Well That Wasn’t The Best!

Hey Everyone!

I would love to have more to write about today, but I don’t :/

After work I went to pick up Everett at his daycare, only to find out that he had a fever of 101.9 F. Yikes! That isn’t very good for anyone let alone a five month old baby. I got him home and told my wife, and we got ready and went to the ER. Now with the time change and all it was dark before we even left the house. We were there for a little over two hours, while they tested him for the Flu, and other respiratory ailments. They determined that he has an upper respiratory infection. Poor Guy! They gave him an oral steroid for the cough, and Tylenol for his fever. He is home today with his mom trying to get some rest and keep that fever down. That is part of why I am at work and typing this so early.

The rest of the night I washed all his bottles and dishes in the sink, and tried to get some sleep. This morning I woke up like I do normally, but didn’t have half of the things to do. Normally I get a bunch of stuff ready and make breakfast. Not having to do that I got myself ready and headed out. I had a guy ride my bumper on the way into work. So I brake checked him and slowed way down. He eventually passed me, but me being in a mood already today, I was glad to pass on a little negative energy. So, here I am. I have been at work an hour early, running on next to no sleep, with a sick child, and a bad attitude. haha This will be a fun day! I’m sure I’ll be able to turn it around soon, but for now I’ll just chill here. πŸ˜€

I’ll see you all again tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


Late Night In The Network Closest!

Hey Everyone!

Sorry in advance if you don’t like this type of post, but it is my daily life. This is indeed what happened yesterday. Cleaning up the network closest was the name and game last night.

For a quick and dirty rundown, all companies that have a network have Firewalls, web filters, routers, switches, and servers. Each of these things need ‘plugged in’ somewhere. Most times you end up with a mess like we had. Look below:


To be fair we had this looking better until we had one of those switches die on us. We had to scramble a little bit and replace it with a spare and re-plug everyone we could back in. We had to prioritize important things and people first and things got messy haha.

Once we ordered and replaced the dead switch it was time to clean it up! We first had to do some port forwarding on just a couple ports. (each spot that can have some thing plugged in to it, is a port) So you can see we used a service called telnet to do that:


You can also see all the cables I made there haha. So time consuming! As professionals with quite a few devices networked, we have an Excel sheet telling us which ones are ‘plugged in’, where they are, what they are, and where they go. That is the biggest factor and making this a smooth transition. Another thing to note is that we had to do this after hours, since everything needed to be ripped out, as shown below:


Some of the things still connected above are servers, and a few other things we weren’t sure of at first. they all did get moved around. We wanted less mess, and to be able to attach the wall and door again haha.After three hours my co-worker and I get everything back up and running! And if I do say so myself, looking pretty damn good. With about 8 or so servers, 3 switches, and a few battery backups this is what we have:


Once we were satisfied we put the wall and door back on. We also moved the server rack closer so that it looked like normal again. this is a sweet sight!


Everything was all buttoned up. For better reference here is a side by side comparison for your viewing pleasure:


It was fun getting my hands dirty and getting in there. I’m glad we had to do this.

Tonight we have nothing in store, except for getting groceries and snuggling the baby!

That is all for me today, I hope to see you back again tomorrow! If you have any questions about anything in this post feel free to ask! Bye! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Zac Brown Band & Cabin Build

Hey Everyone!

I am back from my long weekend!

for those who may not know, my wife and I went to a Zac Brown Band concert she won tickets to. Β The concert was Thursday evening at 7 pm, at Youngstown State University. I guess it was the first time they have ever had a concert, and people we having a blast.

The band Midland was the opener and play for about an hour. Here was our view, mind you it was still the opener and daylight so the stands weren’t full yet.

mher (2)mher (3)

Here is a quick clip of Midland from Thursday playing there no. 1 hit ‘Drinkin’ Problem.

The rest of the night was awesome. The Zac Brown Band is great live! They even covered Bohemian Rhapsody, I didn’t expect that. It was looking like rain and that held off. It was a ton of driving for one night but it was all worth it.

mher (5)mher (4)mher (6)mher (7)

The pictures aren’t great but I wanted something haha.

Here is a clip of their super famous song ‘Chicken Fried’.

You can really tell the crowd was into it. If you make it to the end you can see that they continue to just do awesome instrumentals for a whole minute.

We made our way home and arrived after 1 am. We went right in, thanked my mom for watching our son and hit the hay!

Friday was spent relaxing. Saturday and Sunday I went with my dad and brother to get some more work done on the cabin. We started on the ends first.

Here is my brother adding the first piece of plywood.

mher (9)

We have arch gaps to fill at the top but the windows are all in and framed.

mher (13)

The other side done the same, with the bigger window framed.

mher (14)

Here is just a shot of the outside.

mher (11)

Next we worked on framing in a couple of french doors that we no longer needed. They will not be doors at all, rather just tall windows with builtin blinds!

mher (10)

Here is where they will go, one on each side.

mher (16)mher (12)

Here they are mostly framed in, and I figured I should get a picture now or else I would forget. The first is with the blinds closed then open. It should be a great feature for light and style.

mher (1)mher (18)

It is moving right along. Once we frame in the real door, and cover the two ends we are going to seal it up. We are going to caulk the floor gaps, and use expanding foam around the roof and walls. Next will be to insulate the inside all while having the other people putting on the siding. from there we are going to put Amish rough cut wood on the front, and plywood the inside. Then it is just a matter of building the interior, as far as bunks counters, and moving in furniture. Still quite a bit to do but it should be ‘livable’ for a weekend by first snow.

I had a jam packed weekend, but it was all a good time. I hope you all had great ones as well. If you get a chance check out my last post. It is a short film review that I was requested to do. Kinda neat actually.

I’ll see you all again tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Emergency Room Scare!

Hey Everyone!

Like I thought, I wasn’t really able to post anything yesterday. I sometimes have to cover for a co-worker when she is off work, and yesterday was one of those days. She works a funky shift, and it is hard to get anything going. On top of that like the title states we had a bit of an issue the night before, that shift. Everything is, seemingly, fine now but meh.

Lets start Monday morning. I signed up to give blood at work, like I always do. The machine for double red blood cells was free, and I asked if I was able to give more. They checked everything over and cleared me to give double reds. They basically take more of your red blood cells and in the process put your plasma and saline back in periodically. I have done this before and it has been no big deal. Towards the end I felt a little light headed but nothing out of the ordinary after losing two pints of blood haha. After I sat down and have a juice, brownie, and pretzels to keep my energy up. I returned to work like normal and ran through the rest of my day. Later that evening I ran to Lowes with my brother and got a chest freezer and groceries with my wife. I kept the “heavy lifting” to a minimum, but maybe I still over did it. It was early to bed since I had to get up much earlier, but when I got off the couch I got some weird blurry vision and my head felt really weird. I went up stairs and started having a panic attack. So that surely didn’t help anything. I told my wife to pack up the baby and take me to the ER. I was feeling better for the most part but wanted to check it out anyway. I forgot to mention when they put in the needle to take my blood it wasn’t going in my vein easy so they have to mess with it. The doctor said that the red on my arm could be a blown vein or hematoma.


Either way I knew that it would bruise, I just didn’t think this was normal. I also had a weird fluid like pain in my ears when I moved my head, as well as a funny feeling in the back of my sinuses. The ER doctor and my aunt, who is in the medical field both thought it had nothing to do with giving blood, but I can assure you that none of this happened until right after I did. I slept that night and woke fine in the morning. Worked my early shift and went home. Once home I started getting a headache and that intense ear pain again. I still haven’t got any answers! I slept fine again and feel great yet again. I’m curious to see how tonight will go. Am I going to have this crap happen again? Who knows.

So long story short I didn’t have anything to post yesterday haha.

Here at work I did get my cork board and had it hung up!


I can now see all my stuff without having to find a file somewhere else. Yippie! I’m gearing up to work on a few more PCs that just came in the mail, and get ready to cover my other co-worker since he will be off for about a damn month in like two weeks. He is going on a church mission to 11 countries in Europe! How fancy is that? I wish I wasn’t afraid to fly because I would love to go to Europe.

Anyway that is about all from me today. I’ll keep you posted on anything new and exciting. Oh, I also finished the 5th season of “Orange is the New Black.” I won’t say anything because I know most people still haven’t finished it, but it is pretty good!

I’ll be back again tomorrow. I hope to see you then! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Fun Saturday! (Guns)

Hey Everyone!

I hope your weekend was enjoyable.

I’d like to skip right ahead to my Saturday. I was going to help my cousin pretty much scam the Army. I guess they have this thing where the Army will pay you to deliver household goods and pay you based on the weight in the trailer. He is going to be moving some furniture later, but it wouldn’t max the trailers weight specs. (Meaning he would get less money) He concocted a pretty not great plan. He needed help loading 90 bags of concrete from Lowes (80lb bags) He was then going to go weight his trailer, get a slip saying it was max weight, then return all the concrete. (Yes we had to unload them again back onto pallets) It came out to be like 7,000lbs of concrete. Lowes wasn’t very happy either, as I’m sure you could imagine.

After that whole big thing, we picked up my brother and my other cousin and shot a bunch of guns. We are members to a sportsman’s club in the area, and shoot there when we can. My one cousin collects guns so he brought five, I brought two, my brother brought two, and my other cousin brought one. So with ten guns we had quite the field day.

Here is my cousin trying to sight in his rifle. I say try because he was unsuccessful. There is something wrong with the way his scope was mounted that it couldn’t be adjusted. You can also see my other cousin’s AR-15 and a few hand guns.


Here is another shot, this time with my brother in the background also sighting in his deer hunting rifle. The hand gun in that blue case is my brother’s 357 Magnum. It’s shiny haha.


These two here are mine. The bigger one is my Glock 21, it is a .45 ACP. The smaller one is the one I carry often. It is a Bersa Thunder .380. It was the smallest gun we had there(Size and Caliber). It is super slim and fits in my waistband nicely.


Here is again my cousin’s AR and his M&P Shield .40. This is the one he carries. I would love that gun for myself because it is a much higher caliber than my .380., and almost as (physically) small.


This last picture is a WWI gun. It is by far the oldest one we had there and it is awesome. It is an old 1911 .45 caliber. My cousin told me the back story, I’ll butcher it, but try telling you anyway. It was made just as WWI was ending, and didn’t see combat then. It then went to WWII and saw some action, as well as the Vietnam War. From there it was bought by someone and traveled to the Springfield Armory and got a new slide. I can’t remember what was scratched off in the picture. My cousin got his hands on it because the guy that eventually ended up with it is literally afraid of guns and didn’t want it in his house.


We went to my brothers house after and played Cards Against Humanity. It is fun with 9 people! We had some drinks and some laughs, then it was back home.

Sunday I laid around and did nothing productive, and I loved it! I played all my games and did some house work but never had to put on real pants. That is my gauge on how well you relaxed on a weekend, by the number of times you had to put on real pants. haha

That’s all from me. I hope to see you back again tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Exciting News

Hey There!

The last few nights I have been up super late but last night was busy and very productive. As you may know my wife and I went and looked at two nice houses last night. They were both nice in their own way. The price points were different but they were two very different houses.

Once we were done looking at houses I had to get home and quickly change into my dressy attire for my Masonic meeting. Well it was degree work not a stated meeting, but that’s neither here nor there. It went well. I thought I wouldn’t make it in time, due to looking at houses, but I did. The night went off without a hitch, and we welcomed our newest member into the fraternity. We have grown tremendously in the past year, and that is nice to see.

During that night my wife and I decided to put in an offer on one of the houses. This is our exciting news! We haven’t gone this far yet and we hope everything goes well. We are completely clueless on how to buy a house, and that is a bit scary. We are working with a realtor, and she sent us a digital copy of the contract. I was up ate last night reading it and electronically signing everything. This also just continued to confuse the heck out of me. It is all legal and technical jargon that you can’t understand or make sense of. I opted to have the ability to check everything in the house if we wanted to even though we won’t. We will do a home inspection and probably a radon test, that would be about it. The house is really nice and we like that they utilize every inch of the house. They are asking $126,000, and we offered $120,000. It should be good enough. If we do get the house we would want to convert a wall into a breakfast nook and open up the kitchen a bit, as well as put up a fence for our dog. That would be about the only thing that we would want done sooner than later.

We hope to not have anything fall through and we hope the process is fast and as simple as we can make it. I should have more exciting news later as well so stay tuned. That is all I have for you today. Thank you for reading and I’ll see you tomorrow. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Happy Thursday

Good Afternoon People!

Last night was a very productive evening for me. From the moment I left work I was on the move. I got home and fed my pets, then jet back out the door. I had to get food for them at the local Tractor Supply. From there I went to the local Wal-Mart to get groceries. My wife is very busy studying for exams to finish her masters degree this August. She is also finishing up her, non-paid internship position. We are a little strapped on cash because of this but it is all for the better. I didn’t just want to hand her money since she is busy so I went and got everything we needed. I got home and put everything away and felt good about how much I was getting done. I kept myself busy, and took out the trash and cleaned up around the house for a bit. My mom noticed that the tree my wife and I had in our marriage ceremony, was not looking too good. for a little back story on that, we both added water and soil to the potted tree, like others combine sand or light candles. Our goal is to plant it in the yard of our home……The issues there is that we have been married over a year and still don’t have a house haha. It has been in a pot for far too long and the pot that it was in broke and isn’t big enough anymore. I was able to run to the local Lowes and get the biggest pot I could find and three bags of Miracle Grow tree soil. Hopefully the tree will spring back to some sort of life and we can get it planted in the near future.

That was my night. I was sweating like crazy, it was hot and very humid all evening. I hopped in the shower and turned on the ESPYS. Those are the sports awards. They have always been about more than just sports and this year was no exception. I wasn’t able to watch the whole thing but the stories they shared last night were moving and over all well presented. The main reason I couldn’t watch the whole show was that the season two premier of Mr. Robot on the USA Network stated at 10pm. This was a show that I missed completely, and got fully caught up on. It is amazing, if you haven’t watched it and you like computers, technology, hacking, mind f*cks, and overall good story lines you will love this show.

That brings me to today. I have been moderately busy at work and still have two PCs to set up so I will get back at it. thanks for reading and I’ll see you again tomorrow.Β  πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


My Ingress cards Shipped Today!!