Lighting Weekend & Golf!

Hey Everyone!

I had a heck of a weekend. Friday my wife said she wanted to replace the kitchen ceiling fans and lights. I didn’t want to do any of that since they all worked, and we don’t have the money for any big issues if they arise.

In the process of taking those two lights down she wanted me to replace the light over the sink, and move the fan in the dining room to the other side of the dining room and get a new light there as well. In total it came to four new lights and moving a fifth. It was a long Friday evening, and it carried into Saturday morning.


This is the fan from the dining room moving to it’s new location.


Here is where it came from. More on this spot later.


The two kitchen lights were here.


I installed the lights in the kitchen and my wife painted the ceiling.


Saturday morning kept me busy and I had to stop to head out to the golf outing!

The night before my co-worker and I went to the driving range and hit a bucket of balls.


The weather was great Saturday and my team was ready to do a mediocre job haha. 😀 Here is my golf cart mate Jake, he works third shift and is the son of the lady in accounting.


My dad is hitting here, and then we had another guy in sales on our scramble team.


I decided to run to the sports store in town and get a nice shirt, glove, and pants. Lastly before my dad and I headed out we grabbed a split 6 pack for the day.


I got home fully expecting to get the rest of the lights up and going. I put the fan up and the new light up, only to find out that they didn’t turn on… :/ I fiddled with the both of them until I had to stop. It was very frustrating.

That took us straight into Sunday where I worked on them again. I stopped part way though because I ran out of knowledge and patience. I called my dad over and we did end up getting the fan working on the switch. I haven’t put it back up because we still can’t get the new dining room light working. It is the only light, that I know of, that is running on the only knob and tube wire run that we have in the house. I have tried every combination that I can think of and something must be disconnected somewhere. Knob and tube wiring is not up to any code anymore because it is not grounded, so I don’t think any real electrician will wok on it without replacing it. That would mean tearing up my ceiling and wall possibly and I don’t want to or have the money to do that. So I have to find someone willing to help me out and until then my dining room will be a mess.

In other news I got work today that I have an interview for my boss’s job tomorrow at 2pm.  I may not be posting if I am still preparing for that. I’ll be a bit nervous and figuring things out. It would be a huge leap for me and the job description looks scary but I think I could handle it if it came down to it. Wish me luck! If I don’t get this job which is very possible, I hope to have the ability to move into my co-workers job.

That is all for me today, I hope you have a great Monday! I’ll see you tomorrow or Wednesday! 😀 😀




Hey Everyone!

Today has not been a great work day for me. Yesterday I restored a file for one of our Engineers, and today I was informed that we didn’t go back far enough. So I was tasked with going back a bit further. Seems simple right? Do what I did yesterday with an older back up. Well, I’ve tried that. Three times. Right now it is running a process that should only take about 6 minutes, and has been going now for over an hour….

My co-worker who normally does this stuff is off in Florida for the week. I am hesitant to do anything else, because I don’t know enough about the back up settings and don’t wanna screw anything up.

To make matters worse I just had another guy call me about a file he ‘lost’ and needed back. The kicker is that he doesn’t even know where it was saved. So talk about a wild goose chase. I’ll be 100% lucky to find that with the information I was given, then restoring it, which you now know hasn’t been going my way today. :/

In other news I have dropped Caffeine from my diet. It started, fully, Saturday. Sunday and Monday I had a decent headache, on top of my terrible back pain. Today I’m doing much better. My headache is gone, and I’m hoping to have less anxiety. So far things seem good. I’m not sure If we can have ‘Coffee Talk’ anymore though. It would just be a lie now haha. We will see.

Anyway, back to work for me. I have to try and sort some of this stuff out. I’ll see you all again tomorrow! 😀 😀

Middle Ground!

Hey Everyone!

I want to take this time to spotlight something I have been hooked on lately. As most of you know I watch a lot of YouTube. I have seen the Jubilee channel before and have watched some of their videos, and to be honest wasn’t that impressed. I have now found their series called Middle Ground. Look this up if you want to see some real talk, on many topics. They take two sets of people, put them in a small group. They have questions asked one at a time and chose to agree or disagree to each. They each have time to speak and converse about the topic. It is a small enough group that nothing gets out of control. It really is a great series, if you are curious at all please check it out. Here are some of the ones I have seen and enjoy.

(There is minimal arguing, and more coming together than you would think.)

There are plenty of topics discussed and it is fun to see both sides of any one particular issue.

I hope you enjoy this post and check these out! 😀 😀


Panic Attack!

Hey Everyone!

We are nearing our trip and this morning I had a bit of a panic attack. I woke up around 5am and felt very anxious and nervous for next to no real reason. So for about an hour I was up alone trying to take my mind off of it all, all while still trying to figure out what would make me feel a bit better.

I was on medication during part of my high school career for anxiety and visited a great psychiatrist at least once a week. Of course being in high school and having any thing out of the ordinary is something you kind of try to hide, for fear of joke being made at your expense, and people looking at you differently. I was no exception! Most people didn’t know about it at all and I didn’t really ever tell any one. It wasn’t until I personally stopped taking my medicine and decided to use the techniques I had learned with the psychiatrist that I started not caring who found out. Of course, I was nearing a college age and could re-invent myself easily.

I have been off medication for over 12 years now and I have managed things pretty ok. I still have bouts like I did this morning that basically cripple me unless I can get out of that funk. I talk myself through things over and over and do the standard deep breathing and that tends to help quite a bit. I also love having a phone now (Which wasn’t a thing in highschool) that I can use to take my mind off of thoughts that keep trying to drag me back in. I tend to feel myself get a bit sweaty in the palms and hot, as well as terrible stomach cramps, that pretty much lock me in a bathroom. So it is pretty not great. It gets so bad sometimes that I get nervous about a place not having a bathroom, that in turn then makes me need one, and that cycle repeats itself until I can snap out of it. :/

Going on trips like the one we are taking are normally ok. My big fear in life is machines that I am not in control of. This is what trips me up quite a bit, and is the reason I hate planes, riding in cars, and elevators. It has evolved since I have gotten older to a control issue in general. I used to be able to just bug out somewhere with no plan and be 100% ok with dealing with what comes at me. Not so much anymore. It may have something to do with having a wife and a kid now too. I feel as if maybe I would be ok alone, but now I have other lives with me. Everything for me is now mostly planned out. This trip has been a bit of an exception.

I ended up having to book a hotel, because last minute my wife’s Uncle got some weird stand off-ish cold feet vibes. He has since offered to let us stay again…but with us leaving in two days we already had a hotel. :/ We will have to stop once on the way there and on the way back, and up until today I didn’t know where we would try to stay. I have since made a reservation haha. this all just stems from my breakdown this morning. I have the route printed out, even though we have it on our phones. All just little things to bring some more control to the trip. There will be plenty of unknowns when it comes to driving 1500 miles with a one year old baby haha.

As of right now, my lunch break, I’m feeling much better. I will have a great time and so with my little family. I know once we get on the road and feel like we have everything ready to go that it won’t be a problem at all. It is just the build up to the whole things that gets me. I let the stress of that, getting paid part way through the week, and having bills due while on vacation get to me a little bit too much. I’ll be bringing my laptop with me to cover all of those things anyway so it shouldn’t bother me too much.

I will ride out the little bit of this week that is left and be on the road in no time! That being said I will be off from the blog this whole next week, but may still have some pictures up on my Instagram, so feel free to check in on that if you would like to. I should be back again Monday the 4th, unless we get home crazy late.

That is it for me today! I will be back for a quick ‘Coffee Talk’ tomorrow morning and that will be that! I hope to see you then. 😀 😀


Did This Week Just Slow Down?!?

Hey Everyone!

It is only Tuesday and I am starting to feel the week drag. I have had a very busy couple of days and figured the day would just fly by, but I have hit a wall it seems. Everything is slowwwww.

Here at work we have finished all our cables and patched everything in. Our part of the project is pretty much over. Everything is networked in perfectly. Now it is up the the other half of our department to get the training and printer configs all set up, as well as the RF Guns.

Everett is back with the baby sitter today, and doing very well. I found out once I got there that the baby sitter’s husband has been in the hospital since Saturday. They are an older couple so I’m kind of fearful that they will die. Not trying to be mean, but he has heart problems and breathing issues, and I wonder if he ever dies if she will continue watching children or not. It really is a concern of mine, so we may have to look for a backup.

In what little free time I have had I have been watching the Vice Sports channel on YouTube. They have all sorts of videos on things like wiffle ball to MMA soccer? It was weird but that is a large range haha.

That is my slow day, I hope you all have a great Tuesday and I’ll see you tomorrow! 😀 😀

Smooth As Silk!

Hey Everyone!

Everything was smooth yesterday. I picked Everett up from daycare, he seems to be getting better, got him home, fed, and chillin. I was instantly on a cleaning spree for seemingly no reason. I mean from the moment I hit the door I was cleaning. I fed the animals, started laundry and did three loads, folded and srted those loads as well. I separated and picked up toys, and threw away a bunch of random crap laying around. I had my wife move her clothing clutter mess, and also did some dishes. It was non stop action. She went ahead and made a nice spaghetti dinner and we fed some to Everett. Once he was good and messy I gave him a bath, those are always fun. We opted to sleep in the living room with him again, this time I’m honestly not sure why. I have gotten decent sleep down there and don’t mind it. I think my wife likes it because it is warmer downstairs for her and Everett. Who knows where we will sleep tonight.

During the night we started to hear this loud revving noise, coming from out furnace. We have a gas furnace and it hasn’t made that noise before. It seemed to do it right before the air would kick on. I haven’t found a reason online that matches the description of the noise we had, but I’ll go home tonight and check the filter and go from there. Not sure what it is. If you are a furnace person hit me up haha.

Today at work I drafted an online will for myself, and I think my wife will do one too. I also did a living will and a power of attorney thing. I know there are a million ways to do it but this was upfront and all encompassing. We can sign them in front of people at the court house and have them notarized if need be. I’m sure if we don’t they would still hold up in court if anything were to go sideways. We thought about getting that done now since we have a kid. We don’t want anything to happen and not have a plan. If I show her mine and she doesn’t like it we can explore other options.

That is all for me on this unnatural warm day in January. Enjoy the rest of your day and I’ll see you bright and early for “Coffee Talk” in the morning. (If I remember haha) 😀 😀


Happy New Year! Baby Photo Shoot!

Hey Everyone!

I hope you had a happy and safe New Years Eve. With any luck we can carry it on through the year.

I don’t tend to make a big deal out of starting another calendar year, since nothing really changed and none of it really makes a difference, but it is nice to get together with family to ring it in. We went to my brother’s house and played a few games and almost made it to midnight. Our boy woke up, in not a great mood, about 20 minutes before. We packed our stuff and went home. Once we were home we turned on the TV and to our surprise we didn’t miss the ball drop. Just barely. We watched the countdown, kissed, and went to bed haha.

What did you do for New Years Eve?

My post is late, yes I know. Our ISP had some outages today and that killed our network. So for the last couple of hours our connection has been erratic. I wan’t sure I could post, but know I can. For that here is the mini photo shoot my wife had with Everett to close out the post, and start the year off right. (She is talented)


I hope that puts a smile on your faces. I’ll see you tomorrow! 😀 😀

Busy Work Day & 1 Month Old Baby!

Hey Everyone!

I have a short amount of time to post and I am late already. I have been swamped with work today and that is a good thing! I cam in at my normal time, and started setting up the new PCs I got in the mail a day or so ago. While doing that and running updates I got pulled away to help rearrange someones office. They need me there to make sure that everything gets unplugged correctly and plugged back in the right way. I was helping a fellow co-worker through my lunch break, with a parts list for a PC build for his kid. He has a son that has saved up enough money to buy his own gaming PC. He wants to surprise him and throw in a couple hundred dollars more, as a good gesture and reward, for managing his money so well. His son built a complete parts list and he gave it to me to look over and change since he added more money to the budget. I can say that I have spec-ed out a pretty good full size gaming rig for the budget of $1200. His kid will love it! Later this afternoon I have spent my time helping one of our summer design engineer inters with his issues. He is having problems with his Auto CAD and Inventor programs crashing. It has happened a few days in a row and twice today, so it was time to do something about it. I researched a few things and think I found a solution to his problem. I reverted his PC to use Direct X 9 instead of 11, deleted the junk out of his temp folder, updated is graphics driver while disabling the on board Intel one, and changed a series of variables within the programs themselves for better performance. I know this all sounds like gibberish to you guys but it was a fun day filled with technical issues that really got my brain moving!

In other news I am feeling much better, even though I never got any answers from the doctors I spoke with. I won’t be feeling good when my $150 bill from the ER comes through though :/ the weather here is crappy, and I can’t really do anything so I, will continue to take it easy. I mowed my grass yesterday when it was still nice out so that is a plus!

My baby boy Everett is officially 1 month old today! Dear god, they aren’t kidding when they say it fly’s by! I can’t imagine what I’ll think when he turns 18 and leaves haha. He is working on the sleep thing, and has been working out those neck muscles. We are still camped out in the living room because it is easier for my wife in the middle of the night.  That and my dog peed all over our mattress and ruined it! We aren’t very fond of her at this moment haha.

That’s all for me, I’m sorry this is jumbled and ran together. Please forgive me! I’ll be back tomorrow, and I hope to see you all then. 😀 😀

Weekday Wrap!

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday after work I was able to off load my old stove on to a couple from around the area. That is one less thing taking up space in my garage. Hooray!

My wife and I, since she is having issues with maternity leave, sat down and went through her employee handbook. We were unable to find any mention of ‘inactive status’, so that leave me a bit skeptical. I saw the memo she had received saying that her job was not guaranteed, and that all her benefits would be gone. To me that seems like they are firing her, which is illegal. I have her on a mission to get to the bottom of it all. We need to know what this status is and what is really going on. On my end I have been speaking with out HR manager about the legalities of things and what possible options my wife may have. As of now it’s quite the mess.

All morning I have been working on a laptop setup for that same HR person. She will be working from home more often to get caught up with her paper work, and needed a new laptop in general. I was able to set her all up with a super fast HP ProBook 450 G3 laptop, with 16GB of RAM, an Intel i7 processor, and a 256GB SSD drive. The thing is fast and should last her a number of years. She is getting rid of her other laptop so I took it off her hands. It is super old and not worth a damn but a laptop to add to my arsenal is always welcome. I like to mess around with different operating systems, most of which are lightweight, so having something to do it on is great. Here is a factory image of what it looks like:


Compared to her other one it is slimmer and weighs about half as much, with more than twice the power and speed. This would run about $1100 for a home user to buy outright.

Ah Friday, I’m super glad that it is the weekend. I have been getting crappy sleep and welcome the weekend with open arms. I’m not sure that we have anything planned this weekend but I’m sure we will find something to do. I think I may have to cut an access port into my wall since I can’t find the right tool to get at it from the outside. I just want that project to be over, I don’t want a leaky tub to be an issues after we have a child. I can at least find out where the studs are and find the right panel this weekend.

The rest of today I’ll take easy. Most Fridays are slow for us because people just don’t report issues. They would rather wait until Monday, I guess I can’t blame them haha. I think we may have a game night at our place tonight. We were going to do it last weekend but my brother had to work. We bought a game called Telestrations, it is super funny.


I hope you all have a great weekend! Remember if you like my blog, feel free to share/like/comment/press it. Let me know if you have any plans for this weekend, I’d love to hear about them. 😀 😀

How Good Do We Have It?

Hey Everyone!

I would like to say I have good news, buuuut I don’t. Everything that was supposed to happen yesterday did not happen, and I am worse off than before. My hard drive is good to go but I now see that either my PC’s power supply or motherboard is dying. I will be taking home my voltmeter this weekend and testing the power supply. If everything is looking good I’ll know it is my motherboard. If it is the power supply I know it has a 10 year warranty, so it should just be a matter of contact with the vendor. If it happens to be the motherboard I will need the serial number and invoice, to give the MSI, the maker of the motherboard. I hope with each of those parts being less than two years old, that they will give me no trouble. That never seems to be the case, in my experience.

On the other, not great news, front my drivers side windshield wiper stopped working this morning. It can either be a striped nut or a wiring issue. the motor is fine and runs it just doesn’t move the blade. I’ll have to get at it tonight and get it fixed. The weather here isn’t great and I really could have used it this morning in the damn snow haha.

Since I was too involved in catching up with my paper scanning and temporary office setup, because of my broken computer, I never got to working on my tub or the tiles on the ceiling of the dining room. I have guests coming over tonight, but I hope to get some of this done tonight before they arrive. Depending on how long they stay, I will get more accomplished.

So my day again, unfortunately isn’t any better. I still stay positive but it gets harder every time something doesn’t go as it should. I am happy to have these first world problems. When I take the time to realize that I have it much better than most I can let some of the stress go. My problems are still problems to me but I know at the end of the day they are small things. let me see if I can find stats on some of this. Ah here we go!

From “approximately 34.3 of the worlds population have access to computers and internet. I am in that minority, and never think how good I have it.
Not sure how accurate this one is, but a Yahoo question of “What percentage of the worlds population own a car?” yielded this response: 4% own their car and 6% are still paying on theirs. Only 10% of the population own cars. Again making my windshield wiper issue super tiny.
Lastly,my tub/plumbing/basement issues are all related to plumbing in general. This figure from says that 60% of the worlds population don’t even have access to flushing toilets and water. So should I really let it ruin me, knowing that I have a leak?

Putting those again into perspective, sure they are still issues that I am personally dealing with. I definitely want and need them resolved. They are still a burden to me and my lifestyle, so yes they will still weigh on me. But in the grand scheme of things, if I ever get too stressed about them I can always step back and see how good I have it. I’m in a weird way lucky to have these issues in my life.

Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation? What are your thoughts? I would love to know how you handle issues with your first world items.

That is all for this week! I hope to report back Monday with some good news haha. Have a great weekend! 😀 😀