Welp, That Happened Again!

Hey Everyone,

I won’t make you guess, I got another sinus infection! I can’t believe it. I really think it is from taking our son to daycare, that is the only thing that has changed in our lives in the past few months. I get sick once or twice every five years, not twice in two months! What the hell? I’m hoping this doesn’t become a regular thing, not only do I have limited time off, it straight up sucks!

That all being said I missed  Monday’s weekend round up , so I ‘ll muddle through it today. I am still feeling like crap and covering for a co-worker so its an early day for me today and tomorrow. Go figure I get sick when the most amount of responsibility is on my shoulders.  Well lets start on Friday night. We went to bed and that was the most exciting thing, until about 2 am Saturday morning, you know the day we are taking wedding pictures. I woke up not able to breathe through my nose and with a terrible sore throat, as well as a nice pounding headache. I made sure to try and finish getting some rest, but that didn’t go too well. We finally got the family up and had to get our son ready to go to his grandparents house all day and into the evening. We also had to finish pack up up our photography equipment and get our itineraries straight. To keep it short we were gone on assignment from 10 am until 7 pm. That is a nine hour work day, on a weekend, while sick, no thank you.

I traveled with the groom and his party, while they golfed, and got ready. While I had some time I took a few drone fly overs. I’ll like just this one, but the quality is crappy because it came off of my phone compressed. It will be in HD when we get it ready for them.

There will later be music added with a couple other videos and picture from the weeding added in a nice video/slide show for the bride and groom. I tried to make it all night, and I did succeed, but I felt like death and my whole body hurt.

I spent the whole day Sunday on the couch, being about good for nothing. My amazing wife did everything she could for all of us. I’m not a very easy person to be around when I feel like that. She deals with me pretty well. 😀 I must have done something right though because I started feeling a bit better late in the day, but still not well enough to do anything. I made the decision to not go into work, not knowing if I was contagious. I, instead went to the clinic Monday morning, and got on an antibiotic. I also had a meeting with the plumber to tell me that to fix our main water line that is broken, that it will cost about $2100 that I don’t have. So that is fun.

That brings me to today. I came in early to cover a co-worker. I made sure to go to bed early and get some sleep. everything has been going OK thus far, but I’m still achy and not in any mood for crap haha. I will get out about an hour before the others so that is nice. I have my antibiotic for ten days then I should be well in the clear. I really hope I don’t get this crap again. I hate being sick.

As for the plumbing, I think it is one of those things we just have to do, and we are going to have to bite the bullet and go for it. We should still have enough come tax season to waterproof the basement so that should still be a go.

That is all for me today, I may or may not be able to post tomorrow, we will see. I hope you had a much better weekend than I did. and I’ll see ya! 😀 😀


Drone…What Drone

Good morning everyone!

My wife and I are about to be celebrating our very first wedding anniversary this May. She is an avid photographer and wanted to add a new element to her work. Being the guy I am I bought her the DJI Phantom 3 Advanced drone. The drone shoots 2.7K  video, 12 megapixel still shots, and has a 3-axis stabilization gimbal for you fellow nerds out there. We (mostly me) had about the worst time setting it all up and upgrading the firmware. I will put the link to my struggles upgrading the RC firmware here: Drone Mishaps

Once we had everything upgraded we were ready to fly this thing! We took it outside, calibrated the compass and the drone itself. Everything seemingly was in working order, until we turned it all on. In this sequence, we turned on the RC–> drone–> DJIGO app, and everything was great, until we took it off the ground. Once it left the crust of the earth we lost all live video transmission and GPS signal. We later, (days later, yesterday in fact) determined that it was either an issue with my wife’s Apple cable, or her iPhone that it didn’t like. We got it all working last night with the Android cable that it came with and my Galaxy S4.

We practiced piloting the craft, taking videos, and still shots. It is absolutely amazing! The quality is top notch and we can’t wait to see it in action during a photo shoot or wedding. I personally would like to persuade my wife to take a few landscape videos of our local dam. When we get things moving I will be sure to post links to videos or pictures right to my blog for everyone.

On another nerd note, I woke up to a missed call that came in at 1:30am from work. Our inventory carousel was not working and wouldn’t log into the domain. We are currently in the process of replacing the current PC with a new one and somebody……..accidentally used the same computer name when setting up the new one thus creating a conflict. We won’t name any names but it may or may not have been me. So this whole morning they have been down there manually picking items and dealing with it like the troopers they are. As of now everything is back in full working order, but that has been a valuable lesson learned. It was something I knew about but slipped my mind at the time.

I hope you all have a wonderful day, and I’m sure we will meet again soon!