Softball Incoming!

Hey Everyone!!

I have a few doctor appointments this afternoon so this will probably be quick.

Last night we had another successful softball practice. We had like 12 guys show up and we all hit a bucket of balls. My back did start getting sore from bending down to pick them up so often, so I have to be careful of that. I was pitching so I had to get most every ball. During the games that wont be happening that often. We play our first game tomorrow night at 8:30pm under the lights. It is against the company right beside ours, so that will be fun. They manufacture tires and do a bunch with rubber in general. Our company caters the event for us so we will have a pavilion with food and drinks all weekend. Sadly our second team will be playing the same time as us on Saturday so we won’t be able to watch their first game. It is a bit of a shame because my dad is on our second team and my brother is on the team they face. It will be a blowout, but it would be fun to watch them both play. There are 39 teams total this year, there are also four brackets breaking up the divisions. We are in the Industrial bracket with 8 other teams. We have a good shot of doing pretty well. Most anything will be better than last years two and out situation.

This weekend we also have a cookout. It may be tough to get to though due to the softball tournament. If we get done soon enough I’d like to head out to my buddy’s house. There is a parade early in the morning and fireworks at 10 or 10:30. They have three little kids and it would be nice to just get everyone there to hang out for a bit.

I hope you all have a great Thursday! I’ll be heading out soon and wanted to make sure to get his post out. I’ll see you all again tomorrow! 😀 😀



Back To Work!

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday was fun but now it is back to work for two days. I’m not really sure how I feel about it. It isn’t the end of the world and most people have called the rest of the week off, just because they can. So it’s a bit slow here anyway. I have had to replace some terminals in the shop, and let me tell you it is hot out there. From the moment I walked out onto the shop floor I have beads of sweat running down my back. It is awful.

Anyway. The parade was a blast. It rained for about 10 minutes then got nice out again, it was sort of refreshing. We sat where we always have, that way people can find us. My wife’s sister came down as well as my aunts and uncles.


This is the only real picture I took at the parade. That is my cousins wife Cassie and their new baby Cohen. He just woke up from a nap and they realized there were other little people there haha.

After the parade we had a great time at my parents. We grilled hot dogs, hamburgers, and sausage. My cousins, brothers, and I played a few games of Kan Jam and beat the heat in the shade of a large trees in their yard.

The hardest part of the day, for me, was trying to stay awake long enough to go watch the fireworks. My wife and Everett opted to stay home and sleep, since it was a Wednesday after all. I fought the urge to sleep and lazily made my way to my older brothers house where we watched the fireworks, in kayaks, on the pond.


I was instructed by a Google search to use the Pro setting on my phone camera to get the best results, for firework photography haha. I set the ISO low, and some other crap, and I think they turned out pretty ok. 😉

Then it was off to bed, only to be woken up at 4am to a screaming baby. the poor guy was hungry, and cranky. He stayed in bed with my wife while I got ready for the day, then I fed him some breakfast and took him to daycare for the second to last time. His last day is tomorrow and it is a bit bitter sweet.

That is all from me today, I hope you all had a great 4th of July! 😀 I’ll be back tomorrow morning with any luck, for a ‘Coffee Talk.’ Hope to see you then. 😀 😀

Tuesday, More Like Friday #1

Hey Everyone!

Today is July 3rd, and that means tomorrow is the 4th! It is America’s Independence Day. This is one of my favorite holidays. It may not seem like a lot, but when you do everything we do it really is a nice time in nice weather and what better can you ask for?

This time tomorrow we will have just finished watching the parade that spans over 2 miles through my town. We will be headed over to my parent’s house along with about 20 others, for a nice cookout, some Frisbee, and Cornhole! Later that evening we will be heading over to my brother’s house to watch some fireworks on the pond. It is the best way to watch. When you are floating on the water you get to see the fireworks and their reflection, it really is awesome!

Last night we were determined to catch Everett walking on video and we, kinda did haha. Check it out!

It is quick but it counts! 😀 😀 We wanted to catch it early so that we can look back on it and see where he started. He clearly isn’t the best haha, but he is getting better everyday! He will be running around in no time, then we are really in trouble.

I won’t have a post out tomorrow, but I will be back again Thursday! I hope to see you then. Have a happy and safe 4th! 😀 😀

Great Weekend With Family!

Hey Everyone!

We had a great, hot, weekend. 😀 Saturday morning my wife’s grandparents came into town to see us and Everett. They hung out and chatted with up for a couple of house. It was nice to see them, and they love to see Everett.


(Don’t mind the crap in his hair) It is probably from this…


Later that day my brother had a somewhat impromptu diaper party for their soon to be baby. We were going to go to camp, but they decided it would be easier to have it at my parent’s house. It was hot for most of the day, but felt good to have a little fire once the sun went down. We had family and friends there throughout.


After the busy day, and knowing it was going to continue Sunday, we headed home and went straight to bed.

Sunday morning my brother and I had two back to back softball games. One at 9am and the other at 10:15am. We thought since it was early in the morning that it wouldn’t be so hot….we were wrong. haha. Before the first inning we were sweating through our shirts. We played both games and won! I went 5 for 8 batting with one big home run. That is a decent day for me. Definitely not the best but the only times I got out were hard hits, they just happened to be right at the outfielder. :/ Unlucky.

After, I went home and got showered. We had to turn right around and head out to my great Aunt’s house. Her daughter turned 70  so they had a big party for her.


Like always there were quite a few people there, and a ton of great home made food. My niece was there as well as my cousin Hannah’s baby girl Olive. They live in Ohio, I believe, so we don’t see them as often as we would like. So we had to get a few pictures of the kids together, having a good time.



Everett was sharing his veggie straws with Olive before we left.



It was a great day, and nice to see everyone.

Today is back to grinding. We have a nice day off on the 4th to break up the week so that is nice. What do you all do for the 4th? We watch the local parade, have a picnic with family at my parent’s house, and watch the fireworks.

My current situation is writing this post and watching the Brazil v. Mexico game on my second monitor.


I know it is a bit small, but that is what you get for trying to have a 3840×1080 picture in your post haha.

I hope you all have a great Monday! I’ll be back again tomorrow, and hope to see you then! 😀 😀

College Ball, Pig Roast, & Camping!

Hey Everyone!

I’m back after a nice long weekend. It was a bit cold the first two days but we made the best of it!

Saturday we met up at my dad’s house, like we planned. People started to arrive around noon, for some good food and college football. It was the coldest day this weekend, which made watching the games outside a bit more difficult, but we managed.


My dad’s old referee buddies came and we had ribs and homemade BBQ sauce, it was all delicious. We watched Penn State blow out Akron and Texas get beat out by Maryland. They stayed to watch the Michigan game but I was too cold and went back home.

Sunday was another big day. We got up and got ready to head to my wife’s dad’s house. He was having a big pig roast! We got there around noon-ish, and there were already a bunch of people there.

Here is a shot of our baby boy being held by his soon to be “grandmother.”


Here he is with his great grandfather. Our boy’s middle name is his middle name. He is a great man with a better head on his shoulders.


Here is what we were there for!


Above is a 120lb pig, chickens, and baked potatoes. On the side they boiled five dozen ears of corn from my grandfather in-law’s fields. We stopped off at the grandparents house after the pig roast and grabbed some more vegetables, and what not. It was a late night and we got home just in time for bed.

Monday we had a campfire cookout at our camp. We also got the peaks covered and brought out the door and frame we are going to use.


We had a little guest in the cabin when we first got there! He ran off fairly fast.


Like you saw we had camp food, and relaxed around a nice fire to keep the bugs away. We all can’t wait to finish that cabin up a bit more to move stuff inside. It was a busy weekend that was full of family, great food and good football! Can’t beat that.

Coming up this week, we come off of our Masonic ‘summer break’ and have a meeting and initiation tomorrow. I also have to come in early and cover for my co-worker on Thursday.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend, as we did. I’ll be back again tomorrow, I hope to see you then! 😀 😀


Time For The Weekend!

Hey Everyone!

We are in the home stretch here! Labor day weekend is upon us.

Tonight is the clam before the storm. I was able to get the yard mowed yesterday. I’ve got it looking good. I ran through and grabbed a ton of weeds out of the garden and dropped them over the hill at my parent’s house. That leave tonight free, for anything. My wife and baby aren’t feeling the greatest so I doubt we will have much going on.

Saturday my dad is getting his old referee crew back together for a BBQ rib and college football party. There will be 10-14 people there having a good time. He is going to bring the TV outside so we can watch in style haha. I think it is all kicking off at noon, that should be enough time to sleep in, HA lies!, get the baby ready and have breakfast before heading over.

Sunday we are off yet again, to my wife’s dad’s house. He is having a pig roast. We haven’t seen much of that side of the family since the baby was born. Most of the people that will be there haven’t even met him yet. The food will be great, and so will the company. Hopefully the weather cooperates. Her dad and his girlfriend are getting married later this month.

Monday I have off and will be with the baby all day. My wife has to go to work sadly. It should be a nice relaxing day. I hope to get a few things done around the house.

If you are doing anything this weekend, let me know! I know some people go camping, some go boating.

I’ll be back Tuesday with an update on how it all went down. With any luck I’ll have a few good pictures to go along with it.:D 😀

Disapointment? Picnic & Father’s Day

Monday, Monday, Monday…..

Not going to lie I am not feeling very productive today. At least my fingers are nimble enough to get this post out. 😉 I have my Pandora on and kicking out Linkin Park Radio, trying to stay awake.

Friday we left in somewhat of a hurry to get to the “Thurston Classic”,  a hot air balloon gathering in Meadville, Pennsylvania. Everything was starting at 6pm and that just happens to be about the time we pulled in the parking lot. I was pretty excited to see them all take off , since I had seen the in the air before but I was never able to be there when they took off. Afraid we might miss the take off we hurried to the inside of the park. My wife and I had a pretty heated argument about how best to get in, not good. We did however make it in and found her family already sitting in a good spot to catch the launch. To our surprise we hadn’t missed anything yet. We sat patiently, waiting for something to happen. At this point it was about 6:30pm. It was hot at about 82 degrees, the sky was blue and there was next to no wind what so ever. You would go out and do absolutely anything in this weather it was perfect. Soon after the 6:30pm mark a voice came over the speaker saying that they want everything to be perfect, yada yada yada, and that they weren’t able to launch yet. They would check back in in a half hour. Well, 7pm rolled around, and it seemed like an eternity in the direct sunlight. Again a voice came over the speakers saying that it was still to windy. They had let a small party balloon go and they apparently watched it with some weird telescope, and saw that it moved too much, so they couldn’t start…..  They again said that they would check back in in a half hour, not that they would start at that time, just that they would look again. Well that was enough shit for me. We got up and left, with plenty of better things to do before the night was over with nothing to show for it. As far as I know they never left the ground and the whole thing was a bust. It was the nicest weekend to date, but It wasn’t good enough for the ballooners <<lol. So that was somewhat of a disappointment, since that was part of the reason we came out that way. We stopped over at my wife’s dad’s house and saw his new baby. Later we got some ice cream and all was right again in the world.

We woke up Saturday morning and got ready for the company picnic. It was a short drive from where we were and we arrived at about 12:30pm. Aside from parking on the wrong end of the amusement/water park everything was great. My company had a pavilion rented and we checked in. We received all access ride and water park passes to use all day. We met up with my parents and ate lunch. Soon after we hit the water park. We rode a slide or two and then went to the new wave pool for the first time. It was awesome we stayed there for a couple of hours, just bobbing up and down with the waves. It reached 90 degrees so the cool water felt amazing. We, of course, had to take a lap around the Endless River tube ride. Following that we laid out and dried off before heading back to the rest of the park. Next, we hit up the train that goes around the park, which is always fun and brings back good memories. We got done with that and didn’t want to go back to the pavilion to eat yet so I used that time to drag my wife around and played some Ingress in the park. There were quite a few portals and I have the opportunity to cap a few unique portals and make some small fields. Then it was time for dinner and bingo! Dinner was so-so. We had baked chicken, hot sausage, hamburgers, and hotdogs. It came with sides and drinks, but it was just lack luster in taste. We started Bingo soon after and I though like normal I wouldn’t win anything with that many people there. Low and behold, about four games in I won! My prize was a very nice Maglite flashlight, batteries included. 😀 It was a ‘love your neighbor’ game so the people to the right and left of me also won $5, what can I say, I’m a giver. Later my mother won a Shop-Vac. That was it for Saturday we went home and relaxed.

Sunday morning came very fast. It was Father’s day. But before that my brother and I had two softball games in the morning. We played a pretty bad team then a much better team. We were a man down leaving us with only three outfielders instead of the usual four. We didn’t let that hinder us though. Softball it a hitters game and you have to score to win. We beat the first team pretty easily and then it was on to the second one. They were beating us most of the game. We finally took over the lead just to lose it again the next inning. In the last inning, the bottom of the 7th, we needed 1 run to win and I was up. With no outs I knew I needed to get to at least second base, that way if there were fly outs I could tag up and advance. I hit a line shot to the fence and didn’t let up. I got a triple. I was scoring no matter what, there was no way I wasn’t getting in after that. But to my surprise the next batter up hit it out of the park and it was an was an easy jog into home. It was hot and long but we came away with two more wins. I got home and showered up, since I was probably pretty gross. In that time my older brother arrived and we all met up in the back yard to celebrate Father’s day. We just had a simple cookout once my other brother and his fiance showed up. Later we got the golf clubs out and had a chipping game around the yard with wiffle golf balls. The three of us brothers went in and got my dad a trail cam for his new property and three flags for his house. One was Penn State football, another was Pirates baseball, and the last was Steelers football. Being a Texas sports fan I made sure not to hold the two black and gold flags haha. My wife and I watched the first Deathly Hallows movie before bed and that’s all she wrote. It was a great weekend, I can’t wait for this weekend either. We will be traveling to NC to see a friend. I’ll see you all tomorrow! 😀

Weekend Fun!

Hello everyone!

I woke up Friday morning in a great mood that carried me through the weekend. Of course I still hadn’t packed my things yet for my three day weekend away. I quickly gathered what I thought I would want/need. I threw everything into the truck and was ready to go at about 10:45am. I got in the truck and wanted to be on the open road, until I looked at my gas gauge…empty. I ran across town to get gas and made sure to grab a small pizza and Red Bull for my lunch on the road. OK. Now I was ready to get going. It was a very pleasant drive. I had to oddly navigate through three states, mainly Interstates. After two hours of driving I arrived. Alone. There was no one there, or home for that matter. I checked the Facebook page and made sure I was there on time, and I was. That didn’t stop me, I started unloading my truck. I took all my stuff into the yard and pitched my tent. I made my bed area up and set out my folding chair. Once everything was said and done I pulled out the ukulele and began to play. Ten minutes later one of the hosts showed up and invited me in, apologizing for no one being there. (not a big deal) We caught up for a bit and had a few beers. She informed me that Her husband and a few guys went out golfing that morning and should be back any time.

Once the guys got back we helped get some last minute things ready. This included going to get the three kegs of beer for the weekend. Everything was good to go and soon the people came rolling up. Friends from school and some local friends as well. We dined on deep fried chicken wings and pasta with meatballs. Later on we played a game called ‘Stump’ I’ll explain. You get a nice level cut, fairly large stump, and set as many nails in for the amount of players. The nails were about four inches. You just have them set in the wood so that they won’t fly out when hit with the hammer. You then take turns. Whoever is up has to flip the hammer and catch it. However you catch it, is how you have to hit it. If you re-grip you forfeit your turn. If you flipped the hammer once you get one swing at another players nail. If you flip it twice you get two swings at other players nails and so on. If you drop the hammer your turn is over. You win by being the last person with your nail not smashed all the way in. You gauge whether or not a nail is done by if you can slide a fingernail under it or not. If you hit a players nail and bend the shit out of it you either take it out or hammer it all the way in and give them a fresh nail. We of course do this while drinking, so if you hit a nail and it glances off making a spark, you call “SPARRK!” and everyone drinks. It gets really fun/dangerous the longer you play. If you bleed you wipe it on the stump and keep going. Friday night ended with huge bon fire.

Saturday morning there were only three of us awake at 6:30am so we decided to go to the diner down the street for breakfast since there was nothing else to do. It was delicious, I had corn beef hash and Rye toast, and a ton of coffee. 😀 By the time we got back others were awake and jealous, as they should have been. All day Saturday was spent hanging out with old friends and playing yard games. We then had another large fire and went to bed. Sunday was the day we all dread. It is the day you wake up and pack it all up. You don’t want to leave but you know you have to. I get up early and put my stuff away so I can enjoy what little time is left. I help clean up the yard where I can so other people don’t have to. Once everyone is up some of us say our good byes and others, like myself head to the diner for a group breakfast. Again the food was amazing, I had a bacon and cheese omelet with hash browns, toast, and more coffee. I was another great year for a party weekend. The weather was great and the people were amazing as always. It is really great when you can get people together as friends every once and a while.  Just take people out of everyday monotony and have the time to catch up. I mean we have people who are married with children down to people fresh out of college, so its nice to all get on the same page once a year. It was a good reflective ride home. It makes you appreciate everything you have and the friends you have met along the way. I can’t wait, already, for next year. Speaking of next year, I hope my wife will be able to join me since she will be done with school. 😀

I’m kind of out of time for today, I’ll see you all tomorrow!

Lazy Night & Better Morning

Good afternoon everyone.

After my hectic weekend and even more hectic Tuesday I was ready to relax a bit. Since I came in early yesterday I was able to leave at 2:15pm. This gave me some time alone after work to wind down a bit. I just vegged out and hung around the house for a bit. A little bit later I played some Overwatch. I have been getting better at using other heroes, and not just Lucio. I have gotten really good with Reaper and Solider 76 as attacking heroes, by generally flanking the crap out of the other team. As far as defense is concerned my go to gal is Mei. I can hit really hard with her and still defend a site. In certain situations I have used Torbjorn, and Bastion, but that is when the attacking team is at a stand still. If they aren’t I switch to Mei to be more mobile. While Junkrat bothers the shit out of me and I die to him in every game, I can’t get the hang of playing him. I all around hate him haha. I rarely tank but when I do I’ll pick D.Va or Roadhog more often than not. The only tank I can’t use very well is Zarya. I just haven’t wanted to spend any time learning her when other heroes would help me more in the long run. Lastly I still main Lucio as a support, but also have enjoyed playing Zenyatta, even though I had a guy complain that I didn’t heal him? (He only heals with his ult so why would I pop it for one guy haha) Mercy is great and all but I like being able to mass heal rather than one hero at a time, and Symmetra is decent in certain areas. Anyway, long story shot I played Overwatch!

After Overwatch I made some burgers for dinner so that when my wife got home I would have something made. Both of our schedules are out of wack right now so we have been doing what we can to make it a bit easier anyway we can. We had some thawed ground turkey burger, diced onions, diced jalapenos, and bits of cheese. From there I mixed them all in a bowl and cooked them up. It really gave the burger a good all around flavor without worrying about toppings falling out of the bun, since they were inside the burger. It was fairly quick and easy, which made it perfect. We honestly laid in bed at 8:30pm. We were both super beat. I turned on the TV and caught an episode of 500 questions on ABC. It is a game show where geniuses have a chance to answer up to 500 questions and win money along the way. Its only on for a week once a year, so its cool to watch.

This morning I came into work early again, this time with no obstacles to overcome.   Everything ran great. Instead of being over an hour behind like yesterday I was an hour early with my reports and had everything delivered in record time. We made some minor adjustments to the instructions along the way but nothing that hung me up for any extended period of time. I’ll be out of work early and will grab a few more games of Overwatch before my stated Masons meeting tonight. Tonight at our meeting we are having an open program with a local police officer and his police dog. He is coming and doing a demonstration for everyone in attendance. We will have dinner and desert after the meeting as well, so I don’t have to cook. Yay! Other than that it will be another quiet night with not too much excitement.

I hope you all enjoy your hump day, and I’ll see you tomorrow. 😀