Amazing (Busy) Weekend!

Hey Everyone!

Back from another great and productive weekend! 😀 😀

Friday wasn’t fun by any means but I did get to cross something off the to do list. After work Friday I picked Everett up from his last day at daycare, went home and started working on our tub. I had to chip, pull, and chisel the old caulking out. That was the worst thing I have done in a long while, even worse than painting our fence. After that it was time to clean and re-caulk it. I tried for the first time the hand squeezed tubes of sealant, thinking it would be easier in that tight space, but I really didn’t like it. I went through 4 of the little things and at the end of the day would have liked more, but that amount at least filled the space back up. So on that note everything is looking good.

Saturday was our super busy day. We woke up, had breakfast and headed to my wife’s mom’s house. We got to her place and cooked out on the grill, fr lunch. Everett was having a great time under the patio umbrella.


My wife was invited as a guest to the wedding of her dad’s, wife’s, mother’s wedding. She was also there to take pictures of the event. At the same time I was heading out to my best friends 30th birthday party that his wife threw him. They happened to be the same time and in different directions, so I missed the wedding. I was able to catch up with him and his family for a couple of hours before heading back to the reception on the lake. There they had a beautifully decorated ball room on the ground level over looking part of the lake.


The dinner consisted of everything on my plate haha. Keep it short and sweet! 😀


Once it was time to leave the reception we stopped to visit my wife’s dad. He isn’t in the greatest health anymore and it has come on all of the sudden. His brother and sister in-law were there too. We hung out for a bit and then stopped back at her mom’s to get Everett. By the time we made it home again it was 10:30pm and we were beat!

As days go, Sunday was next on the list. We had 2 softball games in the middle of the day. In short we won both games pretty convincingly. I pitched the second game until it was a blow out and then we all swapped positions. I hit a big home run in the second game, but other than that a quit hitting day for me with only a .500 average.


When I got home I just stayed in my ball pants and mowed the grass, and trimmed the edges. Everett was outside with him mom enjoying the sun and the pool we inflated. When I got finished I just stripped down and laid in the pool. Then the randomness started. We wanted to head back to the local Ollie’s Bargain store to look around. We wanted to get something for the yard. We we did and headed home. More on that in a bit. My mother and wife decided to take the initiative and weed what they could of our massive garden. It is over run with that Morning Glory crap and it is everywhere.


So it all looks like that up top


They got this back half looking pretty good, but had to stop due to time and lack of room in the truck bed lol. If they could do this for another 3 solid days they could weed all of the flower beds in the front and back yard, if they hustled. 😀 In the mean time I was draining the pool to move it for our big purchase! I was in the background setting it all up.


We bought this nice offset umbrella for the yard as well as the bug net, four chairs, and glass table all for $200! 😀 I’m grinning at that price all day. 😀

Lastly a nice look from within. If you look close you can see Everett ‘helping’ in the last four pictures haha. He stood out there with them the whole time, just holding on to the wheel barrow.


Once I was done unloading the scraps at my parent’s house, we called it a night and here we are. It was a great weekend I would do it all over again in a heartbeat if given the chance. I hope you all had an amazing weekend as well. I’ll be back again tomorrow for another daily post, and hope to see you then! 😀 😀


Friday #2

Hey Everyone!

So no ‘Coffee Talk’ this morning. Sorry about that. It was a little hectic this morning, but its calmer now. 😀

This morning was the last day of daycare for our little man, before staying at home with his mama. It is bitter sweet like I have stated before, because we love that he is interacting with others and learning while he is there. On the other hand I know my wife ultimately would love to be raising him. So, it had to be done, even if it may be tougher in some ways. This morning my wife suggested that we get the daycare workers a little something, so I stopped at the local Tim Horton’s and bought them a dozen donuts.

Today after I pick Everett up, I will be re-caulking the tub. I have to scrape the old gunk out and clean it. Dry it off. Then the fun stuff haha. I’ll be using a new to me type of caulk, so it’ll be a test. I hope all goes well, because that type of stuff drives me crazy pretty fast, if things go wrong. If it stays nice out I’ll probably mow the grass while I’m at it.

In other house-ish news. I measured behind my garage, and now know that I can fit a sizable storage shed behind it. I could get away with one as big as 8×13. More realistic I will probably get something about 7 feet wide by 7 to 10 feet long. I’ll then be able to re-stack my firewood beside it. 😀 I’ll probably get a resin shed, and it’ll cost around 600 to 800 dollars, which isn’t bad at all.

Our weekend is packed with softball, a wedding, and my best friends 30th birthday party. I’ll be sure to snag some pictures! I hope you all have a great time this weekend, and I’ll see you Monday! 😀 😀

Cable Work, Birthday, Home Coming!

Hey Everyone!

It has been a nice slow day here at work. In a way I enjoy it and in a way it makes the day drag on.

Tomorrow will be a different day. I have 30 patch cables that need ends. That means 60 ends total, possibly more. We are cleaning up our server setup so it no longer looks like a rat’s nest from the switch dying. Again most likely tomorrow we will work on the new set up for the conference room on the second floor. We have 4K TVs and all sorts of goodies going into that room.  This should keep us quite busy for a little while.

I was unable to mow the lawn last night due to my wife getting out of work a bit late. I wasn’t able to watch the baby and mow haha. I am hoping that she will be home before me today so I can get right to it. It isn’t fun to cut grass when it it over 80 degree and humid, from all the hurricane rain leftovers. But, it must get done, so I’ll do it!

Friday is also the day my mother was born all those years ago! 😀 😀 haha Jokes aside we are going to all go eat at a place of her choosing. That is a tradition in my family since as long as I can remember. Fingers crossed that my baby will behave haha.

I was able to book my hotel for my universities home coming events. We go back most every year to see friends and watch the parade and what not. We met in college and we love the town the university is in. If we had it our way we would live there. Thankfully we are only about an hour and a half away, and can visit when ever we want. There may be pipe dreams of the future of buying a lake house out there but we will have to wait and see if that ever becomes a reality.

That is everything from me today, I hope you are enjoying your week day slide into the weekend! I’ll see you all back again tomorrow! 😀 😀

Time For The Weekend!

Hey Everyone!

Friday is here and I couldn’t want it more!

I have to stop at the back after work today to drop off local tax documents. Let me tell you, they scared the crap out of me when they came in the mail. All we received were a couple papers saying that we owed almost $2,000! I was freaking out most of that night. I got it all figured out the next day, when I called the bank. I just have to drop it off for people in the Escrow part of the bank.

Once I get done at the bank, I’m meeting up with my mom. It seems that she is taking me “back to school shopping’ haha. Since I have lost almost 50 pounds over the course of the last 6 months, nothing fits me. My work pants have holes, my shoes are falling apart, and my shirts have me swimming. She told me that we are going to get new clothes haha. I’ll gladly take her up on that. I have no problem getting clothes on my own I just can’t ever justify getting things for myself when I have a family to care for. I would wear rags all day every day if I wasn’t financially comfortable enough to get my own stuff. that is the reason I hold off on clothes, haircuts, and buying my own car. I fear that if I go to far I won’t be able to get out of a hole. I know most of that is very irrational but it always freaks me out. We will probably just hit up a Walmart and get what we can on the cheap, since shes buying.

I also need to stop off at the local Tractor Supply to pick up some more dog food, and treats! With me leaving in the middle of next week I have to make sure we are stocked up for the lady that will, potentially, be watching our pets while we are away.

Yesterday I was able to beat the rain and finally mow my grass after about a week. Living in the city there are specific guidelines for how tall your grass can be. I’m sure I wasn’t that close but it was taller than I would have liked it to be. I love mowing, weed whacking, and edging my yard. It is peaceful for me and gets me out of my own head for a short time.

The rest of this weekends events are unknown to me. I’ll be going with the flow. We have some house work that needs done, and maybe we will find a way to get out and about, at some point.

I have been binge watching Marvel’s “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” I am most of the way through the 3rd season. Netflix show that there are four. I am a huge fan of the Marvel movies and shows. I really like it so far, and hope they don’t ruin it in whatever end it comes to.

That is all I have for my random thoughts Friday post haha. I”ll be back on Monday with a weekend recap, and hope to see you then! 😀 😀

Weekend O’Clock!

Hey Everyone!

This has been a short work week full of surprises. To top it off I will be on my own for the next three weeks at work. My co-worker won’t be back after today until July 28th! He is going with his daughter to Rome and what not with their church. That means it’s my time to shine and earn my keep. I have a list of about five big things I need to get done and anything else that comes my way must get tackled. Wish me luck! 😀

Last night was able to set up my son’s 529 account. It is exciting and scary at the same time! I transferred everything I have saved so far into an ‘Aggressive Growth’ plan. By the time he is 18-20 it should be about 80% bonds and 20% stocks. I mean if I’m going to do this thing I’m going big. I didn’t have any help financially from my parents, so anything is better than nothing, so I’ll shoot for the stars! I love that they have a Ugift, i think, thing where you can tell family and friends about it and they can donate right to it for birthdays and what not. I’ll be using that as much as I can. I have the paperwork going through today for the direct deposit from my pay check so that way I can’t screw it up haha. Fingers crossed we can get a good haul for him!

Lets see… This weekend my wife and I are going to go get out of town for a bit and do some shopping, window I hope. 😉 It will be nice to keep getting out of the house regularly so she doesn’t get cabin fever and what not. It will be nice to do something just for us finally. Sunday I have a double header in softball and that should be about it. With any luck I’ll be motivated to cut the grass again lol.

That’s all from me today! If I watch any good movies I’ll try getting a review out soon. It seems like a long time since the last one! I haven’t ran into many stories that I care about in the news to set those up either. We will see! thanks for reading and I hope you all have a great weekend! 😀 😀

P.S. Here is a picture of my cute son:


Garbage Person & Ramblings (Short)

Hey Everyone!

I hope you are having a better day than Steve Stephens! If you don’t know by now he was the Facebook live killer, who killed an innocent man the other day in Cleveland. The only reason I bring it up at all is that I was just in Erie, Pa visiting family Sunday! I also only live a short distance from there.


This smug bastard, was just found dead in his car, due to a self inflicted gun shot wound, in Erie. I wish I could say that I have any remorse at all for this guy, but I don’t. He is/was a monster. I won’t waste anymore time on a garbage person like this, so I will leave it at that.

Any who! I was able to mow my grass for the first time ever at my house. It was a super nice day and the cut grass smelled amazing. It’s funny the things you miss during the winter months. I was able to mow and weed eat everything in about a half hour. That isn’t bad at all.

My wife and I finished up the thank you cards for everyone that attended the baby shower yesterday as well. She wasn’t feeling great so I went to the closest mailbox and dropped them off myself.

The rest of the night was lazy and relaxed. We had homemade tacos for dinner, and watched some Netflix.

Today at work I have finished up the next batch of PCs to push out. Soon we will have ten at the same time. That will take a while to set up haha, I usually do two a month. The ten will be for the engineers, and we like to have them all on the same page in case there is an issue.

Not much else of anything is going on today. I can’t wait to get home and find something to do. Ooh on another note we may have found a good name for our son, but I won’t be able to clue you in until later, but that is exciting news. Speaking of the baby, he is healthy and moving around often. We can be expecting him anytime really, within this next 30 days! Damn that came quick, I hope we are as ready as we can be! 😀

I hope you all enjoyed my ramblings today. I know it was a bit quick, but hey! Life can’t be exciting everyday haha. I’ll see you all again tomorrow! 😀 😀