Smooth As Silk!

Hey Everyone!

Everything was smooth yesterday. I picked Everett up from daycare, he seems to be getting better, got him home, fed, and chillin. I was instantly on a cleaning spree for seemingly no reason. I mean from the moment I hit the door I was cleaning. I fed the animals, started laundry and did three loads, folded and srted those loads as well. I separated and picked up toys, and threw away a bunch of random crap laying around. I had my wife move her clothing clutter mess, and also did some dishes. It was non stop action. She went ahead and made a nice spaghetti dinner and we fed some to Everett. Once he was good and messy I gave him a bath, those are always fun. We opted to sleep in the living room with him again, this time I’m honestly not sure why. I have gotten decent sleep down there and don’t mind it. I think my wife likes it because it is warmer downstairs for her and Everett. Who knows where we will sleep tonight.

During the night we started to hear this loud revving noise, coming from out furnace. We have a gas furnace and it hasn’t made that noise before. It seemed to do it right before the air would kick on. I haven’t found a reason online that matches the description of the noise we had, but I’ll go home tonight and check the filter and go from there. Not sure what it is. If you are a furnace person hit me up haha.

Today at work I drafted an online will for myself, and I think my wife will do one too. I also did a living will and a power of attorney thing. I know there are a million ways to do it but this was upfront and all encompassing. We can sign them in front of people at the court house and have them notarized if need be. I’m sure if we don’t they would still hold up in court if anything were to go sideways. We thought about getting that done now since we have a kid. We don’t want anything to happen and not have a plan. If I show her mine and she doesn’t like it we can explore other options.

That is all for me on this unnatural warm day in January. Enjoy the rest of your day and I’ll see you bright and early for “Coffee Talk” in the morning. (If I remember haha) 😀 😀



Freezing Cold & Beauty And The Beast!

Hey Everyone!

Back again after a very chilly Monday! *This was me yesterday*prepare-your-car-for-cold-temperatures-this-winter-2j-s-automotive-96gKJ4-clipart.jpg

I was all set to go work on my tub last night, when I remembered that my wife said the furnace wasn’t working quite right. I stepped into my house only to be greeted with a cold blast of air. I first checked the settings on my thermostat, and it was in good working condition. I went into the basement and checked the filter and cleaned what I could. Still no luck. I noticed that there was an instruction sticker on the side of the furnace, that let me know how to completely shut it down and bring it back up. I ended up following those steps twice, trying to get it to work. You see it was about 14 degrees outside with the wind whipping, and only in the 50’s in my house, yikes! I needed to get this thing working, my poor pets must have been cold. Well at least the cat, the dog is a Norwegian Elk-hound, she probably loved it. I next noticed that the led light indicators were pointing me in a certain direction, so I looked it up online and saw that it was most likely an issue with something being dirty or backed up. Not knowing the inner workings of a gas furnace, and not wanting to blow myself up I called a guy. It took him THREE whole hours to get to my house. Once he did it was smooth sailing. I watched closely to what he did, so I can do it myself next time. He popped off 3-4 tubes and just blew into them clearing any build up from the gas itself. He then checked my filter, and flipped the switch and everything worked. One of the tubes was gunked up and caused the ‘switch’ to open, which was a signal to the furnace to stop operating and let me know. Good news is that everything worked like it was supposed to and nothing was broken. I will still get a bill from the heating guy but it is better than no heat!

Today at work I have been pretty busy. I have helped people with obtaining Auto Cad licenses, drives disconnecting, outside sales reps using VPNs, and a few more. I have also been setting up two new PCs for replacements. This took me right up to lunch and this post. I was also able to order a book of checks from Vista Print. I need checks for the handymen that I have to call. they seem to be the only people that don’t accept cards haha. I had to write them for the plumber, the chimney sweep, and now the heating guy. They were $12 for a book of 25, after shipping.  I got some that look like this:


Being a big fan of the outdoors and hunting it was a good pick for the cost. For my wedding my brother bought me a nice Remington 810 12Ga. shotgun, in wetlands camouflage, it looks amazing.

I am scheduled to get my TDAP shot today after work. My wife got hers a few days ago. We need these shots to cover Tetanus,  Diphtheria, And, Pertussis (Whooping Cough). It is smart to have anyone that will be in contact with the new baby to get one too! My wife has been having a hell of a time with her arm after this shot, so I hope I’ll have a better reaction to it.

My wife and I are going to see the new Beauty and the Beast movie on Friday. She has been counting down the days, so we can go see it in the theater. I think it looks great and can’t wait to go! The cast looks spectacular. Click the picture to be taken to the official trailer!


That’s all from me today! I hope you had a warmer Monday than I did haha. I hope to see you all back again tomorrow, hell feel free to invite your friends as well. 😀 😀