Well That Wasn’t The Best!

Hey Everyone!

I would love to have more to write about today, but I don’t :/

After work I went to pick up Everett at his daycare, only to find out that he had a fever of 101.9 F. Yikes! That isn’t very good for anyone let alone a five month old baby. I got him home and told my wife, and we got ready and went to the ER. Now with the time change and all it was dark before we even left the house. We were there for a little over two hours, while they tested him for the Flu, and other respiratory ailments. They determined that he has an upper respiratory infection. Poor Guy! They gave him an oral steroid for the cough, and Tylenol for his fever. He is home today with his mom trying to get some rest and keep that fever down. That is part of why I am at work and typing this so early.

The rest of the night I washed all his bottles and dishes in the sink, and tried to get some sleep. This morning I woke up like I do normally, but didn’t have half of the things to do. Normally I get a bunch of stuff ready and make breakfast. Not having to do that I got myself ready and headed out. I had a guy ride my bumper on the way into work. So I brake checked him and slowed way down. He eventually passed me, but me being in a mood already today, I was glad to pass on a little negative energy. So, here I am. I have been at work an hour early, running on next to no sleep, with a sick child, and a bad attitude. haha This will be a fun day! I’m sure I’ll be able to turn it around soon, but for now I’ll just chill here. 😀

I’ll see you all again tomorrow! 😀 😀


Emergency Room Scare!

Hey Everyone!

Like I thought, I wasn’t really able to post anything yesterday. I sometimes have to cover for a co-worker when she is off work, and yesterday was one of those days. She works a funky shift, and it is hard to get anything going. On top of that like the title states we had a bit of an issue the night before, that shift. Everything is, seemingly, fine now but meh.

Lets start Monday morning. I signed up to give blood at work, like I always do. The machine for double red blood cells was free, and I asked if I was able to give more. They checked everything over and cleared me to give double reds. They basically take more of your red blood cells and in the process put your plasma and saline back in periodically. I have done this before and it has been no big deal. Towards the end I felt a little light headed but nothing out of the ordinary after losing two pints of blood haha. After I sat down and have a juice, brownie, and pretzels to keep my energy up. I returned to work like normal and ran through the rest of my day. Later that evening I ran to Lowes with my brother and got a chest freezer and groceries with my wife. I kept the “heavy lifting” to a minimum, but maybe I still over did it. It was early to bed since I had to get up much earlier, but when I got off the couch I got some weird blurry vision and my head felt really weird. I went up stairs and started having a panic attack. So that surely didn’t help anything. I told my wife to pack up the baby and take me to the ER. I was feeling better for the most part but wanted to check it out anyway. I forgot to mention when they put in the needle to take my blood it wasn’t going in my vein easy so they have to mess with it. The doctor said that the red on my arm could be a blown vein or hematoma.


Either way I knew that it would bruise, I just didn’t think this was normal. I also had a weird fluid like pain in my ears when I moved my head, as well as a funny feeling in the back of my sinuses. The ER doctor and my aunt, who is in the medical field both thought it had nothing to do with giving blood, but I can assure you that none of this happened until right after I did. I slept that night and woke fine in the morning. Worked my early shift and went home. Once home I started getting a headache and that intense ear pain again. I still haven’t got any answers! I slept fine again and feel great yet again. I’m curious to see how tonight will go. Am I going to have this crap happen again? Who knows.

So long story short I didn’t have anything to post yesterday haha.

Here at work I did get my cork board and had it hung up!


I can now see all my stuff without having to find a file somewhere else. Yippie! I’m gearing up to work on a few more PCs that just came in the mail, and get ready to cover my other co-worker since he will be off for about a damn month in like two weeks. He is going on a church mission to 11 countries in Europe! How fancy is that? I wish I wasn’t afraid to fly because I would love to go to Europe.

Anyway that is about all from me today. I’ll keep you posted on anything new and exciting. Oh, I also finished the 5th season of “Orange is the New Black.” I won’t say anything because I know most people still haven’t finished it, but it is pretty good!

I’ll be back again tomorrow. I hope to see you then! 😀 😀