Learning & Housekeeping!

Hey Everyone!

Not much going on here today. At work today I was shadowing a co-worker on how to replace and send back our old data collection terminals. the scanning guns tend to break and the terminals are older than dirt. From what I have heard on the grape vine, they are finally fazing them out. That is good and bad. Good for the reason that they are old and suck. they are also bad because until they replace them I have to learn all about them, which can seem like a waste of time. Before this said co-worker retires I have to learn that, how to create some sort of cards, and die cards. I already know her day to day and how to run it, which is what I’ll be doing tomorrow. I also have to take over ordering the toner for the as400 printers. With any luck her whole position will be dissolved. I will be taking over parts of it and another will take over the rest. I doubt that it will come with any raise, but in due time my work will be recognized.

As for tomorrow I probably will not be posting. I will be into work early to cover her. That means I get to leave at like 2-2:30, that’s the good part. 😀 Sad news, is that I have to come in early and won’t really be able to push out a post. 😦

I was able to make a decent amount of zucchini bread last night. It was tasty if you are wondering. I cleaned up around the house quite a bit last night. I made myself a bit of a housekeeper. I hit up some laundry, made dinner, did the dishes, fed the pets, cleaned up a bit and helped with the baby. It was very productive, too bad it will all be for nothing in a day lol.

This weekend the wife and I are going to a craft festival at our fair grounds. It happens every year and seems to get great results. There are vendors that make their own goodies, and their own handmade crafts. Everything is for sale, and most everything is of solid quality. Generally it is early enough that the weather is not to warm and not too cool. I’ll be sure to take a few photos. 😀

That is about it for me today, and again I’ll be back Friday! Hope to see you then. 😀 😀


TV, Space, Dentist

Hey Everyone,

I’ll be pushing this post out a little bit, since I have a dentist appointment that has crept up on me.

I have been really into the ABC show “Lost” I have been binging it like crazy. Don’t spoil anything for me if you have finished it. I am part way through season 5 and will probably finish the series in a couple weeks, at most. I never watched it when it was popular because I thought it looked really stupid. Well, I will be the first to admit that I was wrong. There are so many intricate details in this show, that you can miss in the blink of an eye. It is the kind of show that if you zonk out or day dream through an episode you would want to re watch it to find out what the hell happened. I am also a big fan of series that are already complete. I hate watching show that are currently out, because you can never retain as much when you have to wait a whole week for the next episode. My wife and I have struggled with the CW’s “Flash” and “Arrow”. We love both of those show but have fallen behind because it is hard to stay on a schedule when it comes to TV watching, with so much other stuff going on. Since Netflix does a pretty good job of getting whole series out I hope they continue to keep those shows as well so I can catch up.

Like my post stated yesterday, I am having my PC translate and analyze data for science research. It is demanding on my PC’s hardware. I have been tweeking the settings all morning trying to find out what will work for me. I have to be able to do my daily tasks at work without slow down and this has been a fun little challenge. I am able to set the computer preferences but I have to get them just right. The good news is that there is a setting for when my PC is not in use, it will use more resources. This way I can leave my PC on at night and let it go wild while I’m not here. Then during the day I can have it slow way down or even be suspended. I think the whole idea is cool and would like to read up on more of it so I may come to understand it a bit more.

Like I said today I have a dentist appointment, and I’m not super fond of them. It is just a routine cleaning, but I feel like everywhere I have gone they are rough. I’m not sure what it is, but every time I leave my mouth hurts haha. I think it is partly to do with how they scrape my teeth, and sometimes miss and hit my gums. Good news though is that I didn’t have cavities and I hope not to again. My dentist now is a family friend. I have grown up with his kids and my brother played soccer with them. They are a really nice family. If I remember I’ll let you know how the appointment goes.

Let me know what your feeling towards the dentist are in the comments below. I know some people love going and others despise it haha.

I’ll see you all back again tomorrow. Until then have a great day! 😀 😀

Short Day!

Hey There!

The title is a bit misleading. I don’t have any shorter of a day, I just started earlier. I came in to work at 6 this morning rather than 8. So I’ll be out of here by 2:30pm woo! That being said I don’t have a ton of time to push out a large post.

I just saw on my Ingress scanner that an Enlightened agent is currently taking out all our portals in town. So first thing first, I’m leaving work and cleaning up his mess. Once I get home I’ll pull something out of the freezer to get ready for dinner. Next I’ll get into some comfy clothes, since its cold and rainy here today, and play a few games.

My friend told me to download Heroes of the Storm, so I did that last night. I’ll be giving that a whirl tonight. We will then venture on to playing a few games of Rainbow 6: Siege. Side note, I didn’t know that the “Operators” in that game came with a full backstory. Its great to see companies really taking the time to make a complete experience in a game.

Friday night after work my wife and I are going to check out, yest another house. This set up will be a bit different as it is for sale by owner. I really hope we find something soon. I swear we have seen every house in the area, and yet nothing that would be practical. I still have hope and we have a pre-approval until the end of November. That hope will stay with me as long as I feel like we won’t run out of time, since I really don’t want to apply for a pre-approval again. With the winter months coming though it gets scary because a lot of people stop selling until spring and my god we don’t want that.

Over this weekend my weird family will celebrate Christmas with my grandparents since they travel to Florida for the winter months. It is very weird but nice to see everyone and celebrate a holiday like Christmas early. My wife and I will spend the night out that way because we have a baby shower that next day for her brother and his wife. They are due in November.

Let me know what plans you have for this weekend, I’d love to see what everyone is up to.

Until tomorrow! 😀 😀

Quick One

Hey everyone!

I haven’t really had much go on between yesterday and today. On top of that I will be leaving work at noon today. I have been painting my truck for a year or two now. It has been hard to find the time. I have been hand sanding parts at a time and painting it all with bed liner. It looks awesome and all but it needs finished. I have the sides left to do, and today is perfect to finish the bed sides. So that is what I’ll be doing. Last night I finally broke down and played CS:GO for the first time since Overwatch came out and……..my god I’m bad again. I knew I would be and that’s why I didn’t want to go play it yet haha. I had to up my mouse sensitivity to even be able to hit anyone. It was pretty rough. I also got kicked out of the last casual game I played for not getting to the bomb before they defused. Even though it was 1 vs. 5, oh well that’s casual CS for ya. That is all I have for you today, It was a quick decision to leave early so I wasn’t prepared.


I broke down and bought new molded cleats for softball from http://www.boombah.com they have the best gear for great prices.


Have a great Tuesday!