Weekend Round Up & Police!

Hey Everyone!

This weekend was pretty interesting. To be honest I can’t really remember what was going on Friday. As for Saturday we just hung out, and relaxed. But Sunday, Sunday was a whole other story! The majority of it was good and productive, the rest was blood boiling. I woke up and did the breakfast thing, and was sick of looking at our unorganized panty. So, I fixed it right up! 😀


I noticed Saturday that we had a bunch of old stale bread and muffins. Once my wife and I were up and about we went to one of the local parks and fed the ducks as you can see here:


We avoided the geese at all costs because they can be mean haha. The rest of the day was spent getting all of the old plants out of the garden, and staining my two projects. I ran through and got a few wheelbarrows full of dead plants. I started a small fire to burn the scraps and that is when stuff headed south for no reason. I kept seeing my neighbor look over our fence from their deck. Not more than five minutes later her husband, showed up in our driveway and peered over the fence. He told us that we couldn’t burn that stuff and it had to be 25′ from any structure, if it was an open fire. I thanked him for being neighborly and told him that I would go get a portable fireplace from my parents house and that I wouldn’t burn that stuff again. I took the remaining garden stuff to my parents and grabbed the fireplace. I looked up the city laws and saw that I was allowed to have that 15′ from every structure. So I thought everything was well and good. We will be back soon! I started staining the projects that turned out great. Here take a look:


Mid way through staining the cubbies, the cops showed up at my house. They were called by my damn neighbors about the fire I had. I just had the stuff that was on fire from before smoldering in there because it was already on fire at the point of our conversation. I don’t know why they would have called the police after having a conversation with me about the rules, and having me agree to get the portable fireplace, and not burn that stuff again. WTF! I thought they were being good neighbors and giving me a heads up, yet they still called the damn cops. Anyway I showed the cops that I was only burning scraps and they told me that in the future I could only burn wood in the portable fireplace. They gave me a paper with the city laws on it, which I had looked up before they got there, and left. I hope these neighbors know they burned a pretty good bridge with me and my family. I am not going to lash out or seek revenge. I will just follow the laws and be good. I won’t stoop to their level. I will not however, help them with anything they need at any time.

We put the remaining smoldering scraps out and filled the fireplace with ashes and tiles from the old spot that was too close to the garage. I took it to my parents house and dumped it. Once I got home I finished the cubbies. So with that being said we got a lot done, but had to deal with some pretty stupid shit! Internally I am angry and still annoyed but hopefully writing and sharing it with you all will help me let it go.

I’m here at work again, and had a few things going on this morning but all in all it has been a good start to the week. I think when I get home I am going to rack my Apple Jack and try to get it to clear up before freezing it.

That is all from me today! I hope you had a good weekend. Feel free to share what you did this weekend in the comments below! I’ll see you all again tomorrow. 😀 😀


A Little Bit Of Everything

Hey Everyone!

Not sure where I left you on the microwave front , but I have it in my possession yet not installed like it was supposed to be. They couldn’t install it because there is like 1 full inch of tile. Dumb. I will be installing it myself.

Last night we had an installation of officers for our masonic lodge. It took about two hours, so not bad overall. My dad went to secretary and I will be filling in where I can and shadowing him. The meal we had was amazing. It was really good ham, with rolls, veggies, scalloped potatoes, pudding, and drinks. Afterwards we had lemon cake with milk, it was all very good. This was our last meeting of the year so some people stuck around a bit.

While I was still at lodge I asked one of the brothers who I should talk to about getting my chimney looked at, so that I can use it with winter, and he looked at me and said “You talk to me.” He used to do that stuff full time but has recently been going through family stuff and I wasn’t sure if he still did any of it. I was looking for information, and he was the guy to talk to. He is going to get a hold of me this coming Monday and check it all out. I can’t wait to use the fireplace. I know my wife’s mom and grandparents are getting us a firewood rack for the new house as a Christmas gift so that will make it feel complete.

Today I finished watching the first season of Stranger Things, on Netflix and wow is that a good series. I think the second season comes out in July or something. It is very well written and put together. I like when shows don’t use all ‘A’ list actors, yet still find great talent. If you are into weird stuff and a good story it might be for you. I am hooked and can’t wait for more.

Today at work I have been setting up a penetration testing lab on my PC. I want to learn ethical hacking and this is how you do it. I have step by step instructions on how to set it all up. From there you do exercises to teach you have to expose vulnerabilities in a system, as well as extract data. Being done in a virtual environment means that nothing is really real, so there is no harm to any real system. I’ll let you know how it all turns out.

That’s all for today, I hope you have a great Thursday. I’ll see you here tomorrow. Don’t forget to like and share my blog posts, it would be greatly appreciated. Bye all! 😀 😀

Bushcraft Camp

Hello Everyone!

As you may know from my last post I left work early yesterday to head into the woods. I was able to get quite a bit done on my own in the 3.5 hours that I was there. I square lashed the last 6 poles for the roof, threw up the tarp for added weather proofing, and started on mudding up the chimney. (Photos at the bottom) I did, thankfully remember to snap some pictures, so those will be at the bottom. It was a nice, bright sunny day yesterday. It was warm but not too hot. The water levels in the creek were average, even though we did recently have a good rain storm a few days ago.

I arrived, after buying the rest of my paracord, at about 2:30pm. I strapped my pack on my back and took my parents dog with me to the site. He loves getting out of the house and away from the other animals. First thing was first, I had to get the poles up. I realized just in time that I was going to be cutting it close on paracord, so I made sure to spare as much as I thought I could. I like doing two lashings around before tightening and at least one more after. That is a total of three times around the two points and twice to tighten. I never did measured it for an average, since each pole was different in size. I had to lash at the top and at the bottom since I have a raised back, for the fireplace. Once I got the poles up I made sure to take off any upward facing points that may puncture my tarp.  Since I just eyeballed my site it really isn’t “square” so the tarp didn’t want to fit flush. I have the back the way I need it, and that matters the most to me since I want the same amount of coverage on both sides. The top part has some over hang on the one side and barley covers the other. I pulled it taught and tied it down. Once the tarp was up I really saw the site coming together. It is starting to look like a real structure.

From there I decided to start the mudding process. I didn’t know if I would or not since it is a pain in the butt, but I decided to go for it. I took apart the fireplace as far as I had it stacked, and gathered some dirt in a 5 gallon bucket. I brought it to the creek and added water. Once back at the site I churned it, for lack of a better word. I then laid it down like mortar and re-stacked the stones for the fireplace/chimney. I used about 5 buckets of mud, which surprised me a bit. I didn’t think I would need that much. I still have to stack it up about a foot higher, to make sure that when the pines are on that they don’t burn.

At that point I was tired, and my brother was getting ready to leave. My dad and him were working on his deer stand while I was busy working on my camp site. He offered to give me a 4-wheeler ride back to the car. That was good enough for me to pack up haha. So here is the fruit of my labor (so far):



Again, I still have the back, sides, chimney, and top to do. I also have to make two raised beds for the inside. I would love to get some winter camping in, if I get this thing finished.

Have a great hump day! 😀 😀