Not A Great Day!

Hey Everyone!

Sorry I missed out on posting yesterday.

It wasn’t a great day for me. I was informed at work that I did not stay in the running for my boss’ position here at work. That stings even if you are mostly sure you wouldn’t get it anyway. I am ok with it, but it isn’t ever something you want to hear, ya know? I was told that I was impressive and that I made the decision harder than they had initially thought, which is a huge plus. I let them know that I was willing, able, and ready to move up. My boss said that he told the rest of the interviewers that I would be a great leader one day, whether it was here or somewhere else. He has always had my back and continues to even entering retirement shortly. The rest of my day, at work, fell flat. I didn’t care to do anything and rode it out.

When I got home I stayed in my work clothes because we had an electrician coming at 4:30-5:00pm. Well long story short he just…didn’t show up. Who does that? I know that plumbers and electricians have jobs that run over and everything. That is understandable, but to not call your next solidified appointment to let them know is a dick move. So I sat and waited until about six and then figured he wasn’t going to show for real. I still haven’t heard from him at all. I’m going to be calling a few other people today, I guess. I need some one to come in and do the damn work, plain and simple. If someone was willing to pay me to do my job, I’d do it. I’m not sure what is so hard about this concept. So we are still stuck with no answers, or solutions.

Work is doing slow today, as I am posting early. The one thing I am looking forward to is just after work. A few of us are meeting at a local bar in town to ‘send off’ our Human Resources Assistant, who is moving to Virginia. We are just going to have a drink or two and tell her good bye.

Tomorrow I have my Bio-metric screening at work, and will have to fast for 10-12 hours. They will check our vitals, as well as cholesterol. They then give us a print out of all the results so that we can take any action if needed. I will most likely need to take mine to my doctor, as my results have been high the last three years. :/

That is all for me today. I hope you all have a great Wednesday, and I’ll see you all again tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


Baby, Mobile Apps, & Opportunity!

Hey Everyone!

Another buys day for me. So that means another short post.

Our baby has his one month appointment today, meaning he is due for some shots! I bet he willlllll hate it. He didn’t think anything of them when we were in the hospital but that was then and this is now haha. We are still working on getting him on a decent sleep schedule, so that when my wife goes back to work we can get a little rest. We are going to meet with a potential baby sitter on the 5th of July, it is exciting because she has received a lot of praise from the people we have talked too, but they all say shes always booked. Well she has an opening and we are going to see whats up. Oh and here is his little one month old picture!


He is growing everyday and working on that neck strength haha.

In other news, since I haven’t had much time to play my normal video games I have resorted to mobile gaming. It is nothing like PC gaming in any way and the games are crap. I have found that ‘Golf Clash’ if fun for golf. It is simple and cartoony, you also play one hole at a time not a set of 9 or 18. Here is a YouTube video I made, quickly:

The other game I have been playing is ‘CSR Racing’ it is a simple construct but with amazing graphics.


You basically go up in the street racing ranks and modify you car and garage along the way. The controls are simple and the game is fun, to pass the time. You can join a crew and work together to get better perks, you can also race each other which isΒ  cool feature. You can do as much or as little as possible it is your choice. Both of these games, like most mobile games are pay to win kind of things, which is annoying but I get it.

It is Friday and I don’t really have any special plans for the weekend. Tonight after work and the baby appointment, I have to move our old mattress out of the house and replace it with the new one that came in the mail today. After that I don’t have any hard plans until softball sometime Sunday. I can take a little break and have a somewhat free weekend, that is alright by me.

A friend of mine on Facebook started working for MCA, basically posting ads about MCA products on social media. I am always skeptical about these offers and about how they all work, but she seems to be making real money. She was on maternity leave and never left once she started working for these guys. Since my wife is off I figured she might be interested too, who knows? Well she is curious, so I reached out to the girl and had her send information to my wife. Even if she does it part time on the side of her full time job, and extra money helps. I always just get worried about how the taxes get done on stuff like that. Is it taxed before it is deposited? After? or at the end of the year? I’m pretty sure you would have to make sure you have a 1099 form to write it all up if it is secondary income, but I hate that stuff and don’t know anything about it. It all seems too good to be true but if it is legit, she could make some real good money. Heck she could maybe quit her job and still make double her salary!

That’s all for me today, I hope you have a great weekend and I’ll see you back on Monday! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Rough Night

Hey Everyone!

I’m going to keep this one a little shot, I jacked my hand up a bit.

Last night I was very prepared to work on the firewood rack and the cubby storage for the baby’s room, until I got home. I check and saw that for the 4th day in a row we didn’t get any mail. I called the post office since It closed in like 10 minutes. I know the post master and he is a good family friend. He told me that they had a hold on our mail because our steps were getting too bad. I have been wanting to repair them, but I had to wait until the weather broke. It snowed last week, how should I have fixed them?? Anyway, they didn’t us any notice it all just stopped coming. My brother and I did go get all the supplies that we needed for the other projects, but I also grabbed the stuff needed to fix my stairs. That was now my priority. The weather still isn’t cooperating but at this point I don’t have a damn choice. We picked up 60lbs of concrete patch and had to mix it by hand because my drill didn’t fit the egg beater. Well not knowing that it isn’t good for your skin, I had used my hand to scoop out the concrete and slap it on the stairs while my brother used the trowel to smooth it all. Being in a rush when mixing and fighting daylight, I had a small wet piece hit my eye. I had to rinse it out and get back to work. Well after we got done with what we could I cleaned up. My hands were super dry and that is when I looked it up. when it is a wet mix it is about a ph of 13 or 14. I have a couple of burns on my fingers and my arm from open cuts. I have a doctor appointment at 2pm to make sure that I am treating them right and to see if there is any chance of them spreading or getting worse. I also want him to check my eye to make sure everything it good. I would go to an eye doctor but we don’t have vision insurance. Time to look into that haha.Β  Anyway I have been typing thins with about 5 fingers instead of 10 and it’s pretty tough.

I hope to get out out the doctors office and get back to work on those other projects. My brother should be coming over again to help me but if not it’ll be no big deal to do it myself. I’ll try to keep you updated. I have also kind of applied to be a transcriber. It would be work as many or as few hours as you would like and do it all from home. I can really use any extra cash I can get with all these repairs and builds. Fingers crossed it would be a good fit!

That’s it for me today everyone, thanks for reading about my unknowing, self-inflicted suffering haha. I’ll be back again tomorrow, with hopefully better news! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€