Great Surprise & Happy Birthday To Me!

Hey Everyone!

I was sitting at work Friday trying to figure out if I wanted to even try to cut the grass in the heat after work. When out of no where I receive a text from my brother. About four weeks early, my new niece Bridget Jo was coming into this world! We all now assume that the due date was a bit off as she is of a normal height and weight. She was 6lb 13.3oz and was 18.5in long. She was born at 2pm on the dot, Friday the 13th! My plans to cut the grass took a back seat, to visiting them in the hospital.


Everything went well from what we know and we look forward to watching her grow, like her sister!

I must admit I have more pictures for this post, from this weekend. Do you think for a second that I could transfer them from my phone to my PC when I needed them? NOPE, me either! haha If they come though I’ll post them. As I was typing this those first set of pictures came through, but none of the other ones. Darn computers! 😀

So as you can tel our Friday was exciting! Saturday was busy. We headed out to a local park near my wife’s family, for her family reunion. Her uncles were back in town and we wanted to see everyone. Everett had a great time on the playground. Afterwards we stopped in to see her dad, and his family. We don’t make it out to see them as long as we want to so I think we are trying to plan a weekend just for them in the near future. Once that was said and done, we headed to yet another party. My cousins co-ed bridal shower. It was also at a nice park, with games and volleyball. They had a silent little aution that was put together by the wedding party, as well as a somewhat catered bbq for dinner. It was pretty freakin delicious! 😀

Sunday, my brother and I woke up and had a double header in our slow pitch softball league. If you can remember back a bit, I have been telling them that I’m the reason we have been winning, since the only two weekends we have lost were the two I missed being in Colorado. I’m glad to say that I will be saying that heading into the end of season tournament in two weeks, because we won them both again. This year out of 17 teams we are 4th with a record of 12 and 4 I believe. We were 2 in 4 after the 3rd week, but have won the last 5 weekends in a row! We will be seeded in the ‘A’ league for the tournament and hope to do as well as we can. If it stays as hot as its been I’m ok with only playing a few games haha. After our games we stopped at my brother’s house to have a nice family lunch for my birthday.

That brings us to today, by actual birthday! Woo and Nooo, all at once. I am the big 30 this year. It is bitter sweet. I think this is about the age where as a younger boy I thought that was the age of old people haha. Something about it makes it a bit sad. The rest of me is fine with it. I know I have a somewhat older than myself audience, and by no means am I trying to say that I am ‘old’, but I think this is a milestone year for most where they feel a little more divided from the younger generations. Just a day ago I could play ball with a 19 year old and it seemed pretty normal, all of a sudden its a teen and a 30 year old man haha. I’m not really too bothered by it. 😀 My wife and son will go have a nice dinner tonight to celebrate. I didn’t really want a party of any kind so we are keeping it quiet tonight. Just the fact that our family is growing and I got to see everyone is A OK with me! 😀

P.S. Totally unrelated, I put in the last damn piece to that crazy UPS project this morning. I have had to wait and wait and wait to do this thing and I did it! Everything is looking good and I’m going to wash my hands of it all haha.

That is all for me today! I hope you have a great day today, because it is my birthday! 😀 I’ll be back again tomorrow, and I hope to see you all then! 😀 😀


Coffee Talk

Hey Everyone!

I hope you are all having a wonderful morning. I remembered to write this post so that instantly puts me in a decent mood haha. I have one cup of coffee under my belt, or in my stomach for you literal types, and I’m ready to go.

While having coffee it is imperative that you talk about the weather. Out weather went from -15 to + 50 in one day. It is insane. We had more than a foot of snow and over the course of two warm days it is all gone. Here is the kicker, tonight and over the weekend we are getting another foot of snow, DOH! Make up your mind mother nature. I’m hoping your weather trends are less harsh.

On a Friday whilst drinking coffee with your friend you are also obligated to talk about any plans you may have for the weekend. I’m fairly certain that some one on my mom’s side of the family is getting married and we said we would go. We don’t see them often, probably for good reason, but it is nice to get a dose of them here and there haha. I think most of you can relate to something similar.

Lastly, if you have a family of your own you have to catch the other person up on what has transpired since you last spoke. In this case, Everett is doing much better. He is getting over his yeast infection, croup, and ear infection nicely. He is as happy as could be, somehow, and growing like a (good) weed. In other somewhat family news a little while back, my brother and sister in law announced that they are having another baby. So I will have another niece or nephew in about 7 months. Yippie!

Then you have the always awkward park, when your are both done with your coffee and realized you ran out of things to talk about. You say “Welp…” get up and pay your bill. Say your good byes and head on your way, until next time. I’ll see ya then! Have a good weekend. 😀 😀


Welcome Everett Hugh!!

Hey Everyone!

I’m back! Today is my last day at home, and tomorrow I’ll be back at it.

I left you hangin in the last post, so I hope you are chomping at the bit.

It was early Monday morning, 3am to be exact, when my wife woke me up and said we had to go to the hospital. We didn’t think we would be there long, she had a question about her water possibly having a slow leak. She was worried about infection if that was indeed the case. Her contractions were like they had been in the days prior, so we really didn’t think anything of it. I decided to chronicle it anyway just in case. 😉  We hopped in the car and headed to the local hospital. Once there we had to use the Emergency entrance.


Once we registered we were on out way to the room. Mind you this isn’t where we wanted to have the baby, but we also didn’t think he was coming.


It was all very simple and very uncomfortable. We were told that she would be on the monitor until the doctor came in, that wasn’t until 8am. At this time her contractions got better and stayed pretty far apart, so we thought we would be on our way out by 9am.

Much to our surprise the doctor came in and checked to see how far along she was and found that she was at 4 centimeters. He turned to us and said, “I’ll be back in to break your water, you’ll have your baby today.” Say what! I’m glad at this point I brought the bags in haha. He came back in and did just that. from that point on it was a waiting game. When she was able to get her epidural she did. We figure why ignore medical advancements and go at this without any pain help. That would be like going to the dentist and refusing Novocain! After the first three hours she got up to 6 centimeters, by the next three hours she was at 9. She feeling the pressure, figuratively and literally. They had her lay on her side with a blown up peanut looking thing between her legs, for the last centimeter. It was up to her to call in the midwife when she was ready to push. After every thing we went through and sat through, this was going to be it. All the waiting, and preparing was coming to an end. We would finally get to meet our son.

She called in the midwife an hour or so later and it was on. They quickly went though how they wanted her to push, and told her to start when she felt her next contraction. I was holding one leg and the other nurse was on the other. My wife took a deep breath and put her chin down. They had her push three times in one ‘set’ and then rest. She did that five or six times. She was only pushing for 16 minutes. She was a natural!

Here we go! I would like to introduce to you our precious baby boy, born at 5:20pm, May 22, 2017!


He came out with a little scream and calmed right down when he was on moms chest. His eyes were wide open that whole day and you can’t miss that full head of hair. 😀


Everything was looking good and they let me cut the umbilical cord. Soon after they checked his length, head size, and weight. He was 6lb 11.5oz, 20 inches, and his head was 13 1/4 inches.  Throughout the day the day he met with the Pediatrician and everything was perfect. Maybe a day or so later they checked his eyes and hearing, as well as his blood type. Again everything came back great. His blood type is the same as his mom’s so that means they didn’t need shots, since she had a negative RH factor.

Anyway the rest of the day was spent resting and meeting with some family.

You can see we were pretty busy haha. Everyone wanted to meet the little guy, I guess I can’t blame them. 🙂

We spent 2 nights and most of three days in the hospital just to continue getting some help and advice. We left on Wednesday and were out on our own. our dog has been very protective and its pretty cute.


His first appointment was Friday and they saw that he was a bit Jaundice, and needed to be on that glow blanket. We called that place up and they came and gave it to us, as well as showed us how to use it. We have been living in the living room ever since. He has to be plugged in to this thing until his levels go down.


It basically wraps around his belly and has to be on 24/7 unless he is being bathed. It is Velcroed and just always in the way. It is attached to a hose, that is connected to a power source with a loud-ish fan, and then plugs into the wall. So we have been stuck to the same corner of the house for days. He just went back today and got his blood work done again. We are currently waiting for the doctor to call, and hopefully tell us he can be done with it. Fingers crossed.

I hope you have enjoyed my baby boy! I’m so glad I am finally able to write this. I know it’s longer than normal but I hope you stuck with it. If you did then you get to see my favorite two pictures of him!

First we have, “Flippin Daddy the Bird”


Followed by, “Flint Lockwood” (From the movie ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs)


I’ll be back to work tomorrow catching up on everything. I’ll fill you all in about my brothers wedding then! It’s been busy here haha. I’ll see you tomorrow! 😀 😀