Around The Water Cooler!

Hey Everyone!

A bit late today but never the less, I am here.

I had a few unexpected events happen today. First I was asked by my coworker to go give blood. It was out of the blue and I hadn’t done it in a while so I figured, why not? So around 10:45am we left the office ans went and gave blood across town. It was at his wife’s place of business so it was laid back and kinda fun.

Later, after we arrived back at the office, I was invited to go out to lunch with one of our vendors. This particular vendor comes from an hour and a half away and hits multiple client spots all in the same day. This time he was taking us out to lunch and just chatting about our current projects. We went to a nice little dive in town that I had never eaten atΒ  before, surprisingly. I ordered a turkey panini with cajun french fries. It was really good! I’m going to have to take my wife there some time soon.

In other news Everett woke up today not feeling well, I guess. My wife called me and told me that he was just laying and staring. He wasn’t very active and looked like he wasn’t having a good morning. 😦 He seemed fine last night and slept all night without any issues. She thinks that he may be just teething and we both hope it is nothing more. I just text her and she said he was playing a bit more than he was, so hopefully he is feeling better.

This weekend we have a few things to do around the house, like taking down our pool and possibly our umbrella in the yard. Saturday we have my niece’s second birthday party, down at the park where we play softball. It should be a good time, and if Everett is up for it, he can play with his cousins. I’m not sure if we have anything going on Sunday, but we may go work on the cabin some more to try and button things up for winter.

That is all from me today. I hope you all have had a great Friday, and I hope you have a great weekend! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


Bits of Everything!

Hey Everyone!

This will have to be another quick post. Today for lunch we met in the cafeteria and ate with one of the summer help kids that worked within our department. We had a couple departments there and the new VP. It was nice to just chat with everyone a little bit because we don’t always see each other.

It is pouring down rain here today. It was pouring down rain last nigh as well. I’m sure my yard is flooded lol, and I hope it hasn’t come into the house. Fingers crossed! We haven’t had a ‘flood’ in a while so I hope we are ok. It has been a nice reminder that the summer is, sadly, ending soon. 😦

Everett has a haircut scheduled for tonight around 6pm. This will be his 4th cut in less than two years. His hair grows pretty darn fast.

I was also informed that tonight we have a Masonic practice. I found out about it this morning. It got lost in the long month. It is usually the 4th Wednesday in the month and general the next Wednesday is our meeting at the beginning of the next month. Months like this one have five Wednesdays and screw everything up haha. They are going to motion at the next meeting to just have it be the last Wednesday of each month. That will be much better.

Lastly today is my pay day! Woo! I was finally able to put a couple bucks into each of my savings accounts this time.Β  XD I’m hoping to keep saving until I hit my own set buffer amount and keep going. That way I can feel safe in getting a few things done and know that I didn’t just drain the whole account.

That is it for me today. I hope you have a less rainy Wednesday than me, and I hope to see you back again tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Monday Photo Dump!

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to the start of the week! We did quite a bit this weekend. Friday we went to Pizza Hut with my parents for dinner and Everett was being a normal goofball.


Saturday morning we headed back to the cabin. We are hoping to have the beds in before the start of the hunting season. We added stairs to the front and added boards to the ceiling. Some of the wall pieces are missing, because they are all pieces we have to cut to a custom size.


This area will be the bed room, with bunks on the right and left.


This next one is looking from the kitchen area to the bedroom. We have that half wall up to divide the room.


While I was at camp my wife’s two friends came into town. One of them has a little three month old. We got ready and went to the county fair for a few hours.



Next is a must have golf cart. Just sayin. πŸ˜€


Towards the end we lowered Everett’s stroller and he passed right out!


Sunday we went out to visit my wife’s dad. He has been in a nursing home for a little bit now. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s a while ago and can no longer live on his own. It is pretty sad because he isn’t very old. He remembers us and Everett and loves holding him.


We were able to meet with his wife and their kid Remi and take him to the courtyard. The kids ran around like crazy.


The lady in the wheelchair is Lois. She has sort of been watching over my wife’s dad while people aren’t around. She came out with us and loved seeing the boys.


Everett and Uncle Remi are playing here with some cars on the little bench.


Later to round out the day and make the most out of it we met with her grandparents and brother’s family for lunch. It was at a very nice golf course in the area. They have great food and service.


If you have your volume on you can hear Everett slurp up his noodles haha. if you look close you can even see his top teeth! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Once we got home, we got in our comfy clothes and watched some New Girl. Everett has been looking though his legs so my wife was doing it too and he was laughing hysterically.


That was our weekend! We did a lot and it was, like always, worth it. I hope you had a great weekend too! I’ll see you all again tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Great Surprise & Happy Birthday To Me!

Hey Everyone!

I was sitting at work Friday trying to figure out if I wanted to even try to cut the grass in the heat after work. When out of no where I receive a text from my brother. About four weeks early, my new niece Bridget Jo was coming into this world! We all now assume that the due date was a bit off as she is of a normal height and weight. She was 6lb 13.3oz and was 18.5in long. She was born at 2pm on the dot, Friday the 13th! My plans to cut the grass took a back seat, to visiting them in the hospital.


Everything went well from what we know and we look forward to watching her grow, like her sister!

I must admit I have more pictures for this post, from this weekend. Do you think for a second that I could transfer them from my phone to my PC when I needed them? NOPE, me either! haha If they come though I’ll post them. As I was typing this those first set of pictures came through, but none of the other ones. Darn computers! πŸ˜€

So as you can tel our Friday was exciting! Saturday was busy. We headed out to a local park near my wife’s family, for her family reunion. Her uncles were back in town and we wanted to see everyone. Everett had a great time on the playground. Afterwards we stopped in to see her dad, and his family. We don’t make it out to see them as long as we want to so I think we are trying to plan a weekend just for them in the near future. Once that was said and done, we headed to yet another party. My cousins co-ed bridal shower. It was also at a nice park, with games and volleyball. They had a silent little aution that was put together by the wedding party, as well as a somewhat catered bbq for dinner. It was pretty freakin delicious! πŸ˜€

Sunday, my brother and I woke up and had a double header in our slow pitch softball league. If you can remember back a bit, I have been telling them that I’m the reason we have been winning, since the only two weekends we have lost were the two I missed being in Colorado. I’m glad to say that I will be saying that heading into the end of season tournament in two weeks, because we won them both again. This year out of 17 teams we are 4th with a record of 12 and 4 I believe. We were 2 in 4 after the 3rd week, but have won the last 5 weekends in a row! We will be seeded in the ‘A’ league for the tournament and hope to do as well as we can. If it stays as hot as its been I’m ok with only playing a few games haha. After our games we stopped at my brother’s house to have a nice family lunch for my birthday.

That brings us to today, by actual birthday! Woo and Nooo, all at once. I am the big 30 this year. It is bitter sweet. I think this is about the age where as a younger boy I thought that was the age of old people haha. Something about it makes it a bit sad. The rest of me is fine with it. I know I have a somewhat older than myself audience, and by no means am I trying to say that I am ‘old’, but I think this is a milestone year for most where they feel a little more divided from the younger generations. Just a day ago I could play ball with a 19 year old and it seemed pretty normal, all of a sudden its a teen and a 30 year old man haha. I’m not really too bothered by it. πŸ˜€ My wife and son will go have a nice dinner tonight to celebrate. I didn’t really want a party of any kind so we are keeping it quiet tonight. Just the fact that our family is growing and I got to see everyone is A OK with me! πŸ˜€

P.S. Totally unrelated, I put in the last damn piece to that crazy UPS project this morning. I have had to wait and wait and wait to do this thing and I did it! Everything is looking good and I’m going to wash my hands of it all haha.

That is all for me today! I hope you have a great day today, because it is my birthday! πŸ˜€ I’ll be back again tomorrow, and I hope to see you all then! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Quick Post!

Hey Everyone!

Today is Valentines Day, and my post will…not really be about it haha.

My wife and I have no plans, I got her flowers and that is about it. We will spend the night together at home with our boy and that will be enough. πŸ˜€

This boy:


Last night we went and got groceries after work. That is where that picture was taken. We had some homemade chicken quesadillas for dinner and watched the gold medal mixed doubles curling game. Over all it was a good time. My wife made brownies, which doesn’t help either of us stay or get healthy haha, but they are good! πŸ˜€

We are about to have a Valentines Day luncheon at work so I am trying to get this post out a bit quicker than normal. We have homemade lasagna, as well as some snacks and other goodies.

In other news, I have found a couple jobs in the area we are looking to move to. I am scared to apply because that will make it all real to me. Real that I would have to leave my current job. Real that we would be up rooting our life. Real that we would be putting a house down and selling ours. Don’t get me wrong, I think it would be the best for us, it is just going to have a few awful things involved and a few very stressful months. Timing is still key. If I apply and get a job there I’ll have to leave and live with her grandparents until our house sells and the new house is in. If I get a job late, then I’ll have to stay put while they move out, if our house has sold. Its all really crazy and it isn’t very easy. More to come on this later, I’m sure.

That is all for me today, I hope you have a nice Valentines Day, and I’ll see you all again tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Coffee Talk!

Hey Everyone!

It is 8:05 am and I am starting my early morning ‘Coffee Talk’ off right. I just had my first cup of coffee and I am ready to end this day! haha.

I get a nice four day weekend and a ton of family time this weekend, so the quicker this day goes the better. That being said today won’t be a bad day by any means. Here at work they are having an ugly sweater contest, that I failed to enter. :/ I know, I know. I was late to the game and tried to find one last night. I went to five different stores and failed each and every time. Maybe next year. We are also having a Christmas luncheon. Most departments in our company agreed to bring in certain items and we will have a nice lunch.

I’m guessing my day will be pretty lack luster. Not may people like to report any issues on a Friday, and definitely not on a Friday with a long weekend. After lunch my wife will be bringing Everett into the office. He came in when he was just a month or so old, and I have had some requests from some employees to see him again. She works a half day-ish today so she is bringing him in.

Speaking of Everett, he is exactly seven months old today! It is hard to believe, I know, but it is true. He is sitting, rolling, and working on crawling and standing. To be honest I see him standing and walking before he crawls haha. He has mumbled a few things that sound like words, and has started to gnaw on some solid foods.

What are your plans for the holiday weekend? Are you doing any traveling? How many people are you going to see? Do you have any fun holiday traditions? Let me know in the comments below.

Remember I will be back Wednesday the 27th with, I’m sure, a giant weekend update. I’ll see ya then! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

BLW & Fun DIY!

Hey Everyone!

Last night we had some hamburger and tater tots for dinner. As I mentioned before we are trying ‘Baby Led Weaning’ for solid foods, so it was only right to give Everett some.


He mad a little bit of a mess and was more into the tater tots, I think because they might have had more of a taste. He doesn’t really ‘eat’ much of it. It is more like let me put it in my mouth until I spit most of it out, for now. haha


Sorry for this blurry one but he was moving a round a bit. We figured we would try some tomato as well. We sliced him up a few pieces and he liked it surprisingly well. It is obviously more juicy, but I wasn’t sure if he would like the taste. Despite that face he was making he gnawed on that the longest.

The rest of the night I played a few video games and watch the Tampa Bay, Atlanta game on ESPN.

Today we have a retirement lunch, again, at work. It seems like every week lately. Who am I to complain about free lunch though haha. this particular guy has been with the company for 43 years. That is a loooong time, especially in this day and age.

I was also a little bored and knew that we had some old left over PC parts. I have seen a bunch of these things online and decided to make my very own. I asked the guy in the tool crib for glue, and found the rest buried in our cabinets.


Ta Da! A RAM Christmas wreath. I am pretty impressed with how it came out. Those are the memory sticks in your desktop computer. The bow is a red cat 5 or 6 cable, and the white ribbon is from a cookie I had this morning haha. Not to shabby! πŸ˜€

That is about it for me today, I can also tell you that we will for sure be getting rid of Sling TV once our trial is up. It just really doesn’t fit what we are looking for. I’ll keep you posted. I’ll see you all again tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Lunch, Pediatricians, & Internet!

Hey Everyone!

Today at work we had another catered lunch. Every time someone who has been here 10+ years retires we have a catered lunch, and today is one of those days. He was here for 33 years and was a part of our inside sales team. We had beef on weck, cheese potatoes, pasta salad, fruit, veggies, and cake. YUM!

My wife and I are in the process of switching pediatricians since ours are horrible. I went to the same doctors growing up and never did I think they were bad. Since moving back and having my own child I have heard nothing but horror stories about that place, and have noticed that they aren’t the same. It is weird to me because, like I said, I went there my whole life with all the same doctors. The administration is terrible, they don’t answer phone calls, and worst of all they don’t seem to try in any way. It is like they are so comfortable in their jobs that they glance over things, that they once would have really taken the time to look into. If that makes any sense. In a little over two weeks Everett will be 7 months old and doesn’t have his 6 month checkup until tomorrow. this is because they called the day of and canceled his appointment. If this was reversed we would get charged for not giving them any notice, but if they do it it seems to be no big deal. Now I understand that people get sick and things happen but this isn’t the only instance of stuff like this happening and people not being on top of their game. I’m sad and mad that it has come to this because we should be able to have care here in our town. That being said we now will be going across state lines to my least favorite state, New York, and going to a doctor there. They are in our network and have rave reviews compared to here. It is about a 35 minute drive, which kind of stinks, but should be worth it for better treatment in the future. I have been filling out a couple forms here are work to fax over to have his records released.

In trying to pay some bills today I saw that my internet bill jumped $20 due to coming into the second year of my packaged plan. To me this is no good. I have decided that I’m cutting ties with the package and just going with internet only. This means that I have to return the Tivo box. This would only save me about $10 so I figure if I’m doing this I’ll do it the right way. After work I will be going to pick up my own router and modem and returning theirs as well saving another $20 a month. Side note, for me to rent that modem every month is $240 a year! the one that I’ll buy, one time, is $150. That’s it, I wont pay anything past $150, ever! I’d say it’ll pay itself off in no time. πŸ˜€ My evening will involve setting that all up and getting it working with my ISP so that there won’t be any hiccups in my home network.

That is about all for me today, I’ll see what I can do about tomorrow’s post since Everett’s appointment is in the morning. That really throws me off. bye! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Lazy Work Day!

Hey Everyone!

Today is Halloween! Here at work we had donuts and apple cider, in the morning. We also had a luncheon where people just brought a ton of stuff in. It was, of course, delicious andΒ  not good for you haha. A few people in the office dressed up, most did not, myself included. I suck haha. I am always behind the eight ball with gearing up for holiday outfits.

Tonight we are passing out candy to all the little ones. I went out in the cold last night and positioned my projector light where I wanted it. With the weather being bad and us being on a main road I didn’t want the weather to ruin it or have it get stolen. So I got it where I wanted it and then put it away until tonight haha. It’ll be a cold two hours sitting outside but it should be fun. My mom asked if we were coming over to their house at all, and I’m not really sure why. I told her we may come but I’m not to certain we have the time. Between us getting out of work and getting home by 4:30, my wife pumping and me setting the lights back up we would be cutting it close to have anytime over there at all.

Tomorrow is pay day and I’m glad it is haha. It is all spoken for of course but it will be a breath of fresh air. A weight will be lifted even if it is only for two days before I pay bills again lol. I have to work on saving hard again to get that plumbing issues resolved, fingers crossed. I don’t really have any plans until the weekend. We are going back to my wife’s hometown for our nephew’s first birthday party. We are going a day early to spend time with her grandparents.

That is all for my daily life post. I’ll see you again tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Where Have I Been! (For Shame)

Hey Everyone!

You may have thought that I fell off the flat parts of the Earth. Even though it seems that way it isn’t the case, I promise!I had every intention to post Thursday and Friday.

Let me explain. As you may know my baby had an ear infection, and my wife and I had head colds. He was already started on his antibiotic and starting to feel better. I was still feeling a bit under the weather. I woke up Thursday feeling worse. I came into work anyway because I didn’t want to take time off and not really have a medical reason. I quickly realized that I couldn’t think full thoughts and even walk in a straight line, without having a shooting pain in my head stopping me in my tracks. I spent the next hour trying to contact my family doctor only to have their line be busy over and over and over again…. Their phone system must have been messed up. I finally made the decision to leave and go to the walk in clinic at the hospital. Of course only to find out that they didn’t open for another hour…. I was clearly not in the right state of mind. When I arrived, at the correct time, I was seen and told that I had a bad sinus infection. At this point it was hurting in my ears and still shooting pains in my head. They sent me a script for some big horse pills. I took the next day, Friday, off as well because I was feeling worse than the day before. I really couldn’t even move the slightest bit without the worst pain I have felt in a long while. By the end of that day I did start feeling better, I wasn’t sure how much better, but it was significant.

I went to bed hoping that I would feel more ‘like normal’ in the morning. That was indeed the case. I woke up still congested but I was able to walk and bend down with out the pain. I was indeed clearing up. Just in time too! My dad and I were signed up for the company men’s outing that day. It started at 8am, but we didn’t go until noon. We were signed up for the horseshoe tourney and the cornhole tourney. I decided that this would be a good test of how I felt and maybe get some fresh air. We stayed and have lunch, dinner and some giveaways. The event was held at the local Amvets gun club. The weather was unbeatable, and the food and company was better. All around it was a great day. Here are just a couple pictures I grabbed.


Sunday, since I felt like a loser for not pulling my weight, we spent most of the day cleaning and tidying up. Early on we got groceries, which was nice because no one was there at 8:30 am lol.  We later went for a walk around the neighborhood. I tried watching the Dallas game, but they had a lightning delay in Denver and then proceeded to get their asses kicked 😦 It was rough.

Today I am BACK! Back at work, back at blogging, and back to normal.Β  I have some catching up to do here in the office, so my post will be early. Sorry for going dark, but I’m back at it now!

I’ll see you all tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€