Bohemian Rhapsody On The Ukulele?!?

Hey Everyone!

It was super rainy and cold yesterday. It could have been a nice evening to relax with some coffee, but I had some things to do. Right when I got home to gathered the things I needed to return to Lowes, and picked up a thin sheet of paneling for the back of the cubby storage. I was able to sand most of the edges to my liking, so they would be ready for staining whenever I have the time. Here is a quick picture of the back being weighted down to allow the glue to dry in the right spots, as well as the firewood rack.


Then my hands got super cold, kind of like they are right now! I’m nor sure why but my office is freezing. Anyway I was able to get in side and clean up. I slipped into some comfy clothes. I received my motherboard in the mail yesterday, or the day before, and needed to get it back in my case. Here is a shot of the motherboard being secured to the standoffs.


There was good and bad news about the whole thing though. As you can see in this picture I was able to get it up and running with Windows 7 Ultimate.


On the other hand it had no drivers and I didn’t have my factory CD with drivers on it. I tried loading them on to my flash drive and popping it in the USB ports….buuuuut I don’t have those drivers either haha. The only way I can get them installed is via the optical drive (CD drive). I had to come to work to do it because I don’t have anymore of them at home. I can tell you that I think I have them all, I just need to take them home and install them. The awful part will be installing all of the crap back on my drive. I had multiple games and programs. That is the way it goes though so I can’t be too annoyed. πŸ˜€

My night will be full trying to get everything back up and running well. If I do find any time I might think about re racking my Apple Jack, or playing my Ukulele. I have been trying to learn how to play Bohemian Rhapsody, by Queen. It sounds weird but it is super fun. Here take a look at, who I think is the best Uke player around, playing that exact song!! Awesome!

That will be what I leave you with today, I hope you take the time to watch that video. I’ll be back again Monday with an update from the weekend! C-ya then. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


How Good Do We Have It?

Hey Everyone!

I would like to say I have good news, buuuut I don’t. Everything that was supposed to happen yesterday did not happen, and I am worse off than before. My hard drive is good to go but I now see that either my PC’s power supply or motherboard is dying. I will be taking home my voltmeter this weekend and testing the power supply. If everything is looking good I’ll know it is my motherboard. If it is the power supply I know it has a 10 year warranty, so it should just be a matter of contact with the vendor. If it happens to be the motherboard I will need the serial number and invoice, to give the MSI, the maker of the motherboard. I hope with each of those parts being less than two years old, that they will give me no trouble. That never seems to be the case, in my experience.

On the other, not great news, front my drivers side windshield wiper stopped working this morning. It can either be a striped nut or a wiring issue. the motor is fine and runs it just doesn’t move the blade. I’ll have to get at it tonight and get it fixed. The weather here isn’t great and I really could have used it this morning in the damn snow haha.

Since I was too involved in catching up with my paper scanning and temporary office setup, because of my broken computer, I never got to working on my tub or the tiles on the ceiling of the dining room. I have guests coming over tonight, but I hope to get some of this done tonight before they arrive. Depending on how long they stay, I will get more accomplished.

So my day again, unfortunately isn’t any better. I still stay positive but it gets harder every time something doesn’t go as it should. I am happy to have these first world problems. When I take the time to realize that I have it much better than most I can let some of the stress go. My problems are still problems to me but I know at the end of the day they are small things. let me see if I can find stats on some of this. Ah here we go!

From “approximately 34.3 of the worlds population have access to computers and internet. I am in that minority, and never think how good I have it.
Not sure how accurate this one is, but a Yahoo question of “What percentage of the worlds population own a car?” yielded this response: 4% own their car and 6% are still paying on theirs. Only 10% of the population own cars. Again making my windshield wiper issue super tiny.
Lastly,my tub/plumbing/basement issues are all related to plumbing in general. This figure from says that 60% of the worlds population don’t even have access to flushing toilets and water. So should I really let it ruin me, knowing that I have a leak?

Putting those again into perspective, sure they are still issues that I am personally dealing with. I definitely want and need them resolved. They are still a burden to me and my lifestyle, so yes they will still weigh on me. But in the grand scheme of things, if I ever get too stressed about them I can always step back and see how good I have it. I’m in a weird way lucky to have these issues in my life.

Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation? What are your thoughts? I would love to know how you handle issues with your first world items.

That is all for this week! I hope to report back Monday with some good news haha. Have a great weekend! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


Is your data safe?

Hey Everyone!

Last night we received another baby gift from my wife’s aunt. It is this little thing, of which I forgot the name of. It is really neat! It converts into a small table and the legs adjust to the height of the child. This first picture is for babies the bottom floating part can move up for a small baby. That same foot rest can also take the place of the seat and it quickly becomes a table.


Here is a top view of all the little fun toys on the top. It does require AAA batteries for the four button light up music thingy, but that’s no big deal. The toys all attach by being latched to the underside of the platform and then are suction cupped to the surface. I would have to say my favorite toy is that little tree trunk. If you push down on the little leaf it squeaks and an owl pops out. (It also drives my dog nuts haha)


On a completely different note my solid state hard drive in my PC crapped out. Not completely I think I found a way to use it. I’m really not sure what happened to it. I was using it last night and everything was fine. I took a break and ate dinner with my beautifully pregnant wife, and watched some Scrubs on Netflix. I went back to my PC only to find it rebooting over and over again. It finally stopped and told me that I needed to install a bootable device. Say what! I was just using it. I did a few things at home and decided to pull it out and bring it to work with me today. SSDs are tiny so it was able to fit in my pocket and avoid being rained on. Once I got it here I threw it into another PC as a secondary device and checked to see if I could get to my files, at least. I could and that was a huge sigh of relief. I ran a few scans and realized that the drive itself was fine, but some of the operating system files were corrupt for an unknown reason. Realizing this I knew I only had one real option. I had to format the drive and later I have to install a new operating system. I have a disk at home and will have to do it late tonight or tomorrow, because I have a Masonic meeting/initiation tonight. This brings me to my question for today! How, if at all, do you backup the data on your computer? Do you use software, cloud backups, external drives, or do you do anything?Β I thankfully have all of my important stuff on a separate drive and backed up to an external drive on my desk. With my SSD failing it really didn’t mess me up too much.

That’s all I have for you today, I hope you have enjoyed your stay! I’ll see you all again tomorrow. Happy Hump Day! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


Happy Friday Everyone!

I hope you all had a good week.

This post will be about one specific thing in GTA-V. My co-worker and I saw the other day that in the new ‘Splits’ stunt race that along with the other really crappy compact cars there was a very normal looking car in the race. We were dumbfounded and had to do some research. It is the ‘Bollokan Prairie’ based off of the Mitsubishi Eclipse. It is labeled as a compact car and you can race it against the other little smart cars and what not. Here is what it looks like:


That in no way resembles the other compact cars in the game. To be honest it isn’t fair and its much more competitive than those other cars. My co-worker bought the racing version of the ‘Grotti Brioso’ and it beat his top time by 15 full seconds. That’s nuts!

If you are curious and what to find it, it can be a bit tricky. I got mine instantly but finding one for my co-worker was hard. It was all in the same spot you just have to be there when it is spawned. Here is where you can find it.


In this block there is a car garage. It will always be spawned on the first floor when it is there. It will be a combination of the car you are driving and the time of day that you go to it. Like I said, mine was the first time I walked into the garage. It took us a few hours to get another one for my co-worker. I eventually got one for him and held it until he could come grab it. He was looking in other servers and we were teaming up to get one. TheyΒ  run like a dog but they are a ton better than the other cars it would be against. I hope you found this informational and interesting.

I you know of anything GTA-V related feel free to share with me in the comments. I am a level 84 currently and have played for over 200 hours. I know it isn’t a ton but it is still quite a bit for a game like this. I have also completed the single player mode three times. I am currently installing the game on my laptop for this weekend, just to see how it runs.

That’s all I have for you today it is a laid back day. WE are looking at a house after work, and have a busy weekend coming up. I’ll fill you in on Monday! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Presidential Debate & Minecraft

Hey Everyone!

Unless you live in a different country or live under a rock. We here in the United States had our first Presidential debate last night. It was attempted to be moderated by Lester Holt from NBC. He did a good job considering all things. As most of you know the republican candidate is Donald Trump, who has no political experience and the democratic candidate is Hillary Clinton, who has had plenty.


I’m not going to right about who is my favorite and push any view down your throats. I have a background in Sociology and like to take deeper looks in to the way the candidates behaved, spoke, reacted. Since I don’t need this to be the longest post in history I’ll just point out a few things I saw. I’m not sure how long slander and bad mouthing other candidates has been uses as a tactic, but I just find it tacky. Both have done it and it doesn’t make anything better in any way.

Hillary came off very poised last night. She was calm and collected. You could tell she has done her homework and you can tell his isn’t her first time in the political spotlight. She didn’t really attack Donald personally, except a bit for his non-released taxes, and new tax plan. She was using phrases such as “Trump loophole” and “Trumped-up.” There were times where you could see in her facial expressions and closed body language that she was shying away from a few questions and accusations. When she did speak it was in a confident fashion. She spoke more about helping the middle class directly and more about policy.

Donald started well, and held some sort of composure most of the debate. He strayed a few times and did his fair share of interrupting. People knew he would do this and so did Hillary. By letting him interrupt and holding her tongue while he spoke made her look like the more calm candidate. Donald knows what his plans are but just doesn’t have the experience in the political limelight. This creates a situation where he has trouble articulating what he is trying to get across. This doesn’t necessarily make either one of them a better choice. It just shows who is more versed in public speaking. He was confident in all of his words. He seemed a bit to defensive when he got pushed into a corner on some issues. He would just state that the accusations were “wrong.” He took a few shots on Hillary personally regarding her trade deals, and her deleted e-mails. Donald is a big fan of using his hands and arms to talk and that can be a good and a bad thing. Some times it helps prove your point and other times it can be very distracting. Donald spoke more about cutting taxes like Ronald Regan and helping the wealthy to create more jobs. He wants to run the company more like a business.

Overall, differences aside, at the end of the night they both agreed that if the other candidate won that they would support them. This is just a nice way to tie things up. You know damn well that they really don’t like each other, and won’t support each other in really anyway after the election.

Ok enough about that mess. I have been busy on my server. I have created a better place o keep my animals:


Here you can see my raised chicken coop and the other four stalls. Here is the under side of the raised coop:


The chickens sit on carpet. Under the carpet are hoppers and chests. This will collect all the feathers and eggs that drop from the chickens. This makes for easy collection. Here is another angle or it all :


This was pretty major in itself, but I also followed this video by MumboJumbo’s YouTube channel. . It is a great video on making an automatic tree farm. I made the whole thing and closed in the collection side with obsidian. Check it out:


The first picture is where all the wood stacks up and gets stored it moves over every time it hits the un-movable wall. The second shows where you plant the saplings and start the process. It detects when a tree grows and pushed it out and crushes the leaves in the process. There are hoppers under the machine that feed into the chests in the front. This will collect saplings for future use. It is a really neat machine, don’t for get to check it out.

Feel free to comment about the debate or Mincecraft down below guys, don’t be shy πŸ˜‰

That is all for today. I hope you all have a great Tuesday! I’ll see you all tomorrow. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Some Updating

Hey There!

Good news, I don’t think I am sick. My glands still seem swollen but I still feel fine. I went to the dentist yesterday and had a cavity filled. It was done perfectly well. Where I had an issues was that when I got home and was getting ready for my Masonic meeting the Novocain wore off, as it does. To my surprise the whole left side f my jaw hurt. I can only think that the Hygienist was putting some weight down on my jaw while she was using some of her tools of the trade. It Still hurts today over 24 hours later so I know its not from the simple cavity being filled. It made for a somewhat miserable night. It is still hard to open my mouth to eat.

The degree work that we did for my cousin’s 2nd degree in Free Masonry was fun though. I held a couple different positions throughout the night. I really enjoy the degree work, it is amazing how organized the whole thing is. The people doing more of the conferring of the degree have so many words memorized it blows my mind. We had a nice BLT dinner served to us beforehand and apple/pumpkin pie afterwards. My grandfather has been coming into town to see my cousins degree work. His last degree is unofficially going to be on a Saturday in October so we can have all of my family, who are Masons, be present. Our lodge will now have 6 of us!

The last thing I have to update you on is the Minecraft server. I have pretty much everything ready. I won’t be able to route the domain so I will have to just use a dynamic DNS address instead. I registered a host with No-IP and all that will be left to do is modify the client on the server when I get home. That will be priority #1. I hope tomorrow I can tell you all that it is up and running and give you the address. I hope to see a couple people join and say “What’s Up”. Again it is a survival server, but not on a hard level. If you have kids or teens that like to play and want a friendly server, they can join. It is very G rated. I’m pretty excited to let people know about it. I haven’t got anything huge planned but its just going to be nice to be able to give out the information. On a similar note, now I’m stuck with a domain and no use for it. Since it it Minecraft related I may try to make it some sort of landing page.

I will be having Mexican for dinner with my wife. We also haven’t found out what we are pre-approved for so that better hurry up, because I’m losing patience. I hope kyou have a great Thursday and I’ll see you all tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Weekend Trek & Minecraft

Good Monday Afternoon!

I have my Pandora station set to Linkin Park, and I’m ready to go.

Friday evening I played two games of softball for the co-ed end season tournament. Again as a fill in for my brothers team I don’t have to do much. They had me extra hit, since I know how to. I generally hit in the 4 hole or 5 hole depending on what team I’m on. This is a spot for power hitters, and I guess that is what I am. I use that DeMarini 30oz monster bat, and hit the sh*t out of the ball. I don’t really spend time on ball placement. I generally hit to the left side as I am right handed. My main goal is to first make contact, then hit it very hard. This works out most times. I have a pretty good swing and on top of that I do a quick hop step and put my body behind the swing. Anyway we won both games. It started to pour in between games though and the second game was a muddy mess. I let the guy in charge know that I wouldn’t be there the rest of the tournament. I had decided that since they were only going to EH me that my time would be better spent going back with my wife to her families place.

Saturday she had a photo shoot planned with a friend of hers from grad school. We wanted to go to Butter Milk falls in Erie, PA. The only thing was, none of us knew where it was. There isn’t a path or trail to it so we had to kind of wing it. We went to Asbury Woods and got on a trail that would get us close. We had to walk up the creek bed quite a ways to get to the falls. We had a drone two cameras and a client with us so that was interesting. She was a great sport and everything did go smoothly. I would have pictures but my wife hasn’t had a chance to edit them yet. If you do want to see some of her photography check it out here:Β . It took longer than she expected and were didn’t get to any other spots, but we had plenty of good pictures to use. When we got back we got some ice cream and headed back to my wife’s grandparents house.

We finished out the night watching some of the Olympic games. The next day we got up and headed to my brother in-laws baby gender reveal. They had it in a barn down the road. They had balloons in box and opened it to reveal that they are having a …………………….





Boy! haha

She was expecting a girl and was pleasantly surprised when she found out that it was a boy. Up until that point they both didn’t know the gender. It was revealed to her mother and then they set this all up.

As for the Minecraft update. I have been doing work! I expanded my horse stalls and doubled the size of my house. I made a tiered fireplace, made a village, and spruced up my garden:



That’s all for now!

I have a few PCs to set up, I’ll see you all tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Dinner, Parking, & Being Productive

Happy Hump Day!!

Last night we were invited to a casual pizza dinner at a good friends house. She is married with a baby. Her brother and his wife were also there, he is also a good friend of mine. They have twin 2 year old boys. I think of that whole family as my second family. I have known then since I was five years old. I was with them most days from 5 to 18 years old. We got there right about 6:30pm and got right to dinner. All three of the kids were running around and having a great time. There was plenty of things for them to play with. My wife and I hadn’t been in their house yet so this was the first time. We didn’t take any kind of tour, but we did see a good portion of the house just being there. It was nice and spacious. This dinner was a good way to break up the monotony of everyday life. We all get stuck in a rhythm and patterns, and rarely break out of them. It was nice to see them and their kids. We were able to catch up on life and enjoy ourselves. We plan on doing this more often since we had a great time.

This morning and I guess all week, we haven’t been able to park in our usual lot at work. They are in the process of repaving it. This generally isn’t a big deal. Yesterday I apparently parked in a ‘No Parking’ spot. Someone called me and let me know. I guess I was parked in a spot that can sometimes block big Mac trucks from pulling into our garage bays (whoops). Again it was no big deal but it was kind of funny. I got down there and moved my truck in a matter of minutes, but its funny that we lost so much parking yet no one is really affected by it.

Today has been a good day. Not only is it the middle of the week, but I have been productive all day. It is a great feeling. My co-worker isn’t here today, and that isn’t even why I’m busy. I have been setting up a couple of new PCs for a few guys in the shop, I was able to figure out why I couldn’t get AVG for business running on my PC, I started setting up a third PC for a girl who will be starting next week in our HR department, and have been running around all day putting out minor ‘fires’ for people. In the mean time while cleaning all the technology out of a retired mans office I found his speakers. So instead of looking goofy with a make shift, one ear, headset I have speakers for the first time in my office. I also have a big fraternity paddle leaning on my wall that has gotten a ton of attention. It is the only decoration in my entire office. I would like to have a plant of two but I don’t have any windows to the outdoors. I might need a cactus or even one of those desk ecosystems. Anyway I’ll talk to you more tomorrow.

Have a great rest of the day! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


New Phone & Minecraft Server

Happy Friday Readers!!

I had a pretty exciting night last night. I got permission from my boss to take home the server we had been tinkering with. So that came home with me. Right after work I made the executive decision to go to my local AT&T store. I have been wanting to get my own plan for a while now and just hadn’t taken the plunge until yesterday. I was able to leave my family’s plan since it was out of contract. This resulted in no penalties to my parents (which is great). It was pretty packed in there, like I thought it would be for 5pm on a Thursday. The sales reps and manager worked as quickly as they could and they got to me about 20 minutes later. I told the sales rep that I wanted to branch out and start doing my own thing and later have my wife join my account. We talked logistics for a little bit and settled on a 5GB data plan with just the one line for now. I went ahead and bought the Galaxy S7 Active. It is brand spankin’ new. I kept my composure on the outside, but inside I was as giddy as a little school girl. Not only was this a first for me, being on my own plan and in charge, but it is a crazy good phone. I will have a pretty hefty bill for a while though to pay it off since at retail its over $750. I was the most excited to have a working camera again, my old one was smashed on some concrete when I was running cables through a drop ceiling over two years ago. I didn’t get to set it up right away and I didn’t want to. I waited until later that night to sit and compare phones and make them as similar as possible. I took my time and made sure I did it all right.

After I left the AT&T store I went home and had to try setting the Minecraft server up. The hardest part was finding an old VGA cable for the initial set up. I dug around my attic for a while and partially died of heat exhaustion (joke, but it was f-ing hot). I only needed it long enough to set the static IP and make sure that remote desktop would work. Once that was set up the rest went surprisingly smooth. I unplugged all the peripherals and worked remotely the rest of the time. I set up the ddns client on my server and forwarded teh default port for Minecraft on my home router. I text my co-worker, whose daughter wanted a server, and had him let his daughter try connecting to it. She was able to get right in and other than her Wi-fi dropping once it was working flawlessly. So that being said I have a working Minecraft server in my computer room. Woo! I hopped on when she got on and teleported her to my location. She is only 9 years old so I was going to help her get started. I showed her around my compound and gave her all sorts of gear. I gave her enough wood to build a small house, a bed, a furnace, gold, tools, glass, a door, fence, gates, ect. You get the idea. I hooked her up. She started building a small place right next to mine and then I heard today she had to go to bed so I’m sure there will be more later haha.

Later today I am going with my brother to sell a softball bat and then we have a game at 9pm tonight for a co-ed league.

I’ll see you all again Monday!!

Some Ingress, My Birthday, Stuff

Happy Tuesday!

I just remembered that I get paid at midnight! Woo! Anyway, Last night was another great evening as far as weather is concerned. So after I got home and did my husbandly duties I made sure I went outside. I waited for my wife to get home from work, and then I bribed her with a milk shake from DQ to install and play Ingress. I want to be able to go out with her and walk around our town and play the game the right way. I will still ‘Car-gress’ but when I have the chance and a nice evening I will try to go out and walk around. Not only will it help my progress and possibly catch her interest, but it will be a healthy alternative to sitting inside playing PC games. Not that I’m look to lose weight but that can only help all around. On an Ingress side note, I posted my design for recruitment cards to the Ingress Facebook group, and to my surprise it had an overwhelmingly great response from all but one annoying nit picker. Here is the link if you want to check out the group:



Like dang! 30 shares, 180 likes and reactions, that is crazy! Hey, I’ll take it. I like that people want to use it and I hope that they do.

Later this week is my 28th birthday! It kind of snuck up on me since I have been so busy. I will be a stand in on my brother’s co-ed softball team the night before and then busy all day on my birthday. But not to worry, we will all be going out for a family dinner later in the evening. It is a tradition that my family does on the day of one of our birthdays. It is nice to see everyone together even if it is only for an hour or so.

I have a Theta Chi ‘Summer Party’ meeting to attend to on Saturday. I am the secretary of our alumni chapter. We meet once a year and discuss events and things that we can do in the coming year. Unfortunately, we have very heavy things to discuss since our active chapter was kicked off campus for being morons. Most of the time will be talking about ways to get back on the universities good graces. :/ Oh well, every chapter would have gotten kicked off if they got caught doing half the stuff they got away with. It was stupid what they did and they know it. We only need to look forward from there.

The Minecraft server is still baffling us today. We are not sure why it cannot be access from outside our network. Everything looks good on our end but I guess it is not.

Also talking about nerd things, I am very excited for season 2 of Mr. Robot on USA Network. It officially comes out this Wednesday night! If you haven’t seen it….see it. It is about a hacker and how he wants to better the world. it is much deeper and screwier than that though.

That will be about all for today, I’ll talk to you all tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€