Keep On Rollin’!

Hey Everyone!

Last night I met with a guy who helped run the gas plant that needed some IT help. I wan’t able to fix anything last night but I was able to determine what I thought could be done to help. I’m still in the dark on a ton of things that they have going on, but I have a direction for the issue that I saw. They have a machine that measures the amount of certain gases in other gases? I guess? It is pretty cool either way. It isn’t communicating with the PC that runs the software. I believe that they are clearly not on the same network based on their IP addresses and therefore cannot communicate. Coming in late to the game I have no idea how or why this is. I have them calling the company to confirm, and left myself open as a contact for further issues. I hope I can help a few more times.

This morning work as been a bit hectic. I have been tasked with taking care of all of the ‘dummy’ terminals in the shop, since our co-worker retired. Well, its a bit of a mess. I ran around all morning getting the make, model, serial number, status, and location of all terminals and scanners. It was not terribly fun, in any way. I have since entered them in a simple Excel sheet to keep track. It will have to be updated every time we send one out, replace one, or get new ones. After this I’ll run over to our other shop and do the same.

Tonight we will have our first company softball practice that huge softball tournament. I am excited to see if we get a decent turn out. I’ll be pitching so I’ll be sore tomorrow, after pitching to, potentially 20 people. With a bit of luck we can determine who is good at what and who can hit. If we hold a couple more practices before the tourny we should have a pretty darn good team. Our company hasn’t come close to placing and getting a trophy for years now, so it would b nice to bring something back! 😀

That is all for me today! I’ll be back again tomorrow, and hope to see you then. 😀 😀


New Daycare!

Hey Everyone!

Today is our first day back at a somewhat normal routine. The last two days my mother in-law was at our house watching Everett. Today he started his new daycare! We were nervous just because we hope that he has a good experience.

I was maybe a minute late for work, but they don’t mind because they know I start work early all the time and work through my breaks, when I need to. I dropped him off and met some of the staff. They all seem very nice and I like that he will be in a room with other children his age, most of the day. I know including him there are 4 kids in the 1-2 age range. If they all stay at this daycare they will move through the other rooms together.

I made sure to tell them that he is eating using the baby led weaning technique. Which is that he eats real food in decent sizes, that he picks it up himself and puts it in his mouth. Learning theses skills also helps him with chewing and learning how to swallow better. He has been doing it for a few months and has really started swallowing quite a bit of the food that we give him. There are very few things that they don’t want you to feed them using this technique, so that is nice in the way that he can eat what we are eating.

At this new daycare they have a nap time, I’m not sure how good he will be with this right away. We generally see that he is tired and lay him down. We don’t force a nap on him, so we will see haha.

Like I have mentioned before, they are a 100% legal daycare which is very hard to find anymore. This is great, because the staff is trained and clearanced. We are able to claim the expense on our taxes each year, and they have limits on how many children they can have.

I really hope when I go pick him up that he had a great time. When I dropped him off he was very aware that he was in a new place. But he did stagger over to the one staff member before I left, and wasn’t fussy at all. He has his own little cubby for all of his stuff, they also drop notices and things in there for parents to pick up.

In other news I may be working with a local company in the near future on fixing up their network. I still have to call a few more people and get myself some physical access to the building. A person that works there reached out on an alumni Facebook group, looking for help and I responded so that is that. 😀 It would be after regular work hours and i would be getting compensated for my time, so if I can help out I gladly will. It would be nice to pick up some side jobs doing consulting and networking.

That is a bout it for me today. I hope you all have a great Wednesday, and I’ll see you tomorrow! 😀 😀


Hey Everyone!

We have made it to the middle of the week and are on the slide into the weekend.

Yesterday, at work, once things calmed down a bit I tried to figure out what I would need to build my wife a pretty epic photo editing PC. I found out it would be around two to three thousand dollars. Right now we do not have the money for a full build so we are just going to have to deal with it until we can. Unlike other things you can’t really buy one piece at a time, or your whole PC will be outdated by the time you get all the pieces. Sure you can buy hard drives that last years, but as far as most other parts you will want them at the same time. It is also just easier to keep track of. There are things that she could and would keep from her old one like her hard drives, speaker system, and monitor (that would come to me replacing my 11 year old one haha) The build is pretty great for what shes needs. It would have a 7th gen i7 processor, 16 GB DDR4 RAM, 120 GB SSD (For OS only), Two 6 TB hard drives @ 7200 RPM, as well as a GTX 1050. The external parts would be awesome as well including a brand new mechanical keyboard with extra keys for binding Photoshop macros, and two new 24 in monitors running at a 144Hz refresh rate. This all means one thing. She would have to clean off her desk haha. Anyway, we will have to wait and see what the tax refund fairly brings, and how we handle out basement water proofing before we decide.

We had a nice night in, and had home made chicken quesadillas for dinner. I really like the way my wife makes them. Everett ate with us and we gave him a couple strawberries. You can see how that goes:

He already ate most of a full one before that one haha. Needles to say he needed a bath afterwards. We rounded out our night by hanging out in the living room playing with Everett and watching some T.V..

This morning started pretty well. I was in a good mood, we got up early enough that we weren’t scrambling to get out the door, and the roads were OK. I got Everett to his babysitter, and then got an email that a few people didn’t have a network connection at work. That means the moment I walk in the door I have to get to work. We had three machines not connecting to the network. We found out that it was due to our likes of DHCP addresses being full. Those are the addressees within a certain range that are just handed out, when a device connects. Once we saw that it was only a matter of finding out what shouldn’t have been on the network, disconnecting them, and reconnecting the proper machines. Since then I have been back in a good mood. I had my coffee, and took care of a few other minor issues, but nothing too serious.

I will be riding out the rest of the day as smoothly as possible. That is all for me today, I hope you have a great Wednesday! I’ll see you tomorrow! 😀 😀

Happy Baby!

Hey Everyone!

I just got done working in the shop all morning. We had 14 cables ran and they all needed ends and wall plates. I will try to keep this post short for my own sake, since while working in the shop I cut my middle finger and it is all taped up. I have typed 6 words incorrectly just in this paragraph because of it haha.

Last night we gave Everett some pizza crust while we were eating and he seemed to like it.


Told ya so haha. Such a cutie!

After we got him all cleaned up, and in his jammies he rode his train that his grandparents got for him. We have to still hold him up but he was loving every second of it.


If you want to smile today all you have to do it watch this video we took of Everett last night. There doesn’t seem to be much that is better than a baby laughing.

In other news, remember that the official first day of winter is tomorrow! Yikes. I hope you all have a great hump day, and I’ll see you tomorrow, byeeeee 😀 😀

Learning & Housekeeping!

Hey Everyone!

Not much going on here today. At work today I was shadowing a co-worker on how to replace and send back our old data collection terminals. the scanning guns tend to break and the terminals are older than dirt. From what I have heard on the grape vine, they are finally fazing them out. That is good and bad. Good for the reason that they are old and suck. they are also bad because until they replace them I have to learn all about them, which can seem like a waste of time. Before this said co-worker retires I have to learn that, how to create some sort of cards, and die cards. I already know her day to day and how to run it, which is what I’ll be doing tomorrow. I also have to take over ordering the toner for the as400 printers. With any luck her whole position will be dissolved. I will be taking over parts of it and another will take over the rest. I doubt that it will come with any raise, but in due time my work will be recognized.

As for tomorrow I probably will not be posting. I will be into work early to cover her. That means I get to leave at like 2-2:30, that’s the good part. 😀 Sad news, is that I have to come in early and won’t really be able to push out a post. 😦

I was able to make a decent amount of zucchini bread last night. It was tasty if you are wondering. I cleaned up around the house quite a bit last night. I made myself a bit of a housekeeper. I hit up some laundry, made dinner, did the dishes, fed the pets, cleaned up a bit and helped with the baby. It was very productive, too bad it will all be for nothing in a day lol.

This weekend the wife and I are going to a craft festival at our fair grounds. It happens every year and seems to get great results. There are vendors that make their own goodies, and their own handmade crafts. Everything is for sale, and most everything is of solid quality. Generally it is early enough that the weather is not to warm and not too cool. I’ll be sure to take a few photos. 😀

That is about it for me today, and again I’ll be back Friday! Hope to see you then. 😀 😀

Finances & Baby Shower

Hey Everyone!

Like most paydays I have about $40 to my name, DOH! Once I get done putting money in my 401K, away for bills, away for my unborn child, and student loans I’m left with enough for gas in my truck haha. I love and hate payday, so I never know how I really feel. I love being to provide and keep my life fairly stable, but at the same time I hate feeling like I went to school to get a job, just to turn around and pay off school loans….

Here is a couple buttons I just need added to my keyboard here at work haha:


It is getting down to the end our our fiscal year here at work and that means a few things. First of all if comes around the same time as tax season, which for me is a good thing because I always make sure I have a refund coming. Secondly, my work cuts us in on a part of the years profit, by cutting us all with a check based on time spent working, and job difficulty. Lastly, we get renewed vacation and wellness hours. It is like a freshening up! They do a good job of keeping the employees happy and healthy. I have basically all of my vacation spoken for, which is meh, but it is for good reason. I have half of it for our, once every five years, family reunion in August, and the rest will be used when my wife has our baby! It keeps getting closer haha.

Speaking of the baby, we still don’t have a name, shame on us. My wife is having her baby shower Saturday, at the local coffee shop. We invited a bunch of people, but only a few are able to make the trip. We had a modest amount of things bought off of the registry, the rest I can get from parents at work. We have a few of her college friends coming and staying with us for the next few days as well. We don’t get to see a lot of those people anymore since we all went out on our own ways. The most we see of them is when we go back for things like homecoming, and fraternity/sorority weekends in the summer. So this is good to have a couple of them coming. Here is what the inside of the venue looks like, normally:


I am hoping to get all the furniture paid off before the baby comes, so I can get some of the bills figured out better, and find out how I can start fixing some things around the house. I am not a fan of debt, and being in so much of it makes me stress out often. I know the school loans and mortgage are nothing I can just knock out, but credit card debt is different. Once that is gone I’ll feel much better. I really can’t wait for the weather to get better and stay better. I want to be able to work on the landscaping of our yard, and touch up some paint that has chipped, due to the winter weather. Well, and of course our crumbling steps haha.

That’s it for me on this wonderful hump day! Just remember after noon on Wednesday it is a downhill slide into the weekend! 😉

I’ll see you all again tomorrow, invite your friends! 😀 😀

401K & Yearly Reviews!

Hey Everyone!

This one is going to be kinda quick.

We have our 401K meetings today and we ran into a snag, with the Wi-Fi. We set everything up across our network bridge and tried everything out with no luck. We were racking our brains the whole time trying to figure out what we were missing. Turns out, it was nothing. We called the people that helped us upgrade the servers, just to get an outsiders perspective. He checked everything out and told us that everything looks good. It lead us down the next logical path, access points. The networking guy we were in contact with ran a scan and found about 40 different access points within a two block radius. They are all in the 2.0-2.5GHz range and impeding ours. It is all just a mater of latency and DNS loading times. To sum it up, everything is set up well, it just times out while loading a web page. At this time we aren’t sure how to change that.


Anyway, the reps are meeting in our offices until Friday. We have them all set up in different rooms and connected to the Wi-Fi in the main building. So everything is a bit cramped and very busy. I had my meeting and was told that If I keep doing what I am I’ll be in super good shape.

We had our yearly reviews today with our boss as well, and turns out I’m doing well!


I mean, I knew I was but it is always nice to be validated. We talked about taking certification tests, and moving up through the ranks. Everything is on track and perfect. I was told that there won’t really be a limit on how much I could improve, so I can always move up . I cover a broad spectrum and help out all over, that helps too.

That’s all for me today! I hope you enjoyed your stay, and I hope to see you again tomorrow! I’ll try to get out a bigger and better post then. C-ya 😀 😀