Exciting News & Eagles!

Hey Everyone!

I had a late night, for myself. I had my typical Masonic meeting, that went fast, and for good reason. We sped through what we needed to get done, so that we could enjoy the evening’s program. My cousin, Mike, got a state game warden to come give a presentation on the Bald Eagle, the the rehabilitation in our area.  It was really informative and fun to listen to. Here is a link to the live feed of a nest cam in PA. As I am watching there is an Eagle in there right now, it is really neat. GO HERE!

After the presentation, we had brownies and ice cream for desert. I was sitting with my cousin and the game warden and we had some good conversation. By the time I got home it was past 10pm, so Everett was asleep, and my wife was about the same haha. She had mentioned that she had to talk to me about something , but it had gotten too late.

This morning she asked if I was ready to talk a bit about it. I said I was, and she said that her grandfather called her and said that he was finding a way to build a house for us! I still want to confirm everything before I get too excited and nervous, but that is a very different story than when we talked to him last weekend. He wants us to get a firm estimate on the house we would want and the layout. She asked if he was aware that we would only be able to buy it from him when our house sold, and he seemed to be ok with that. So fingers crossed this may work out well. We will have to get a price and layout to him as soon as we can to get things rolling. The moment we actually break ground I will let my boss know that we will be moving, around a certain date, estimated completion kind of thing. From there I will scout for a job and hopefully they will allow me to start when the house is complete. If  they won’t and I still want that job I’ll let him know and have to put in my 2 weeks notice. It may be sooner and it may be later but that will play out. That is the scary part for me is leaving my job that I like, and the people somewhat high and dry. I’m not sure they would replace me until I left which would be terrible timing because our other co-worker is retiring.

I’ll keep you posted when I can. Work has been busy again today. I set up two full computers for people and deployed one of them. The other will go out tomorrow. Our conference room upgrade is still going smoothly as well. I was told to get a list of projects I was involved with this last year, for my annual review. I normally pass with flying colors and hope to again. If I do stay for some reason, this will help determine what I get in a profit sharing check and whether or not I get any raises. I really should track these as I do them haha. I’m sure it will be fine.

That is all for me today, I’ll try to see you bright and early for a “Coffee Talk!” See ya! 😀 😀


Who Are Your Favorite YouTube Creators?

Hey Everyone!

As nothing exciting went on last night I thought it would be neat to see what creators, if any, you watch on YouTube. With the way of the internet being a daily mainstream medium for people to receive everything from news/entertainment to shopping and social media, I wonder who your go to creators are.

If you get your news or entertainment else where let me know that too! I get most of my news and entertainment from YouTube, as it is a huge platform. I will have links to every channel that I mention if you would like to check them out! 😀 😀


By far my favorite YouTuber is Philip DeFranco. I have followed him for about 10 years now, and he has continued to grow in his field as I have grown into adulthood. He puts out a daily news segment, a weekly round up on Fridays, and has a whole separate channel for his staff. That second channel is under PhillyD, his staff is amazing and that channel is all for good times and laughs.


I also love watching people who modify cars. There is a channel called Mighty Car Mods, and they are a duo from Australia. Marty and Moog buy old beaters and modify them for track use and all sorts of nonsense. Plus they sound cool haha.


Since I play Rocket League all the time, I like to find a creator that puts out fun content of game play as well as game news and update stats. I have hit the jack pot with this and watch Jon Sandman. He is friends with pro players, plays modded maps, keeps up to date with news, does crate battles, trade up videos, and has a great personality. He also just became a dad and bought a house!

I watch Joe Robinet, and Mike from MCQ Bushcraft for all of my camping/bushcrafting information. They both teach classes as well as do over night camps, build shelters, and do other, longer camp videos like week long canoe trips.


For cooking related I watch the one and only Binging with Babish. He recreates meals shown in TV shows and movies, as well as a series on basic cooking techniques. He does it all from his little apartment in the big city and he has a voice that keeps you coming back for more.

To round it out and keep my post short-ish, for tech news and what not I watch Linus Tech Tips, Tech Quickie, Carl Oliver, and Eli The Computer Guy.

I hope you take the time to visit these channels if any of them interest you. Please comment below telling me who you like and watch daily. Maybe we can exchange our favorites and get each other hooked! 😀 Have a good day! 😀 😀


TV, Space, Dentist

Hey Everyone,

I’ll be pushing this post out a little bit, since I have a dentist appointment that has crept up on me.

I have been really into the ABC show “Lost” I have been binging it like crazy. Don’t spoil anything for me if you have finished it. I am part way through season 5 and will probably finish the series in a couple weeks, at most. I never watched it when it was popular because I thought it looked really stupid. Well, I will be the first to admit that I was wrong. There are so many intricate details in this show, that you can miss in the blink of an eye. It is the kind of show that if you zonk out or day dream through an episode you would want to re watch it to find out what the hell happened. I am also a big fan of series that are already complete. I hate watching show that are currently out, because you can never retain as much when you have to wait a whole week for the next episode. My wife and I have struggled with the CW’s “Flash” and “Arrow”. We love both of those show but have fallen behind because it is hard to stay on a schedule when it comes to TV watching, with so much other stuff going on. Since Netflix does a pretty good job of getting whole series out I hope they continue to keep those shows as well so I can catch up.

Like my post stated yesterday, I am having my PC translate and analyze data for science research. It is demanding on my PC’s hardware. I have been tweeking the settings all morning trying to find out what will work for me. I have to be able to do my daily tasks at work without slow down and this has been a fun little challenge. I am able to set the computer preferences but I have to get them just right. The good news is that there is a setting for when my PC is not in use, it will use more resources. This way I can leave my PC on at night and let it go wild while I’m not here. Then during the day I can have it slow way down or even be suspended. I think the whole idea is cool and would like to read up on more of it so I may come to understand it a bit more.

Like I said today I have a dentist appointment, and I’m not super fond of them. It is just a routine cleaning, but I feel like everywhere I have gone they are rough. I’m not sure what it is, but every time I leave my mouth hurts haha. I think it is partly to do with how they scrape my teeth, and sometimes miss and hit my gums. Good news though is that I didn’t have cavities and I hope not to again. My dentist now is a family friend. I have grown up with his kids and my brother played soccer with them. They are a really nice family. If I remember I’ll let you know how the appointment goes.

Let me know what your feeling towards the dentist are in the comments below. I know some people love going and others despise it haha.

I’ll see you all back again tomorrow. Until then have a great day! 😀 😀

Presidential Debate & Minecraft

Hey Everyone!

Unless you live in a different country or live under a rock. We here in the United States had our first Presidential debate last night. It was attempted to be moderated by Lester Holt from NBC. He did a good job considering all things. As most of you know the republican candidate is Donald Trump, who has no political experience and the democratic candidate is Hillary Clinton, who has had plenty.


I’m not going to right about who is my favorite and push any view down your throats. I have a background in Sociology and like to take deeper looks in to the way the candidates behaved, spoke, reacted. Since I don’t need this to be the longest post in history I’ll just point out a few things I saw. I’m not sure how long slander and bad mouthing other candidates has been uses as a tactic, but I just find it tacky. Both have done it and it doesn’t make anything better in any way.

Hillary came off very poised last night. She was calm and collected. You could tell she has done her homework and you can tell his isn’t her first time in the political spotlight. She didn’t really attack Donald personally, except a bit for his non-released taxes, and new tax plan. She was using phrases such as “Trump loophole” and “Trumped-up.” There were times where you could see in her facial expressions and closed body language that she was shying away from a few questions and accusations. When she did speak it was in a confident fashion. She spoke more about helping the middle class directly and more about policy.

Donald started well, and held some sort of composure most of the debate. He strayed a few times and did his fair share of interrupting. People knew he would do this and so did Hillary. By letting him interrupt and holding her tongue while he spoke made her look like the more calm candidate. Donald knows what his plans are but just doesn’t have the experience in the political limelight. This creates a situation where he has trouble articulating what he is trying to get across. This doesn’t necessarily make either one of them a better choice. It just shows who is more versed in public speaking. He was confident in all of his words. He seemed a bit to defensive when he got pushed into a corner on some issues. He would just state that the accusations were “wrong.” He took a few shots on Hillary personally regarding her trade deals, and her deleted e-mails. Donald is a big fan of using his hands and arms to talk and that can be a good and a bad thing. Some times it helps prove your point and other times it can be very distracting. Donald spoke more about cutting taxes like Ronald Regan and helping the wealthy to create more jobs. He wants to run the company more like a business.

Overall, differences aside, at the end of the night they both agreed that if the other candidate won that they would support them. This is just a nice way to tie things up. You know damn well that they really don’t like each other, and won’t support each other in really anyway after the election.

Ok enough about that mess. I have been busy on my server. I have created a better place o keep my animals:


Here you can see my raised chicken coop and the other four stalls. Here is the under side of the raised coop:


The chickens sit on carpet. Under the carpet are hoppers and chests. This will collect all the feathers and eggs that drop from the chickens. This makes for easy collection. Here is another angle or it all :


This was pretty major in itself, but I also followed this video by MumboJumbo’s YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Gb4VUT_HLU . It is a great video on making an automatic tree farm. I made the whole thing and closed in the collection side with obsidian. Check it out:


The first picture is where all the wood stacks up and gets stored it moves over every time it hits the un-movable wall. The second shows where you plant the saplings and start the process. It detects when a tree grows and pushed it out and crushes the leaves in the process. There are hoppers under the machine that feed into the chests in the front. This will collect saplings for future use. It is a really neat machine, don’t for get to check it out.

Feel free to comment about the debate or Mincecraft down below guys, don’t be shy 😉

That is all for today. I hope you all have a great Tuesday! I’ll see you all tomorrow. 😀 😀

Health Fair & Minecraft Server

Hey Guys and Gals!

This will be my last post this week, since I will be traveling early tomorrow to attend a wedding. I’ll try to make this a good one. Who am I kidding, They are all good!

My employer does this thing to determine how much they help with health insurance. We recently switched from Blue Cross/Blue Shield to UPMC. There was a three step list that we had to follow to obtain the maximum in company support. The first was that we had to register on the UPMC website and fill out a heath questionnaire.  This was easy for me, but for others was above and beyond their technical spectrum. I was able to assist our HR department in helping fellow co-workers fill out their survey if they needed or wanted help. It is estimated that this form takes over 30 minutes to complete. With my help some were able to get in done in under 10 minutes. I had helped so many people that I practically memorized the questions. At the end of the process it would compare your results to others in your age range. The second step was to obtain at least 200 wellness points. This is a point based system set up by UPMC. By the way this is all offered to spouses as well. Getting an annual preventative exam was 200 points. So if you went and got a physical you were covered. Lastly, is that you have to attend this health fair thing. UPMC is coming and rolling up with a health trailer. They will have us set up in a time slot and we will go over. They will check our blood pressure, cholesterol, height, weight, blood sugars, and A1C. It is pretty in depth. They will print out a more accurate reading of our health. This all needs to be done so that our company will cover the maximum allowed, pertaining to our insurance rate.

As for the Minecraft server update, we are still up and running. I haven’t seen much traffic on the server, other than myself, but that is ok for now. I’ll be looking to publish the IP in the Minecraft forums soon. I would like to know how to use the white list feature better . I would only want certain people in the server. Ya know, people who would obey the rules and have a good time. If you want to check it now the addess is: M1n3cr4ft.ddns.net . Being the only one in the server most of the time has been nice though, since I have been able to build pretty col things. I also tried out a few resource packs. I am currently using “Equanimity”:


The last thing that I built was an automatic cactus farm. I have a picture for you as well:


It is really simple. You make a 9×9 square, one layer deep. Next you pour a bucket of water in each corner. This will leave the middle block empty. Dig that middle spot two deep. Place a chest at the bottom and a hopper on top of it. (Hold Shift ad place the item on top) Next go one block above the water and place a block of your choice in every other spot, all the way around and in the middle. ( I built mine two high, you don’t have to do that) Next place a block of sand on the blocks you just placed. Following that place the cactus on the sand.  Lastly in the middle of the four sets of four, place a block with signs on all sides. This will make sure that when the cactus grows it will pop off and fall in the water. Since you placed the water in the corners it will all float to the middle. From there it will fall in the hopper and then go into the chest. All that it left to do is go outside your farm and dig down four blocks and in to the middle until out find your chest. I made a quick over head view for you in paint haha.


Here is your 9×9 over head view. If you look straight down this is what you will see. The blue is clearly water. The green is the cactus, on the block of choice. The light brown is the block in the middle of all the cactus, this is the square with signs on all sides. Lastly the grey in the middle is the hopper at water level and has a chest under it.

That’s all I have for you today, thank you for stopping by. I will see you all again Monday. I’ll be sure to fill you in on the wedding, and anything else that happened. Until then have a great day and a great weekend. 😀 😀

Sad News, Rainbow 6, & Weekend

Hey Everyone.

I hate to start this post off on a sad note but I must. My brother and his fiance had a 10 year old Boxer named Grady and they had to put him down yesterday. 😦 My brother text me after work and asked for my help to go with him and deal with it all. His health was worsening and he had something wrong with his back and hips. I just saw him Monday and thought to my self that it may be the last time I see him. Sadly I was right. They knew right along that he wouldn’t make it to or through the winter so it was coming no matter what but it still stinks. After he was put down my brother and I drove him to her dads house to be buried in their pet cemetery. I was doubly hard for me to see my brother shaken up by it all , since he doesn’t usually show that kind of emotion. On a better note he is not in any kind of pain any more and my brother and his fiance have a new baby girl to keep them occupied.

Totally switching gears, I did indeed go play Rainbow 6: Siege when I was home. I ran through half of the training “Situations” and found that there is a lot to this game. I was able to meet up with my buddy and play some multiplayer games with him. As a first person shooter veteran I must say that I suck! There are more elements to this game than any fps I have seen in a long time. I like the game but I don’t know the maps or the Operators. Once I know those better I’ll love it. Oh ya! When I get more than 1 kill per game I’ll be much happier haha. I was able to unlock five different Operators and mods for two loadouts. I would love to play it again tonight but I have a prior commitment to play D&D with some other nerd friends of mine. I have to say I’m not very fond of D&D, it is too slow paced for me and kinda dumb.

My weekend as you probably have guessed is busy and packed full of stuff to do. Thus keeping me from doing things I want to do. Tonight it will be D&D for an estimated four hours. Saturday I will again be helping my wife take photos of a wedding around the area. It will be all day and very hectic. Just like that It will be Sunday and we have some house work and cleaning to do.  We are still hopefully going to look at that house again Monday. I still haven’t heard back from the realtor. I am kinda torn on the house. I love that we would have the space that we do, but it may almost be too big. I has a yard but not a big one like we kinda wanted. It has a garage and I hope it would have enough space for other things besides just two cars. We ideally wanted a house out side of town and this house is smack dab in the downtown historical district. Lastly I am weary of getting attached to it because it is over 100 years old and have haven’t gotten an inspection yet. We will just have to wait and see if we can get it a clean bill of health and get it for a steal of a deal.

That’s all for now, I’ll see you again Monday afternoon! 😀 😀


Hey There!

So all damn day today I haven’t done anything lol. I meant to, and I have some stuff that I could be doing and could have done, but I didn’t. I will tell you what I did instead. I was here early to work like I am every day and started catching up on my daily YouTube favorites, Philip DeFranco and Casey Neistat, when I saw a recommended video. This was the first in a series of 8 videos that the Neistat brothers (Van and Casey) ended up selling to HBO years ago. Since I have become a huge fan of Casey I decided to give it a look. It was super interesting and gave a ton of backstory into how he is who he is and why. You learn about his family and his upbringing. It doesn’t hurt to see his now wife Candice Pool in a bikini and even topless in the third episode haha. But this all being said They were 30 minute videos and that’s right you did the math, it was about 4 hours of my life. Here is where you can find it:


I got lost in the videos, and now I blink and its 1:30pm. Whoops! I will finish up some stuff here at the office and then I have something else that I will be doing after work.

Once that bell rings at 4pm I am going straight to Auto Zone one last time, for a while anyway, to pick up a jack and stand kit for about $70, and some bed liner spray. This will be used most likely next week, when I have more time. I will be painting the stock rims on my truck with the same paint that I did the whole truck in. This including the jack set will be under $100. I am hurting for my pay check to clear my credit card bill haha, it will all be better next Wednesday! This is the one I’ll be grabbing, I think:


I stated that I was busy tonight, and I am . I will be playing Rainbow Six: Siege for the first time. My old college roommate and best friend had been telling me to get it since it came out and I finally broke down and got it last night. It was a 50GB install and seems to be well worth it from what I have seen so far. I let it install over night so it will be ready for me when I get home.  I will be busy with the second round of D&D with my friends Friday night , thanks to Tabletop Simulator. And following that my wife and I have another wedding to shoot Saturday! So we have another busy weekend yet again.

That’s all I have for you guys today, I’ll see you tomorrow! 😀 😀

Truck, Football, and Home Buying?

Hey Everyone!

I left work at noon yesterday to work on my truck some more. I was able to get spark plugs and spark plug wires from Auto Zone. I went home and with out a jack and jack stands had one hell of a time replacing the wires. I did manage to get it all done in the few hours I had to work with. Not everything went well, I ended up ripping the old wires in half trying to get the out haha. So that really made me feel some pressure to get the new ones in, or I wouldn’t have had a car to drive today. I wans’t

*Pause while I helped “re-decorate” a co workers office with post its*

Hmmm not sure where I was going with the first two words of that last sentence so forget that was even written. 😉

I had to order my cold air intake, and to my surprise I is here already. I will be picking it up today after work and putting that in tonight. I will hopefully remember to snap a picture or two so I can show you tomorrow.

The Steelers played the Redskins last night, and with most of my family being Steelers fans we were able to go to my brother’s house and watch the game. Having a new baby and all it was easier for them to have us over. It was a good game to watch and I love seeing the Redskins lose as a Dallas fan.

Today brought some excitement and stress. My wife told me to go ahead and start the process of putting in an offer on a house. It is a huge 3500sqft house. It is in the historical district of our city. It isn’t out of town and has a smaller yard but what it lacks there is made up for in the hugeness of the house. It is over 100 years old but very well built. We are going to meet up with the realtor again Monday I think. It is exciting and scary at the same time. I just want to know that if we get it that we can afford everything. I hope it moves fast and slow at the same time lol. The faster we can move in the better and the slower we get hit with expenses the better. I need to acclimate myself a bit.  I will keep you updated there as well.

I’ll see you all again tomorrow. I have some PC work to do now, byeee.  😀 😀

Minecraft Server Up! XD

Hey everyone.

I adjusted the dynamic DNS information, and am now proud to say that the server is up, running, and ready to be played. The address is m1n3cr4ft.ddns.net


As you can see it is version 1.10.2 and will only work on 1.10 clients. Please feel free to hop in the server and begin your survival experience! I know there might be a couple of you from the blog that would like to join, and I know of a few local kids that would like to as well. Also if there is anything that is an issues feel free to let me know so I can correct it if at all possible.

This is the first real server that I have ever had up and running, and it feels good. I hope to see you there.

Tiny side notes:

My wife and I have some friends coming into town tonight for family photos. It will be nice to catch up with them a bit and see their kids. We are also still planning on going to the craft festival on Saturday. I’ll be sure to let you know if we come home with anything cool. Speaking of coming home, we are very actively looking for a house again since we got approved for an amount that should let us get what we want. It is all very exciting and will keep us busy. It is a huge step buying a house, and we want to do it right and do it once if we can. It will be scary adjusting to all the new payments and rules. WE will hash it all out when we need to though. Have a great weekend and I’ll see you Monday! 😀 😀

Some Updating

Hey There!

Good news, I don’t think I am sick. My glands still seem swollen but I still feel fine. I went to the dentist yesterday and had a cavity filled. It was done perfectly well. Where I had an issues was that when I got home and was getting ready for my Masonic meeting the Novocain wore off, as it does. To my surprise the whole left side f my jaw hurt. I can only think that the Hygienist was putting some weight down on my jaw while she was using some of her tools of the trade. It Still hurts today over 24 hours later so I know its not from the simple cavity being filled. It made for a somewhat miserable night. It is still hard to open my mouth to eat.

The degree work that we did for my cousin’s 2nd degree in Free Masonry was fun though. I held a couple different positions throughout the night. I really enjoy the degree work, it is amazing how organized the whole thing is. The people doing more of the conferring of the degree have so many words memorized it blows my mind. We had a nice BLT dinner served to us beforehand and apple/pumpkin pie afterwards. My grandfather has been coming into town to see my cousins degree work. His last degree is unofficially going to be on a Saturday in October so we can have all of my family, who are Masons, be present. Our lodge will now have 6 of us!

The last thing I have to update you on is the Minecraft server. I have pretty much everything ready. I won’t be able to route the domain so I will have to just use a dynamic DNS address instead. I registered a host with No-IP and all that will be left to do is modify the client on the server when I get home. That will be priority #1. I hope tomorrow I can tell you all that it is up and running and give you the address. I hope to see a couple people join and say “What’s Up”. Again it is a survival server, but not on a hard level. If you have kids or teens that like to play and want a friendly server, they can join. It is very G rated. I’m pretty excited to let people know about it. I haven’t got anything huge planned but its just going to be nice to be able to give out the information. On a similar note, now I’m stuck with a domain and no use for it. Since it it Minecraft related I may try to make it some sort of landing page.

I will be having Mexican for dinner with my wife. We also haven’t found out what we are pre-approved for so that better hurry up, because I’m losing patience. I hope kyou have a great Thursday and I’ll see you all tomorrow! 😀 😀