What A Weekend!

Hey Everyone!

We need to just jump right in here. Friday I left work a bit early so that I could return my broken router and get another one. I was able to get everything I needed and activated just in time. I crossed my fingers and powered it up, and to my surprise it worked! We were not doomed to live like cavemen this weekend haha. It is hilarious to me that we rely so heavily on the internet now a days. I mean don’t get my wrong, it is partly my livelihood, but still funny to see how it has taken over.

Saturday started out nice an innocent. We woke up like normal and waited for my wife’s mother to come into town. Shortly after we got all dressed up and went out to get a few family pictures. We really don’t have any where Everett is looking because we never have anyone to get his attention. Saturday we did! Here is one of those pictures:


Afterwards we went home and relaxed for a little bit before going out to my company’s Christmas party. I went out a day or two before and grabbed some stuff for mixed drinks, so that I was covered for the party. My mistake was bringing it all with me instead of portioning out all I wanted to drink. We got to the party around 6pm and proceeded to east a nice dinner of brisket, chicken, potatoes, corn, and beans. The food was catered by a local BBQ restaurant. Throughout the night I just kept filling up my cup, not thinking much about it. Our company hired a comedic magician, for the nights entertainment. He was pretty funny and did a handful of decent illusions. He wasn’t the greatest, but what can you expect from a local company Christmas party haha. Afterwards the DJ turned on the music and the light dimmed. At this point I had already had too much to drink not even realizing it. That is my issue with drinking in general. Once I get going it is hard for me to make myself stop, since I’m no longer thinking correctly. That is why I need to portion what I bring in the future so I don’t have a choice, but to stop at the right amount. That is, if I want to drink at all. I rarely do now. For some reason I always compare, Cale today with Cale from college. Let me be the first to tell you they aren’t the same people anymore and don’t share the same tolerance for alcohol. I guess my thinking was I would be OK and for the night and I knew Everett was taken care of so I could let loose a little bit. I just over did it, and that was a mistake. I don’t want to set bad examples for my son, so I’ll be sure to take it easy in all future endeavors.

I rode home with my parents and got home around 11pm. I was trying to go to sleep and found myself instantly sick to my stomach. I ended up getting sick three times that night. When I woke up I still wasn’t feeling well, as I’m sure you could imagine. I was unable to eat or drink, because my stomach was still upset. My wife, her mother, and Everett went shopping and while they were gone I got sick again! Thankfully after that last time I felt much better. I was able to eat and drink a ton of water. This got me back on my feet a bit. Later that day My wife’s brother and family came down. We were having our kids pose for Christmas pictures, to give to the families. My nephew is old enough to run around so of course that is what he did. It was tough to get him to be in the same picture as Everett. We did manage to get a few good ones with the help of everyone there haha. I don’t have them to show you but they are really cute. They are wearing matching Buffalo flannel clothing, with a white background.

Once everyone left Everett and I took a couple hour long naps that we both clearly needed. this gave my wife time to catch up on some of her work from the week before. I woke up feeling very refreshed and much better. Monday I had the day off, to meet with the plumbers. It was the day that we were getting our sewer main fixed. Finally! I woke up and took Everett to the babysitter. the plumbers came around 9am and were done by 1pm. First they dug out the floor of my basement to get at the problem pipe.


Upon realizing that it wasn’t a true house trap, and only a ‘U’ they told me I could just have a ‘T’ put in and that it would be much cheaper, with no downside. (I asked haha)Β  So that is what they did.


When they were done they filled it all back in and we were good to go!


As of this afternoon the concrete should be good to go. I was originally quoted $2100 by another company. This company came in and quoted me at $1600. Once finding out that I could have a easier fix they said it would be half, so like $800. When the bill was handed to me it was only $520!!! I couldn’t believe it. That made me and my wallet very happy.

Today I am back at work and all is well. We are getting about two feet of snow today and tomorrow so we may see how well my snow blower works haha. Thank you for stopping by. I hope you had a nice weekend. C-ya tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


Weekend Update!

Hey Everyone!

I was unable to have a “Coffee Talk” on Friday. We, very oddly enough, were busy at work on a a Friday morning.

That being said I had a productive work day, and a great weekend. Saturday we tried our best to get some good sleep in. We didn’t have anything to do until we left around noon. Of course we got up and played with the babe. We left around noon to go back to my wife’s hometown. We would spend the day with her grandparents. Before that though we stopped at her dad’s house. This was to of course see them, and to get Everett his very first hair cut. Yes it has only been 5 months, but he came out with a head full of hair and it had to happen.

Here is Everett sitting with his grandfather and uncle! I think this was right before he got his hair cut. I don’t have a great before and after picture but it was a big difference.


Here is him after the hair cut.


His neck line is now all shaped up, and his hair around his ears is all trimmed nicely. He looks like a real little man haha. So cute.

I also got to spend some time with my little brother in-law Remington! Hes a handful. I introduced him to being tossed in the air and after that he never left my side haha.


Again, back to spending the day with her grandparents. We left her dad’s and met her grandparents at Red Lobster. We ate a really nice dinner there and headed back to their house. Her grandfather makes wine, so I had to indulge. I don’t often get to really enjoy having a few drinks because we are always out with our boy, so it was nice to know we were in for the night and really have a few. Later that evening my wife’s brother and his family came over to see us. The real reason we were in town was for their son’s first birthday party, Sunday. We hung out with them and introduced Everett to him. It was cute, he is starting to walk on his own and looks like a little drunk guy.

My wife’s grandmother hurt her foot a while back and has it in a cast. She usually does everything around the house, including the cooking and cleaning. That next morning to help her out I made the breakfast for everyone and my wife helped clean around a bit. It was the least we could do. Afterwards we got ready for the birthday party.

Once we got to their barn, where they had the party, we showed Everett their goats!


I’m not really sure what he thought about them haha. We currently live in the city, but if we ever get the chance to live out a bit further I would love to have chickens and goats!

This next picture is of the birthday boy himself! He didn’t destroy his cake the way other kids do, but he did enjoy himself and ate plenty of it.


After they opened his gifts and had the cake we had to head home. Traveling with a baby is no joke! Just going all around with him all weekend was enough to make him fussy all last night. It is tough for him to get back in the swing of things after a weekend like that.Β  Once we were home we had clothes to wash, bottles to clean, and another birthday to celebrate!

That’s right, my dad’s birthday is technically today. We dropped all our crap at the door and headed back out to the buffet. Once we ate it was back to their house for some ice cream. It was very yummy! Then we finally got home for good. I gave Everett a bath and his hair naturally dries like this.


And that was our weekend!

I hope you all enjoyed yours as well. I’ll be seeing you again tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Weekend Update!

Hey Everyone!

I hope you have enjoyed the hot weekend! But we are back with another weekend update, brought to you by Monday. πŸ˜€

Saturday morning I woke up and met my brother at my dad’s house. We got everything we needed to go work on the cabin for the day. We had some stuff out there already which is nice, that way we don’t always have to keep carrying everything through the woods all the time. We got to camp and started working on the floor. Here you can see my brother cutting a notch in a floor board:


Since the cabin is being made by complete amateurs it isn’t square. That being said, each piece needs a little TLC, to fit correctly. Here my brother is marking the part that needs to be cu down a bit:


We had my brothers dogs out there with us. They are zero help. haha. They like to watch what was going on and play in the creek. My dad brought one of his dogs, but he got attacked in a way, by the big black dog, so he stayed in the car. I felt bad for him, he is scared often but he loves coming out to camp, and wasn’t able to enjoy any of it. But on the bright side he ad a couple nice car rides!


Here we are finally done for the day. We could have worked much longer, but the problem with having no electricity and a limited amount of batteries is that they will eventually die. :/


We have three more boards to secure to the floor then we can frame the remaining three walls. Once that is done it is off to the races. We can get the door and windows in, as well as add the outside walls. It will come together quickly, and be a real place to stay after that. We will continue to work on the inside as well.

Sunday was a hot hot hot day to play softball, but we got it done! It got to about 92 degrees of just beating down heat with a clear sky. Like normal, we had two games. We won the first one and lost the second one, but we weren’t upset because we were just out played. In other news my boy Everett was able to come down to the fields for the first time in his life. Here you can see my mom feeding him:

Cale (1 of 6)

And again burping him πŸ˜€ :

Cale (2 of 6)

After the games my wife wanted a couple more pictures to commemorate the experience. So even though I look awful here they are haha:

Cale (5 of 6)Cale (6 of 6)

Later that night we had some homemade Stromboli for dinner and finished the night off with some ice cream. Much to my surprise I weight myself again for the first time in a little bit and look what I saw (pardon my gross feet):


For the first time in my ‘eating better’ diet I am under 200lbs! Woo! That is awesome. I’m still doing basically no exercise other than softball and the occasional pushups. I am just eating healthier and having better portions. It is a great feeling.

That was my weekend! I hope you had a great one too. I’ll be back again tomorrow. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

PC Game Night!

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday was more a day of gaming. I know that doesn’t interest most of you but it is nice to take some time and play a game that puts you in an alternate reality. Of course I came home and did the husbandly duties. My wife still isn’t feeling well, and we needed groceries. (damn I can never spell that word) I ran out and got those, as well as started some laundry, and cleared the dishes from the kitchen.

I first started playing GTA-V since I hadn’t been on it in a long time. I ran a few of their stunt races, and did very poorly haha. They all look similar to this:


You run around the regular map with up to 15 other people and use your custom cars. The developers made these races as an extension to the regular races, and they are a pretty big hit. They recently came out with some new vehicles too, so I wanted to check that out also.

I switched gears and played some Rainbow 6: Siege. I just played some casual games since I wasn’t in good form. The last thing I want to to go unprepared into a competitive game, and piss people off haha. I had some fun. The matchmaking was giving quite the range of opponents, but I was on point with my aim and movement.Β  I hooked up with a good group of random guys and we played about four games together as a team. We won each one fairly convincingly. So I figured that was a good place to stop. I usually keep playing and playing, then end up getting mad when I do poorly and quit in anger. So to remedy that I end on a high note and come back to it later or on another day. Here are the operators you can choose while playing:


You can see where they are from on the left, as well as whether they are attackers or defenders. Each operator has their own unique talent, which makes them special. There are two missing in this picture and they are the new-ish Spanish operators. (Shown below)


After leaving Rainbow 6 behind, and on a good note, I switched to the increasingly popular Rocket League. I got stuck early on in this season with crappy competitive rank. Playing in the random 3v3 league will do that sometimes. I started doing a few casual games and then hopped into a few comps. I was able to win four or five of the six or seven games that I played, in ranked. I went from a middle tier silver rank to a middle tier gold rank, so I am pretty happy about that.Β  Here is a quick shot of my favorite map, the Aquadome:


You can see the marine life through out the whole game, moving and swimming all over. The graphics can be outstanding if your PC can run it all on high or ultra.

But that about sums up my night. Nothing really going on, and had some time to kill.

I hope you enjoyed this installment, and I hope to see you all back again tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

The Little Prince (Edit 200th Post!!!!)

Hey Everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend, even though they seem to go by way too quick!

Ohhh, where to start…um I’m having trouble remembering what I did Friday after work. It must not have been too important. I know we didn’t do much until Sunday, but I should have somthing to say haha. I know we wanted to have a full on game night and that never transpired. My brother worked on Friday and they were busy Saturday.

Saturday we cleaned the house and that took most of the day. We did watch a movie at random on Netflix, that turned out to be one of my favorite movies, for what it is. It is the 2015 animated movie ‘The Little Prince.’ It is a movie based around the book. There are two types of animation to differentiate, the movie from the ‘story’ within the story. It is super cute, yet at the same time tackles big issues. It is about true life, death, ego, greed, emotions, and remembrance. If you have a spare hour and forty eight minutes give it a watch. Even though it is animated there are some very recognizable voices. You can hear Jeff Bridges as ‘The Aviator’, Rachel McAdams as ‘The Mother’, James Franco as ‘The Fox’, Benicio Del Toro as ‘The Snake’, Ricky Gervais as ‘The Conceited Man’, and finally Paul Rudd as ‘Mr. Prince’.Β  I was pleasantly surprised that we picked a newer animated movie that didn’t suck. Here are a couple linksΒ  for more information: IMDB and The Story.


Sunday, I got together with my mom, dad, and brother to work out. I choose not to bother working out since I have lost all of the will to do so. I am however on a very successful, healthy diet. Sunday was special since we don’t usually get together. My brother asked if we could go to my companies, small gym, since you have to work here to get in. I agreed and my dad, who also works here, brought my mom. We were there for about an hour and a half, and man am I sore. I haven’t worked out like that since early college. It felt good and even the soreness proves to be a welcomed feeling. Once we left the gym I was able to get home and take a shower, just in time for my mother in-law and sister in-law to show up. they live about an hour and a half away and were coming to drop off a baby stroller for us and hang out. We played ‘Telestrations’ for a little bit and ate lunch. The stroller is freaking awesome! It all popped right into place and folds right up for easy travel/storage. It came with a car seat and a base. We have the whole travel system with this thing. The car seat latches right to the stroller and is perfect. I of course failed to get a picture but here is a stock image of the same model: pTRU1-22065431enh-z6

Today I have been able to organize my thoughts a bit better. I created a ‘Home To-do List’, that should keep me on track and put things in order. I have it dropped in my One-Drive folder so I can access it from anywhere. As a quick update I have finally found a video about my damn tub. I think I now know how to get that cap off. I looked this weekend and realized that cutting an access port would be pointless, with how small the work area would be. If I have to I’ll pop it off and just seal the whole thing up and never worry about it again haha.

I hope you have enjoyed your stay with me today! πŸ˜€ I’d like to ask you all to let me know of a movie you have watched recently that has made a good impression on you. It can be anything from just a fun movie to watch, all the way to something heartfelt and touching. Let me know what it was and why you liked it, maybe a little backstory! You know…if you want to.Β 

I’ll see you all back again tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

What A Monday!

Hey Everyone!

I left work a bit early yesterday, to get my furniture together and in place. I sadly don’t have any pictures, for an OK reason haha.

Everything that was supposed to come did, and it filled my porch! I got home and drug everything into my living room. I took the three boxes for the bed frame upstairs to the bed room, left the two boxes with the end tables downstairs, and was left with a huge box containing the dresser. I decided the best thing to do would be to clean the floor in the bedroom, roll out the rug, and get to work on the frame. It was very simple, to my surprise, to put together. The pieces were bulky and it was a bit tricky to get the rails in since they have to go in both ends and I’m only one man lol. I got it together and had to turn the whole thing around. DOH! Bad planning on my part.

I went down stairs and thought to myself “How am I going to get this dresser upstairs?” The box was wider than my stairwell, and I figured it was in pieces in the box waiting to be assembled. Wrong! I opened the box and to my surprise again, it was completely ready to go and heavy as all get out. I left that until later.

I quickly got moving on the next task, the end tables. They again were simple, the hardest part is opening the box and trying not to get Styrofoam all over the place. I assembled both of those tables in about an hour and had myself a half time beer. It taste great, like I expected.

So now I’m sitting in my living room staring at this big dresser and decided to text my brother, to see if he would come help me. Go figure yesterday was his first day back on first sift at work! He wouldn’t be free to help me until her got home from work, picked up his baby, and ate dinner with his fiance. So while I was waiting I did remember to take a picture of my tote storage! I know you are all excited. Here it is:


The five closest gray totes are empty and at the end we have our Christmas tree and other things that won’t or don’t go in totes. This fixture was already here but it was a cluttered mess. Up top we have extra flooring for our dining room and living room,as well as replacement tiles for our bathroom. It makes me feel much better knowing that we do have some room for stuff, since we are having a baby in May.

My brother came over and we went ahead and took all the drawers, which made the dresser a bit lighter in weight. We then carried it carefully up the stairs, so we didn’t chip any of the paint on the wall. We got it in the room and went back down to get the drawers. Once they were in we head up to Lowes to grab adhesive felt for the bottoms of furniture. I have been worried this whole time that our nice floors were going to get all jacked up by all this new stuff. He dropped me back off at home and I went to town putting those felt pads on everything. By the time I was done it was about 8:30 and I forgot to take any pictures. I may remember tonight so stay tuned!

That was my exciting night!

Thank you for stopping by, I really appreciate it. Since I have talked a lot about storage, let me know in the comments below what you use in your house as storage. Let me know if you like your current setup or not, as well as what your dream storage system would be! I’d love to see what you all do. I’ll see you all tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Dreary Monday

Hey Everyone!

This weekend I went back to my wife’s hometown for a visit. She was also there to take maternity pictures for her brother and his fiance. We had a nice dinner with her whole family on Friday night. Later in the evening we played a train dominos game, drank some homemade wine, and caught the World Series game. I may have had just a bit too much homemade wine but it is too good to put down. He has been making it for years and years. H has it pretty well perfected. He makes it in a second garage, and has enough for a whole town of people. It is always readily available.

Saturday morning we got up and got ready so that my wife could get up to er brother’s house for some pictures. It was nice catching up with him while I could since we don’t see him very often. I stayed back at their house and cleaned up his PC while they were out getting their pictures taken. I was able to see the room they decorated for the baby, and its cute with trees and animals and what not. We had a quick lunch back at her grandma’s house and then headed over to her dad’s house. He just had a baby, which is a bit weird, but it works. The baby is a little chunker right now and is all smiles. We visit with them for a bit then headed home.

Sunday I was planning on getting some things done around the house, playing video games, and watching the Cowboys beat the Eagles. All of this didn’t happen though. Late Saturday night my brother text me and asked what I was doing on Sunday. He said that he had to drive 3 hours away to go get something. I told him if he wanted me to go with him that I would have to know what it was haha. He let me know that he was going to get another dog. Not just any dog but another Great Dane. Her name is Pepper and she is 14 weeks old:


This was taken in the car. She was a bit nervous at first, leaving her sister and the only home she has known. This changed once she saw her new home and family. She was in the yard and playing with their other, three year old, Great Dane. She was happy to run all around the house and play with everything. That took most of my day so I didn’t get anything else done.

Today is just cold, wet, and dreary. I cam in early again to cover for my coworker. Thankfully she will be back tomorrow. I have to look into home insurance options and hear back from the owners about the cable that we would like fixed. Things are moving and changing for the better. That is all I know for now. I’ll keep you posted, have a great Monday! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Monday Mashup

Hey Everyone!

I had a pretty busy weekend, fun but busy. To be honest I don’t remember what happened Friday for no particular reason. BUUUT Saturday was the busiest of days. I had to get up early, as it was that day that my cousin Mike would get his third degree. He would be a Master Mason by lunch lol. This has been a long process but is all worth it in the end. My grandpa, uncle, dad, brother, and cousin were there. Once he was initiated we became the family with the most active members in our lodge. So now there are three generations in our lodge and six active members. Since we were all available and had my grandpa in town we decided to show him around my dad’s land. We stopped at a local restaurant and had a a very nice lunch. My little brother met us there. We were at this point all changed out of our suits and into our woodland clothing. It was a cold and windy day but it was the only one we had. We brought a few 4-wheeled machines to help everyone get around. Before we left for the day we shot my brothers crossbow from my dad’s new deer stand. They are really fun by the way. We then all parted ways and went home.

Our day didn’t end there though. We went over to my aunt and uncles house for a nice pumpkin diner. After that we went to a Pure Prairie League concert. It was being held at a local theater here in town. My mom won extra tickets and I gladly took them off her hands and went with my wife. Here is a link to the only song I knew haha: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4xp2lgiAjY . They are a bit older than they were in 1970 but they still know how to have a good time. It was a very enjoyable evening.

This takes us to Sunday. My in-laws made the trip to see us for a little bit. My wife’s grandparents came as well as my fairly new sister in-law. She is due to have her baby early-ish November I think. They stopped by and we all went to lunch at family owned and operated local diner. I have gone there my whole life and love their food. The kid that runs it now is my age and is a good friend. After lunch we stopped at the property that we are currently buying, to show them where it is and get a sneak peek. The rest of the day was spent playing Rainbow 6 with the new operators I unlocked, with a few buddies. It has quickly become my favorite game. I have a little over 34 hours in game and have reached level 44 in that short time. My screen name on UPlay is Mandrake888 look me up if you want to play.

Today has been pretty busy since my only other networking co-worker is off until Wednesday. I have had a few more things than normal to do but it has made the day go quickly. For a Monday, I’ll take it. Tonight my wife and I will be getting groceries and watching ‘The Flash’ on the CW at 8 pm eastern.

That is all for today. I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend, and I hope you have a great week. I’ll see you again tomorrow!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

House & Blood Drive

Hey There Everyone!

We are closing in on getting a house! We are going to meet with the realtor today at about 4 pm. We have an accepted offer and are moving forward. This is all super new to us and we are excited to get it all done with and be in a space of our own. I am anxious to see what all the payments will be, I’m not a fan of not knowing certain things. One of them being prices and costs of items. It is a house on the North side of town just by the outskirts. It is small but they use the basement and attic space so it seems much larger. There is a deep one stall garage and a decent back yard. We were looking for a bigger yard and maybe a two stall garage but this will work well. It is a 4 bed, 2 bath house which is great. the best part is that the house is finished. There is no need for anything other than paint on the inside, for now. We would like to fence in the yard and maybe pave the driveway but who knows.

I gave blood today at work. We have a local blood bank come every so often and I make sure to go every time. Knowing that you can single handedly save three lives just by donating is a great feeling. I have been donating since high school pretty regularly. So that is about 10 years now. I had it timed just right so when I got done it would be time for lunch haha. My planned worked amazingly.

I just received two new PC here at wok and need to get working on them. One will be replacing my own. Hopefully nothing goes wrong. I don’t think it will and I don’t think it will effect my posting but in case you don’t hear from me I may have blown everything up haha.

Again I am leaving work early to work with our realtor so this is a quicker post. If you have any advice for us as we move forward in buying a house it is welcomed. I’ll be sure to see you all tomorrow. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Wedding Weekend

Welcome Back Everyone!

If feels like it has been a long time since I posted last, just because I didn’t have a post for Friday. We will just jump right into it.

Friday I left work early to go home and pack for the wedding that my wife and I were going to. We left about mid afternoon, back to our old college town. This was were the wedding was being held. We were glad to get away from family and pets for the weekend. We booked a room at a local Comfort Suites. We are pretty sure that we didn’t get the room that we booked. We bought and paid for a suite and seemingly just got a normal room with a king bed. That was ok, we could handle it. After checking in we headed to the venue for the rehearsal. Again, reason being that my wife was one of the bridesmaids. The rehearsal went smoothly and we headed to a local brewery for dinner. They had a decent sized vegan buffet for everyone. I am in no way a vegan but some of the food they had there was really good. I kind of regret not getting any good pictures of the food or the wedding venue. I’ll find you a good one from google πŸ˜‰


This is the barn that held the reception at the same place. The rest of the yard is a garden and that is where they got married. One more, major thing popped up before Friday night ended. For me it kind of spiraled my ideal weekend out of control. My wife had all the bridesmaids write a letter to the bride. Well she remembered late Friday night that she left one back home over an hour and a half away. She wanted to give them to her in the morning. I got a hold of my parents and they agreed to meet us half way with the letter Saturday morning. We made our way back to the hotel and I decided to check in on the pool and hot tub, since I planned on spending my whole day in there until the wedding. Again, spiral, the hot tub was down for maintenance. DOH! This wasn’t looking good for me.

Saturday came and my wife went to get her hair done. I had woken up with splitting headache. I stayed in bed until she got back. We then had to get in the car and rush down to meet my parents. We picked up the letter and came back. I dropped my wife off at the venue and went back to the hotel. Finally, a chance to hangout and try to get rid of my headache. This was a great idea until my wife calls me and asked if she forgot her bra, which she did. So as I was getting comfortable I got up and got dressed again. I brought it to her and at this point I didn’t really even want to go to the wedding.

I showered twice and got my headache to subside. I made it o the wedding. It was nice and sunny with a slight breeze. It was a quick but nice ceremony. One thing that stood out was that they made a “Unity” PB&J instead of sand or a candle. That was neat. We retired to the tents behind the barn and waited for the bridal party to get pictures. I met up with my wife’s family and caught up with them a bit. Dinner came and it was good. They had it catered by a BBQ restaurant in the area. We had BBQ chicken and pulled pork, with corn bread muffins, potatoes, and mac and cheese. They had a good DJ and the reception lasted another six hours.

The next day we got up and ready to go. We had to be out of the hotel by 11am. They had a minimal breakfast each morning that was nothing special, but it was food. We got our stuff and didn’t feel like we relaxed at all the whole weekend. We got home and finished up some house work that we ignored. Over all I’m glad we went, it was nice, and we did end up having a pretty good time. Some things didn’t go our way but we did the best with the situations that arose.

I hope you all had a great weekend. If you did anything exciting feel free to let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear about it. I” be seeing you all again tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€