Late Night In The Network Closest!

Hey Everyone!

Sorry in advance if you don’t like this type of post, but it is my daily life. This is indeed what happened yesterday. Cleaning up the network closest was the name and game last night.

For a quick and dirty rundown, all companies that have a network have Firewalls, web filters, routers, switches, and servers. Each of these things need ‘plugged in’ somewhere. Most times you end up with a mess like we had. Look below:


To be fair we had this looking better until we had one of those switches die on us. We had to scramble a little bit and replace it with a spare and re-plug everyone we could back in. We had to prioritize important things and people first and things got messy haha.

Once we ordered and replaced the dead switch it was time to clean it up! We first had to do some port forwarding on just a couple ports. (each spot that can have some thing plugged in to it, is a port) So you can see we used a service called telnet to do that:


You can also see all the cables I made there haha. So time consuming! As professionals with quite a few devices networked, we have an Excel sheet telling us which ones are ‘plugged in’, where they are, what they are, and where they go. That is the biggest factor and making this a smooth transition. Another thing to note is that we had to do this after hours, since everything needed to be ripped out, as shown below:


Some of the things still connected above are servers, and a few other things we weren’t sure of at first. they all did get moved around. We wanted less mess, and to be able to attach the wall and door again haha.After three hours my co-worker and I get everything back up and running! And if I do say so myself, looking pretty damn good. With about 8 or so servers, 3 switches, and a few battery backups this is what we have:


Once we were satisfied we put the wall and door back on. We also moved the server rack closer so that it looked like normal again. this is a sweet sight!


Everything was all buttoned up. For better reference here is a side by side comparison for your viewing pleasure:


It was fun getting my hands dirty and getting in there. I’m glad we had to do this.

Tonight we have nothing in store, except for getting groceries and snuggling the baby!

That is all for me today, I hope to see you back again tomorrow! If you have any questions about anything in this post feel free to ask! Bye! 😀 😀


Gearing Up For The Weekend!

Hey Everyone!

If you haven’t checked it out yet look at my last post. It was a fun app review that got a little longer than expected haha.

I wanted to make a second post just as a life post.

Today is my mother’s birthday, who knows how old she really is. I’m sure she wouldn’t mind people forgetting haha. We are going out to dinner tonight at a local place called the Plaza. It is a little dive, that has good food and great pie. We may head back to our place for further conversation and possibly board games. We really aren’t sure though since we both have little kids. Anyway, Happy Birthday to my mom! 😀

Tomorrow my little family is going on a day trip to the city to use up some remaining gift cards to Babies-R-Us and a few other places. I’m sure we will get some grub and hit up the book store while we are there. I have been wanting to read a book lately, but really need it to be a good one. I’m a crappy reader and need something that really gets me hooked. I’m leaning towards looking into the series of Jack Ryan, written by Tom Clancy. I see the first one in the logical series to start with is Without Remorse. If I can find it I may just have to purchase it. 😀

As far as Sunday, I currently have plans to go with my dad and brother to work on siding the cabin. We also have some insulation, but I think we need to seal the floor and what not first. Either way It’ll be fun to get back at it. If we can have it closed up before snow fall we will be grinning!

Big success I was able to mow my lawn finally haha. I know you were all wondering!

I’ll be sure to get some pictures and report back on Monday!

See you then! 😀 😀

Either Way I Don’t Win!

Hey Everyone!

Another busy day here at work, helping cover for my co-worker who is still out of the country. He will be back at the end of this month.

I ran into a big pickle last night and it is one in which there is no good ending. I mean it’s not too serious, but they are commitments I made and either way I had to break one. You see, after every softball season we have an end of season tournament. It is held two weeks after the season ends. For the last few years that has been perfect for me, because during the one week off I have a Theta Chi Alumni weekend for my fraternity. I have been the secretary for the last three or four years. I have always been able to do both, and plan accordingly. If you can’t see where this is going I’ll fill you in. For some reason this years tournament was moved up so there is no break. I have a tournament Fri-Sun, and a fraternity weekend Fri-Sun. DOH!

Looking ahead to future summers I have realized that I have too many hobbies that all demand attention and it doesn’t seem like I’ll be able to do everything. For now I have made the (either way) sad choice to bail on the tournament and go to the fraternity weekend. Again, looking ahead I have also reached out and let my brothers know that I will no longer be able to do justice by the secretary position and that I will be stepping down. This leaves me with no responsibility or obligation to go if something like this comes up in the future. So for now, problem solved. Kinda?

This also gets me thinking about the other things that I want to start and wonder if I’ll have any time for. If you remember from my parade post, my grandfather and his friend started the local Zem Zem Hornet chapter, within the Shrine. I have always wanted to drive the Hornet cars. Time is an issue. I now have a growing family, and the practices are every Monday with parades every single Saturday during the summer. This potentially on top of softball every Sunday and weekend long tournaments. As well as potential vacations with family, Masonic meetings, Shrine meetings, and fraternity weekends. I really just don’t have the time, but want to do them all. I can’t possibly have the time to do them all, as the dates and times overlap heavily. I’m quite lost in thought and I’m not sure how I’m going to handle it. Do I give up starting something I’ve wanted to do as a child? (Zem Zems) Do I stop playing the only sport I can still be competitive in after 10+ years? Do I not start the Zem Zems, and also stop softball to make more time for family activities? I feel like either way I look at it and every angle I take will leave me feeling like something is still missing. hmmm. That sounds much sadder than I think it should haha.Food for thought I guess…I will see how I feel after typing it all up.

Switching gears, last night my wife and I went for a walk since it was so nice out .(finally) I chose to ‘wear’ the baby and walk the dog. My wife is having a harder time wearing him since he is getting bigger and her back still isn’t healed. But here you go, a nice shot of him squished up on my chest haha.


I promise he is very comfortable, somehow. He was in a dead sleep.You can see I had to use my hat on him most of the way because the sun was still out.

We also found that the plants tucked away in a corner are blossoming:


Before we had a fence on the other side these could be seen via the back yard but now you can’t because of the dog fence. It’s kinda sad to see them back there just going to waste but I think my wife will use it as her private reserve of flowers to bring into the house haha.

That’s all from me. I’ll be going to my Alumni events this weekend and hoping my team does well enough to not be mad at me. I’ll see you all again tomorrow! 😀 😀