Monday Funday!

Hey Everyone!

We had a pretty good weekend, I hope you did as well.

Friday our little family went to dinner at Red Lobster. It was nice to go out to eat for once and spend some time out and about.

Saturday I had that softball tournament. Our first game was at 9am. We didn’t do as well as we had hoped but still managed to be 4th in the league and get 3 games in the tournament. Now follow me here, We beat this team by the ten run rule, we then played the best team and lost by one. The third game knocked us out, via a team we have beaten before. The weird thing is that the team we beat by ten went on to knock out the best team and take second place in the whole tournament! We were stunned! We easily beat them by ten, how in the world did they beat those other teams? I understand it happens and I’m glad for them playing that hard, but it is just weird lol 😀

My wife was able to attend the first and most of the second game, until she had to go get ready to shoot a wedding. Everett and my mom stayed at the fields.


Saturday while my wife was away, and after the tourny, Everett and I went to my parent’s house. They were cleaning out their garage attic, and wanted some help getting things out. Everett found my first grade Halloween costume (Red Power Ranger), and spent some time smacking my mom’s dog lol 😀 He is still learning how to be nice.



Sunday we visit with my wife’s father. He was sent to the hospital, to get checked out. He has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, I believe, and was having some weird things happening. They found him to be dehydrated mostly. We saw him there for a couple hours.


Afterwards we hit up the Olive Garden, and Barnes and Noble. It was a dreary, overcast day with some rain sprinkled in. When we got home we decided it was time to just watch a movie. My wife has been wanting to re-watch the Lord of the Rings movies, so we started with the 3 hours Fellowship! 😀

Here we are Monday afternoon, I have been working hard to get these darn terminals under wraps. I have a few orders placed and am waiting their arrival. Oh, other big news. My boss is retiring this April! That is good news to me. I will be bidding on his job, more than likely won’t get it. Based on who we all think might get it, I may be able to move up and take his job. I’m hoping to be the new Network Coordinator by May. I’m not sure if it will affect the blog or not. One day I may get too busy to run this thing, who knows!

That is all for me today! I hope you are all having a great Monday, and I’ll see you tomorrow! 😀 😀


Birthday, Shopping, Cabin!

Hey Everyone!

This weekend was jam packed with a little bit of everything. Friday was my mom’s birthday. We all met down town and had dinner at a nice restaurant. Afterwards we bought some pie from the same place and headed to our place. My brother’s family had to go early to put their baby down for the night. We stayed and played a couple of games of Yahtzee! My wife and mother did better than my dad and I. Not a great picture but still captures the moment haha.


That was the end of our night. Saturday my little family took a trip to the city to get a few things. We had some Olive Garden for lunch. I had a nice grilled chicken flatbread. YUM! Everett was very well behaved, and a few people stuck up a small conversation with us. All around good time.


We stopped at Babies-R-Us to use up a gift card and a returned item to buy a few things. Jordyn bought a few milk storage bags and what not, and the big purchase was a 4  in 1 convertible Graco car seat!


He will be able to use that seat until he doesn’t need one anymore. It converts all the way to a backless booster seat. It will take a little time to get used to but it is really nice. And just think we really got it for free, can’t beat that.

My wife then wanted to visit Kirkland’s for the first time. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it is a very nice home decor store. Most things are reasonably priced, and fairly well made. She had thoughts of getting a few little things there and then going to Hobby Lobby, but that didn’t quite pan out. I’ll tell you why. She, almost instantly, found a stand that would fit perfectly in our house. It was a large item and we didn’t think we had a way to even get it home. I eventually broke down and went and bought a set of ratchet straps and put it on the roof haha. Once we got it home, it really did transform the space. Check it out:




So there you have it, we now have a coffee bar! It fits so well. Just before we left to come home we stopped at Barnes and Noble. I was looking to start a Tom Clancy series, then realized that his books are bible large and that may not be the best for me. If you follow my Instagram you will already know what I got, but I did get something different. I picked up a book from an author I know I like. From the author of the Legend, Prodigy, Champion trilogy, comes my newest edition, War Cross!


I’m not sure how much time I will have to start reading this book but I really want to. I enjoyed that named trilogy above tremendously.

Sunday my dad, brothers, and I went to camp to work on the cabin some more. It is really starting to take shape as a real structure. They already had siding on the back, as shown:


We were going to be working on insulating the inside as well as putting up some rough cut boards on the front. Here is what it looked like before we started:


Here are the 40+ rough cut boards we had to carry into the woods:


My mom came out and helped my brother put up some insulation:



My dad and I measued and cut each board to fit around the roof rafters and screwed them into place. We are later going to rip a few boards into four inch wide pieces to go over the gaps between the boards. We will also draw a straight line along the bottom and cut the bottom straight, but that is for another day.


We may end up staining it in the future so it lasts longer but we aren’t sure yet. For now we want it boarded up and ready for winter. We will have to frame the door a bit more and finish the two ends. While at camp I cut a bunch of kindling from the scrap rough cut wood. I was going to go home and start putting wood in my storage container. You know the one I made a little while ago. Here’s how it looks!


I really like the way this piece turned out! I can’t wait to have a few fires, and not have to trudge through the snow to go get more wood.

That rounded out my weekend. My baby has his four month check up today after work and I have one of my best friends from high school coming over to meet him after. I haven’t seen him in a while so it will be a good time catching up a bit.

That is all for me today, I hope top see you all back again tomorrow! 😀 😀

How Busy Can One Man Be? (Pictures)

Hey Everyone!

Back again on a dreary, Monday. It is colder than it was all weekend and still rainy. That being said there were a lot of things being done this weekend. I’ll quickly go through them, since I have a few more pictures than I normally do.

First up I got what I could out of my frozen cider! It was a little more than 2 liters. This is what I expected from 2 gallons of cider. I wish it was a bit clearer, but its not bad. I had some and it is definitely alcoholic haha.


Saturday we were up nice and early and going to get some work done on the cabin. We put the rest of the roof up and they did a few more floor boards without me and a wall frame.


(Below) You have my little brother, trying his best to attache the roof, without sliding off of it. You can wee how wet it is.


(Below) My dad and older brother are probably in a discussion about that piece on the right going up a certain way. It was nice that my older brother could come up. he works second shift and his sleep is all messed up.


Later after I left I went home and took my wife to Olive Garden for dinner, then strolled the mall.

On our way back, we passed a dinner that I always want to make time for and never do. I asked her if she would want to go the next morning (Sunday) for breakfast, and she said yes. We got up and got there about 8:30-9:00am. It is a small place but with great food.

You can see the walls were decked out with old pop cans and signs.


The tables are are covered with a glass sheet, but have cards, records and ads from old magazines under it.


Here is just a shot of how small it really is. That is the kitchen there in the middle.


They also had some memorabilia, that boarded on the creepy haha. It was displayed liek this in a few spots. with old toys and dolls.


Here is the store front, and you could guess that it sits right on Rt. 62! Go figure.


To put it in perspective, here is what is directly across the street.


It was a good decision to stop there for breakfast. Later that day my wife’s grandparents made the trip and came over to see us. We went and looked at teh local dam, which is a huge tourist attraction. Later we headed to Applebees for a less than satisfying lunch.

After they left, I followed a thought I had had for a while and bought two Roku Express thingys, for my TVs.


They were super easy to set up and after restarting my router I connected just fine. Everything is fast and responsive. We now have three network enabled TVs in our home. My office is becoming complete haha. I also have a futon mattress being delivered Thursday! I’m very excited.

I hope you all had a great weekend, and hopefully better weather! I’ll see you all again tomorrow. 😀 😀

So Much Softball & Day Trip

Good Monday Afternoon.

I am very tired, maybe I haven’ caught my self up from this weekend. Starting Friday night after work, I had a co-ed softball game. It was a good game and we won so that is a plus. I was very out of my element though, as they put me at shortstop. I am an infielder and have been my whole life, but I play first base. I can still field a ball just fine but my arm is awful. I have a slight tear in my rotator cuff, so I really cannot through a anything with any force. So stopping and getting the ball wasn’t difficult for me, it was throwing the ball that didn’t quite work. It didn’t help that our first baseman is a 5′ girl. I threw the ball everywhere but her glove. I apologized to her multiple times that game. I did manage to turn a double play and make one or two throws. I hit amazingly I got up six times in seven innings. I had three home runs, one double, a single, and a ground out. The game ended with a score of 24-21 in our favor.

Saturday was our regular season tournament. We had our first game at 9:15am. It was against a team from out of town, and we never got to play them during the season due to weather. We didn’t know what to expect. We lost very convincingly. We couldn’t hit the ball and we had way to many fielding errors. Honestly it was embarrassing. At that point I was ready to hurry up and lose the next one, so that we could just be done for the day.

We had a game wait and then we were back on the field. This time it was against a group of younger kids. They generally are faster but don’t have the mechanics down, even if they were baseball players. We did much better against them. We hit fairly well, not like we should still, and we didn’t have as many errors in the field. This game gave us our confidence back. We ten runned them in the 5th inning. Being a double elimination tournament we could only lose one more game. We won the game and played again right after.

The next game was against my brothers soon to be brother-in-law. They are a good group of guys and we always have fun, yet close games with them. We started well and were beating them pretty good, until the 5th inning or so. We threw away an inning and let them get back in the game. In the end we did beat them out by a few runs. This kept us live for another game.

After our game wait we played a team that we battle with all the time. That day they happened to get the better of us. It was hard fought and well deserved. We let them pull ahead of us and we could never get back in it. It was hot and we were ok with being done at that point. I think over all we were in 5th place. We shook their hands at the end and that was that. We played five games of softball in two days. It wasn’t the most ever but it was long and hot.

We still had enough time to make it out to my cousins high school graduation party right after our games. Once I showered of course, my wife and I left. It was nice seeing family that we don’t see often. It was a nice way to spend the evening and unwind from the days events.

Sunday we got up and on a whim we ran out to Erie, PA for a quick day trip. I had a gift card from my wife’s grandparents. They gave it to me for my birthday.  I ended up getting a 7″ bushcraft knife. I haven’t had one and I wanted one to take with me in the field. I needed it to be full tang and sturdy. I will baton it through wood for kindling and make fire sticks with it. I also carry a Case gut knife and a pocket knife. In my pack I also have a hatchet and a silky saw. I would say I’m good on cutting utensils for now haha. Anyway back on topic. We ate lunch at the local Olive Garden, which is always a treat. Next we ended up at the Barns and Noble beside the restaurant. With my wife’s birthday coming up I offered to buy her some books, if that would be what she would like. She was all for it. I got her six books and some bookmarks. We also made sure to pre-order the new Harry Potter book as well. Overall it was a great day and we got to get out of town for a bit.

I hope you all had an exciting weekend too! I’ll talk to you tomorrow! 😀 😀