Outing & Craft Festival!

Hey Everyone!

We had a very productive, fun, and chilly weekend!

Saturday we had our combined company outing/picnic. We were out on the water by 10am kayaking from the dam down to the park. there were over 100 people signed up, and quite a few came. It took my wife and I about three and a half hours to make our way down. Here is my wife ad mom up in front:



About half way down there are some pretty mean rapids. We made it through ok, others were not so lucky. I helped a couple in a canoe that flipped right in front of us, ans when I got back in my kayak I saw another guy behind me flip right over as well. Everyone was safe just a bit wet and maybe a bit cold. It wasn’t raining but the sun never did come out.

Later we had catered pulled pork and chicken, from a place a few miles away. It was delicious. We had six corn hole boards up and running as well as a few for washer toss, and disc golf. Before we left I won a $25 gift card to Olive Garden, so my wife and I will have to make a trip out there soon!

Sunday we woke up and got ready to go to the local craft festival. It is once a year and we always make it a point to go. This year was really fun but it was raining. Here is the guy that was making balloon animals:


There were vendors from all over. Exhibiting things from art, to soups, and to guitars.


Oh and they had a tiny petting zoo!


On our way out we picked up 10 pounds of grass fed beef from a farm no more than 30 miles away from us, and some sugar coated almonds.

Once we got home I got my favorite purchase out!


It is a CAO cigar box turned into a 3 string guitar. It is tuned to G D G. There are pickups in it so you can plug it in to an amplifier, and sounds ok if played acoustically. There is a neat story behind the one that I picked. The guy who makes these was asked to make a small Ukulele from a different CAO box, for the Master Blender of the CAO company. I guess the lady knew him personally and wanted it as a gift. For payment he was given two large boxes of cigar boxes. In one of those two boxes was this cigar box. He said he has never seen one like it before and it was the only one like it that he had made. He told me that the small Uke he made was in the Master Blenders office to this day. That is a neat backstory forΒ  the guitar. πŸ˜€

I finished Sunday off watching my beloved Cowboys do absolutely nothing against the Panthers. At least I had a beer to enjoy with it!


I hope you have all had a great weekend, I know I did! I’ll be back again tomorrow, hope to see you then! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


Back To Work!

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday was fun but now it is back to work for two days. I’m not really sure how I feel about it. It isn’t the end of the world and most people have called the rest of the week off, just because they can. So it’s a bit slow here anyway. I have had to replace some terminals in the shop, and let me tell you it is hot out there. From the moment I walked out onto the shop floor I have beads of sweat running down my back. It is awful.

Anyway. The parade was a blast. It rained for about 10 minutes then got nice out again, it was sort of refreshing. We sat where we always have, that way people can find us. My wife’s sister came down as well as my aunts and uncles.


This is the only real picture I took at the parade. That is my cousins wife Cassie and their new baby Cohen. He just woke up from a nap and they realized there were other little people there haha.

After the parade we had a great time at my parents. We grilled hot dogs, hamburgers, and sausage. My cousins, brothers, and I played a few games of Kan Jam and beat the heat in the shade of a large trees in their yard.

The hardest part of the day, for me, was trying to stay awake long enough to go watch the fireworks. My wife and Everett opted to stay home and sleep, since it was a Wednesday after all. I fought the urge to sleep and lazily made my way to my older brothers house where we watched the fireworks, in kayaks, on the pond.


I was instructed by a Google search to use the Pro setting on my phone camera to get the best results, for firework photography haha. I set the ISO low, and some other crap, and I think they turned out pretty ok. πŸ˜‰

Then it was off to bed, only to be woken up at 4am to a screaming baby. the poor guy was hungry, and cranky. He stayed in bed with my wife while I got ready for the day, then I fed him some breakfast and took him to daycare for the second to last time. His last day is tomorrow and it is a bit bitter sweet.

That is all from me today, I hope you all had a great 4th of July! πŸ˜€ I’ll be back tomorrow morning with any luck, for a ‘Coffee Talk.’ Hope to see you then. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Tuesday, More Like Friday #1

Hey Everyone!

Today is July 3rd, and that means tomorrow is the 4th! It is America’s Independence Day. This is one of my favorite holidays. It may not seem like a lot, but when you do everything we do it really is a nice time in nice weather and what better can you ask for?

This time tomorrow we will have just finished watching the parade that spans over 2 miles through my town. We will be headed over to my parent’s house along with about 20 others, for a nice cookout, some Frisbee, and Cornhole! Later that evening we will be heading over to my brother’s house to watch some fireworks on the pond. It is the best way to watch. When you are floating on the water you get to see the fireworks and their reflection, it really is awesome!

Last night we were determined to catch Everett walking on video and we, kinda did haha. Check it out!

It is quick but it counts! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ We wanted to catch it early so that we can look back on it and see where he started. He clearly isn’t the best haha, but he is getting better everyday! He will be running around in no time, then we are really in trouble.

I won’t have a post out tomorrow, but I will be back again Thursday! I hope to see you then. Have a happy and safe 4th! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Bring On The Weekend!

Hey Everyone!

I’m looking toward the weekend already. I am over this work week. Not for any real reason, it has just been a slow week. I’m still not loving this UPS thing. They have pushed a piece ofΒ  software off to another department and are just running around. I’m not even mad I just want to get this project off my desk literally. πŸ˜€

Anyway, this weekend we have my company’s summer picnic. It is at a water park every year. They rent a pavilion and have food catered. We get passes for the park and water rides, and even play some Bingo! Last year Everett was only two months old, so he will hopefully enjoy himself better this year. We hope the weather stays nice because they are calling for some rain but it should be ok.

This is a short post for a short attention span. I’ll be back again tomorrow morning, for some coffee talk. I hope to see you then! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


Projects, Picnic, Softball, Blood Drive!

Hey Everyone!

I had a super busy weekend, but a successful one! There were a few minor set backs that were weather related so I had to find the best way to still get everything I wanted done. Over the course of the weekend I was able to fully redo the paint and carpeting on my porch and stairs. I have a few really neat side by side pictures below:

First is the bare wood floor after I ripped up the old stuff and after I put down the new!


Next we have the terrible cemented stairs before and after painting. I know they suck but I hate cement and I was sick of it haha.


Lastly we have the carpet down the stairs covering up the blemishes and protecting the stairs from future weather.


I may go back through and paint over the areas where the glue is showing, but I’m not sure yet. It will probably chip off easy enough once it is super dry .

Saturday was our company picnic. We stopped off at a local drive in diner, and ate with my wife’s grandma and mother. They have great milkshakes and well, everything.


From there it was off to the amusement park. We brought the baby, so some of the people I work with could see him for the first time. We also wanted to see how he would handle traveling a bit farther than normal. If you were wondering it went smoothly!Here are just a few shots of the park:


Of course, we had to hit up my favorite ride. The train! I don’t ride rides so the train gives me all the excitement I need haha.


Sunday was of course Father’s Day. This year I am a father, which feels super weird. My wife got me this awesome key chain. It is a really neat idea.


I actually woke up Sunday and finished the carpeting on the stairs first, then went and played softball. Our games sucked. We played like crap in the field and had too many errors. We lost the first game very convincingly. The second game was against arguably the best team in the league and we should have beat them but we gave it away. That game ended with a score of 32 to 31 in the bottom of the 7th. :/

After ball my brother and I got cleaned up and headed to my parents house to celebrate the day further. We had burgers and hot dogs on the grill. The two cousins were there together so we had a few pictures.


It was a great weekend overall. We had some heavy storms Sunday and rain on Friday but it was all good in the end!

Today At work we have a blood drive. I totally forgot all about, thats why this post is a bit late. I signed up to give double reds. I was surprised when the girl hooking me all up was a girl I went to high school with! I haven’t seen her in a full 10 years, so it was nice catching up with her while I was over there.

That’s all from me folks! I hope you had decent weather and were able to enjoy the weekend to the fullest extent. I may or may not be on here tomorrow. I come in to cover someone elses shift and have to be here at 6am blah! We will see. Have a good one! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

So Many Projects!!!

Hey Everyone!

I don’t have much for today, I have been focused on a few other things. I want to tackle a couple projects, and I’m trying to think of the best ways to go about it all. My wife and I want to make three bookcases that will be permanently on on attic walls. The issue with having someone else do it, is the money. It was quoted to be $1,700, which is probably very fair. I can’t help but think I could do it with some help for cheaper. Of course I could, I wouldn’t be paying for labor. How they would turn out I have no idea, I’ve never done it.

The other thing I really want done is to finish squaring up my front steps with cement. After that I need to paint them and the rest of the porch rail. Following that I want to rip up the existing outdoor carpeting on the porch and replace it, as well as have it go over the stairs. I want it over the stairs for added protection from the weather. These are the two main things I want to get done, that seem to be in reach.

The things that aren’t in my reach at the moment are the waterproofing of my basement that was quoted at about $7,700. That will have to wait until next spring, but it is on the tippy top of our list. We would like to get the driveway paved, and we looked into that too. The quote we got was for $3,000 which is again just out of reach. We have also looked into central air, since our furnace is already set up for it. I think they were in the ball park a a couple thousand as well. I think we would only need the outside unit and a new thermostat. I would like to insulate and board up my garage. I ran the numbers and that would be about $650. Lastly I would like to have our new fence painted the same red as the other fence and out deck. I have no idea what that would cost, but it would be cheaper to do on our own.

So with all of this swirling around in my head, on top of caring for a newborn, I’m a bit lost on where to begin. It is good for me to write this all out, and I’m glad I am. I just haven’t been able to worry about finding other content for today.

Real quick though, we have a Masonic degree being conferred tonight, that will be fun as always. This Saturday we have our company picnic, at a water park, and will be bringing baby Everett. Sunday will be filled with more softball. Hopefully we will have the weather we desire and make a great time of it all!

That’s it for me today. I hope you are enjoying your hump day and I’ll see you tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Softball & Ingress Picnic

Hey Monday!

I hope you enjoyed your weekend. I was pretty busy this weekend, which is welcomed. It makes it go by fast but it makes me feel like I accomplished things. I’ll just skip to Sunday for the sake of this post. It was a normal start to the morning. I got up, fed the animals, and lounged around in my underwear. I had two softball games scheduled for mid morning and I was just waiting until then to do anything else.

It was time for my games, and for me to try out my new Boombah cleats. I pulled in feeling confident in my new kicks and met up with my team. It was a bright and sunny day great for being outdoors. The game was short due to the fact that we ten runned them in the 5th inning, but it was fun. I got up to bat four times, and hit two home runs, one line drive single, and then they walked me 😦 . Teams tend to walk you when you crank a few out of the park. I figured they were going to. I play first base and pitch some, this game I was on first. I had a few plays made, but the defense game consisted of the other team flying out all over the place. The game ended with a score line of 11-1. We were pumped up and ready for our second game. Wellllllll………the other team never showed up. So we got a win by forfeit. It is nice to get the ‘W’ but it was a waste of a great day to play friendly ball.

I left from the ball park and got all showered up at home. I had an Ingress picnic that started at 4pm, so I got in a few games of Rocket League and Overwatch. Nothing to really talk about but it was fun as always. I finished up and headed over to a local park in my town, where the picnic was being held. I was one of the first three or four people there. This ended up being a good thing since more than half of the people coming I hadn’t met before. This gave me a chance to meet them as they came in and not all at once. In total there were 12 or 13 people in attendance.

We had three portals at this park which was part of the master plan. We had enough people there to warrant using frackers.Β  We deployed multi-hacks and heat-sinks to the portals so that we could hack them more times in a row. We did this for about 30 minutes and everyone was able to acquire a sufficient amount of gear. I went from basically no gear to being as full as I have ever been. The use of a fracker is amazing. Each hack on a frack portal is duplicated. This makes it quick and easy to glyph hack the crap out of them and score big. One thing to be cautious of is that it sends out a global comm message saying that you fracked a portal. To our surprise no Enlightened agents showed up to out three fracked portals. Even though we did it three times in a row.

We filled up on gear, then it was time to fill up on food. We had a pavilion to our disposal at the park and picnic tables. With the help of a charcoal grille we were able to have burgers and hotdogs. Most everyone else brought side dishes and drinks. Once we all had our fill, some of us split up and some of us walked the town. We took full advantage of the amount of people we had, and upgraded every portal in the area to level 8’s. I was a part of the group that walked the town since I wanted to work on my trekker badge. We also modded the portals to make it a pain in the ass for the ENL (Enlightened) agents to destroy. We used two rare shields a force amp and a turret. All in all it was a great day and awesome to meet up with other Ingress agents from the surrounding areas.

Like you may have figured I am still trying to get the Minecraft server open to the public, and having zero luck. My co-worker will be back tomorrow and we will brainstorm it out.

I hope you all start your week out in a positive way and keep it going!

I’ll see you tomorrow!


I went to Vistaprint.com and made recruitment cards for the Ingress resistance. I should have 500 of those bad boys in the next week. I’ll try to add them to this post. preview1preview

Disapointment? Picnic & Father’s Day

Monday, Monday, Monday…..

Not going to lie I am not feeling very productive today. At least my fingers are nimble enough to get this post out. πŸ˜‰ I have my Pandora on and kicking out Linkin Park Radio, trying to stay awake.

Friday we left in somewhat of a hurry to get to the “Thurston Classic”,Β  a hot air balloon gathering in Meadville, Pennsylvania. Everything was starting at 6pm and that just happens to be about the time we pulled in the parking lot. I was pretty excited to see them all take off , since I had seen the in the air before but I was never able to be there when they took off. Afraid we might miss the take off we hurried to the inside of the park. My wife and I had a pretty heated argument about how best to get in, not good. We did however make it in and found her family already sitting in a good spot to catch the launch. To our surprise we hadn’t missed anything yet. We sat patiently, waiting for something to happen. At this point it was about 6:30pm. It was hot at about 82 degrees, the sky was blue and there was next to no wind what so ever. You would go out and do absolutely anything in this weather it was perfect. Soon after the 6:30pm mark a voice came over the speaker saying that they want everything to be perfect, yada yada yada, and that they weren’t able to launch yet. They would check back in in a half hour. Well, 7pm rolled around, and it seemed like an eternity in the direct sunlight. Again a voice came over the speakers saying that it was still to windy. They had let a small party balloon go and they apparently watched it with some weird telescope, and saw that it moved too much, so they couldn’t start…..Β  They again said that they would check back in in a half hour, not that they would start at that time, just that they would look again. Well that was enough shit for me. We got up and left, with plenty of better things to do before the night was over with nothing to show for it. As far as I know they never left the ground and the whole thing was a bust. It was the nicest weekend to date, but It wasn’t good enough for the ballooners <<lol. So that was somewhat of a disappointment, since that was part of the reason we came out that way. We stopped over at my wife’s dad’s house and saw his new baby. Later we got some ice cream and all was right again in the world.

We woke up Saturday morning and got ready for the company picnic. It was a short drive from where we were and we arrived at about 12:30pm. Aside from parking on the wrong end of the amusement/water park everything was great. My company had a pavilion rented and we checked in. We received all access ride and water park passes to use all day. We met up with my parents and ate lunch. Soon after we hit the water park. We rode a slide or two and then went to the new wave pool for the first time. It was awesome we stayed there for a couple of hours, just bobbing up and down with the waves. It reached 90 degrees so the cool water felt amazing. We, of course, had to take a lap around the Endless River tube ride. Following that we laid out and dried off before heading back to the rest of the park. Next, we hit up the train that goes around the park, which is always fun and brings back good memories. We got done with that and didn’t want to go back to the pavilion to eat yet so I used that time to drag my wife around and played some Ingress in the park. There were quite a few portals and I have the opportunity to cap a few unique portals and make some small fields. Then it was time for dinner and bingo! Dinner was so-so. We had baked chicken, hot sausage, hamburgers, and hotdogs. It came with sides and drinks, but it was just lack luster in taste. We started Bingo soon after and I though like normal I wouldn’t win anything with that many people there. Low and behold, about four games in I won! My prize was a very nice Maglite flashlight, batteries included. πŸ˜€ It was a ‘love your neighbor’ game so the people to the right and left of me also won $5, what can I say, I’m a giver. Later my mother won a Shop-Vac. That was it for Saturday we went home and relaxed.

Sunday morning came very fast. It was Father’s day. But before that my brother and I had two softball games in the morning. We played a pretty bad team then a much better team. We were a man down leaving us with only three outfielders instead of the usual four. We didn’t let that hinder us though. Softball it a hitters game and you have to score to win. We beat the first team pretty easily and then it was on to the second one. They were beating us most of the game. We finally took over the lead just to lose it again the next inning. In the last inning, the bottom of the 7th, we needed 1 run to win and I was up. With no outs I knew I needed to get to at least second base, that way if there were fly outs I could tag up and advance. I hit a line shot to the fence and didn’t let up. I got a triple. I was scoring no matter what, there was no way I wasn’t getting in after that. But to my surprise the next batter up hit it out of the park and it was an was an easy jog into home. It was hot and long but we came away with two more wins. I got home and showered up, since I was probably pretty gross. In that time my older brother arrived and we all met up in the back yard to celebrate Father’s day. We just had a simple cookout once my other brother and his fiance showed up. Later we got the golf clubs out and had a chipping game around the yard with wiffle golf balls. The three of us brothers went in and got my dad a trail cam for his new property and three flags for his house. One was Penn State football, another was Pirates baseball, and the last was Steelers football. Being a Texas sports fan I made sure not to hold the two black and gold flags haha. My wife and I watched the first Deathly Hallows movie before bed and that’s all she wrote. It was a great weekend, I can’t wait for this weekend either. We will be traveling to NC to see a friend. I’ll see you all tomorrow! πŸ˜€