Around The Water Cooler!

Hey Everyone!

Its Friday! Thank goodness, I’m ready for the weekend. I never got around to cutting the grass last night, so I’ll have to do that tonight.

Another thing I’m going to to tonight is go hit a bucket of golf balls with my co-worker. He wanted to anyway and since I’m play tomorrow as well he invited me along. I can use all of the help I can get.Β  πŸ˜€

Everett is obsessed with putting things away, and in containers lately. It is really kind of helpful and funny at the same time. For instance, he will walk over and put his dirty diaper in the correct trash bin, all we have to do is open and close it. He will also hold and put the dog food scooper back in the food bin when I am done feeding the dog. On the other hand he stacks his food on his sippy cups, and puts his shoes in the cabinets.


So either way its awesome! He cracks us up every single day.

He has just, in the last couple of days started to spin. You know how most babies will kind of waddle around in a large circle to turn around or just fall down and twist around? He was doing that too, but has now found enough balance to spin right around. He does it constantly and gets dizzy half the time. It makes him laugh to turn that fast.

Today I got a text from my wife about Everett being Everett. He is all over and into everything. Today she caught him crawling up and standing on his train.


For what reason? I have no idea, probably just to see if he could. He is at the stage where he will be climbing on everything and getting up the stairs and everything. He is more mobile everyday. We have a second room in our attic that we want to turn into a library of sorts, and my wife had the idea to turn it into a play area for him. While she is working in the other room he can be in there playing with free reign to go between the two rooms. All we need it to clean that room up a bit and get a gate for the top of the stairs and we would be in business. I really wish I had the money now to get a contractor in there and build those book shelves. Oh well, some day I hope. πŸ˜€

That is it for me today! I’ll be golfing tomorrow, and being lazy Sunday! I hope you have a great weekend, and I’ll see you all again Monday! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


Crypto Talk!

Hey Everyone!

I hope you are having a great Wednesday.

I am still trying to get used to not taking Everett to day care and being up really early to get him ready to leave the house. I have been waking up around 5:30-6:00am only to really get myself ready for the day. I have just been hanging out watching the news for a good 40 minutes before anyone even gets up, now that my wife is working from home.

Today I have been trying to get back into the world of, I guess, crypto trading? If you remember a while back it was something that I talked about trying. I did indeed try and so far haven’t reaped any rewards whatsoever haha. I had a ‘spare’ $200 laying around and instead of putting it into a savings account, only to be spent on something down the line, I tried to turn it into more. Well right off the bat, I was wrong on my timing. I bought when the market was rising, only to now watch it fall. I have money invested into XRP or Ripple. When I bought it was high at $3.30, it has fallen back down to around $0.50. The question is now do you invest more, which I would like to, or wait it out with what I have? I have read reports and forecasts saying that by the end of this year it could be over $10, which would currently land me a $450 profit. If I were to invest a bit more I would earn a bit more. Decisions, Decisions!

The other thing I would like to do it diversify, that portfolio. I have all of my ‘eggs’ in the same basket right now and if the bottom of that basket falls out I’ve lost my ‘eggs’. By possibly buying more types of crypto I can spread myself out and hopefully never lose it all.Β  This would mean having to becoming more aware of the environment in general, closely watching the daily fluctuation of prices, and knowing when to buy/sell/trade. I’m not sure I’m all there yet, but that would be a great goal to achieve. Hell it would be awesome to get so good at this then be able to leave my job. Dreamin’!

That is all I have for you today! My lunch break is over and I have to get back to work. I’ll be back again tomorrow and hope to see you then! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Coffee Talk!

Hey Everyone!

We have had a bit of a roller coaster the past couple days.

Everett has had a fever since we got home from vacation. He woke up Wednesday night out of a dead sleep and threw up in his crib. He did that twice and continued to do it all morning. I chose to stay home with him yesterday and take him to the pediatrician. They didn’t find anything, which is good because it isn’t anything terrible. They think it is just something viral and should go away soon. He is home again today with my mom, and he did much better last night, so we hope he is coming out of it all.

In more happy news he just randomly started clapping the other day.

He is a smart boy! He is learning everyday, and we want to keep that up. I am back at work today getting caught up on all the things I missed. If you remember the UPS upgrade I was working on, I am deploying those PCs today, with any luck. The hard part will be decommissioning the old one and moving the database to the new PCs the right way. Fingers crossed! haha.

Do you all have anything fun planned for this weekend?

Thank you for hanging in there with me while my life gets sorted haha. πŸ˜€ I hope you all have a great weekend, with great weather. I’ll be back Monday, I hope to see you then. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

What A Weekend!

Hey Everyone!

This weekend was a fun one for me. I didn’t just sit at home the whole time and wish the weather was better.

We were trying to dodge the Flu though, and I think my wife lost that battle. I for one, am still doing fine for the most part. I have a stuffy head, but she is feeling all the aches and pains. 😦

We can start off of Saturday! I woke up bright and early and got ready, like normal, because….I had a Masonic seminar most of the day. It was about an hour and a half away and my cousin and one other guy were going with. We left our city at about 7am and teh meeting started at 9am. I corresponded with my wife’s grandpa, so I could drop offΒ  our documents for taxes. Two birds. One stone. πŸ˜‰ We arrived a bit early, like you should, and signed in. We continued down aΒ  line of tables and got our folder with information for the day and then the good stuff. Next came the doughnuts and coffee! I had too many doughnuts and that is all I’ll say, but they were good.

The meeting was for people looking to move through the ranks in lodge. It covered everything, in basic form, you would need to run a lodge as a Worshipful Master for a whole year. We were able to asks questions in an open format and have a couple good conversations. There were mentors and District Deputy Grand Masters there from all over the state. So, lots of knowledge there for the picking! These type of events are fun, because you can really get a sense of how big the organization is and how big of an impact they make on the community. For lunch we had some homemade sloppy Joe’s, egg salad sandwiches, veggies, soup, and apple pie. Afterwards we had a presentation of organ donation and blood donations. As a Mason, signed up for the blood club, you are able to ensure that if you ever need blood that we will get it. This is of course after insurance pays for what they can. It also covers your immediate family, so that is very nice to be a part of. We finished up our little lecture and were out of there around 1:30pm. We waited around a bit and my wife’s mom brought over some frozen goods we should have had the weekend we didn’t go back. I guess you can retract my previous statement and say we killed three birds with one stone. πŸ˜€

Sunday we wanted to get out a little bit since, other than my meeting, we had been cooped up for a while. Everett has gotten over the Flu and we figured some fresh are was much deserved. The weather was somewhat chilly but it felt good to me, with the appropriate attire. So we went for our first walk all winter! We made sure to bundle Everett up as best we could:


We were able to sit him up more since he is bigger. He seemed to like being able to see more. I was wondering how much he would remember since developmentally he hadn’t really been on a walk in months. He can now see further and start to understand his surroundings. We also had to stop and take a nice family photo along the way:


Everett didn’t seem overly thrilled but I assure you he had a good time. Our dog was with us too but good luck getting her to hold still!

After our walk we watched a movie, which was not particularly good. I would have reviewed it but I am fairly busy at work today. I can tell you it was Spectre, the James Bond flick. I know it is a couple years old, but I can tell you that has it at a 6.8 I would go lower than that. It was very disappointing in my eyes. The story was there but just about everything turned me off from it. Either way it was nice to stop doing everything and watch a movie. The rest of the day my wife edited some pictures, Everett played beside us in the attic, and I was able to get a few games in. Over all it was a good weekend.

Today I am jam packed with things to do. I have to collect a urine sample from our female dog, and get it tested again to make sure her UTI is gone. Then it is off to Everett’s nine month appointment. This is where he will get a ton of shots and be mad at us for a short time haha. By the way….Everett is nine months old, I failed to mention that last Thrusday! Woo!

That is all for me today, I hope you all had a great weekend, and I’ll see you back again tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Weekend Update!

Hey Everyone!

Our plans for Saturday didn’t happen. We were going to go back to see my wife’s family and that all fell through. We spent the day at home, doing a bit of everything.

Sunday was similar up until dinner. We headed over to my parent’s house. It was Super Bowl Sunday and my parents always throw a party. Nothing crazy, just some family and what not. We, as I have stated before, weren’t going to stay for the majority of the game. We got there early and let everyone spend some time with Everett and all that good stuff. My brother and his little family came and my niece Rory had some nice little pig tails in.

Here is her and my dad putting her baby doll in the play set.


Her she is again trying to give Everett her doll. He was clearly watching the TV or someone else in the room lol.


Rory is sitting with my dad in this one talking with my Aunt.


We had homemade pizza and plenty of snacks. There was everything from veggies, to chips, venison balls, and brownies. We stayed a bit later than we planned, but I figured that would happen once people were there. It was a good night. We got home at a decent time and put Everett to bed around 9pm.

My wife has the week off to burn some vacation time. If she doesn’t use it she loses it so why not right? She sent me this picture of Everett playing in the new jumper I bought him Sunday.


He really seems to like it. The three buttons by the globe speak in English, Spanish, and French. It is a nice learning tool for that age. All sorts of things make noise on that thing haha.

So now I’m stuck at work while they are home all week. 😦 Oh well. I have to do what I have to do I suppose! That is all for me today. I’ll see you all again tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Learning & Housekeeping!

Hey Everyone!

Not much going on here today. At work today I was shadowing a co-worker on how to replace and send back our old data collection terminals. the scanning guns tend to break and the terminals are older than dirt. From what I have heard on the grape vine, they are finally fazing them out. That is good and bad. Good for the reason that they are old and suck. they are also bad because until they replace them I have to learn all about them, which can seem like a waste of time. Before this said co-worker retires I have to learn that, how to create some sort of cards, and die cards. I already know her day to day and how to run it, which is what I’ll be doing tomorrow. I also have to take over ordering the toner for the as400 printers. With any luck her whole position will be dissolved. I will be taking over parts of it and another will take over the rest. I doubt that it will come with any raise, but in due time my work will be recognized.

As for tomorrow I probably will not be posting. I will be into work early to cover her. That means I get to leave at like 2-2:30, that’s the good part. πŸ˜€ Sad news, is that I have to come in early and won’t really be able to push out a post. 😦

I was able to make a decent amount of zucchini bread last night. It was tasty if you are wondering. I cleaned up around the house quite a bit last night. I made myself a bit of a housekeeper. I hit up some laundry, made dinner, did the dishes, fed the pets, cleaned up a bit and helped with the baby. It was very productive, too bad it will all be for nothing in a day lol.

This weekend the wife and I are going to a craft festival at our fair grounds. It happens every year and seems to get great results. There are vendors that make their own goodies, and their own handmade crafts. Everything is for sale, and most everything is of solid quality. Generally it is early enough that the weather is not to warm and not too cool. I’ll be sure to take a few photos. πŸ˜€

That is about it for me today, and again I’ll be back Friday! Hope to see you then. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

SoloLearn App Review!

Hey Everyone!

Back again with another review. I’ll be mixing it up a bit with this one. It is an app review, the first one I have attempted. Bare with me and enjoy.

I was at work the other day tinkering with different parts of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) trying to help my co-worker get e-mail signatures to work correctly. When work let out I went home. My office is in the attic and my baby and wife need my help on the first floor of our home. I still had HTML on my mind and thought to myself, “I bet there is an app for this.” There was. The app is called ‘SoloLearn’ and is free to download.


Once you download it you choose the language that interests you, you can change it anytime. I chose HTML and it brought me to my ‘Activity Feed.’ As you can see there is a leveling system based on how much you complete.


Navigating through this interface is simple. The next screen shot I have is for the ‘Q&A’ section of the app. This allows you to ask and get your own questions answered, without having to go else where to find things out.


Another section is the ‘Code Playground’ where you can practice coding right here in the app.


Next they have a ‘Play’ section that allows you to start challenges.


Lastly, you have a ‘Learn’ section, where you do just that. Since I chose HTML you can see that it is HTML based. You can clearly see that I have completed the Overview and that I am currently working on the Basics. You may also notice the ‘Take A Shortcut’ button, this allows people to skip ahead if they already know some of what they want to learn. You can take a short quiz and skip sections if you answer them correctly.


At the end you are awarded a ‘Certificate’ of completion. I’m sure it isn’t anything super special but it will make you feel good. From above you saw I was in the Basics section. Below you can see how that is formatted. You go through mini learning sessions that teach you, make you do some code, and then they question you on what you have learned. They are quick so you can definitely learn on the go.


Below you can see just some of the courses they offer.


This is a great little app that has over 1 million downloads. It is rated in the Play Store 4.8/5 and so far all I can do is agree. I will be using this app for the foreseeable future, whether it is for brushing up or starting new. If this app interests you I would recommend that you give it a shot!

Feel free to ask me any questions you may have. I will try to answer them to the best of my ability. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

National Teacher Appreciation Day!

Hey Everyone!

I wanted this post to get out a bit earlier than usual. Mainly because if I get it out too late it may not be ‘Teacher Appreciation Day’ still haha.

First a little about ‘Teacher Appreciation Day.’ It is always going to be held on the Tuesday of the first full calendar week of May. This week starts on Sunday and goes through Saturday if you were wondering what constitutes a week. Since The first was on a Monday this month and not a Sunday, it will be celebrated today! But this all being said the first full week in May is ‘Teacher Appreciation Week’, so we should all take some time out at some point to thank the teachers that have helped us become the people we are today. There is an official hashtag for this day if you want to use it it is: #TeacherAppreciationDay

I’m going to borrow, verbatim the history section, of this day from nationalday

It is as follows:Β  “Political and educational leaders began discussions for a day to honor teachers in 1944. Β In 1953, Eleanor Roosevelt persuaded the 81st Congress to proclaim National Teachers’ Day. Β Congress declared March 7, 1980, as National Teacher Day. The National Education Association continued to observe Teacher Day on the first Tuesday in March until 1985 when the National PTA established Teacher Appreciation Week as the first full week of May. Β The NEA Representative Assembly then voted to make the Tuesday of that week National Teacher Day.”

Over the years, I’m sure we have all had good and bad teachers. Some teachers are there for the right reasons and love what they do and others hate kids. OK maybe they don’t hate kids but when you are a kid you damn well believe that is the case. πŸ˜€ I wasn’t the easiest kid to teach. I was and still am all over the place. I am active and hyper, and can’t sit still. For teachers growing up I was a child that they had some trouble with, but what do you expect out of a child that is 7 years old?!?


As time went on I was a bit more rebellious and mouthy. I stood up for what I believed in and didn’t respect people just because they were my elders. I respected people who in my eyes earned it. To this day that holds true. Through middle school I got in quite a bit of school related trouble, and have resented that whole building ever since.


Through high school I was able to relate to most of my teachers and find a way to still be myself, without getting into trouble. There was a little bit more freedom as I got older and I felt like I was being respected as a young adult and therefore gave respect back to my teachers. This relationship carried me though high school.

There were a few stand out teachers over the years that went above and beyond to help me, when other teachers wouldn’t. Even though they won’t be reading this I want to give them a shout out.

  • Mrs. Tachoir:Β  My third grade teacher, for making learning fun for children of such a young age. She brought a smile into every room and really could connect with young children.
  • Mrs. Tremblay: My fourth grade teacher, who really formed my opinion of a great teacher.Β  She was my mothers fourth grade teacher and mine! That shows a love for more than just the ‘job’.
  • Mrs. Hasselman: My eighth & eleventh grade math teacher, who showed how a great teacher doesn’t forget her students. Teachers see hundreds of children every year, and even after not being around her for three years it was like, nothing changed.
  • Mrs. Eaton: My ninth, eleventh & twelfth grade English teacher, who embraced the chaos. Instead of getting overwhelmed with the number of kids in her classroom and their antics, she took it in stride and came up with creative group projects.
  • Mrs. Elmer: My eleventh grade history teacher and my twelfth grade psychology teacher, who made me believe that I could do what I wanted to in life. She had the passion to shoot for the stars and passed it on to others. Again she found a way to relate to each student, in her own way and make learning fun.


That is where I’ll stop. I had a number of professors through my seven year college experience that were amazing as well, but I would be here all day haha. I think that the early years are what matters most. That is when you are forming your view of the world and the people that are in your life and helping you really make a huge impact.

I hope you enjoyed my post today!

Please feel free to use the hashtag above, and comment below about your experience with great teachers! I would love to here some stories.