Around The Water Cooler!

Hey Everyone!

Last night we ran to the store, and ended up picking up some slippers for Everett. They are too cute not to share so here we go!

That was last night as well as him climbing on his Diaper box and dancing to the theme from Gilmore Girls.

This morning he was still loving them.


I hope my boy can brighten your Friday! I hope to see you back again Tuesday! 😀 😀



New Hobby!

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday was our anniversary, and thank you for all of the kind words! We both know and understand that material items aren’t what creates/prolongs a relationship, but we like to do something a little extra for things like this.

My wife asked for a bike years ago so that we could go riding together. I was never able to get her one. Our life then got really hectic with moving and a family. I’m glad I could finally get her one! It is a nice new Trek, in a California Blue. It is a 13″ because she is a shorty haha.


She surprised me with a Ukulele, but not just any Uke! It was the Kala Waterman. You have most likely never heard of it, and that is ok. It is a plastic Uke, but not really a toy. It is totally see through, can take a beating, and best of all is water-resistant! I have wanted one since I knew they were a thing. 😀





It is great for camping our floating down the river, which I plan to do both this summer! 😀 It is a soprano size, so the smallest of the main sizes. It is the traditional size.I absolutely love it! It doesn’t sound like an amazing instrument, well because it isn’t meant to. It does hold a tune and is great to take with you.

So with my wife having a bike now, we can ride right? Well not exactly. What about our boy? We hit up the Wal-Mart and were able to find him an infant helmet that he modeled for us at home haha.





He isn’t exactly a fan but we did manage to get a few of him smiling haha. He just has to get used to it is all. He doesn’t like that he can’t just rip it of. We looked or a cradle seat for the back of my bike but they didn’t have one. We then hit up the local cycle shop and they didn’t either. They were however able to check for me and let me know what options I have. They should be calling me today and if the price is right I’ll be getting one. Theeennn, we can go for a ride! 😀

That is about all we did yesterday, besides watching Holes on HBO Now haha.

I’ll see you all again tomorrow morning! Hope to see you then. 😀 😀