Pay Day!

Hey Everyone!

It is pay day! Thank goodness. I have been waiting until now to pay off our vacation and get my credit card back to $0 . That is a great feeling, if you have ever done it yourself you will understand haha.

We put about 98% of our vacation on my credit card, on purpose. It was my plan to pay it off when I got back. I get cash back, on certain things, and was able to build that up a little bit. I’m glad I was able to keep the cost down on our vacation. I think everything all said and done, including driving and extra hotel stays, as well as everything we did, only cost around $2,100. 😀 I’ll take that as a win. It was a 1500 mile drive with a stop on the way and the way back. It involved a 6 night hotel stay that we didn’t have initially planned. We ate out every night and went shopping. We also paid for things like museums and zoo fees. I’m proud of that! 😀 Maybe that will help people thinking that they can’t get away for a decent price.

Every pay day I get a nice feeling of rejuvenation. I get my bills paid off and what not sure, but more importantly I save. I know that each time I get paid I have some money go to my 401k, and into Everett’s 529 college savings account. I love knowing that I am preparing for the future while working on being able to live in the present. Some of those savings are a bit depleted as of late because of our trip but by next year they will be ready to go again! 😉

Another thing I recently did was signed up for a credit union savings account. Trust me, I don’t need another savings account to monitor and deal with, but this is the next step in the process to get my ass a car of my own. credit unions have the lowest interest rate of most places out there for things like auto loans. When the time comes, I’ll now be established there and be able to pull out some money with a low rate, like under 2% low.

As for today, it has been super slow and boring. I am at a stand still with the UPS project. I am waiting on other people to move so I can continue to work. That is my whole project for this month so I want to get it done. 😀

That is all for me today. I hope to see you back again tomorrow! 😀 😀


Wedding & Productive Weekend!

Hey Everyone!

I would like to start off by saying sorry for missing Friday’s post. Whoopsies! In all seriousness I didn’t for get I was tasked with a really difficult project. It has all been sorted out as of this morning but it was something I was not very familiar with, so it took a while. It was a macro enabled Excel sheet that got all jacked up from the latest Office update. I has to go through the VBA code with the guy who wrote it and figure out what we could do. It really did take all day haha.

Secondly I want to send a shout out to Riley, from Riley’s Backpack! A while back you might remember him and his friends wanted to raise enough money on their Go Fund Me page to renew their domain and keep it ad free. I helped them out with what I could, and in return He send me a hand written letter. I wanted to say thank you and let you know you did indeed get my name correct haha 😀


Saturday the little family and I went to a wedding! It was not just any wedding, it was her father’s wedding to his long time girlfriend. They now have a baby boy well over one year old and finally got hitched. You can see all three of them below.


I know it isn’t the best picture but our little buddy kept getting fussy and we did end up leaving sooner than we intended to. It was a quaint little wedding in a nice Catholic church. The reception was on the lake in a really nice dining hall. The trip was a bit lengthy and I wasn’t super fond of that but it was all worth it.

Before we went to the wedding we stopped for lunch at my wife’s grandparent’s house. He had pumpkins waiting for him and wanted pictures with him up on his tractor. So that is what went down. Here is a shot of Everett Hugh and his great grandfather Francis Hugh!


Once we got home that evening we hit the hay.

Sunday started out pretty lazy, as intended, but wound up being quite productive. We didn’t quite have a frost but it was damn close. We had some morning coffee from our new coffee bar, and watched Netflix in our pajamas. We did have quite a bit to do and honestly got most of it done. We had your standard weekend cleaning, on top of laundry since we were gone the whole day before. I took out all the trash, hung Halloween lights, and mowed the grass. Later in the day I had a lady come look at the pellet stove I am selling, and I hope to hear back from her soon. My parents came over and brought Chinese for dinner. That was a great way to round out the weekend.

On a, probably over protective note, our boy has what looks like a small red-ish rash looking spot on his chin. Since we were around a bunch of people recently we don’t want him to have anything wrong with him. You hear all of the horror stories about babies getting bad viruses and we really hope it is nothing. I think I’ll call the doctor after lunch.

Again I apologies for missing Friday but I’ll be back again tomorrow. I’ll see you then! 😀 😀