Who Are Your Favorite YouTube Creators?

Hey Everyone!

As nothing exciting went on last night I thought it would be neat to see what creators, if any, you watch on YouTube. With the way of the internet being a daily mainstream medium for people to receive everything from news/entertainment to shopping and social media, I wonder who your go to creators are.

If you get your news or entertainment else where let me know that too! I get most of my news and entertainment from YouTube, as it is a huge platform. I will have links to every channel that I mention if you would like to check them out! 😀 😀


By far my favorite YouTuber is Philip DeFranco. I have followed him for about 10 years now, and he has continued to grow in his field as I have grown into adulthood. He puts out a daily news segment, a weekly round up on Fridays, and has a whole separate channel for his staff. That second channel is under PhillyD, his staff is amazing and that channel is all for good times and laughs.


I also love watching people who modify cars. There is a channel called Mighty Car Mods, and they are a duo from Australia. Marty and Moog buy old beaters and modify them for track use and all sorts of nonsense. Plus they sound cool haha.


Since I play Rocket League all the time, I like to find a creator that puts out fun content of game play as well as game news and update stats. I have hit the jack pot with this and watch Jon Sandman. He is friends with pro players, plays modded maps, keeps up to date with news, does crate battles, trade up videos, and has a great personality. He also just became a dad and bought a house!

I watch Joe Robinet, and Mike from MCQ Bushcraft for all of my camping/bushcrafting information. They both teach classes as well as do over night camps, build shelters, and do other, longer camp videos like week long canoe trips.


For cooking related I watch the one and only Binging with Babish. He recreates meals shown in TV shows and movies, as well as a series on basic cooking techniques. He does it all from his little apartment in the big city and he has a voice that keeps you coming back for more.

To round it out and keep my post short-ish, for tech news and what not I watch Linus Tech Tips, Tech Quickie, Carl Oliver, and Eli The Computer Guy.

I hope you take the time to visit these channels if any of them interest you. Please comment below telling me who you like and watch daily. Maybe we can exchange our favorites and get each other hooked! 😀 Have a good day! 😀 😀



What A Fun Weekend!

Hey Everyone!

This weekend was a blast. I mean nothing crazy happened, but it was an all around good time. It really started on Saturday. My wife left in the morning to get her hair done for the first time since having the baby. It was something she really wanted to get done, so I’m glad I was able to watch Everett while she did that.

Once she got home, I packed my stuff and headed to camp. Before I left I stopped at a place that over looks most of my whole city. I had a nice panorama, but it looked weird when I threw it on here.


Once I got to camp I helped my brother and dad, who got there before me. We brought wood and supplies to the site. Here are the 4″ pieces that we used to cover the cracks of the other boards.


When we were on the last board, we had to notch it. This was to ensure that it would fit around a stud. I was notching it out with a hand saw when it jumped up off the board and sliced my thumb. It was pretty bad but I got it wrapped up quickly.


It is a bit hard to do most things with your thumb covered like this haha. I had a glove over it so I would not get dirt and stuff in it. Plus, I was staying the night so I was going to be there a long time.

Anyway, with that set back out of the way we were able to get the pieces up!


Since we had more boards from the last time, we started work on one of the ends. It gets the most weather so we wanted to cover it up a bit. We are going to, possibly slat shingle the peaks, and cover the cracks with more 4′” boards like the front.


A couple of my brother’s friends showed up as well as my older brother. They hung around most of the day. But after a while I was getting hungry for that juicy steak I told you all I would get. I threw it down on our grill over some hot coals and let it ride.


While that was cooking up nicely, my brother’s friend Ben made me a drink. Stick with me as I explain what’s in it. He mixed bourbon and blueberry preserves in an empty water bottle. Once it was shaken together he poured it through a strainer and into my cup. Similarly, he mixed lemonade and club soda and poured that in too. To finish it off he squeezed a lemon in there and here is what we have!


It was really dang good. I had a couple of those and enjoyed my steak.


Once everyone left I hung out by the fire until it got dark. I threw a few more logs on because I wanted coals for breakfast.I decided to just roll my sleeping bag out in the cabin and stay there for the night. It looked creepy but it was better than a tent!


With my head lamp on I started into my new book! I only got a few chapters in before I turned in for the night.


I’m pretty glad I slept in the cabin because it rained pretty hard that night. Which did ruin my breakfast plans. I had no coals and with the clouds over head it stayed dark longer than I had hoped. When I woke up I packed my things and just headed home. You can see below what it was like on my way out.


I stopped off to get pop tarts for breakfast and brought them home for my wife. It is a craving she has somewhat often so I figured it was a good choice. We ran around Sunday and got groceries, as well as cleaned up around the house. My mother in-law came down and wanted to spend some time with Everett. That gave me some time to play a few video games. I checked the mail later and was pleased to find two pieces of mail from real people haha. First a card from my great aunt Arlene. It was a “First Halloween” card fro our son.


The second was a nice thank you from my brother and his wife.


We closed out the weekend with some Netflix and ice cream. Sounds good huh?

That is all for me. It was a fun weekend and I’m glad I got some time in the woods! I’ll be back tomorrow, see you then! 😀 😀

What A Way To End The Week!

Hey Everyone!

So you already know how busy we were this week, well it got worse. Yesterday, as I got into work super early I was greeted with an email from the water company. It was to inform us that they had lost power and that the water wasn’t safe for the next few days! At first you may think that isn’t terrible, until you realize how much we depend on clean water.

The follow up email was telling us that we were to boil all water before using it to eat, clean, brush our teeth , and drink. To make it worse we have a baby, whose bottles need cleaned and sanitized, frequently! We have to do this crap through Saturday. To be safe we haven’t been washing clothes either.

I mean to be honest and real here, how in the hell doesn’t the water company have a backup system? They are in charge of thousands of human and non human consumers, and they don’t have a way to ensure that their power doesn’t go out? I mean, I understand it would be costly, for a system to be used in limited capacity, but wouldn’t they think the lives of their customers are worth that? Instead they just had it happen and sent a lousy email saying “Don’t use until further notice.” That all seems pretty unprofessional. Of course they are will still bill us for the use of contaminated water so that’s cool too lol.

I guess that is enough ranting. Tonight I will be watching Everett, while my wife goes to dinner with a few girls she is friends with here. They are all leaving their kids with the dads and heading out!It’ll be a quiet night in for me.

Tomorrow afternoon, at least my brother and I are going to camp. We are going to work on the cabin if we can and clean up the site. The plan was to have a few of his friends out to stay the night. He has backed out, even though it was his thought in the first place. I am not sure if anyone is going to come or stay. I was thinking about staying myself and having a relaxing night in the woods, since that was my plan in the first place. I might grab my tent and pack and enjoy the night.  I’ll be sure to let you know and take some pictures.

I’ll be back Monday with an update. I’ll see you then! 😀 😀

College Ball, Pig Roast, & Camping!

Hey Everyone!

I’m back after a nice long weekend. It was a bit cold the first two days but we made the best of it!

Saturday we met up at my dad’s house, like we planned. People started to arrive around noon, for some good food and college football. It was the coldest day this weekend, which made watching the games outside a bit more difficult, but we managed.


My dad’s old referee buddies came and we had ribs and homemade BBQ sauce, it was all delicious. We watched Penn State blow out Akron and Texas get beat out by Maryland. They stayed to watch the Michigan game but I was too cold and went back home.

Sunday was another big day. We got up and got ready to head to my wife’s dad’s house. He was having a big pig roast! We got there around noon-ish, and there were already a bunch of people there.

Here is a shot of our baby boy being held by his soon to be “grandmother.”


Here he is with his great grandfather. Our boy’s middle name is his middle name. He is a great man with a better head on his shoulders.


Here is what we were there for!


Above is a 120lb pig, chickens, and baked potatoes. On the side they boiled five dozen ears of corn from my grandfather in-law’s fields. We stopped off at the grandparents house after the pig roast and grabbed some more vegetables, and what not. It was a late night and we got home just in time for bed.

Monday we had a campfire cookout at our camp. We also got the peaks covered and brought out the door and frame we are going to use.


We had a little guest in the cabin when we first got there! He ran off fairly fast.


Like you saw we had camp food, and relaxed around a nice fire to keep the bugs away. We all can’t wait to finish that cabin up a bit more to move stuff inside. It was a busy weekend that was full of family, great food and good football! Can’t beat that.

Coming up this week, we come off of our Masonic ‘summer break’ and have a meeting and initiation tomorrow. I also have to come in early and cover for my co-worker on Thursday.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend, as we did. I’ll be back again tomorrow, I hope to see you then! 😀 😀


I’m Back! (Reunion Update)

Hey Everyone!

Let me start by saying that this could easily fill a whole weeks worth of posts. It won’t because then I would have to spend waaaayyyy too much of my time splitting it all up haha.

So, I’m back from my week long family reunion, and boy did I have a great time! I think I overheard that the total number of people in attendance this year was around 90-95. That makes for a ton of good conversation, and a busy week. I got there one night before it started and helped with some last minute prepping. There were only a handful of us there then. One of the last things we needed to do was shop for the first two days worth of food. To make it harder we had to make sure that all foo and gluten allergies were taken into account. Here is the food receipt for the first two days lol.

round one of reunion food ~ whoa!!.jpeg

You really don’t want to know how much that came to haha.

To get a decent lay of the land here are a couple pictures showing where most people were staying:


It is just a huge yard that we turned into a motel.

As people would arrive they could take the golf cart and trailer to unload their stuff for the week.

peace dude.jpeg

I had mentioned before that we had a few (understatement) kids coming. I can now tell you that off the top of my head there were more than 15 kids under the age of 10!


Sometimes you party too hard haha!

mini donuts for silassilas having fun in sand & water table

Now if these pictures haven;t got you asking what are they doing in some of these I don’t know what will! Throughout the week there were games everyday. Some of the games were for kids only ( I played), some were for adults, most were for both. Our daily guideline board looked like this each day:


Each day as split up and this was posted where we ate, in and off of the garage. With that many people we had birthdays each day!

Some of the activities were physical, others mental, and most of all very fun!

As you saw the kids played twister, well so did we!


I’m there in the camo hat with the black shirt. I didn’t last very long haha. They guy in the green hat filming is my cousin who lives in Santa Barbara California. He is a film maker. He is putting together a short film about being here during the reunion, so he was everywhere as well.

Sometime during the week we also played a yard sized game of Memory, and had some scavenger hunts.


That is me out there pointing. I was having a few of the kids help me with my guesses.


When that was all said and done my team won by one pair! Go Pink Team!

The first ‘hunt’ was to match items in nature to the color swatches, it was a lot harder than we all thought. Here is what we gathered.


Not bad! 😀 😀

The next one involved finding clues to a puzzle leading you to other clues. It was as tough as it sounds as well.


The finished image relates to the layout of where we were.

We had a relay race at some point and then played my favorite game of the week, Human Foosball!


There was some ‘Skip-It’ action, Hula Hoops, and jump roping!


The Foosball games were intense and fun. You had to hold on to the piece of PVC pipe and not let go. It was on rope just like the little guys in a Foosball table. First one to five wins!


My team won and then I helped the little kids play after. Those pictures are up with the kids. When you could find a bit of down time people played cards.


A little backstory is needed for this next activity. Months before the reunion we were asked to fill out a questionnaire. It was filled with questions like, what is you best advice, name a fact about yourself, etc… Well they turned it into a matching game. We all huddled up and tried to match the person to the answer! A lot of work went into that and it was fun to play. My best advice was to “Smell your milk” lol. Boy I’m special.


I’m sure you have all seen things in the news about people painting rocks and hiding them in parks for people to find. Some are inspirational others are just spreading happiness. Well during the whole week we had a station dedicated to painting rocks, with a hashtag on the back for the reunion. We had everyone take theirs home with them and spread them around. We hope that we see the rocks again when people find them, by following the hashtag.


The kids dyed some shirts:


A handful of the girls found a spot in the woods and made “‘Bear Camp’. We then made a thing out of it and showed everyone!


Since this whole event is because of my great grandparents, we are fairly big into genealogy. My one cousin created a nice slideshow presentation covering some of that early history. he was able to present it four different times to different crowds throughout the week.


Above is my little Everett, who is named after the guy below. His great great grandfather!


It is really interesting to still have people alive at this reunion that can fill in some minor details that you would otherwise never get. Four of the remaining six children are still with us today. That being said there are some that couldn’t be with us and those of us who like that sort of thing, go to the cemeteries around to look for old relatives.


This last picture is of my great grandfather’s, grandfather! This was the headstone that we were looking to find! Mission accomplished haha.

Nearing the end of this post I swear!

What family reunion would be complete without food and fires!?! We had great homemade food all week and treats from the Amish. We were also surprised to have a mini doughnut truck there one day!


This was the first and most healthy breakfast I had. It was all downhill from there lol.


Here we have the popcorn and cotton candy machine!


These were pastries made by an Amish woman my great aunt Jackie knows. They were better than this picture could ever capture!


We had a make your own pizza bar!

Then on to the doughnuts:


We could choose from powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar, or chocolate! Again, absolutely delicious. Straight out of the fryer and into your mouth!

And the fires!


At the end of the week my dad was awarded with the MVP trophy and instantly awarded it back to my cousin who helped organized this whole reunion!


And the remainder of the pictures fit in no category, so I’ll just post them here. Great family fun, and love everywhere you turned!


Look close and see a Hummingbird Moth! 😀

20170814_13424620170814_202044andrew, emily and adopted webb the kittenIMG_1685IMG_1701IMG_1780IMG_1839IMG_1960IMG_2042IMG_2207IMG_2222IMG_2240IMG_2262IMG_2265IMG_2288IMG_2301IMG_2318IMG_2328IMG_2453IMG_3299IMG_3373IMG_3384keri ann and adelaide 11months

I know this post was the biggest thing you have ever seen on this site! If you are still with me here thank you for looking! You deserved more cookies than I ate this past week haha. I am back and hope to see you all again tomorrow! 😀 😀 😀 😀


Saturday Work Bee

Back Again!

After we left the Potter Fest we headed to the work bee!

My work for the after noon was to refinish these three chairs. I gave them a fresh coat of blue!


Here we have our solar lights getting a good charge, and the tent up for dining. We serve the food out of the garage all week.


Here is a sneak peak of everything in that big back yard!


We have my cousin repainting some chairs for the 11 children under 6 years old, coming this year!


My dad was tasked with pressure wash all the old tables and chairs.


My mother was cleaning some of the many toys and play things. 😀 😀


Here is a shot of just how big the yard is. We will all camp out around the perimeter.


Sunday we stayed home all day and hung out with our baby. My wife had to go back to work today so she wanted to just stay home and snuggle him, and that’s what she did! I woke up and eventually made a good hearty breakfast! I made us some scrambled eggs with pepper and onion, as well as bacon, bagels and homemade hash browns.


Lastly here is my boy on his first day going to his daycare! It has been a big day full of emotion.I dropped him off this morning and will see how it all went after work! 😀


Thanks for sticking around! I’ll be back tomorrow! 😀 😀

We Made It to Friday!

Hey Everyone!

Back again with another daily life post. Here comes the weekend yet again. Lets see, what do I have planned? Well, today my wife’s Dad, an his girlfriend are coming down to see our baby. I’m not sure if they are bringing their baby or not. I’m not sure how long they will stay. I doubt I’ll even see them before I get home from work.

Oh backtrack to last night. I met my co-worker after work and swapped out the tires on his old truck to mine. They are a bit bigger and makes the little Chevy S-10 feel a bit more like a truck. On the down side as we were swapping them out, my dad text me asking if we could swap vehicles haha. I never got to enjoy the bigger tires fully before trading vehicles for good. 😦 It was a bit of a sad moment. We swapped so I could have back seats for the baby, and he needed something to pull a small trailer and a 4-wheeler, so it made sense. Don’t get me wrong I also love having a car. It is a 2010 Ford Fusion. It is a big change from what I am used to but It is great. I feel confident that we can take family trips with it and have more room than if we had taken my wife’s compact SUV.

On to the weekend!I think we are getting back into the swing of things with the cabin build Saturday. We took some time off due to weather, my brother’s wedding, and us having a kid. But it is now time to get cracking on it again. As we progress I’ll be sure to take more pictures. It will be super awesome to finally get it done and camp out in it. We have wanted a place ever since my parents sold our old camp. To know we built this cabin with out own hands is an unreal experience. Lets just hope it doesn’t fall down for the same reasons haha. If it comes out looking remotely close to how we thought it would that counts as a win in my book.

Some time this weekend I should have an estimate on custom bookcases for my attic. I found a guy who would do it for me, and hes really good. His work looks amazing, and I think his price point won’t be able to be beat. Once that room starts coming along I’ll share more about that as well.

Sunday we will have a couple softballs games, I’m hoping in the morning. The forecast is calling for good weather, so I hope to have my wife and baby boy come down together. The fields are located on the sides of an old air port landing strip. This means that it is a giant parking lot. If he gets fussy or she gets antsy they can go for a walk. I hope my brother’s wife and baby will be there too. I’m not sure who we play this week or what type of games we will be in for but we will do our best and that’s enough for me.

The baby is sleeping a lot during the day and staying up a bit more than we would like at night. We are working on getting a routine put in place to get him to sleep better during the night. If you have any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated. 😀 Hes not very fussy normally, but he has his moments, who doesn’t. Everything else with him is going well and we can’t be more pleased. Next weekend we will try going to my work’s company picnic. It will be the first real test of travel and public places. Fingers crossed.

I hope you all have a great weekend, and I’ll do the same. I’ll see you all again Monday, well unless I decided to go to my mom’s cousins funeral that day. Then see ya Tuesday! 😀 😀

Bachelor Party Weekend! (BABY UPDATE SOON)

Hey Everyone!

I know what must be on all of your minds. Did they have their baby? Where have all of my favorite posts gone? haha To quickly answer your questions, YES! We have had the baby. With so much going on I will save that post for when I come back to work. I should be back to work Tuesday the 30th. If I’m feeling frisky I may post about it the day before I go back. That way I’ll have the time to properly introduce my little healthy boy! 😀 😀 😀

By the way I felt the need to run the weekend update by you guys so I’m sitting here in a cot, in the hospital, beside my wife haha. Here I’ll prove it!


This is far different from my usual set up. No desk, no PC, no chair haha. It was a long night but very worth it!

Anyway on the weekend. Friday I didn’t post because I left work half a day to get some things done before the baby came. I needed to pick up a few things. I ran to Wal-Mart and got everything I needed to change the oil in my truck (since I hadn’t done it all winter oops) It took a little bit to get set up, because it was the first time that I have ever done it at the new house. Yay for firsts! 😀  After that I cleared out my garage and got rid of all the junk that was left in it. In the process of dumping it all at my dad’s I grabbed our grill, and the air conditioner. Once I got home again, I installed the grill outside for my wife, and put the AC unit in the window. We got the laundry done and the house clean. That was the end of our busy Friday.

Saturday was my brother’s bachelor party. I got to the restaurant early and played some ukulele in the truck before they arrived.


While I was still waiting I got a shot of how full my truck was and the outside of the place we ate.


The food was great and the owner knows my dad. They used to work together so we chatted with him for a little bit before we left to hit the links! We are terrible at golf and nothing was to be expected haha. We lost more balls than we wanted but found more than we lost so that makes it all good. 😀

As you can see we are a rag tag bunch of guys haha. We did what we could. My brother beat us all which is fair, since it was his day.

After gold we ate at a local spot and headed to camp. We set up tents and got rocks from the creek for the fire ring. We played some corn hole and reminisced about past memories. It was a great night.

I was able to do something that I have been waiting for for a very long time. I was able to share a drink with my brother for the first time ever. He stopped drinking all together when I started for the first time haha. This was the first time we were able to share a drink together and it was a good feeling. I even have proof that he did haha.


Sunday we made it to softball surprisingly. We had our first round of double headers. I was able to get a few pictures of my niece playing and hanging with her daddy.

We didn’t do so hot during the games. We dropped them both which is always a bit disappointing. It wasn’t any one players fault just an off day.

Now you are mostly back up to speed. I’ll leave you with a little bit of a cliff hanger for when I come back. My wife woke me up at about 3am Monday morning, and told me we needed to go to the hospital….

Thank you for reading, I have missed catching up with you all. I’ll be back soon with a proper introduction to my healthy son! See ya then! 😀 😀

Bachelor Party Weekend!

Hey Everyone!

We are on the tail end of the week now, thankfully haha. My wife and I are just in the waiting stages, for our baby to be born. We are just keeping things calm around the house since it could happen anytime now.

This weekend I am throwing my brother his bachelor party. It will be fairly calm too. He doesn’t drink or anything so it won’t be too rowdy. Our plan is to grab lunch with about seven of us. We are going to a newer spot in town. They serve moonshine and bar food. It is pretty dang good! After that we are going to carpool to a golf course and play at least nine holes. That should be a riot since none of us golf. Most of my brother’s friends don’t have a sports oriented, coordinated bone in their bodies. It will just be nice to have something different to do all day. The rest of the night we are going to go out to our dad’s land and camp. I probably won’t stay the night, because my wife doesn’t want to be home alone. But we will cook dinner over the fire, and hike around. We may end up getting some poker in too. It’ll be a great time all around.

The very next weekend will be his wedding, and again we will be expecting a baby anytime. Hopefully the cards land in favor of us being able to do it all haha. It is a crap shoot for sure. I have about half of my speech written, but I have to step away from it often. I hate having to write something like that, and I don’t like public speaking. Oh well, I’m going to do it so I should just get over it haha. Easier said than done I suppose. We will see how it goes.

Everything is coming so fast. I knew this month was going to be hectic. Ooo I also remembered to get a haircut scheduled. That may not sound like a great accomplishment, but for me it is. I have a hard time justifying spending money on getting my hair cut. Especially when I don’t have any money. I have been better about it lately though. I am going to get one tonight after work from the same girl that cut it the last two times. With any luck she will stick around and be my permanent go to girl for cuts. I should be looking good for the wedding, with my new haircut and resized tux get up! 😀

That is a quick little update on my life. I’ll be sure to bring you pictures of everything going on so you can see what I see. 😀

That’s all from me today. I’m not sure if I’ll get a news post in today or not. I have been pretty buy at work. I’ll see you all again tomorrow. 😀 😀

P.S. If I fall off the face of the Earth anytime, assume I had a baby haha.

So We’re Building a Cabin

Hey Everyone!

We have had quite a bit of random weather this month. This week is no different. It has been snowing for a full two days, but the weekend is forecast to be 50+ and sunny. With that being the case my brother and I are going to start work on a cabin at our dad’s land. We have posts, but I’m not sure if we are using them or if we are going to put it on skids. I guess ultimately it is up to my dad, because it will possibly effect his property tax. My brother and I are thinking that we will do a 24’x24′ cabin with at least 8′ walls. We will just used 2x4s and frame everything. The floor will be some sort of higher end OSB, and the walls will be insulated. The exterior walls will be covered with OSB, and covered again with rough cut wood from the Amish. For the interior walls we would like to use a mix of leftover lumber from various other projects, some painted, chipped, dark, and light. If we don’t have enough we will just board it up another way. I would like the roof to be vaulted, they may thing differently, but either way it will be covered with metal roofing. We have an old wood stove that we can bring up and pipe out, so that will be nice. We are situating it just off the creek and would like to have a porch facing it. My brother would like it to be done by the middle of May so that we can use it for his bachelor party, but I’m not sure I see that happening. The only reason I say that is because sometimes my family drags their feet on things, other times they cut corners they shouldn’t. It will take multiple trips to camp and the hardware store. We would only really be able to work on it on nice days and on the weekends, which really limits us to about 15 weekends. Again, if they are snowy. Either way when it it done, if we get it done correctly, we should have a place to call our own up there. We can camp there, and stay for hunting, so we don’t have to wake up super early and drive out.

While I’m out there I would like to cut some more wood for my bushcraft shelter and maybe work on the walls of that as well. I would like to take a truck load of wood back to my house and split it for firewood, next year. I really would like an axe of my own but I don’t have one 😦 I know if I I find a decent head that I can have a handle made and the head hung by a friend of my cousins. Looks like I’ll be hitting up some flea markets and garage sales later!

Today at work we had a lunch for a retired employee. This is customarily what they do. The retired person gets a gift up to a certain dollar amount and a luncheon. It is a nice way to honor them and the years of hard work they gave to the company. It is just one of many perks of working here.

I hope you are having a great Thursday, and I hope you have a better Friday! I hope to see you all back tomorrow! Feel free to like, comment, and share my blog posts, if you feel so inclined. 😀 😀