Letter #2 From Abel!

Hey Everyone!

I didn’t really have anything to write about and I got kind of busy during and right after lunch. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to get a meaningful post out. That on top of the thought that I would have to leave work to meet the appliance repair guy.

Well earlier today my wife let me know that she would be home all afternoon. This solved my leaving work dilemma. She would meet up with the repair guy for me. I hope this is the last time he needs to come, so I can cross that issue off my list.

I was busy around lunch with an issue with our plasma cutter. It is a big dirty machine in the shop that cuts shapes out of steal and other metals. They are able to, normally, pull a .job file and load it, then execute it. They are currently having issues calling those .job files. They are coming up as unrecognized files. I believe it to be a version mismatch, but have yet to solidify my assumption as fact.

Finally the last ting to address was that I was at a loss for what to write about today. That was solved by receiving an email that my sponsor child Abel sent me a second letter! It is slightly different from the first in that his own mother wrote it instead of the staff member like before. It makes it just that much more personal.


Each time I receive one I send one back. I want to keep this communication up. I would love to feel as if I really know him and his family when it is all said and done. I send them pictures as well. I have now gotten two letters with a colored picture along with it. He is in grade two like the letter says, so I think he wasn’t able to attend school for a little bit for monetary reasons. Since he is apart of this organization they hep ensure that he stays in school, and my support goes a long way in helping him. I asked in my newest letter if he had a favorite football team, was and what he liked to watch on TV. We will wait and see!

That is about it for me, I hope you have a great Thursday! 😀 😀


Plumbing Fun!

Hey Everyone!

I’m sorry for not having a post out yesterday, I was called just around lunch to go meet my plumber! I was told that they would call me with a time frame in the morning, of course that didn’t happen. Instead I received a call telling me that they were going to be at my house in 15 minutes. It was very short notice and I wasn’t able to get anything out.

That being said there were some wins and losses yesterday with the plumbing. I called them about three separate things. One being a PVC pipe leaking behind a wall where they had a shutoff valve. The second being a leaky supply line to the basement toilet. the third being that our system minorly backs up when the upstairs toilet is flushed.

He grabbed his snake and what not and started in on the main drain in the bathroom.


After about a half hour he stopped and informed me that the trap in that main line was broken somewhere and full of mud. Somehow water is still making its way though, but it’ll need fixed sooner than later.


That is mud, I promise! That is a major project and I need to talk to our insurance rep to see if I can get it covered at no cost to us for the repair. I would really hate to pay out of pocket for this. It would put at least our driveway paving on hold for a little while, which I don’t want.

He did fix the leaky pipe, with this piping.


Before it had a shutoff valve, and now it doesn’t, but what do I care? The main shut off is right beside it. I’m pretty sure it is a hot line going to….well we couldn’t figure out where it goes haha. I didn’t get a picture, but he replaced out supply line to the toilet and now our floor is dry all the time. Yippie!!

Our plumber was there for about three hours, and was very friendly. They are going to get back to me about an estimate to fix the trap that is broken, and in the mean time I’ll just wait to get the bill… :/

Speaking of all of this broken stuff, our washing machine was “fixed” but it didn’t solve our issue. The appliance guys also quoted my timing piece for the dryer at $110, which I guess is pretty standard. He will be coming back to look at everything once the part comes in.

It was a pretty hectic day with potential bad news, if we have to pay for that pipe. The good news is that I got paid to day, so of course I am already out of money haha. Oh well, it gives me some breathing room for a few days. I’ll take it. 😀

That is all from me on this fine Wednesday, I hope to see you all back again tomorrow! 😀 😀

Busy Work Day & 1 Month Old Baby!

Hey Everyone!

I have a short amount of time to post and I am late already. I have been swamped with work today and that is a good thing! I cam in at my normal time, and started setting up the new PCs I got in the mail a day or so ago. While doing that and running updates I got pulled away to help rearrange someones office. They need me there to make sure that everything gets unplugged correctly and plugged back in the right way. I was helping a fellow co-worker through my lunch break, with a parts list for a PC build for his kid. He has a son that has saved up enough money to buy his own gaming PC. He wants to surprise him and throw in a couple hundred dollars more, as a good gesture and reward, for managing his money so well. His son built a complete parts list and he gave it to me to look over and change since he added more money to the budget. I can say that I have spec-ed out a pretty good full size gaming rig for the budget of $1200. His kid will love it! Later this afternoon I have spent my time helping one of our summer design engineer inters with his issues. He is having problems with his Auto CAD and Inventor programs crashing. It has happened a few days in a row and twice today, so it was time to do something about it. I researched a few things and think I found a solution to his problem. I reverted his PC to use Direct X 9 instead of 11, deleted the junk out of his temp folder, updated is graphics driver while disabling the on board Intel one, and changed a series of variables within the programs themselves for better performance. I know this all sounds like gibberish to you guys but it was a fun day filled with technical issues that really got my brain moving!

In other news I am feeling much better, even though I never got any answers from the doctors I spoke with. I won’t be feeling good when my $150 bill from the ER comes through though :/ the weather here is crappy, and I can’t really do anything so I, will continue to take it easy. I mowed my grass yesterday when it was still nice out so that is a plus!

My baby boy Everett is officially 1 month old today! Dear god, they aren’t kidding when they say it fly’s by! I can’t imagine what I’ll think when he turns 18 and leaves haha. He is working on the sleep thing, and has been working out those neck muscles. We are still camped out in the living room because it is easier for my wife in the middle of the night.  That and my dog peed all over our mattress and ruined it! We aren’t very fond of her at this moment haha.

That’s all for me, I’m sorry this is jumbled and ran together. Please forgive me! I’ll be back tomorrow, and I hope to see you all then. 😀 😀

Shameless & Lost

Hey Everyone!

This is a much later post than I had originally planned on, so I’ll keep it a bit short.

My wife and I have been binge watching the show ‘Shameless’ on Netflix and we love it. The show is absolutely intended for mature audiences, and for good reason. There is plenty of nudity of the male and female variety, very suggestive language, violence, drug use, and alcohol use. That is just to cover the big ones haha. It hits on everything you can think of and things you can’t. Most the the show cannot be predicted, which keeps it very interesting. The actors are great, and play their roles extremely well.  If you don’t like a character, you are in luck, because there are plenty more to choose from!


This also reminds me that I never covered what I thought about the ‘Lost’ series. I have been putting this off because I thought it went terribly wrong. It is a shame really, because  I loved the build up. I think they fell short on a few things that they should have gone into detail about. The ending was weak. For a series that was suspenseful, serious, and emotion grabbing, it fell way short on the ending. Very anticlimactic. I also have to hit on the time travel, and yes I know it isn’t real. But, from what scientist believe today, as well as what common sense would dictate, they slipped up. Towards the end when it switched from an island based shoe to a sci-fi show, certain timelines didn’t match up or make sense. I feel like to stop people from noticing they added a bunch of back and forth, and fancy jargon, with vague reasoning and left it at that. The show overall was great I would just say the last season was messed up for me. I would have wanted it all to end better but it was still a good series.


Now that my review rants are over I can tell you that I have been very busy today with work, and that is why this post is a bit late. I have had a few shop users with issues, and a PC replacement that took up a lot more time than it needed to. My wife’s baby shower is Saturday and her friend will be coming to stay with us from out of town on Thursday.

I hope you enjoyed my mini reviews today haha. I’ll be back again tomorrow, so I hope to see you again.

Please consider spreading the word about my blog if you enjoy it! I love seeing the growth and meeting new people. Thanks all! 😀 😀