Little Of This, Little Of That!

Hey Everyone!

We have made our way to Thursday. One step closer to the weekend, and that I can get behind. Yesterday was another so-so day with not much going on. I have been working towards a certification in penetration testing from There are all sorts of courses offered and tons for free! If you are interested in anything computer or networking related that seems to be one of the best, for free that is.

Our baby boy is still hacking and coughing. It is not fun to watch or to deal with. There really isn’t anything that we can do except wait for it to get better. He seems miserably and he probably is. He is on the up and up and is still smiling and playing. He try to bundle him up when he goes outside and keep him hydrated the best we can. He is still only on breast milk so he hasn’t been introduced to water or juice yet. I feel like the milk is not great mixed with mucus from my own perspective and that water would be better but he still needs the nutrients from the milk. It just sucks that he is still so young. Not much can be done. We will wait it out.

Today my boss brought in his deer meat from the buck he got the other week. Fresh venison is amazing! When it is then processed into sticks and bologna it can be even better, if done correctly. I’m not sure if I will have any luck hunting this year or not. The reason for this being, that I may only go out one day, since I am out of time to take off of work. I might go out twice depending on what happens and the weather. We hunt on my dads land nowadays, and hope to have some place to sleep up there. I hope there is some snow come rifle season so that the contrast is easier to see, and trails are more easily followed.

Tomorrow I am going to look at a used snow blower up on the hill. I will swap my car with my dad’s truck so that after work I can just go right up and check it out. I have the money in hand and may very well have a cheaper solution than I thought I would for the winter season.

That is about all that is going on with me lately. I am also waiting on the plumbing company to get to me. I may have to call them again, I feel like they have forgotten me. rip. Oh well! Have a great Thursday and I’ll try to remember to have a ‘Coffee Talk’ tomorrow morning. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


Freezing Cold & Beauty And The Beast!

Hey Everyone!

Back again after a very chilly Monday! *This was me yesterday*prepare-your-car-for-cold-temperatures-this-winter-2j-s-automotive-96gKJ4-clipart.jpg

I was all set to go work on my tub last night, when I remembered that my wife said the furnace wasn’t working quite right. I stepped into my house only to be greeted with a cold blast of air. I first checked the settings on my thermostat, and it was in good working condition. I went into the basement and checked the filter and cleaned what I could. Still no luck. I noticed that there was an instruction sticker on the side of the furnace, that let me know how to completely shut it down and bring it back up. I ended up following those steps twice, trying to get it to work. You see it was about 14 degrees outside with the wind whipping, and only in the 50’s in my house, yikes! I needed to get this thing working, my poor pets must have been cold. Well at least the cat, the dog is a Norwegian Elk-hound, she probably loved it. I next noticed that the led light indicators were pointing me in a certain direction, so I looked it up online and saw that it was most likely an issue with something being dirty or backed up. Not knowing the inner workings of a gas furnace, and not wanting to blow myself up I called a guy. It took him THREE whole hours to get to my house. Once he did it was smooth sailing. I watched closely to what he did, so I can do it myself next time. He popped off 3-4 tubes and just blew into them clearing any build up from the gas itself. He then checked my filter, and flipped the switch and everything worked. One of the tubes was gunked up and caused the ‘switch’ to open, which was a signal to the furnace to stop operating and let me know. Good news is that everything worked like it was supposed to and nothing was broken. I will still get a bill from the heating guy but it is better than no heat!

Today at work I have been pretty busy. I have helped people with obtaining Auto Cad licenses, drives disconnecting, outside sales reps using VPNs, and a few more. I have also been setting up two new PCs for replacements. This took me right up to lunch and this post. I was also able to order a book of checks from Vista Print. I need checks for the handymen that I have to call. they seem to be the only people that don’t accept cards haha. I had to write them for the plumber, the chimney sweep, and now the heating guy. They were $12 for a book of 25, after shipping.Β  I got some that look like this:


Being a big fan of the outdoors and hunting it was a good pick for the cost. For my wedding my brother bought me a nice Remington 810 12Ga. shotgun, in wetlands camouflage, it looks amazing.

I am scheduled to get my TDAP shot today after work. My wife got hers a few days ago. We need these shots to cover Tetanus,Β  Diphtheria, And, Pertussis (Whooping Cough). It is smart to have anyone that will be in contact with the new baby to get one too! My wife has been having a hell of a time with her arm after this shot, so I hope I’ll have a better reaction to it.

My wife and I are going to see the new Beauty and the Beast movie on Friday. She has been counting down the days, so we can go see it in the theater. I think it looks great and can’t wait to go! The cast looks spectacular. Click the picture to be taken to the official trailer!


That’s all from me today! I hope you had a warmer Monday than I did haha. I hope to see you all back again tomorrow, hell feel free to invite your friends as well. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Valentines Day!

Hey Everyone!

*I now have over 200 followers! Thank you all so much.*

So yesterday was the infamous Valentines Day!

My wife and I didn’t plan on really doing anything special, because most times it involves gifts and trips and what not. We managed to have a great night with out buying more than dinner. Right after I got out of work we hit up the local Olive garden and had a great dinner. The wait time was only 25 minutes without a reservation, which is amazing! She ordered some shrimp scampi pasta thingy, and I had the braised beef and gnocchi. It was the first time I ever had that meal and I was very pleased. After dinner we took a stroll in the mall, and did some window shopping. Later, after we were home, we turned on Netflix and watched 51e44741671e4f80ad0dfaeb8e6af0e9 Finding Dory.51e44741671e4f80ad0dfaeb8e6af0e9Β  I kinda have to say I like Finding Dory better than Finding Nemo. It was a quite, calm way to end the evening. We had a very nice evening. Let me know what you guys did for Valentines Day. I don’t care you you ate pizza alone, or flew to Paris! Let me know πŸ˜€

Back to reality today, I had to come to work haha. I have just finished up setting up two new PCs for replacements. The one is going to our company president, which is scary in itself because he is the big cheese, and is awkward in general. lol The other is for the manager of the maintenance department. Which is another fairly high up guy. He has been fighting to keep his current PC, buuuut it has been seven years! He needs to give it up.

I have also been trying to keep up with understanding my insurance. With my wife being pregnant she is going to the doctor a ton. She is being bombarded by EOBs and bills. I have been trying to help figure it all out. I have talked to our HR girl a few times and she has been really helpful. I have to get my wife set up on the web portal and build her a profile. It is really neat. Through the web portal you can set who your doctors are and they have a complete list of what you have paid and to whom, as well as what you owe. Once I get her set up tonight I bet we will both see things more clearly. After that it is all ARK Survival Evolved for me πŸ˜‰

That’s it for today I hope you have enjoyed your time here. Remember you can subscribe to my blog via email from my home page. Please feel free to comment and like this post for more content! I’ll see you again tomorrow, have a great Hump Day! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Random, Nerd Note

Hey Everyone!

Welcome back, I’m not sure if I have much to write about today lol.

I do have this big dumb plotter printer in my office haha. They replaced it with a new one down stairs for our engineers and for what ever reason wanted to keep this one for a bit. I think they want to fabricate a print chatcher like the one you see on the bottom of this printer. (the cage looking thing) We really don’t have a place for it so my network admin wheeled it in to my office yesterday. I have the smallest office so he thought it would be funny….20170209_124736.jpg

Other things that I did today…hmmm. Oh, I found out how to download custom ringtones to my NEC IP Phone at work. Just your typical office phone, here is mine, it is a NEC DT800:


I first had to set up a TFTP Sever on my PC. For this I used a free program called Solar Winds, it sets up a TFTP-Root directory in your C:\ drive. Anything that you want to transfer out via TFTP needs to be in that root folder. I went online and found a few bits of music and things to test it out. We found that we could use Audacity , a free program, to cut the audio clip, but it didn’t offer the settings that we needed. After failing a ton of times my co-worker and I figured out that if you use another free program called Switch Sound File Converter, you can set the audio file to the right settings. They had to be 8 bit, under 256KB, ect. From there we put the file in the root directory and hopped over to the phones. TO download it you have to set your download address, which is the IP of your machine. Next you have to set your protocol to TFTP so it knows to look for your TFTP-Root folder. You then proceed to the download option and type in the filename. Once that saves, all you have to do it set the download to be your active ringtone. It sounds like alot but if you have the file ready to go all you have to do it grab it.

I don’t really have anything planned this weekend or tomorrow. I doubt I will just get a free weekend to relax and hang out lol. Something is bound to come up. It always does.

Oh one last thing my concealed carry permit is in, I have to go to the Sheriff’s office to get it. I need to find time to do it though because they are only open until 3:45pm and I don’t get out of work until 4:30. DOH!

I hope you are all having a great week! I’ll see you again tomorrow. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


The Weekend Has Come!

Hey Everyone!

Like I said yesterday to day and Monday’s blog posts will be shorter, since I am covering for a co-worker. As of right now I am out of work for the weekend in one hour. Today has been a lazy, yet normal day. The air outside is crisp and the sun is out. If it wasn’t for the fact that I don’t have a window and that there is road construction, it would be a great day haha.

After I get out of work I have to get home to pack and get ready to leave. We are going back to my wife’s hometown. We are having a big dinner tonight with her family, and Saturday she is taking maternity pictures of my sister in law. She is due in early November so she has quite the bump going on. We are only going to be back there for only one night, so it shouldn’t take me very long to get ready to go. I did tell my wife I would help her scan some documents before we go so I will be able to get that done too.

If I remember correctly I told you about possibly helping my co-worker with his churches IT support. Well, he received an e-mail about coming to map out what they have this weekend too. So the only time that would work for both of us is going to be Saturday after I get back. We are going to go over there and get a sense of what they have and what they don’t have. We will determine what they need and see what type of support they need. They are willing to pay for support but don’t really have enough to hire a company so it is an interesting situation. I would love the experience and really want to help them out. That is the fun stuff about my line of work. I can walk into a place and with the proper clearance determine all kinds of things and basically be a contracted consultant.

Sunday I hope to be watching some football games and later playing basketball with my work mates. We play 6-8pm at a local church. We usually get about eight people to show up. It is a good way for us to stay active in the winter months.

That is about all I have for you wonderful people. I thank you for stopping by, and I’ll see you all again Monday! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


p.s. With a bit of good timing I may have a surprise announcement later. πŸ˜‰

Work Thoughts

Hey Everyone!

I have been moderately busy today which is nice. Our company has been slow this past year and a half. We are in the Manufacturing and Transportation industry so the supply and demand goes through phases. We cater to tanker trucks, in regards to their lights and light kits, manholes, and different valves. I’m in the IT department so I’m not really messed up by a down turn but when they started laying people off I felt the pressure since I have only been here about two years.

The good news is that for now anyway, some of the people that were laid off last have come back and it isn’t because the lay off time was up, it was due to increased orders. YAY US! I guess they have had worse down turns than this but this one was one of the worst. We laid off about 40 people this past year, and again thankfully they didn’t come in to the offices they kept it all in the shop. I hope we pick up and stay up for a while. The last thing I need on my mind is a worry of being let go from a good company.

Today at work we have a road crew working on a gas line and a tree company taking down some trees. It is pretty noisy around here. I have managed to put out a few metaphorical fires anyway. Soon we will be adding a new server and upgrading our domain level to a Windows Server 2012 R2 status. This coming from a Windows Server 2008 level. We will also be adding virtualization for the first time within the company to reduce the later need for more hardware. I have my October PCs ordered so when they come I’ll be setting them up. Oh speaking of that, I will be swapping my PC when that happens, so I’m not sure if that will effect my posting ability. I would hope that everything goes well and in that case I should be fine. Although now that I think about it I haven’t got the requisition back yet so I hope they got ordered. I’ll have to checkΒ  haha. I try to keep track of what I spend each year in a spreadsheet. I am on track to spend about 25,000 on PCs and stock alone this year, which is comparable to last years total so I’m good with that. If that sounds like a lot it really isn’t when you take in to consideration that they will buy one CNC lathe for $250,000 lol.

We are going to look at another house tonight so wish us luck we need something fast! Well I best get back to work, thanks for stopping by. I’ll see you tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Minecraft Server Up! XD

Hey everyone.

I adjusted the dynamic DNS information, and am now proud to say that the server is up, running, and ready to be played. The address is


As you can see it is version 1.10.2 and will only work on 1.10 clients. Please feel free to hop in the server and begin your survival experience! I know there might be a couple of you from the blog that would like to join, and I know of a few local kids that would like to as well. Also if there is anything that is an issues feel free to let me know so I can correct it if at all possible.

This is the first real server that I have ever had up and running, and it feels good. I hope to see you there.

Tiny side notes:

My wife and I have some friends coming into town tonight for family photos. It will be nice to catch up with them a bit and see their kids. We are also still planning on going to the craft festival on Saturday. I’ll be sure to let you know if we come home with anything cool. Speaking of coming home, we are very actively looking for a house again since we got approved for an amount that should let us get what we want. It is all very exciting and will keep us busy. It is a huge step buying a house, and we want to do it right and do it once if we can. It will be scary adjusting to all the new payments and rules. WE will hash it all out when we need to though. Have a great weekend and I’ll see you Monday! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Some Updating

Hey There!

Good news, I don’t think I am sick. My glands still seem swollen but I still feel fine. I went to the dentist yesterday and had a cavity filled. It was done perfectly well. Where I had an issues was that when I got home and was getting ready for my Masonic meeting the Novocain wore off, as it does. To my surprise the whole left side f my jaw hurt. I can only think that the Hygienist was putting some weight down on my jaw while she was using some of her tools of the trade. It Still hurts today over 24 hours later so I know its not from the simple cavity being filled. It made for a somewhat miserable night. It is still hard to open my mouth to eat.

The degree work that we did for my cousin’s 2nd degree in Free Masonry was fun though. I held a couple different positions throughout the night. I really enjoy the degree work, it is amazing how organized the whole thing is. The people doing more of the conferring of the degree have so many words memorized it blows my mind. We had a nice BLT dinner served to us beforehand and apple/pumpkin pie afterwards. My grandfather has been coming into town to see my cousins degree work. His last degree is unofficially going to be on a Saturday in October so we can have all of my family, who are Masons, be present. Our lodge will now have 6 of us!

The last thing I have to update you on is the Minecraft server. I have pretty much everything ready. I won’t be able to route the domain so I will have to just use a dynamic DNS address instead. I registered a host with No-IP and all that will be left to do is modify the client on the server when I get home. That will be priority #1. I hope tomorrow I can tell you all that it is up and running and give you the address. I hope to see a couple people join and say “What’s Up”. Again it is a survival server, but not on a hard level. If you have kids or teens that like to play and want a friendly server, they can join. It is very G rated. I’m pretty excited to let people know about it. I haven’t got anything huge planned but its just going to be nice to be able to give out the information. On a similar note, now I’m stuck with a domain and no use for it. Since it it Minecraft related I may try to make it some sort of landing page.

I will be having Mexican for dinner with my wife. We also haven’t found out what we are pre-approved for so that better hurry up, because I’m losing patience. I hope kyou have a great Thursday and I’ll see you all tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Wednesday Troubles

Hey Everyone!

As of last night things didn’t seem to be going my way, and that has carried on into today. Nothing major, just annoying things. Yesterday after work I realized I was getting a cold sore on my lip and now its quite awful and painful. Since I went to the softball tournament this weekend and was in the sun all day I got sun burnt pretty bad even with sun screen, and now I’m a flaky mess at work. It also brought out a bunch of pimples on my face and maybe even my cold sore. This morning I woke up and did everything like I normally do, so far so good I guess. I got to work and realized that the glands under my jaw are swollen and they hurt just to turn my head. I don’t have a sore throat, or a headache like I normally would if I was sick. This leads me to think I have some allergy issues. You know, unless I wake up dying tomorrow lol.

With all that being said I have to leave work early today to go to the dentist to get a cavity filled. Following that we have our first Masonic meeting since our summer break. I can’t miss it because I have a crucial role in the 2nd degree of initiation for my cousin. It will be a long night. Come to think of it the only thing that makes me feel like I could be getting sick is that when I sneezed earlier my body was a little achy and I know that is never a good thing. I will just have to jack myself up with some vitamin C and go on my way.

I have been messing with texture packs in Minecraft and found a few cool ones. I will be trying a bunch out later to see which ones are my favorites. I am also trying my hand at shaders but haven’t got them working yet. As far as the domain routing, I got a few answers from some people and I’ll be trying them out soon. If they don’t work I will just reconfigure my ddns to be less specific and open it up to people with just the ddns address. So hopefully in the next couple days either way.

This weekend, if I’m not sick, we plan on going to a craft festival in the area. They have it every year and let local vendors show their stuff. It is a great time of year to have it since people want to start decorating their homes for fall. It is held at our local fair grounds and is for the whole weekend. My wife’sΒ  family may be joining us this year so we will make a day of it. We may even get the kayaks out after. Again, if I’m not sick.

I hope you have a better mid week than I seem to be having. I’ll see you tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Server Update & Pre-approval

Happy Hump Day Everyone!

August has come and gone. We will soon be in the midst of the fall season. I can’t wait for hoodie weather. My server is what I would like to talk about for a moment. I had a break though in one of the two areas that have been holding me back. I was looking closely over the server properties configuration file, and noticed that there was inherently a spawn protection setting. I did a quick google search and found that it indeed would protect an area around spawn to the number that you set. It was, by default, at 16 but I changed it to 100. This means from the top to the bottom 100×100 blocks are now protected stemming from my set spawn point. I will happily check that off of my list of things to do. The last thing I have to work on is getting the domain routing correctly. I thought I also had that nailed down last night only to find that when I got to work this morning that I could not connect to it. 😦 I am not really sure why this is such a hard thing to do. I feel like people have done this a million times over again, but there is no clear documentation online about it. (At least not that I have seen) Anyway one step at a time and I will get it done. Soon. Soon. Soon. haha.

As far as the second half of my title, today is the real deal. Today my wife and I applied for a joint pre-approval for a house loan. I had applied myself two other times with just myself, to get a baseline. Well my wife is starting her career and was able to obtain a letter from the Human Resources department of her new employer. This letter states that she is a full time employee, her salary, and her start date. With this information we can proceed in the process of buying a home. We have lived with my parents for the last two years while she finished school and I got my feet under me. For this we are both grateful, but it is time to get out. We want/need a place of our own. We will be able to continue on to the next steps in life. We should be able to get approved for what we want and, with that amount we will be able to buy a house that we can live in for many years. Today is a good day, knowing we can get the ball rolling.

I hope you all have a great day and a great rest of the week. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€