Hey Everyone!

It seems quick, but it is Wednesday already. I’ll take that.

Right after work yesterday I stopped at the post office to pick up my wife’s long awaited birthday gift. It came from Australia and was on back order, but it was worth the wait. She loves it and have been transferring all of her stuff into it. She will be using that bag for a long while.

I have a retired electrician coming over tonight if nothing changes in his schedule. With any luck at all he can quickly get my damn lights working so I can put my 8 seat dining room table back haha.

I did, however, realize that I also have a Masonic meeting tonight. DOH! We took July and August off like we do each year, and tonight it is back on! We are having a degree conferred on a candidate as well. It will be his first degree out of three, his Entered Apprentice Degree. We had two practices over the last two weeks so we should be ready. I hope the electrician is gone before I have to go. ๐Ÿ˜€

This weekend we have the company outing! I’m looking forward to it, because we haven’t been kayaking at all this summer. We start around 9:30am with that, followed by a catered picnic, corn hole, disc golf, and washer toss. It will be an all day thing and it is the first time that this event has been both men and women as well as spouses. There are over 100 people signed up to come. It should be a great time.

That is all I have for you today! I hope to see you all again tomorrow! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€




Hey Everyone!

We are back after a long holiday weekend. I can’t say that I’m happy to come back to work but it is time to get going with everything.

Saturday we installed a couple of air conditioners for the second floor and attic. Later that evening my wife had a photo shoot. A girl that I went to college with and worked with for a while came down from about an hour and a half away to get her pictures taken. It was a couple field settings, in the late evening. They turned out great, from what I can tell! ๐Ÿ˜€ I was watching Everett while the whole thing was going on.


He was having a pretty good time in the weeds.The girl who came down had her son with her for the shoot, and the two of them got to interact a little bit which was nice.

Sunday we did indeed go to the cabin. My dad, brother, cousin, and brother’s friend came out for helping purposes. My wife, mother, and son came for the outdoors. Everett was only there with my wife for a little bit because it was calling for thunderstorms. It did rain for a bit but that was about it, so I was sad to see them go over that. Everett fell in the dirt a few times and didn’t really like that. Here he is with me in the cabin. ๐Ÿ˜€


My dad is seen here cutting another sheet of plywood for the ceiling. They were able to put up another four sheets.


My cousin and I took the four wheeler and went up and down the hill clearing the debris along the way.


We were able to get five or so trees cut and out of the way as well as maintain some other trails. We came back and hung out for about two hours around the campfire, it was a really nice day.

Monday was a bit rough for me personally because nothing was going my way. We went and got a gate for the attic to allow Everett to have a play room on the other side, and it is the worst gate I have ever seen. It didn’t help that the studs were impossible to find in the wall. I also bought expanding foam to fill the cracks in the other room to keep the bugs out. That is all well and good except the one main gap was way too big and now I need to cut all the foam to look good. It is hot up there and it was a huge pain in the ass. Some of it made its way onto the floor, which was about impossible to get off.ย  After that crap that took way too long, I gave up on the day. I played video games, ate bad food, and made no further progress haha. ๐Ÿ˜€ After that the rest of the night went OK after that.

That brings us to the lazy Tuesday. I don’t have much going on today and hope it stays that way. I really don’t feel like doing much. I did get a hold of a retired electrician to come look at my lights, I just have to find a date and time that works for us. If I can get the light in and the house looking back to normal I’ll be OK again.

That is it for me! I hope you have a great Labor Day weekend! I’ll see you again tomorrow!

Family Weekend!

Hey Everyone!

We took most of the weekend for ourselves and did what we wanted to do. We started it off Saturday morning by going out to the dam.


That picture is from an overlook way above looking at the back side of the dam.We later went on some trails with Everett.


We let him get out and stumble around a bit while I climbed up some of the bigger rocks in the area.


After the hiking part, we stopped at the beach part of the dam where a Tango race was going on. I didn’t get any pictures there unfortunately. It is a time trial race involving teams competing in swimming, running, biking, kayaking, and orienteering. Our company always has a team in and I really didn’t know it was going on this weekend. It was fun to sit by the beach and watch people getting in and out of the water.

Later that day I needed to scrub out the inflatable pool we bought and move it to a better location. In do so I had the hose on and guess who wanted to play with it? You guessed it Everett.


Sunday we started slow and picked it up a bit. We stayed home most of the day. Everett finally reached the top of the couch in his climbing adventures.


Once we did get up and moving, I shoveled out all of the lava rocks, that were there for landscaping out grill area. I took two truck loads of rocks, weeds , boxes, and junk over to my parents house. They can use the pavers and things that I brought over. The lava rocks can be used around their fire pit and the weeds I dumped over the bank.

I was antsy to do more but didn’t have the right stuff to do anything, so we went to visit my parents when they returned home from a reunion they went to. It was nice to sit with them and let them see Everett.

We came home for the final time, and watched a movie before heading to bed. it turned out o be a busy weekend, but busy the way we wanted, so that’s ok with us.

That is all from me today. I hope you all had a great weekend, and I’ll see you back again tomorrow! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

Around The Water Cooler!

Hey Everyone!

Since I haven’t been taking in any cafinated drinks it didn’t seem fair to post a ‘Coffee Talk’ morning segment. That being said i do now go fill up my water bottle and get to typing! So welcome to the first ever ‘Around The Water Cooler!’ piece. Where I will detail some morning thoughts and cover the happenings of the prior day.

This morning I’m feeling overwhelmed, but at the same time I’m ok with it. I have to call the bank about some real estate taxes and what not, as well as talk to them about mortgage insurance. While I’m not looking forward to that I don’t think it will be a big deal. I also have to learn some more coverage of the operations end of things at work before, well, next week haha. I have to call the pediatrician about Everett’s iron supplement, and look in to how to fix the GC machine at the gas plant that I’m doing on the side. So, sort of a busy Friday. I’d also like to get the grass cut in the yard if at all possible.

On to what we dealt with last night! I wanted to move all of the weeds we pulled from our yard and dump them over the bank behind my parent’s house, then I needed to drop off my car to get fixed up, followed by running to the store for some stuff.

I got home and took our a frozen pizza for dinner since I knew we were going to be a bit busy. The pizza finished and I went to move it form the oven to the counter. The moment I was in that transition Everett decided it was a good idea to run over to the stove door that was down and slam his hands on it! You know where it goes from here. It was a 400 degree oven that he slammed his hands on. Unlike some babies he did take his hands off very quickly and started balling, as most people would probably do. I quickly, but calmly, grabbed him and ran his hands under some cool water. My wife finished up her work day and came down to help me out. We called the doctor and they told us a couple things, we basically already knew. We applied Aloe to his hands from one of our many Aloe plants. It helped him immediately.ย  While that was going on I gathered those weeds and got rid of them so we could head out the door and get the other stuff done. Once I dropped off the car and made it to the store we picked up a gauze kit to wrap his more burnt hand over night. We have pictures, nothing gross though, so no advisory needed.


He has a couple fairly large (for his size) blisters on the palm of his hand, so we put more Aloe on before bed and wrapped him up.

This morning he was back at it getting into everything.


Then, since this is how it always happens,ย  I get this picture sent to me this morning.


Everett just got a fresh wrap job and dunked his hand in my wife’s coffee first thing this morning! DOH!

That was my night and while it had some low points we got everything sorted as needed, and we all made it though!

I hope you have a great Friday and weekend! I’ll see you again Monday! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

Another Busy Weekend!

Hey Everyone!

We made it through the weekend. Friday We took some time out to weed the major part of our backyard garden. I’m not entirely sure what the purpose is since by the time any of it gets done it might be winter haha.

During that process Everett picked up his mommy’s phone.


He is such a dang cutie! He has been picking up on things so quickly. He is learning a ton. He has been organizing things, in his own way. He will take and place items in and on other items. We also have a verified 5 teeth! We haven’t been able to have him show us long enough for a picture, but I promise they are there haha.

Saturday was a huge softball day. In total our co-ed team played six games and took second place. I was their pitcher for each game. As a team we sustained two injuries to a couple of our girls. We had to pick up two different girls along the way, because you need four to play.ย  My groin injury I sustained during the regular season flared up part way through, so that didn’t feel good. Today my back and everything is not doing well, so I’m taking it easy here at work.

Sunday we headed out to visit my wife’s father again. He was placed in a nursing home during the week. He needs to be placed somewhere that can handle his dementia, and not just another nursing home. But either way he is at least in a safe space. Afterwards we went to a local bar in our college town and had lunch with her mom, before heading home.

On another note season 6 of Orange is the New Black is out on Netflix. I am halfway through and it is decent. It is, so far, at a bit of a slower pace but you can tell the build up is for something good. If you watch it, it is time to get at it!

I hope you all had a great weekend, and I hope to see you back again tomorrow! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

Gearing Up For The Baby!

Hey Everyone!

It is nice to report I had a fairly relaxing night last night.

I got home from work and it was raining. I wasn’t able to do anything outside so I was pretty limited. I was able to re-rack my, what is no hard cider, into other carboys. This allows the cider to settle and clear up, as well as get the dead yeasty stuff out. Sometimes it can mess with the taste if it is left in there too long. The next time I rack it it should be pretty clear, and I’ll take pictures. I’ll be putting it back in the bottles that the juice came in and freezing it. I hope it all works out because I really want it to work and taste good. It was really easy and it would be nice to make that my ‘signature’ drink in a way. I would like to perfect it a bit, if I like it, and have enough to share with friends.

When my wife got home I went with her to get ice cream, and that was the highlight of my night haha. We ran to Dairy Queen and she got a Peanut Buster Parfait. After that we just watched a few episodes of Shameless and went to bed.

My wife and I are gearing up for the baby, who is still nameless haha. We need to get her a bag ready for when the day comes. Well for that matter I need one too. We are looking to go about an hour and a half away to a better hospital, so we have to be really ready. One of the other things we are in need of is a babysitter/daycare facility, that is affordable. I know most everyone has trouble finding that. I grew up and went to a church daycare, and it was really nice and like a real company. No in this same city there aren’t any except for the over priced YMCA. We have compiled a list of people who baby sit or run a small service out of their home. We have to call them and talk rates and availability, then go see their houses. My brother and his fiance are using one lady about 10 minutes from home who is only charging $20 per day, which is the best I’ve seen. They seem to really like her, so maybe we will too. That is, if she has any openings. With only person watching kids they can only have six at a time by law so that really limits people. So we do have some work to do but it is coming along. Our weekends through May are almost all booked up. We have holidays, masonic stuff, showers, parties, and weddings all coming up these two months.Heck I have to find some time to write up a best man speech. That scares the crap out of me! I hate public speaking, especially when it is in a wedding setting. I was the best man in my good friends wedding a couple years ago and I was shaking, and flushed. It was quick but, I didn’t ever want to do it again haha. Depending on when my wife goes into labor I may be able to drink a little before it, which might help the nerves! If she hasn’t had the baby yet then I can’t in case she goes into labor that night.

If you have any advice about child care options let me know!

How are you at public speaking? Like it, hate it?

I’ll see you all back tomorrow. I hope you are having a good week so far! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

So Many Updates! (Pictures)

Hey Everyone!

Back again from a busy week night! I set out to get a few things done last night and with the help of my dad and brother we got them all done.

Somewhat simultaneously, we worked on all of these projects. The first one pictured is the big one. I really wanted to get to work on the cubby storage for the baby’s room. We had to make it on the floor so we had access to all sides at any given time. I used the drawings from yesterday as reference.ย  And , well, here it is:


I assembled the whole thing with the two long pieces of lumber that I bought. I fashioned them together with wood glue and my nail gun with 2″ brad nails.


You can see that I have weight on the tops, and for good reason. The bottoms ofย  three of the vertical sections are glued only. There was no other way to attach them, and I didn’t feel comfortable trying to toe nail it in the side.I have talked to a few people about it, and they have suggested if it becomes a problem that they make small brackets that could help hold it all together. I may look into that. The other thing that I think I’m going to do is return the lumber from the other project and get a panel that will fit the back of this to keep it sturdy. You can see the table saw right beside it, that is keeping it up perfectly.

One of the other things we accomplished was getting our ‘wedding tree’ planted. For our wedding we had a tree that we both put soil and water in. It was in place of a candle or sand. Well we lived at my parents house for two years after and it didn’t do well at all. I don’t think it’s dead but it isn’t looking good haha. We wanted it planted at our first home and now it is. We hope that it will grow and recover, but who knows. Ifย  you are curious, it is a Japanese Maple.


Another big one was, getting our mail issues sorted out. Again you know I didn’t want to be rushed to get my steps fixed. So we went ahead and put in a new mailbox! It was the one that we used for cards at our wedding. My dad had a treated post, and we dug the hole with a post hole digger. We have it close to the house so it will never be a big hassle to get the mail. We didn’t want it by the sidewalk, because we didn’t want kids messing with it. (not that they would)


I am going to stain the post and the little boards up under the box and throw on some nice stick on numbers for the mailman. I called the post office at 8:15am to get them bright and early. I had them take the hold off of my mail and have them delivering any mail they had and the new mail. This will allow me to take my time fixing the stairs and getting them in the best condition again. I am going to also put outdoor carpet on them for added protection.

Another thing that my brother did for me was fix my fence gate. I don’t have a picture of that but he put in a make shift shim by the post and then moved the mechanism down a bit. The gate door now opens and closes super easy. It really was a big help.

I received my motherboard in the mail yesterday too! I will be putting my PC back together tonight, as well as get some sanding done on the other two projects. It will be a busy night again but worth it. I have been getting quite a bit done lately. While we are still here I can update you on the Apple Jack. It is currently fermenting in my pantry. It has been one full week as of today. Once it slows up a bit I’ll re rack it into other carboys, and add some potassium bicarbonate to the mix, to stop the fermenting process. I will let it sit a bit longer after that and let it clear up. After that the only thing left to do is the freeze distillation.

Here we are, the end. I’m glad you stopped by. I hope you have enjoyed my projects and hectic life! I’ll see you again tomorrow ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

Beauty And The Beast Thoughts & More

The acting was good, in my opinion. Josh Glad plays a good LeFou, even though they had to get political and push a sexual orientation agenda. Again in my opinion, if you are going to remake a classic follow the script.

Hey Everyone!

I am glad to see you all back again. This weekend was fairly eventful. As you know Friday I went to watch ‘Beauty and the Beast’ with my wife. Turns out the showing that we went to was in 3-D:


I am not a fan of 3-D movies, but we were already there haha. The next showing wasn’t for three hours, and by then it would be a full house. We got in just fine and found our seats. Towards the middle but on the end, so my wife had easy access to the aisle. As far as the movie goes I was generally pleased. I figured I would be. Most of the story line was followed, which is good for a movie based on a classic. The acting was good, in my opinion. Josh Glad plays a good LeFou, even though they had to get political and push a sexual orientation agenda. Again in my opinion, if you are going to remake a classic follow the script. There is no need to add a bunch of things and change people, it became a classic for a reason. As for the special effects, outstanding! You would have to know that the majority of the movie is computer generated, you know like the whole castle, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, and the rest. It must have taken such a long time to get that all correct and they did a great job. I would absolutely that everyone go see it before it is out of theaters. If you like the Disney classics, you really won’t want to miss this live action movie!

Switching gears, my Saturday started out by taking more boxes over to my parent’s house. We have had so many items delivered to our house in such a short time that we had a million cardboard boxes. I went to burn the ones I still had, as shown here:


The amount that I had was next to nothing compared to what my ddad still had in his garage from all of my other stuff! Check all that out:


It was packed in every little spot. With my fresh batch of cardboard being gone quickly I decided to do it all. I was there for about two hours burning it all. We made sure to separate and throw away most of the plastic and Styrofoam. After that I went home and got ready for the game night we were going to host! We decided that we would set up a homemade sub bar, and let everyone make their own, even toast it up in the oven. My brother and soon to be sister in-law brought cupcakes from their wedding cake testing, and buffalo chicken dip. My wife and I had all the sub stuff and chocolate cookies, and my mom and dad brought drinks and Doritos. We played that Telestrations game we just bought and had a blast. Here is a quick picture that I took. There you can see my dad, mom, dog, brother, and my wife. The niece and soon to be sister in-law were in the other room.


Sunday I picked up my brother to go to my company gym. I have been on a diet for a little over a week and have lost 12lbs by eating right, with minimal exercise. Contrary to what you thought I ate Saturday. I only had my sub and some wine. ๐Ÿ˜€ Anyway, I met up with him at 10am and hit the gym. I was able to run 2 miles and walk another. My legs today are still feelin the burn.


If you are curious as to what my diet plan is I can gladly let you know! Contact me any way you would like. I have just been eating too unhealthy and gaining too much unwanted weight, so I’m doing something about it. All while still hating exercise haha. The rest of the day was spent with my wife, who didn’t feel very good. We watched about seven episodes of Shameless.

I hope you all had a great weekend like I did! I hope you have had a good time here today. I look forward to seeing you all again tomorrow. C-ya! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

Online Consulting (Conversation)

Hey Everyone!

Happy Friday! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Today is the last day that the 401K people will be here, which means we will get back into the regular swing of things again come Monday. Today I have been sharing my office with my boss haha, he was displaced to make room for one of the retirement guys. I think he is over it because he just sent out an e-mail saying that he was leaving at 1pm. I have him temporarily set up with a partly finished replacement PC and that has been good enough.


It is St. Patrick’s Day, as most of you know. I won’t be drinking any green beer, mainly because I don’t know o any places here that offer it. The extent of my celebration will be the green shirt I currently have on at work. I haven’t ever been super big on this holiday, and I’m not Irish. I don’t know the history of it at all, and to me it is just another day. Like most holidays it is good for getting people together and having a good time and if those are your plans, have fun and be safe.

On a very unrelated note, a friend of mine needed to get some extra cash on the side to help with her and her boyfriend’s finances. He had a surgery on his shoulder and it was getting pricey. They are both in the medical profession and have money but they weren’t where they wanted to be. She picked up a facial cream, skin health consulting gig. That got me thinking about consulting. I don’t know much about it. I know I don’t have the time to start doing it on my own, which is OK.


I came across the site: clarity.fm, and set up a profile. I think it is pretty legit, but it only works if people pick you to help them out. I have my profile set up to help with simple computer technology. To my knowledge there is no set up fee or anything you have to buy into. The client would select you and set up a time to have a conference call. We would both call in and chat about their situation, and they would be billed my set rate. Every 15 days the money is allocated to my account and I can transfer it to my PayPal account. I get nervous with things like this because, I don’t want to lead people down the wrong path, or not have the answers they are looking for. I always underestimate my own knowledge and think that I’m not good enough to give advice, which really sucks. The other thing is that I am looking to do this along side my full time job. I wouldn’t be able to answer calls or be in calls during work hours. I don’t know if it would ever take off enough to give me some extra ‘fix the house’ money. Worth a shot I guess!

Tonight my wife and I are going to see Beauty and the Beast in theaters. I think the show time is 6:40 pm. It will probably be packed since it is opening weekend. She has been looking forward to seeing it since she heard about it, and so have I. I will, for sure, let you know what I think of it. The rest of the weekend will be kind of chill and relaxing, fingers crossed.

That is about all for me today! I hope you have a great Friday, and weekend.

What, if any, experience have you had with making money on the side? Have you done consulting work? Let me know! I am very interested, in making some side money, preferably online and from my desk. I’ll see you all back Monday! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€


Hey Everyone!

I hope you had a great Wednesday. I made some major headway on my tub situation. I have some detailed pictures to prove it. Enjoy!

Here we have the face plate that I was dealing with.


I was able to get an Allen wrench in there and get it off, finally! In the back of this picture is with the new caulking on.


Here is the back of that front plate. The bolt there was what I needed to loosen. When it is tightened it fits inside the other part to enable the drain to open and close. With this part off everything was fairly simple.


These next two shots are different angles of the same. I did find what I had hoped to. The elbow joint is there and the seal was there. The issues was that there was a gap on the bottom side where the seal didn’t cover, that was what let my house flood.I was able to caulk around the whole thing and make myself feel 100% better.


I used the good old DAP Kwik Seal, gloss white, caulking. It was what I had left from installing the kitchen pass through, that you may remember from previous posts.


I did run into an issue putting everything back together so I still have some work to do. If you refer to the pictures of the caulking you will see that the thread on the middle piece is a cheap ass plastic. The female end that goes over it is metal. Well, longer story cut short, the plastic thread is stripped…:/ All I did was try to put it back once and it was all jacked up. So after going to bed super angry and annoyed that I would have to call a plumber, I found out what I would do. By the way, a plumber would end up replacing the whole thing and cutting into my wall. Which was what I was trying to avoid. Anyway, I woke up and realized that the two parts that wouldn’t work, at this point didn’t serve a purpose. It was a way to space the face plate, but it isn’t a necessary part in whether the thing works or not. So I’m going to have everything sealed and dried, and then I’m going to reinstall the face plate where I want it and tighten that sucker down. As long as no one is pulling or pushing on it as hard as they can it wont go anywhere, once it is tightened. I am of course still super scared to test it because I don’t want to flood my house again, but I feel like after all of this I kinda have to. I mean if there is another issue I would like to know about it.

In other news, I was called into my bosses office today to talk about my career and moving forward. I brought it up to him yesterday during my yearly review, and he felt that he didn’t give me much guidance. We ran through different scenarios and thought about where my energy could be spent. I was reassured that I’m in a good place and that the sky is the limit. I should have no trouble moving up to any of the three other positions when the time is right. That is great to hear/know. I like having that kind of security, especially while starting a family.

That’s all from me, I hope you guys have enjoyed my long awaited victory with the tub…for now haha. If you have enjoyed my posts spread the word! Feel free to like/comment/share my blog. ๐Ÿ˜€

I’ll see you all back again tomorrow! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€