Plumbing Fixed!

Hey Everyone!

Soon after I got my post out I called my plumber and asked when I could be expecting him. I was told 20 minutes, so I packed up my day and headed home! He arrived at my house moments after I got there and changed out of my work clothes. He had to go purchase a new flange, anchor it to the cement floor, add the wax ring, and set it all back up. You can see the flange installation below.


It always gets a bit messy when dealing with concrete, but he has done work for me before and is great about it. The hard part with this is that the anchors in concrete may not last as long, because it can break down quite easily. He was in and out of there within 40 minutes. Heck, my bill was even kept under $100, I’ll take that any day! 😀

This week is our fair week. We have a county fair through Saturday. We have a pair of tickets that my parents got us. We normally go Saturday because they have a demolition derby that night and fireworks. This year we all have kids, so the thought is that we can hang out at the fair all day, and have my parents take the kids while we watch the auto part. We aren’t 100% sure yet but that may be the way we go about it. My grandparents have a campsite on lock down, so we have a spot to relax and eat as well. It should be a good time. Everett is at the age where he would love to see all of the animals and pet the ones he is able to.

We also have a checkup appointment for Everett tonight. Fingers crossed that his Iron levels are up where they should be. He still has a cough, but we think he is congested from allergies. My wife has them pretty bad sometimes and it looks like he may have them too, unfortunately. We will have to wait and see.

That is it for me today! I hope you have a great hump day. I will see you all again tomorrow! 😀 😀


Rough Start!

Hey Everyone!

It’s Tuesday and do I have a bad morning story for you today!

I awoke like a normal morning, tired and groggy from the recent time change. I took my shower, and while brushing my teeth, I missed and jammed it pretty hard into where my gums meet my lip. I didn’t look but I can feel that it is all bruised and cut up. Overall it doesn’t feel very good! I noticed when I was putting on my clothes that my heel, like around my Achilles Tendon, was in pain. I’m not sure what I did or when, but still to this moment it hurts to walk or bend my foot in anyway. So random heel pain, no bueno! I hobbled along the rest of the morning and made breakfast, like normal, as well as fed the pets and helped get Everett ready. Since it is snowing and crappy here I had to go outside and start my car to get it warmed up for Everett and to get the snow off the windshield. I took one step down the stairs and slipped on ice. I flew backwards, catching my arms on both railings and sliding down the rest of the stairs. OUCH! I have a couple bruises on my arms, but other than that I’m OK. I did instantly think about just calling off from work and calling it a day, but I persisted. I have tried to stay inactive at work, as far as physical labor is concerned, for good reason. That is my sob story for the day haha. I reallllllly hope you are having a better day than me today! 😀

My wife and I gathered all of the things we needed for the pre-approval process. We had to gather our W-2’s for the last two years as well as our last two pay stubs. This accompanying a form with basic information will be processed, in a few days and we will know if the bank will lend us enough money to get started on a house. It is all pretty nerve wracking. I’m not handling it very well. I get overwhelmed with multiple variables that I can’t control. It has me in bad moods and finding myself with a shorter fuse than normal. I am trying to cope with it and not outwardly attack anyone that doesn’t deserve it haha. Once I know more I’ll be more at ease with the whole thing.

The other thing I am handling today is Everett’s referral for tubes. His pediatrician said that we may as well start the process, and that if we chose not to do it we can at any time. Well, we found out that the person we were refereed to does not accept our insurance. I have canceled his first appointment and now have to see if they will refer him to another ear nose throat doctor. That is if this lady ever calls me back.

I hope you are having a great Tuesday, and I hope to see you all back again tomorrow! 😀 😀

What A Day!

Hey Everyone!

Let me run down a recap of the rest of my Monday. I left work early to have enough time to gather my dog’s urine and take it to the Vet for further testing. She had a UTI and I wanted to make sure that it was all cleared up and that she was good to go! To be short, they called back and said she was all clear. Again I took her on the leash and slid a dinner plate under her haha. I scared her a little bit this time so she stopped going. I had to transfer the urine into a baggie because I didn’t have a different small container with a lid. It took some real skill to do all of this, I’m sure you can imagine haha.

I was all ready to head to the Vet and my wife had picked Everett up for his 9 month checkup. The timing was great. I was ready to go, and so was she. We grabbed Everett and headed out. We hit up the Vet first and then headed to his appointment. We made it there with about 30 seconds to spare. The called his name and back we went.

The appointment didn’t really go so well, unfortunately. :/ He only needed one shot, so that was good, but he seemed to be in rough shape other wise. He has another yeast infection on his bottom, and a double ear infection. This after he just got over the Flu. They gave us a referral to meet with an ear, nose, and throat doctor in Buffalo, for tubes. We have time to decide if he really needs them or not, but we may as well get the process started. After the appointment we had to grab some groceries. We hit up the local Wegmans and had some subs there, before shopping for food. That way we didn’t shop on an empty stomach. Everett was having the best time, because for the first time he was able to sit in the cart and see everything.


He is still a bit tiny so we watched him closely but he did great. We finished grabbing groceries and headed home. Once we were back in town we had to pick up his two prescriptions at the local CVS. He needed stuff for his ears and cream for his baby butt.

By the time we really got home, it was about bead time. We unpacked, and put everything away, and that was that.

One thing I forgot to mention, was that Everett also bonked his head at daycare and had a nice bruise on his head. I just told her that he is now crawling and pulling himself up. I did all of this so that she would pay attention to him and make sure he wasn’t doing anything that was going to result in something like that. :/ I guess he pulled up on a toy and was bouncing around, while holding on to it. He fell forward and hit his face. He also got a bloody nose…DOH! I just wish they did a better job at watching him. Sadly there is nothing or no one in the area willing to watch kids this young. So again, our options are more than limited. I feel trapped a bit, because I have to have child care, but the care isn’t up to snuff. This then leads to us not feeling comfortable with him being there for safety reasons, but having no where to go.

We will see how today goes when I pick him up.

That is all from me today! I hope you are having a great Tuesday. I know I am taking some time to chill after yesterday’s all day affair haha.  I’ll see you all again tomorrow! 😀 😀

Low Key Night

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday, after work, we headed to the doctor’s office for our baby’s four month checkup. He is still small in stature only being in the 23rd percentile in height and 8th percentile in weight. Of course he is only four months old so not really a big deal. He also had to get a couple shots in his legs. He tends to scream bloody murder for about 20 seconds then he is OK again lol.

Afterwards we got home and cleaned up a bit around the house. My friend from grade school came over for the first time since we bought our house. He is working in town again so we had to catch up. I showed him around and we just talked for a while. He is staying at his parents house while his wife stays in the city, where they reside. It was great to have someone over and break the norm a bit.

Early this morning my boy woke up in, what would seem like, pain. We assume it was from his shots, so we got out the infant Tylenol. He went back to bed so that is a plus! 😀

Here at work today I will be staying late. We are doing the tidying up of the server room. I have spent a couple days making Ethernet cables to the correct length. About 40 or so, which if you don’t know the process can take a toll on your fingers. I’ll post a video below if you feel inclined to know more.

I have the exact same cable tester, and when you use it they should all light up green in the correct order. It is simple, but it is tedious and making that many takes a while. I’ll take pictures if I can to show before and and after.

That is all for now! I’ll see you all again tomorrow! 😀 😀

Busy Mornings!

Hey Everyone!

Today has been insightful. My wife had her weekly baby appointment, and I got my free estimate for the basement.

My wife seems to be on track, as far as the doctors are concerned. She is in the good range of weight gain and, not having any pain in her belly or head. She is feeling it in other ways though. Her feet are swollen, as she is on her feet a lot for her job. Her back is hurting from carrying him around all day, and her shoulder has started hurting for an unknown reason. She was told that she could expect him at any time from here on out.  We are still very excited and nervous for what is to come. I was speaking with a college friend of mine last night about it a bit, because him ad his wife just had a baby a couple months ago. He told me it was an unexplainable experience, and I already agree. He is someone I have always looked up too so to be able to talk to him about it was insightful and reassuring.

As for the basement update, we had a guy come to my house today. He measured the basement and determined that it would be best to use a Water Guard drain around the interior perimeter of the house, and drain into a sump pump, with a battery backup. From there it would pump outside, and have an ice guard to still allow it to pump even if the pipes froze outside.


Here is what the cover of some of it looks like. Below is the actual estimate. It is damn expensive. It is only written for the pump without the battery. With the battery it is almost $900 more.


We are stuck between a rock and a hard place here. We need it to be done, so we can stop stressing about it. We want to finish the basement someday and don’t want mold. If we are going to do it we wanted to do it right. Well this is right… On the other hand, we don’t have any money and have a baby coming any day now. In the long run I think we agree that we should do it. They are back logged into July already, so we have to let them know soon.

One yet another note, we have our first softball game Saturday at 9am. We should beat the team we are up against but anything can happen in slow pitch!

I hope you all have a great weekend! I’ll see you again Monday with a weekend update. 😀 😀

Gearing Up For The Baby!

Hey Everyone!

Today has been baby centered, fully. All for good reasons , no need for alarm.

This morning, my work held a small baby shower for my wife and I. It is pretty awesome that they do that sort of thing. It was during break and usually gets extended because everyone is still there. My wife came in to work just before break. The work bell rings and we all met up in the kitchen/dining area of my work. They had bought a full, big cake for everyone to enjoy. It had little booties and rattles on it. They asked a couple weeks ago what her favorite type of cake was and that was what they ordered. She picked lemon in case you were wondering.

They took a few pictures for our Human Resources department, and then presented us with a gift basket. I was full of goodies! We got things like lotion, oil, cream, bids, towels, and diapers. All great things to have more of. They told us that they had a few other things for us too but that they hadn’t come in yet. The girl in charge was mad at FedEx for not getting the items here in time and gave them a piece of her mind, behind closed doors of course haha. She is a girl who has just had two babies of her own so she knew what to get. We also gave them a copy of our most current registry. She is going to just bring the rest in to work when it gets here. That is totally fine with us. The thought really does count in this scenario. Most companies don’t go above and beyond for their employees, like this one does.

We are going to send the company a nice card thanking them again for putting it all on and for the gifts.

After that shower, my wife had a routine doctors appointment for the baby. She is at the point where she is now required to go every week until the baby is born. That means it is getting close! It is getting down to the wire and exciting. Her blood pressure is up, for her, but not for people in general so it was nothing to worry about. The babies heart rate was in the good range and everything is looking good. Just a little more waiting left to do then it’s time to rock and roll!

This takes me right up to lunch!

That’s all I have on this front for today! I hope you are enjoying the updates, and baby news, as much as I am. I hope to see you all back again Monday! 😀 😀

TV, Space, Dentist

Hey Everyone,

I’ll be pushing this post out a little bit, since I have a dentist appointment that has crept up on me.

I have been really into the ABC show “Lost” I have been binging it like crazy. Don’t spoil anything for me if you have finished it. I am part way through season 5 and will probably finish the series in a couple weeks, at most. I never watched it when it was popular because I thought it looked really stupid. Well, I will be the first to admit that I was wrong. There are so many intricate details in this show, that you can miss in the blink of an eye. It is the kind of show that if you zonk out or day dream through an episode you would want to re watch it to find out what the hell happened. I am also a big fan of series that are already complete. I hate watching show that are currently out, because you can never retain as much when you have to wait a whole week for the next episode. My wife and I have struggled with the CW’s “Flash” and “Arrow”. We love both of those show but have fallen behind because it is hard to stay on a schedule when it comes to TV watching, with so much other stuff going on. Since Netflix does a pretty good job of getting whole series out I hope they continue to keep those shows as well so I can catch up.

Like my post stated yesterday, I am having my PC translate and analyze data for science research. It is demanding on my PC’s hardware. I have been tweeking the settings all morning trying to find out what will work for me. I have to be able to do my daily tasks at work without slow down and this has been a fun little challenge. I am able to set the computer preferences but I have to get them just right. The good news is that there is a setting for when my PC is not in use, it will use more resources. This way I can leave my PC on at night and let it go wild while I’m not here. Then during the day I can have it slow way down or even be suspended. I think the whole idea is cool and would like to read up on more of it so I may come to understand it a bit more.

Like I said today I have a dentist appointment, and I’m not super fond of them. It is just a routine cleaning, but I feel like everywhere I have gone they are rough. I’m not sure what it is, but every time I leave my mouth hurts haha. I think it is partly to do with how they scrape my teeth, and sometimes miss and hit my gums. Good news though is that I didn’t have cavities and I hope not to again. My dentist now is a family friend. I have grown up with his kids and my brother played soccer with them. They are a really nice family. If I remember I’ll let you know how the appointment goes.

Let me know what your feeling towards the dentist are in the comments below. I know some people love going and others despise it haha.

I’ll see you all back again tomorrow. Until then have a great day! 😀 😀