Not Catching A Break!

Hey Everyone!

I haven’t been able to catch a literal break in time this week. I, again, apologize for not being able to get a post out yesterday!

Yesterday started like any other, but quickly became one of the busiest days I have had in a long time. At work Around 9am I started deploying the 3 big ass printers for our 3 shipping locations. They had to be done in a live environment in order to avoid addressing conflicts, which can get a little hairy. I ran in to a snag after the first one and had to figure out why it was doing what it was doing. After picking the brains of my two co-workers I was able to find that the post number had to be changed in order for the printer to work. The old port number only worked for printers from 2009 or older. The new one was for everything newer. So that took about my whole day.

I left work early at 3pm. I had to pick Everett up from his baby sitter, and get him over to his Ear/Nose/Throat doctor. He was checked to see that his tubes were still in; they are. He was then tested again for his hearing, where they stick up in a room and play white noise sounds. He is gauged on how well he reacts, if at all, to those sounds. Before getting his tubes he was only reacting to sounds 45 decibels and up. After getting tubes he is where he should be, right around 20-25 decibels and up. So all good news there! πŸ˜€

We headed home and met my wife. She took Everett and played with him outside while I got ready to power wash the garage. I set it all up and found that I really didn’t have enough power to get any of the crap off the siding… :/ Our hose was old and had some small holes, so we took off and bought a new one and a new decorative holder for it at Lowes. Once home, I hooked it all back up, with no real change in the washer. I also noticed that the spigot was leaking too, so I tore it apart, and noticed that it was one of those frost guard ones that goes the whole way though your foundation into your house. This is so that in the winter months there is no water in the line outside at risk of freezing and breaking your pipe. I hopped back in the car and was hoping to just find a simple solution to fix the part that was leaking. No such luck. I returned home to pull the whole damn assembly out of the concrete block and take it back to Lowes for a third time, and get a replacement. I had to widen the hole in the block before it would fit. I also had to re-apply that plumbing tape to the threads two times because the first time it was dripping. Once it was water tight, I applied a Gorilla Glue caulking on the outside and inside to keep the bugs and what not out. Being about 9pm at this point I didn’t have a chance to test the pressure washer again haha. It is crappy out today so I may not be able to test it for a week, but at least I know that all the connections are now good for future needs.

Work today is just as busy, hence why I’m trying to get this post out a bit early. I know I’ll be really busty soon haha.

So that is all for me today! I hope you have enjoyed the post and your stay, and with any luck I’ll see you again tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


How Is Your Thursday?

Hey Everyone!

My Thursday is moving along at a very average pace. Not sure how I feel about that. :/

Last night was a stated Masonic meeting night for me. That always involves wearing a suit and tie, and being gone most of the evening. My wife isn’t super fond of that, but generally it is only one night a month. Last night warm, which makes for an uncomfortable meeting. We had a nice dinner of spaghetti and meatballs with a nice salad bar. For desert we had ice cream and cupcakes. One of our members is the Sheriff and he had a presentation about drugs in our area and how we got to this point. It was pretty interesting. I think it is about time for him to retire though. His views and knowledge on certain things are dated, and some of the things that hang him up, are things that people my age know as common knowledge. I think it would be best to get some one in that position that is with the times a bit more. For the sake of productivity only. I believe that this guy has done a fine job for years in our area. Overall it was a great night for fellowship.

It is rainy and supposed to storm here within the next couple hours, so nothing will be accomplished tonight haha. My wife and I are working on things to gift each other for our upcoming anniversary and mother/father’s day. We know that a physical gift isn’t necessary, but we like taking the time to find something that each of us needs. Most of the time it is something that the other person would have just gotten themselves so we aren’t really out there with our choices. I have been putting together a simple list of things I could use, like a table saw or plunge router for out in the garage. Looking another way I also suggested a couple different types of Ukuleles I’ve had my eye on. Like I’ve said in another post, our May is packed with stuff, anniversaries, holidays, birthdays, and a vacation. that will just result in more pictures for my posts! haha

I have a bit more work to do to finish painting the fence. I would like to have it finished before Everett’s party. It will be a challenge because I have softball starting up this weekend, and I have to fight with the weather and paint sprayer to get it done. My goal is to have it done and be able to power wash the deck before people come over. Who knows! Once that project is complete I would like to make a scrap wood container on wheels. I want to model it from April Wilkerson’s ‘Lumber Rack’ which can be found: Here! I really love her videos, and she makes things people would actually want haha.

Anyway! that is all for me today. Not much going on. I’ll be back again tomorrow for what is hopefully a Friday morning “Coffee Talk” Fingers crossed! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Coffee Talk!

Hey Everyone!

Welcome, on this fine Friday. It is chilly here with a decent amount of sun.

May car is in the shop today getting a tune up/oil change/tire rotation. Things are going fairly well.

I’m feeling good about the day. I’m going to take it easy and let things that come at me roll off my back.

This weekend will hopefully be the same way. I just got a text from my brother asking if we could go work on the cabin Saturday, so if it is nice out maybe I can take the family out too. I do hope to start work on the garage this weekend at some point as well. I have saw horses now so I can take the wood outside and cut it. It would make the whole process more enjoyable.

So what are you all doing on your weekend? I hope whatever it is, you have some fun with it! Even if it is a slow weekend in the house.

That’s it for me. I’ll see you all again Monday! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


Thursday Happenings

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday was a roller coaster for our family, but we are doing much better now. We didn’t get the best sleep last night but I think that is due to Everett’s weird sleep the whole day prior.

Today at work I was finally approved to order the shipping upgrades. I was told to order everything this next Tuesday, so that’s what I’ll do. πŸ˜€ I just can’t wait for this to all be over haha. It is quite a bit of equipment that should come all at once. Then it is going to sit in my office for a while until they are ready to be deployed. I know the guys in the shop can’t wait to get some new stuff so I’ll have to hurry it along when I can.

I’m hoping that this weekend we can just relax at home. We have had a few busy weekends and are ready to have one off. I hope the weather stays decent enough so that I can start working on my garage. I bought the plywood I needed a few days ago, but now I just need the good weather.

I’m going to keep this one short so I can go look into a few issues people are having right after lunch. I’ll see you all again tomorrow morning, if I can remember to get a post out haha. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Discover The Dinosaurs!

Hey Everyone!

I have been keeping very busy at work, which is a great thing. It makes my entire day go by so fast! I am already ready for the weekend haha. I have been working some more on the UPS upgrades at work and even created a nice spreadsheet to present my work when the time comes. I have also been working closely with a company in Florida, to repair and replace our IBM terminals in the shop. They are old and have to be, to work with our somewhat dated system. Lastly I have finally placed my April order to replace workstation PCs, and even got some monitors and battery backups! πŸ˜€ I kinda squeeze those things in sometime for stock purposes. If someone needs something I try my best to have it.

Speaking of the weekend a bit ago, our Saturday just went from fairly dull to something I am looking forward to. My wife has a baby shower in the morning for one of her friends so I’ll travel with her to that and just kinda hang out. Afterwards, I just bought tickets to “Discover The Dinosaurs: Time Trek” It will be at a local convention center. I’m not sure Everett will ever remember such a thing, but it fills the time gap that we have.


Here is the write up for the event:

At Discover the Dinosaurs: Time Trek, you’ll be transported through our special Time Lab where you can observe enormous prehistoric dinosaurs and glimpse at mythological, magical dragons. This experience is all about hands-on family fun! Kids will love the larger-than-life creatures, and activities like Design-a-Dino, Prehistoric Poop, or the Race Through Time Labyrinth will keep everyone entertained. Families can compete in the Cretaceous Challenge Zone, visit the Time Trek Theater to meet baby dinosaurs, and test their dino-knowledge in our family and individual trivia contests.

PLUS at our Dragon Edition events, we’ve incorporated famous dragons and lore from three very distinct cultures – dragon legends are thought to have started with the discovery of unknown dinosaur fossils!”

I think it will be pretty neat. I’m not really going in with any expectations, so i can’t really be disappointed haha. I’ll be sure to take some pictures and show you all what it was like.

After that fun, my wife scheduled a photo shoot with a couple. We will meet them at the desired upon location around 6:30pm and then travel home. So you can see we really packed that day with plenty to see and do.

On another note I was please to receive a phone call from the garage door people, telling me that they came to my house and fixed my door! I’ll get the bill in the mail, but they fixed it! It hasn’t worked since we moved in over a year ago, and I just got around to having it fixed. I have been picking it up and putting it down this whole time for my wife. It will be amazing to click a button and have it actually work haha. they changed out the gear box and attached the missing arm that connects the motor to the door. They were going to go back and apply weather stripping to the sides to eliminate the gaps on the sides. I’m not sure I have ever been this excited about a garage that I don’t even get to park in. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

That is all for me today, I hope you enjoyed the post. I’ll be back again tomorrow, I hope to see you then! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Getting Projects Done!

Hey Everyone!

We have made it to Tuesday. It doesn’t sound like much but this week has already felt like an eternity to me.

I few neat things are in front of me today. I called the other day about my garage door. It is all set up to be an automatic door, but I’m missing a part. There is also a small gap at the top of the door when it is closed, I would like for that not to be there. It would prevent warm air from escaping and stop critters from getting in. My hope is that they are able to fix me up proper without a huge dent in my wallet.Β  I am probably overly excited about a garage door, but hey I’m an adult now haha.

The second thins is work related. Today I was tasked with heading up a small upgrade to our shipping area. This is the real first time I have been told to take the lead on anything. So I’ll take it! UPS does this thing, where if you do so much business, predetermined by them, within the year that you get money to use based on that amount. This can be used for anything, but they like it to be geared towards the shipping area. Every three years they give us this amount, we can determine what we need, bring it back to UPS and they set up a purchase order through their vendors. This year they are passing this off to me. Our amount is $5,000. We have three shipping stations, each has a PC, printer, label printer, and scale. My thought is to buy our own PC upgrades like we always do, that way we stay the same across the board. From there we can replace 3 printers and 2 of the label printers, because they are older than 5 years. Once I have that priced we have around $2,200 left. My goal is to allow that money to be used by the shipping department for a real upgrade, something that they don’t have that would make them more efficient. Not just a physical upgrade to what they have currently. We will see, it is about a month or so out, but I have the stuff I want now haha. Things move slow around here lol.

I think the end of this week is when I should be getting my profit sharing check from work as well. With any luck we will see our tax return come soon after. Those two things together will pay off our credit card debt and then probably be used for home renovations, or split into savings accounts for repairs later on down the road. This is also contingent on whether or not we move. I’m feeling like it may not be the right thing to do anymore. It is getting more murky as time passes, and her grandfather would like to postpone the process until next spring. All of that to me screams not the right choice. I feel like we would be better off sticking to the plan we have and finding better ways to manage our issues. Not that they are huge but still. Down the line we will have more equity and if we want to see we can when the kid/s are out of the house. I don’t like our one neighbor but we can deal with it I guess haha. Sure stairs suck, but that may be the only exercise I get all day lol.

I hope you are all having a great Tuesday! I’ll be back again tomorrow, my payday, for another post. I hope to see you then. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Children International Welcome Package!

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday I got my small package from Children International!


It was really a thick envelope haha. Inside was folder full of information, most of which I already found out via their website.


They sent a somewhat personalized letter, a window decal and printouts of my sponsor child.



I have the decal on my window at work and took the bigger picture for my desk. I was excited to to receive it. Oh one more thing, they sent a pre paid envelope and a structured letter to send. So I was able to send a second letter.

On to the rest of the week! It is jam packed and will kind of suck haha. Tonight my dad ans I are going to visit a Masonic lodge in another state. They are performing a 3rd degree, which is the final one. They have different rituals and they are fun to witness I have heard. Tonight I will find out. It will be a late night though and that is the bad part. The same goes for tomorrow, we have a meeting that will last a little bit, and be a late night yet again. Today at work I found out that my one co-worker will be off on Thursday and I’m the lucky one that gets to cover her YAY! So after my late Wednesday I’ll have to be to work super early the next day. This puts a strain on my wife to get our baby ready and to daycare by herself. To follow Thursday we have Friday, which is also a little wonky. My wife has to drop her car off at the garage in the morning so we have to get up earlier than normal. She is going to drop the car off and take me to work and the baby to day care, again all while having her own stuff. It is going to be a busy week that’s for sure. I won’t be able to pump out a post Thursday, since I’ll be cover for my co-worker.

I know that was a fairly long and informative paragraph but it stresses how much runnin around I have this week. haha

For now I’m just going to finish the day off strong and get things done here at work.

I’ll be back again tomorrow, I hope to see you all then! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Blood Orchid & Garage Update!

Hey Everyone!

**Quick update! My friends over at Riley’s Backpack need a bit of help keeping their domain. If you can spare a buck head over to their GoFund me Here! Thanks all!***

Today has been another slow day. Last night I decided that there is no good way to get my work bench off of my wall. That means that a whole section of my garage wouldn’t get insulated. I determined that it is no longer worth it to insulate it at all if that is the case. I sent the insulation back and grabbed four 8′ sheets of OSB plywood. I’ll be covering the walls and then working on finishing some of the details, like shelves, and peg board. In other exciting news, somewhat related, I just bought A drill, circular saw, reciprocating saw, and a jig saw from amazon! I haven’t ever had my own tools and I and pumped to be getting some. I have borrowed from my family, but want to slowly get my own. I opted for the 20V cordless tools, so I wont have a tangled mess. My dream is to have a charging station on my bench and be able to mount tools on the wall. I have stuck with Black and Decker as the brand because the leaf blower my wife got me on my birthday is that brand as well. I will have three batteries and two chargers after this order arrives. So after work I’ll be working on the walls!It is hard for me to wait all day at work knowing I could be home doing real work. :/ Oh well, have to have a way to fund my projects haha.

In video game news, I have progressed in Rainbow Six: Siege to the rank of ‘Platinum III’ This is the highest I have ever been and I love it. They guys I watch that stream the game and make money from it are lower ranks. That hasn’t happened with me before. It is neat. I am only three ranks from the top rank in the game. That’s not bad at all for playing with random people each game!

Staying within the realm of R6, they dropped their ‘Blood Orchid’ update and I need it in my life. You can check out the full update at this link here. The main things that people will really care about are the three new operators. They have introduced one attack and one defense Chinese ops, and one Polish op. The attacking Chinese op is named Ying and she has the ability to detonate a cluster of flash bangs. The defensive Chinese op is named Lesion and he deploys cloaked mines that poison his enemies and slows their movement speed. My favorite is the new Polish operator, Ela. She can place or throw concision mines that detonate by proximity. They have also introduced a ‘Theme Park’ map. Of course this is all one top of the behind the scenes fixes. All of which are listed in that link above.

Here is Ying:


Here is Lesion:


Here is Ela:


That is all from me today! Ooh the dentist was an OK experience yesterday, nothing bad to report haha πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Dentist & Garage Finishing!

Hey Everyone!

Today has been really boring and it is driving me crazy. I haven’t really had anything to do here at work. I am not able to order anything new until the beginning of the next month, so I’m sort of stuck. To make it all a bit better/worse I have a dentist appointment at 2pm. So yes, I get out of work and end the boring work day, but at the same time I have to get two cavities filled! Gah, not good. I should be out of there by 3pm, which is when I will have to go pick up my son. With a numb face. *facepalm* I m really not lookinf forward to going to the dentist, or paying the bill.

Yesterday, towards the end of the day, a co-worker of mine dropped a Lowes gift card on my desk. It was for helping his son build a computer, and troubleshooting the issue they were having. It was $50 which is better than the $0 I had before. I decided that I would put it to good use after work. I went home and swapped vehicles with my dad, because I needed a truck. I headed to Lowes where I bought a 6′ ladder and a pack? container? thingy? of R-13 batt insulation for my garage. My framing is 2′ on center and the batt insulation was the only kind that was wide enough to fill those gaps.

Over the next few weeks I want to start on getting the insulation up, and bought. This will be a bit tricky on the ceiling and behind my work bench. I have to detach my bench from the wall that is currently boarded up and move it. Afterwards I have to take the existing plywood off and install the insulation. I won’t be able to put the bench back until the sides are complete since it stick out about 2′ from the back wall. Β Other than those two parts the rest of the walls should be fairly easy. I will try my best not to get fiberglass in my eye and hurt myself in anyway. I can’t guarantee anything though!

Well that is all for me. Depending on how I feel when I get home I may change out of my work clothes and start insulating. I’ll see you all again tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

So Many Projects!!!

Hey Everyone!

I don’t have much for today, I have been focused on a few other things. I want to tackle a couple projects, and I’m trying to think of the best ways to go about it all. My wife and I want to make three bookcases that will be permanently on on attic walls. The issue with having someone else do it, is the money. It was quoted to be $1,700, which is probably very fair. I can’t help but think I could do it with some help for cheaper. Of course I could, I wouldn’t be paying for labor. How they would turn out I have no idea, I’ve never done it.

The other thing I really want done is to finish squaring up my front steps with cement. After that I need to paint them and the rest of the porch rail. Following that I want to rip up the existing outdoor carpeting on the porch and replace it, as well as have it go over the stairs. I want it over the stairs for added protection from the weather. These are the two main things I want to get done, that seem to be in reach.

The things that aren’t in my reach at the moment are the waterproofing of my basement that was quoted at about $7,700. That will have to wait until next spring, but it is on the tippy top of our list. We would like to get the driveway paved, and we looked into that too. The quote we got was for $3,000 which is again just out of reach. We have also looked into central air, since our furnace is already set up for it. I think they were in the ball park a a couple thousand as well. I think we would only need the outside unit and a new thermostat. I would like to insulate and board up my garage. I ran the numbers and that would be about $650. Lastly I would like to have our new fence painted the same red as the other fence and out deck. I have no idea what that would cost, but it would be cheaper to do on our own.

So with all of this swirling around in my head, on top of caring for a newborn, I’m a bit lost on where to begin. It is good for me to write this all out, and I’m glad I am. I just haven’t been able to worry about finding other content for today.

Real quick though, we have a Masonic degree being conferred tonight, that will be fun as always. This Saturday we have our company picnic, at a water park, and will be bringing baby Everett. Sunday will be filled with more softball. Hopefully we will have the weather we desire and make a great time of it all!

That’s it for me today. I hope you are enjoying your hump day and I’ll see you tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€