Amazing (Busy) Weekend!

Hey Everyone!

Back from another great and productive weekend! 😀 😀

Friday wasn’t fun by any means but I did get to cross something off the to do list. After work Friday I picked Everett up from his last day at daycare, went home and started working on our tub. I had to chip, pull, and chisel the old caulking out. That was the worst thing I have done in a long while, even worse than painting our fence. After that it was time to clean and re-caulk it. I tried for the first time the hand squeezed tubes of sealant, thinking it would be easier in that tight space, but I really didn’t like it. I went through 4 of the little things and at the end of the day would have liked more, but that amount at least filled the space back up. So on that note everything is looking good.

Saturday was our super busy day. We woke up, had breakfast and headed to my wife’s mom’s house. We got to her place and cooked out on the grill, fr lunch. Everett was having a great time under the patio umbrella.


My wife was invited as a guest to the wedding of her dad’s, wife’s, mother’s wedding. She was also there to take pictures of the event. At the same time I was heading out to my best friends 30th birthday party that his wife threw him. They happened to be the same time and in different directions, so I missed the wedding. I was able to catch up with him and his family for a couple of hours before heading back to the reception on the lake. There they had a beautifully decorated ball room on the ground level over looking part of the lake.


The dinner consisted of everything on my plate haha. Keep it short and sweet! 😀


Once it was time to leave the reception we stopped to visit my wife’s dad. He isn’t in the greatest health anymore and it has come on all of the sudden. His brother and sister in-law were there too. We hung out for a bit and then stopped back at her mom’s to get Everett. By the time we made it home again it was 10:30pm and we were beat!

As days go, Sunday was next on the list. We had 2 softball games in the middle of the day. In short we won both games pretty convincingly. I pitched the second game until it was a blow out and then we all swapped positions. I hit a big home run in the second game, but other than that a quit hitting day for me with only a .500 average.


When I got home I just stayed in my ball pants and mowed the grass, and trimmed the edges. Everett was outside with him mom enjoying the sun and the pool we inflated. When I got finished I just stripped down and laid in the pool. Then the randomness started. We wanted to head back to the local Ollie’s Bargain store to look around. We wanted to get something for the yard. We we did and headed home. More on that in a bit. My mother and wife decided to take the initiative and weed what they could of our massive garden. It is over run with that Morning Glory crap and it is everywhere.


So it all looks like that up top


They got this back half looking pretty good, but had to stop due to time and lack of room in the truck bed lol. If they could do this for another 3 solid days they could weed all of the flower beds in the front and back yard, if they hustled. 😀 In the mean time I was draining the pool to move it for our big purchase! I was in the background setting it all up.


We bought this nice offset umbrella for the yard as well as the bug net, four chairs, and glass table all for $200! 😀 I’m grinning at that price all day. 😀

Lastly a nice look from within. If you look close you can see Everett ‘helping’ in the last four pictures haha. He stood out there with them the whole time, just holding on to the wheel barrow.


Once I was done unloading the scraps at my parent’s house, we called it a night and here we are. It was a great weekend I would do it all over again in a heartbeat if given the chance. I hope you all had an amazing weekend as well. I’ll be back again tomorrow for another daily post, and hope to see you then! 😀 😀


Friday #2

Hey Everyone!

So no ‘Coffee Talk’ this morning. Sorry about that. It was a little hectic this morning, but its calmer now. 😀

This morning was the last day of daycare for our little man, before staying at home with his mama. It is bitter sweet like I have stated before, because we love that he is interacting with others and learning while he is there. On the other hand I know my wife ultimately would love to be raising him. So, it had to be done, even if it may be tougher in some ways. This morning my wife suggested that we get the daycare workers a little something, so I stopped at the local Tim Horton’s and bought them a dozen donuts.

Today after I pick Everett up, I will be re-caulking the tub. I have to scrape the old gunk out and clean it. Dry it off. Then the fun stuff haha. I’ll be using a new to me type of caulk, so it’ll be a test. I hope all goes well, because that type of stuff drives me crazy pretty fast, if things go wrong. If it stays nice out I’ll probably mow the grass while I’m at it.

In other house-ish news. I measured behind my garage, and now know that I can fit a sizable storage shed behind it. I could get away with one as big as 8×13. More realistic I will probably get something about 7 feet wide by 7 to 10 feet long. I’ll then be able to re-stack my firewood beside it. 😀 I’ll probably get a resin shed, and it’ll cost around 600 to 800 dollars, which isn’t bad at all.

Our weekend is packed with softball, a wedding, and my best friends 30th birthday party. I’ll be sure to snag some pictures! I hope you all have a great time this weekend, and I’ll see you Monday! 😀 😀

Birthday Party!

Hey Everyone!

So Friday…

No post. I was swamped Friday. Before I walked in the door to work, I had an email saying that one of our machines was down. It turns out that it was really down and I spent, literally, the whole work day at our other plant fixing that machine.

Onward! Friday after work I came home, mowed the grass, weeded the garden, set up a tent, and chairs. The big party was Saturday! Everett will be 1 year old tomorrow, how crazy is that?!? It is hard to believe. It seems very fast haha.

Saturday came and we woke up still getting everything ready. I got all of the decorations ready. I blew up helium balloons, and tied them to the tent posts and in the front yard. We hung up a couple banners that we made the night before:



Look at that painted fence! 😉

We had about 20 or so people there, consisting of family and friends.

Here is a nice family photo of us, once the sun came out. 😀


Everett is cheesin with his cousin Rory. (my brother’s daughter)


Everett received a swing from his great grandma, so he took it for a swing with his Grandpa Fred.


A couple of my wife’s best friends came down to hang out with us, which we appreciated. That was before the chaos of the party haha.



Here is my wife and her dad. It was nice that he was able to make it down to the party.


We ate some great food, and then opened some gifts. A few people contributed to Everett’s 529 college savings plan, which is amazing. I’m so glad they decided to help in that way. He got a few books, and plenty of outfits. His grandma got him a kiddie pool and some stuff for that too. Here he is holding his first pair of shades.


He looks pretty cool to me!


Who you lookin at?


Next up….cake! Patiently waiting..


Moments before, I lead “Happy Birthday” on my Ukulele. then the cake was there for the playing!


He slapped it apart. He loved squeezing it in his hands before smashing it into his face.


Overall it was a great day for the party, everyone that we thought would be there showed up. Happy Birthday to Everett!

Sunday was a little busy as well. Friday my cousin stopped by and asked if I could help him deliver his jeep axles to a garage. I had softball as well. Well, softball got pushed back two hours due to rain, so I could only play one game. We lost the game to a team we hate losing too but we will meet them again later in the season. I got work that the second game went much better and we beat them by the ten run rule.

I ran home and changed my clothes and had some left over party food before helping my cousin. He basically needed someone to help physically move the axles. They are pretty heavy. Everything went smoothly and we didn’t drop them on our feet haha.

That was my weekend! I hope you had a great one as well. I’ll be back again tomorrow, I hope to see you then! 😀 😀

Weekend Travel!

Hey Everyone!

It’s Monday again, Blah! Other than that things are going pretty well. Our weekend was fairly successful. Saturday morning we got up and hurried to get ready. We left the house around 9am so that we could make our appointment at 11am with the modular home people. It was very overcast and rained most of the day but held off while we were walking through the lot of homes. We learned a ton of things from the sales rep, who was very nice by the way. We narrowed it down to the specific building company we liked and the styles we liked. Once we were done with the touring part we sat down in his office and went over more details and other floor plans.

With that done and over with we headed to her grandparent’s house for some lunch. My wife’s friend came over to see her as well, since we don’t make it back very often. You can see everyone on the floor playing with Everett.


Not a great picture, I know, but I have to be sneaky haha. No one I know other than my wife knows I even blog remember.

We were supposed to ask if her grandparents would help us by putting a house down for us on their land, and allow us to buy it once ours sold, but my wife never posed the question. That being said they are still all for us moving back. I spoke with her grandfather at some length about it. He just wants us to weigh all our options. Little does he know, we kind of have haha. If we had our way we would be back tomorrow. Most of the process would be determined by timing. We would either have a house to go to or not, we would sell fast or slow, I could find a job in a month or six, ya know what I mean? So once the ball gets rolling we would like to have as many constants as we can and knowing that we would have a place already would be awesome. I don’t know if that will happen or not.

Later that day we met with my wife’s friends for an early dinner. One of her girlfriends is getting deployed for the first time to Afghanistan. We surprised her at this local bar and had a nice time.

Sunday we stayed in for the most part, I went and grabbed some groceries, while my wife cleaned the house a bit. Everett was enjoying his ball pit.


This one is a week late but Everett is over 8 months old now and getting really fun to play with. He is still a little guy for his age as far as charts go but he will catch up just fine.



What a ham! Every time you point a camera at him he smiles right at it. His mom has him trained haha.

I was able to squeeze in some gaming time as well and I have reached my highest rank ever in Rocket League Solo play! In Solo Doubles you can see I’m Platinum II and in Solo Threes I am Platinum I for the first time. I’m pretty excited about this since I haven’t played as much as I normally do. It was a welcomed surprise.


That was my weekend! I hope you all had great ones as well. I’ll be back tomorrow, and I’ll see you then! 😀 😀

Weekend Update!

Hey Everyone!

I was unable to have a “Coffee Talk” on Friday. We, very oddly enough, were busy at work on a a Friday morning.

That being said I had a productive work day, and a great weekend. Saturday we tried our best to get some good sleep in. We didn’t have anything to do until we left around noon. Of course we got up and played with the babe. We left around noon to go back to my wife’s hometown. We would spend the day with her grandparents. Before that though we stopped at her dad’s house. This was to of course see them, and to get Everett his very first hair cut. Yes it has only been 5 months, but he came out with a head full of hair and it had to happen.

Here is Everett sitting with his grandfather and uncle! I think this was right before he got his hair cut. I don’t have a great before and after picture but it was a big difference.


Here is him after the hair cut.


His neck line is now all shaped up, and his hair around his ears is all trimmed nicely. He looks like a real little man haha. So cute.

I also got to spend some time with my little brother in-law Remington! Hes a handful. I introduced him to being tossed in the air and after that he never left my side haha.


Again, back to spending the day with her grandparents. We left her dad’s and met her grandparents at Red Lobster. We ate a really nice dinner there and headed back to their house. Her grandfather makes wine, so I had to indulge. I don’t often get to really enjoy having a few drinks because we are always out with our boy, so it was nice to know we were in for the night and really have a few. Later that evening my wife’s brother and his family came over to see us. The real reason we were in town was for their son’s first birthday party, Sunday. We hung out with them and introduced Everett to him. It was cute, he is starting to walk on his own and looks like a little drunk guy.

My wife’s grandmother hurt her foot a while back and has it in a cast. She usually does everything around the house, including the cooking and cleaning. That next morning to help her out I made the breakfast for everyone and my wife helped clean around a bit. It was the least we could do. Afterwards we got ready for the birthday party.

Once we got to their barn, where they had the party, we showed Everett their goats!


I’m not really sure what he thought about them haha. We currently live in the city, but if we ever get the chance to live out a bit further I would love to have chickens and goats!

This next picture is of the birthday boy himself! He didn’t destroy his cake the way other kids do, but he did enjoy himself and ate plenty of it.


After they opened his gifts and had the cake we had to head home. Traveling with a baby is no joke! Just going all around with him all weekend was enough to make him fussy all last night. It is tough for him to get back in the swing of things after a weekend like that.  Once we were home we had clothes to wash, bottles to clean, and another birthday to celebrate!

That’s right, my dad’s birthday is technically today. We dropped all our crap at the door and headed back out to the buffet. Once we ate it was back to their house for some ice cream. It was very yummy! Then we finally got home for good. I gave Everett a bath and his hair naturally dries like this.


And that was our weekend!

I hope you all enjoyed yours as well. I’ll be seeing you again tomorrow! 😀 😀

Gearing Up For The Baby!

Hey Everyone!

Today has been baby centered, fully. All for good reasons , no need for alarm.

This morning, my work held a small baby shower for my wife and I. It is pretty awesome that they do that sort of thing. It was during break and usually gets extended because everyone is still there. My wife came in to work just before break. The work bell rings and we all met up in the kitchen/dining area of my work. They had bought a full, big cake for everyone to enjoy. It had little booties and rattles on it. They asked a couple weeks ago what her favorite type of cake was and that was what they ordered. She picked lemon in case you were wondering.

They took a few pictures for our Human Resources department, and then presented us with a gift basket. I was full of goodies! We got things like lotion, oil, cream, bids, towels, and diapers. All great things to have more of. They told us that they had a few other things for us too but that they hadn’t come in yet. The girl in charge was mad at FedEx for not getting the items here in time and gave them a piece of her mind, behind closed doors of course haha. She is a girl who has just had two babies of her own so she knew what to get. We also gave them a copy of our most current registry. She is going to just bring the rest in to work when it gets here. That is totally fine with us. The thought really does count in this scenario. Most companies don’t go above and beyond for their employees, like this one does.

We are going to send the company a nice card thanking them again for putting it all on and for the gifts.

After that shower, my wife had a routine doctors appointment for the baby. She is at the point where she is now required to go every week until the baby is born. That means it is getting close! It is getting down to the wire and exciting. Her blood pressure is up, for her, but not for people in general so it was nothing to worry about. The babies heart rate was in the good range and everything is looking good. Just a little more waiting left to do then it’s time to rock and roll!

This takes me right up to lunch!

That’s all I have on this front for today! I hope you are enjoying the updates, and baby news, as much as I am. I hope to see you all back again Monday! 😀 😀

Welcome Back

Hey Everyone!

Sooo a little embarrassing, but I forgot it was even Labor Day weekend until about one hour before I left work on Friday. I mean, don’t get me wrong I was a big fan of finding this out, but I should have known. Partly because I have a huge calendar on my desk lol.

Anyway, as you know I had my last softball tournament of the season on Saturday. We came in 3rd place this year in the annual one pitch tournament. We ended up playing five games that day, so we were hot and tired. Over all it was a fun day, of course there was some controversy over the rules. This tournament has always been known as the tournament that seems to be thrown together in a weekend. No one is organized and the bracket changes two or three times the day of the tournament. The umpires don’t know the rules, even though they are there every year. It is a really weird tournament. Trust me on that, it’s hard to explain. Again, it was fun though.

Sunday I was pretty spent. My wife and I took our dog down town for the first time. We walked around town and played Ingress for a couple hours. It was another nice day, so we weren’t going to waste it. Later that night my brother and his fiance came over and we all ordered Chinese and hung out.

That brings me to Labor Day. We didn’t have much of a plan that day, but we did know we had a cookout at 1pm. In the morning we slept in a it. Once we got up we did some house work and got caught up on all the stuff we didn’t do the rest of the weekend. My brother and dad went to his land. I was going to go but My body still hurt from softball, and I didn’t want to wake up dragging today for work. We had a nice time in my parents backyard all afternoon. After we ate we took the dogs to the creek. My dog cannot be trusted to stay in one area so she needs to e on a leash. I wanted to try something different to give her an opportunity to feel like she was running free even though she wasn’t. We tied a 50+ ft rope to her harness and let her run and swim all over the creek. She was able to play with my brother’s Great Dane and not even feel like she was restricted. By the way she is a Norwegian Elk-hound. (This picture is two years old but she looks the same)


On a different note I will soon be getting a hold of my wife to see if the bank sent the preapproval letter for a house. We are looking to see how much we can afford. Last night we made up a mock budget using existing Excel templates. We over estimated the cost of all the bills to really give us a safe idea of what we can afford for a mortgage. We hope to be in a house before the end of the year, fingers crossed.

That is all for my weekend, I hope you all had a great one! I’ll see you tomorrow! 😀 😀

Some Ingress, My Birthday, Stuff

Happy Tuesday!

I just remembered that I get paid at midnight! Woo! Anyway, Last night was another great evening as far as weather is concerned. So after I got home and did my husbandly duties I made sure I went outside. I waited for my wife to get home from work, and then I bribed her with a milk shake from DQ to install and play Ingress. I want to be able to go out with her and walk around our town and play the game the right way. I will still ‘Car-gress’ but when I have the chance and a nice evening I will try to go out and walk around. Not only will it help my progress and possibly catch her interest, but it will be a healthy alternative to sitting inside playing PC games. Not that I’m look to lose weight but that can only help all around. On an Ingress side note, I posted my design for recruitment cards to the Ingress Facebook group, and to my surprise it had an overwhelmingly great response from all but one annoying nit picker. Here is the link if you want to check out the group:



Like dang! 30 shares, 180 likes and reactions, that is crazy! Hey, I’ll take it. I like that people want to use it and I hope that they do.

Later this week is my 28th birthday! It kind of snuck up on me since I have been so busy. I will be a stand in on my brother’s co-ed softball team the night before and then busy all day on my birthday. But not to worry, we will all be going out for a family dinner later in the evening. It is a tradition that my family does on the day of one of our birthdays. It is nice to see everyone together even if it is only for an hour or so.

I have a Theta Chi ‘Summer Party’ meeting to attend to on Saturday. I am the secretary of our alumni chapter. We meet once a year and discuss events and things that we can do in the coming year. Unfortunately, we have very heavy things to discuss since our active chapter was kicked off campus for being morons. Most of the time will be talking about ways to get back on the universities good graces. :/ Oh well, every chapter would have gotten kicked off if they got caught doing half the stuff they got away with. It was stupid what they did and they know it. We only need to look forward from there.

The Minecraft server is still baffling us today. We are not sure why it cannot be access from outside our network. Everything looks good on our end but I guess it is not.

Also talking about nerd things, I am very excited for season 2 of Mr. Robot on USA Network. It officially comes out this Wednesday night! If you haven’t seen it….see it. It is about a hacker and how he wants to better the world. it is much deeper and screwier than that though.

That will be about all for today, I’ll talk to you all tomorrow! 😀 😀

Disapointment? Picnic & Father’s Day

Monday, Monday, Monday…..

Not going to lie I am not feeling very productive today. At least my fingers are nimble enough to get this post out. 😉 I have my Pandora on and kicking out Linkin Park Radio, trying to stay awake.

Friday we left in somewhat of a hurry to get to the “Thurston Classic”,  a hot air balloon gathering in Meadville, Pennsylvania. Everything was starting at 6pm and that just happens to be about the time we pulled in the parking lot. I was pretty excited to see them all take off , since I had seen the in the air before but I was never able to be there when they took off. Afraid we might miss the take off we hurried to the inside of the park. My wife and I had a pretty heated argument about how best to get in, not good. We did however make it in and found her family already sitting in a good spot to catch the launch. To our surprise we hadn’t missed anything yet. We sat patiently, waiting for something to happen. At this point it was about 6:30pm. It was hot at about 82 degrees, the sky was blue and there was next to no wind what so ever. You would go out and do absolutely anything in this weather it was perfect. Soon after the 6:30pm mark a voice came over the speaker saying that they want everything to be perfect, yada yada yada, and that they weren’t able to launch yet. They would check back in in a half hour. Well, 7pm rolled around, and it seemed like an eternity in the direct sunlight. Again a voice came over the speakers saying that it was still to windy. They had let a small party balloon go and they apparently watched it with some weird telescope, and saw that it moved too much, so they couldn’t start…..  They again said that they would check back in in a half hour, not that they would start at that time, just that they would look again. Well that was enough shit for me. We got up and left, with plenty of better things to do before the night was over with nothing to show for it. As far as I know they never left the ground and the whole thing was a bust. It was the nicest weekend to date, but It wasn’t good enough for the ballooners <<lol. So that was somewhat of a disappointment, since that was part of the reason we came out that way. We stopped over at my wife’s dad’s house and saw his new baby. Later we got some ice cream and all was right again in the world.

We woke up Saturday morning and got ready for the company picnic. It was a short drive from where we were and we arrived at about 12:30pm. Aside from parking on the wrong end of the amusement/water park everything was great. My company had a pavilion rented and we checked in. We received all access ride and water park passes to use all day. We met up with my parents and ate lunch. Soon after we hit the water park. We rode a slide or two and then went to the new wave pool for the first time. It was awesome we stayed there for a couple of hours, just bobbing up and down with the waves. It reached 90 degrees so the cool water felt amazing. We, of course, had to take a lap around the Endless River tube ride. Following that we laid out and dried off before heading back to the rest of the park. Next, we hit up the train that goes around the park, which is always fun and brings back good memories. We got done with that and didn’t want to go back to the pavilion to eat yet so I used that time to drag my wife around and played some Ingress in the park. There were quite a few portals and I have the opportunity to cap a few unique portals and make some small fields. Then it was time for dinner and bingo! Dinner was so-so. We had baked chicken, hot sausage, hamburgers, and hotdogs. It came with sides and drinks, but it was just lack luster in taste. We started Bingo soon after and I though like normal I wouldn’t win anything with that many people there. Low and behold, about four games in I won! My prize was a very nice Maglite flashlight, batteries included. 😀 It was a ‘love your neighbor’ game so the people to the right and left of me also won $5, what can I say, I’m a giver. Later my mother won a Shop-Vac. That was it for Saturday we went home and relaxed.

Sunday morning came very fast. It was Father’s day. But before that my brother and I had two softball games in the morning. We played a pretty bad team then a much better team. We were a man down leaving us with only three outfielders instead of the usual four. We didn’t let that hinder us though. Softball it a hitters game and you have to score to win. We beat the first team pretty easily and then it was on to the second one. They were beating us most of the game. We finally took over the lead just to lose it again the next inning. In the last inning, the bottom of the 7th, we needed 1 run to win and I was up. With no outs I knew I needed to get to at least second base, that way if there were fly outs I could tag up and advance. I hit a line shot to the fence and didn’t let up. I got a triple. I was scoring no matter what, there was no way I wasn’t getting in after that. But to my surprise the next batter up hit it out of the park and it was an was an easy jog into home. It was hot and long but we came away with two more wins. I got home and showered up, since I was probably pretty gross. In that time my older brother arrived and we all met up in the back yard to celebrate Father’s day. We just had a simple cookout once my other brother and his fiance showed up. Later we got the golf clubs out and had a chipping game around the yard with wiffle golf balls. The three of us brothers went in and got my dad a trail cam for his new property and three flags for his house. One was Penn State football, another was Pirates baseball, and the last was Steelers football. Being a Texas sports fan I made sure not to hold the two black and gold flags haha. My wife and I watched the first Deathly Hallows movie before bed and that’s all she wrote. It was a great weekend, I can’t wait for this weekend either. We will be traveling to NC to see a friend. I’ll see you all tomorrow! 😀

Made It Till Friday


Last night I played some more Overwatch, waiting for my wife to get home from work. But in better news I picked up my Luna ukulele and finished learning “You’ve got a Friend in Me” by Randy Newman. You know, the song from Toy Story. It is really fun and a bit challenging. There are some weird chords if you aren’t used to them but other than that the strumming pattern is pretty easy and its at a normal speed. Very comfortable. I love that damn uke and take it everywhere. I just have to make sure to play it. I have to remember to make the time. Being that it is something you have to work on and being something that takes time, you can always find an excuse to do something easier. Anyway I am very pleased with myself, as this will be the first FULL song that I have learned. To be honest now that I have been playing it more I would like a better ukulele. This one was $100 straight from the Luna Guitars website, and isn’t up to snuff, even though I do still love it. I have learned a ton from Barry, at and his amazing reviews. He shows you what to look for in a uke and points out things that you probably wouldn’t think to check. If you have the time and are interested check him out! I recently bought a new case for it from Guitar Center, I think its a Road Runner brand…I think. It it awesome as well the sippers are heavy duty and the bag is very sturdy.

Right when I leave work today I will head home, change my clothes and leave with my wife to go to the “Thurston Classic” in Meadville Pennsylvania. It is a hot air balloon event. They all take off tonight at 6pm, so we are going to meet my wife’s grandparents there and watch them. Hopefully it stays nice out and I hope that we get there on time. A few years ago her grandparents had one land in their backyard. By the time we got back they were in the process of packing it up, but we got to talk with them for a little bit. I’m not really sure what the draw is for wanting to be a hot balloon-er? but they are neat to watch that is for sure. It will prove to be a great time, I’m sure of it.

Like I had mentioned in previous posts my company picnic is Saturday. I again hope that the weather is favorable, since it will be outside and at a water park. We will have food served, all access to the park rides, and Bingo games for prizes. It is really cool that my company provides this experience. I have grown up with it because my dad has worked here as well for 35 years. So from experience it is memorable and something kids and adults alike look forward to each summer. It will be a pretty packed weekend.

Sunday I will finally be able to make it back to a set of softball games. The last one I couldn’t make due to the camp outing in Ohio. and the two before that got rained out. It feels like I haven’t even been on a team. We have this weeks games, Then I will miss the next ones because we will be in North Carolina. Then after that there are only two more weeks and then the end tournament. So in total I will have only made eight regular season games out of a possible fourteen. So a bit more than half, If I keep being this busy I may not be able to play every summer. I will gauge that at some other time though, because I do love softball.

I hope you all have a great weekend, I know I will. Byyeeeee!