Coffee Talk!

Hey Everyone!

I got busy yesterday at work and wasn’t able to post. We have little boxes in each of our CNC machines that allow them to communicate via wireless. Two of them went down and needed to be re-programmed. The hard part was that these were the only two that relied on a bridged connection and we haven’t been super familiar with those. The boxes basically have two network interfaces and two MAC addreses. Once configured it basically acts like a pass through from the control in the machine to a wireless connection. Anyway, you don’t care about that haha.

In cute and funny news, Everett loves his Baby Einstein jumper!

He will sit there and bounce like this fora long time. I stopped recording when he slowed down, but right after that he just kept going. He is also wearing his astronaut pajamas, which we love.

Today is Friday! I’m grateful for that haha. This week has dragged a bit for me and I look forward to a nice weekend. My wife is having a friend from work come over with her daughter Saturday. She is going to take some pictures of her. I like to see her use some of that stuff I got her for a home studio. I know the basement is in no way a finished product but I don’t want to see that equipment go to waste. That means I’ll have to be wearing pants Saturday haha.

The opening Olympic ceremony is going on this morning. If you are able to catch it you should. They are always really neat. I think I heard that the US was there with well over 200 of their own athletes. I also know that there is still tension running high with protests over the Koreans running under a neutral flag. With South and North Korea competing together they are using a white flag with the outline of North and South Korea, which most South Koreans disapprove of. They are holding the winter games this year and won’t even be marching with their own flag. That’s messed up, to me. Here is the flag they are using.


At the end of the day the athletes just want to compete, but it is rubbing a lot of people the wrong way.

This weekend looks to be blustery in my area so I’ll be sure to stay indoors and watch what games I can. Are you doing anything fun this weekend? Let me know in the comments below! 😀 😀

P.S. I was just sent this about a baby Octopus being born how cool?!?


Weekend Update!

Hey Everyone!

Our plans for Saturday didn’t happen. We were going to go back to see my wife’s family and that all fell through. We spent the day at home, doing a bit of everything.

Sunday was similar up until dinner. We headed over to my parent’s house. It was Super Bowl Sunday and my parents always throw a party. Nothing crazy, just some family and what not. We, as I have stated before, weren’t going to stay for the majority of the game. We got there early and let everyone spend some time with Everett and all that good stuff. My brother and his little family came and my niece Rory had some nice little pig tails in.

Here is her and my dad putting her baby doll in the play set.


Her she is again trying to give Everett her doll. He was clearly watching the TV or someone else in the room lol.


Rory is sitting with my dad in this one talking with my Aunt.


We had homemade pizza and plenty of snacks. There was everything from veggies, to chips, venison balls, and brownies. We stayed a bit later than we planned, but I figured that would happen once people were there. It was a good night. We got home at a decent time and put Everett to bed around 9pm.

My wife has the week off to burn some vacation time. If she doesn’t use it she loses it so why not right? She sent me this picture of Everett playing in the new jumper I bought him Sunday.


He really seems to like it. The three buttons by the globe speak in English, Spanish, and French. It is a nice learning tool for that age. All sorts of things make noise on that thing haha.

So now I’m stuck at work while they are home all week. 😦 Oh well. I have to do what I have to do I suppose! That is all for me today. I’ll see you all again tomorrow! 😀 😀