done before it got dark out, and I succeeded! It is super ugly looking because we have to cut the tops today. Here it is:


Once we cut the tops like the rest of the fence it won’t be that high, and will look much better. If we get around to painting the whole thing this summer it will look even better haha.

I’ll stop boring you here. I had a pretty eventful weekend, how about you? Let me know what you were up to! I’ll see you again tomorrow. 😀 😀

Where To Begin

Hey Everyone!

I want to start by hoping that you all had a good weekend! I was able to have a productive, and relaxing weekend with my wife. Friday night was very relaxed, we didn’t do anything except unwind from the work week. Saturday we went to a fairly local mall, and did some shopping. She was able to get herself some shirts that she can wear during her pregnancy. We stopped and had lunch at Olive Garden. I have become a big fan of their grilled chicken flatbread. When you realize how much you ate after salad and bread sticks the flatbread is the perfect size. It helps that it also tastes good XD . We looked for a few other things, but didn’t have much luck. We planned on going a bit further out, to another mall, but the weather was too bad in the area. On a side note, I was able to play a bit of Ingress while I was there. (Again if you haven’t heard of or played Ingress, it is a smartphone, augmented reality game. You play in the real world, and basically fight to hold more territory than the other team. It is a world wide game and can be very addicting.)  The area we were in was largely controlled by the “enemy’ team, so I had to blow it all up and flip it to our side. Once we got home we started looking for furniture for our house. We have fallen in love with and we aren’t even ashamed. We weren’t able to make a full decision Saturday but it carried into Sunday.

Sunday was my little brothers 27th birthday so we all met at a local Mexican restaurant for lunch. Afterwards we went to my parents house to watch the Steelers playoff game. Now if you know about me I am a huge Dallas Cowboys fan so I’m ok with the Steelers winning, as long as it’s not against Dallas! 😀 😀 Almost everyone in our area are Steelers fans so you really can’t get away from it. They ended up stomping the dolphins, it looked like they shouldn’t have even been there. That seems to be how the first playoff games all went. Anyway, we had ice cream cake from DQ and were all able to hang out for the majority of the day. When my wife and I got home I realized that I had to shovel the sidewalk, because if I didn’t do it then I knew I would never do it in the morning. It was oddly relaxing. It is always physically demanding, but somehow I was able to overcome that and find enjoyment in it.  I ended up doing my whole driveway!! It took about two solid hours in 10 degree weather, but I was all about it. later that night my wife and I made all the decisions on furniture, and we did it. We bought two rugs, a couch, a loveseat, an armchair, a bed frame, a dresser, a dog bed, end tables, a free standing medicine cabinet, and we will be ordering the night stands when they are back in stock. that is a ton of stuff! Thankfully it is mostly showing up on different days, but it looks like I will be assembling furniture for weeks!

Today at work I am alone in the networking end of things. My co-workers wife is having surgery today on her spine eek! I have had to go to our sister building across town twice to help a new supervisor get all set up on his first day, and put out a few smaller fires here in the main building. Overall it has been a good, fast, day.

I hope you all have a bright and warm week! I’ll see you back here tomorrow! 😀 😀