Birthday, Cabin, & Dam!

Hey Everyone!

We had a very busy weekend. It all kicked off Saturday morning. My wife got up and got ready to go visit with her dad and get her hair done. Everett and I were flying solo most of the day.Β  Once the both of us got ready we headed out my niece Rory’s second birthday party! It was pink and Minnie Mouse themed in many ways.


She got a nice 6V four wheeler that Everett and the others were all curious about.


Being a bit shy, like he is, he stayed away from most of the other kids. I think a lot of it has to do with the small age difference. It won’t matter in a year but right now they are talking and running around better than him still. He did get some one on one time with that four wheeler though haha.


I plopped him down on it twice and pushed the button to make it go for him, while we drove it around in the grass. He seemed to like riding it. Later we headed over to the nearby play ground for some more fun. Here is Everett, who climbed up the stairs on his own, and his cousin Rory.


Then my brother Nathan followed Everett through the tube haha. Everett wasn’t sure what to think about that.


This was his way of telling me that he wanted to go down the slide.


We hit that slide about 20 times. Then just another shot of him climbing those stairs again.


My grandparents came down too. They were at our other cousins second birthday party just before and made it down to Rory’s. Everett was trying to put his great grandpa’s cane in his cup holder haha.


Here is my grandma holding my other niece Bridget who is just over two months old, and my dad and brother holding Everett.


Rory and Everett were on a path right to each other in this picture.Rory tried to kinda hug/kiss him in passing haha.


Then just real quick another picture of my baby niece! πŸ˜€


Everett and I finished out the night doing some laundry then hanging out at my parents place so they could see him some more.

Sunday we had quite a bit going on. I headed out to camp only for a couple hours, since what my dad decided to do with the ceilings looks terrible. We made progress never the less. My brother’s friend Dave came to help out as well.


We added 24 more cross supports to attempt a flat ceiling. This is where we all got mad. My dad decided that we wont’ put the boards flush and that they will just overlap and be rounded. Which is very ugly and we all hate it but he doesn’t seem to care. :/


Here you cal see that they are just putting them up and leaving the extra. Why? Again, no one knows. Its ugly.




Later I met with my wife while my mom watched Everett at home, for some pictures. She want to start advertising ‘Adventure Themed’ engagement and wedding pictures. She got a sister of a friend of hers to come down after their wedding to get these taken. I take some behind the scene shots for her to have as well.





The last spot in that tour was at a boat launch where we put them in a row boat and I took the drone up and took some shots from above that I don’t have back yet. We mad it home, had some dinner, and got ready for bed.

I told you we were busy haha. I hope you had a great weekend, I know we did. I’ll be back again tomorrow, hope to see you then! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


Monday Photo Dump!

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to the start of the week! We did quite a bit this weekend. Friday we went to Pizza Hut with my parents for dinner and Everett was being a normal goofball.


Saturday morning we headed back to the cabin. We are hoping to have the beds in before the start of the hunting season. We added stairs to the front and added boards to the ceiling. Some of the wall pieces are missing, because they are all pieces we have to cut to a custom size.


This area will be the bed room, with bunks on the right and left.


This next one is looking from the kitchen area to the bedroom. We have that half wall up to divide the room.


While I was at camp my wife’s two friends came into town. One of them has a little three month old. We got ready and went to the county fair for a few hours.



Next is a must have golf cart. Just sayin. πŸ˜€


Towards the end we lowered Everett’s stroller and he passed right out!


Sunday we went out to visit my wife’s dad. He has been in a nursing home for a little bit now. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s a while ago and can no longer live on his own. It is pretty sad because he isn’t very old. He remembers us and Everett and loves holding him.


We were able to meet with his wife and their kid Remi and take him to the courtyard. The kids ran around like crazy.


The lady in the wheelchair is Lois. She has sort of been watching over my wife’s dad while people aren’t around. She came out with us and loved seeing the boys.


Everett and Uncle Remi are playing here with some cars on the little bench.


Later to round out the day and make the most out of it we met with her grandparents and brother’s family for lunch. It was at a very nice golf course in the area. They have great food and service.


If you have your volume on you can hear Everett slurp up his noodles haha. if you look close you can even see his top teeth! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Once we got home, we got in our comfy clothes and watched some New Girl. Everett has been looking though his legs so my wife was doing it too and he was laughing hysterically.


That was our weekend! We did a lot and it was, like always, worth it. I hope you had a great weekend too! I’ll see you all again tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Everything But The Kitchen Sink!

Hey Everyone!

It is Wednesday and for me that means payday! It sounds great until you know that I don’t have any money haha. I hope someday I won’t have to live pay check to pay check. I got my direct deposit, only to come into work and pay off my bills and have enough money for gas in the car that isn’t even mine. RIP. The only good things I can say are that I am saving for retirement and my sons college, so that is a plus.

Speaking of money being gone before you even have it, I have a plumber coming tomorrow sometime after work. I’m sure that they will run their own snake and prove for themselves that my pipe is busted. That will come with a fun bill, followed by a bigger more fun quote to fix it lol. If it is anything like the other quote it will be a couple thousand dollars, for them to jack hammer my foundation and replace the broken piece, then filling it all back in. They should, like the last plumber, also repair the dry wall they have to tear out.

Friday starts the last month of 2017, and that evening I am going out to camp. the next day I will be getting up early and heading further into the woods, to hunt. We have 4-5 spots set up on my dads land that are prime for hunting, which is good because we have three people usually hunting. I will start low on the hill at my deer stand. Depending on the weather I may go higher on the hill. It is looking like it may be cooler, but still won’t be any snow. That makes it tough to see the contrast of a deer and hard to follow it if you have to. that being said the goal is to take a good shot and not have to chase it down. My dad went out yesterday and didn’t see anything, so I hope there are still some in the area when I get there. I have to find something to sleep on in the cabin because it isn’t finished. I’ll have to find a couple cushions or a small futon mattress or something to drag in there with me.

The other day I finished the third season of Zoo on Netflix, only to be disappointed that it was a cliffhanger leading into the fourth, which isn’t out yet. grrr. I hate that, I mean I understand why it happens but I really thought they were gearing up to end it and then it just drug on and on, then stopped. RIP again. I tried watching the first episode of Godless last night and it was so boring I fell asleep on my couch watching it. I may give it another try when I’m not also fairly tired from the night prior haha.

My co-worker is off today so I am the only one here with any real networking experience, you would think I’d be busy, but I am not. Half of my company takes this and next week off to go hunt, that should give you an idea about where I live haha. Most highschools in the area give the first day of hunting off, because it is pointless to try that day because no one shows up. Anyway if no one is here no one can have a problem with their computer!

In other news my wife is looking for a work from home position. We would like to get away from spending $500 a month on a babysitter and she would like more time home with him, so that seems to be a win win. The hard part is finding one. I have found her a few but she didn’t want to do them I guess. She has also just signed up at to be a babysitter herself! I mean our baby sitter is making bank for being a retired woman, making money under the table. Doing some simple math, at $500 a month for one kid, and having a solid 6 kids at all times (some days more/some less), then multiplying by the twelve months in a year, that is about $36,000 a year from home. I am not sure if she pays taxes on it, she might but I’m not sure. It isn’t the greatest income and it is demanding but it is viable for where we live. If we were to move out a ways like we would like to someday it may not work, that is why I would rather her get in with a company that will keep her even if she moves. We will see, only time will tell.

That is all from me today. I hope you all have a great humpday! I’ll see you again tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

What A Way To End The Week!

Hey Everyone!

So you already know how busy we were this week, well it got worse. Yesterday, as I got into work super early I was greeted with an email from the water company. It was to inform us that they had lost power and that the water wasn’t safe for the next few days! At first you may think that isn’t terrible, until you realize how much we depend on clean water.

The follow up email was telling us that we were to boil all water before using it to eat, clean, brush our teeth , and drink. To make it worse we have a baby, whose bottles need cleaned and sanitized, frequently! We have to do this crap through Saturday. To be safe we haven’t been washing clothes either.

I mean to be honest and real here, how in the hell doesn’t the water company have a backup system? They are in charge of thousands of human and non human consumers, and they don’t have a way to ensure that their power doesn’t go out? I mean, I understand it would be costly, for a system to be used in limited capacity, but wouldn’t they think the lives of their customers are worth that? Instead they just had it happen and sent a lousy email saying “Don’t use until further notice.” That all seems pretty unprofessional. Of course they are will still bill us for the use of contaminated water so that’s cool too lol.

I guess that is enough ranting. Tonight I will be watching Everett, while my wife goes to dinner with a few girls she is friends with here. They are all leaving their kids with the dads and heading out!It’ll be a quiet night in for me.

Tomorrow afternoon, at least my brother and I are going to camp. We are going to work on the cabin if we can and clean up the site. The plan was to have a few of his friends out to stay the night. He has backed out, even though it was his thought in the first place. I am not sure if anyone is going to come or stay. I was thinking about staying myself and having a relaxing night in the woods, since that was my plan in the first place. I might grab my tent and pack and enjoy the night.Β  I’ll be sure to let you know and take some pictures.

I’ll be back Monday with an update. I’ll see you then! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Gearing Up For The Weekend!

Hey Everyone!

If you haven’t checked it out yet look at my last post. It was a fun app review that got a little longer than expected haha.

I wanted to make a second post just as a life post.

Today is my mother’s birthday, who knows how old she really is. I’m sure she wouldn’t mind people forgetting haha. We are going out to dinner tonight at a local place called the Plaza. It is a little dive, that has good food and great pie. We may head back to our place for further conversation and possibly board games. We really aren’t sure though since we both have little kids. Anyway, Happy Birthday to my mom! πŸ˜€

Tomorrow my little family is going on a day trip to the city to use up some remaining gift cards to Babies-R-Us and a few other places. I’m sure we will get some grub and hit up the book store while we are there. I have been wanting to read a book lately, but really need it to be a good one. I’m a crappy reader and need something that really gets me hooked. I’m leaning towards looking into the series of Jack Ryan, written by Tom Clancy. I see the first one in the logical series to start with is Without Remorse. If I can find it I may just have to purchase it. πŸ˜€

As far as Sunday, I currently have plans to go with my dad and brother to work on siding the cabin. We also have some insulation, but I think we need to seal the floor and what not first. Either way It’ll be fun to get back at it. If we can have it closed up before snow fall we will be grinning!

Big success I was able to mow my lawn finally haha. I know you were all wondering!

I’ll be sure to get some pictures and report back on Monday!

See you then! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

I’m Back! (Reunion Update)

Hey Everyone!

Let me start by saying that this could easily fill a whole weeks worth of posts. It won’t because then I would have to spend waaaayyyy too much of my time splitting it all up haha.

So, I’m back from my week long family reunion, and boy did I have a great time! I think I overheard that the total number of people in attendance this year was around 90-95. That makes for a ton of good conversation, and a busy week. I got there one night before it started and helped with some last minute prepping. There were only a handful of us there then. One of the last things we needed to do was shop for the first two days worth of food. To make it harder we had to make sure that all foo and gluten allergies were taken into account. Here is the food receipt for the first two days lol.

round one of reunion food ~ whoa!!.jpeg

You really don’t want to know how much that came to haha.

To get a decent lay of the land here are a couple pictures showing where most people were staying:


It is just a huge yard that we turned into a motel.

As people would arrive they could take the golf cart and trailer to unload their stuff for the week.

peace dude.jpeg

I had mentioned before that we had a few (understatement) kids coming. I can now tell you that off the top of my head there were more than 15 kids under the age of 10!


Sometimes you party too hard haha!

mini donuts for silassilas having fun in sand & water table

Now if these pictures haven;t got you asking what are they doing in some of these I don’t know what will! Throughout the week there were games everyday. Some of the games were for kids only ( I played), some were for adults, most were for both. Our daily guideline board looked like this each day:


Each day as split up and this was posted where we ate, in and off of the garage. With that many people we had birthdays each day!

Some of the activities were physical, others mental, and most of all very fun!

As you saw the kids played twister, well so did we!


I’m there in the camo hat with the black shirt. I didn’t last very long haha. They guy in the green hat filming is my cousin who lives in Santa Barbara California. He is a film maker. He is putting together a short film about being here during the reunion, so he was everywhere as well.

Sometime during the week we also played a yard sized game of Memory, and had some scavenger hunts.


That is me out there pointing. I was having a few of the kids help me with my guesses.


When that was all said and done my team won by one pair! Go Pink Team!

The first ‘hunt’ was to match items in nature to the color swatches, it was a lot harder than we all thought. Here is what we gathered.


Not bad! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

The next one involved finding clues to a puzzle leading you to other clues. It was as tough as it sounds as well.


The finished image relates to the layout of where we were.

We had a relay race at some point and then played my favorite game of the week, Human Foosball!


There was some ‘Skip-It’ action, Hula Hoops, and jump roping!


The Foosball games were intense and fun. You had to hold on to the piece of PVC pipe and not let go. It was on rope just like the little guys in a Foosball table. First one to five wins!


My team won and then I helped the little kids play after. Those pictures are up with the kids. When you could find a bit of down time people played cards.


A little backstory is needed for this next activity. Months before the reunion we were asked to fill out a questionnaire. It was filled with questions like, what is you best advice, name a fact about yourself, etc… Well they turned it into a matching game. We all huddled up and tried to match the person to the answer! A lot of work went into that and it was fun to play. My best advice was to “Smell your milk” lol. Boy I’m special.


I’m sure you have all seen things in the news about people painting rocks and hiding them in parks for people to find. Some are inspirational others are just spreading happiness. Well during the whole week we had a station dedicated to painting rocks, with a hashtag on the back for the reunion. We had everyone take theirs home with them and spread them around. We hope that we see the rocks again when people find them, by following the hashtag.


The kids dyed some shirts:


A handful of the girls found a spot in the woods and made “‘Bear Camp’. We then made a thing out of it and showed everyone!


Since this whole event is because of my great grandparents, we are fairly big into genealogy. My one cousin created a nice slideshow presentation covering some of that early history. he was able to present it four different times to different crowds throughout the week.


Above is my little Everett, who is named after the guy below. His great great grandfather!


It is really interesting to still have people alive at this reunion that can fill in some minor details that you would otherwise never get. Four of the remaining six children are still with us today. That being said there are some that couldn’t be with us and those of us who like that sort of thing, go to the cemeteries around to look for old relatives.


This last picture is of my great grandfather’s, grandfather! This was the headstone that we were looking to find! Mission accomplished haha.

Nearing the end of this post I swear!

What family reunion would be complete without food and fires!?! We had great homemade food all week and treats from the Amish. We were also surprised to have a mini doughnut truck there one day!


This was the first and most healthy breakfast I had. It was all downhill from there lol.


Here we have the popcorn and cotton candy machine!


These were pastries made by an Amish woman my great aunt Jackie knows. They were better than this picture could ever capture!


We had a make your own pizza bar!

Then on to the doughnuts:


We could choose from powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar, or chocolate! Again, absolutely delicious. Straight out of the fryer and into your mouth!

And the fires!


At the end of the week my dad was awarded with the MVP trophy and instantly awarded it back to my cousin who helped organized this whole reunion!


And the remainder of the pictures fit in no category, so I’ll just post them here. Great family fun, and love everywhere you turned!


Look close and see a Hummingbird Moth! πŸ˜€

20170814_13424620170814_202044andrew, emily and adopted webb the kittenIMG_1685IMG_1701IMG_1780IMG_1839IMG_1960IMG_2042IMG_2207IMG_2222IMG_2240IMG_2262IMG_2265IMG_2288IMG_2301IMG_2318IMG_2328IMG_2453IMG_3299IMG_3373IMG_3384keri ann and adelaide 11months

I know this post was the biggest thing you have ever seen on this site! If you are still with me here thank you for looking! You deserved more cookies than I ate this past week haha. I am back and hope to see you all again tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


Bachelor Party Weekend! (BABY UPDATE SOON)

Hey Everyone!

I know what must be on all of your minds. Did they have their baby? Where have all of my favorite posts gone? haha To quickly answer your questions, YES! We have had the baby. With so much going on I will save that post for when I come back to work. I should be back to work Tuesday the 30th. If I’m feeling frisky I may post about it the day before I go back. That way I’ll have the time to properly introduce my little healthy boy! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

By the way I felt the need to run the weekend update by you guys so I’m sitting here in a cot, in the hospital, beside my wife haha. Here I’ll prove it!


This is far different from my usual set up. No desk, no PC, no chair haha. It was a long night but very worth it!

Anyway on the weekend. Friday I didn’t post because I left work half a day to get some things done before the baby came. I needed to pick up a few things. I ran to Wal-Mart and got everything I needed to change the oil in my truck (since I hadn’t done it all winter oops) It took a little bit to get set up, because it was the first time that I have ever done it at the new house. Yay for firsts! πŸ˜€Β  After that I cleared out my garage and got rid of all the junk that was left in it. In the process of dumping it all at my dad’s I grabbed our grill, and the air conditioner. Once I got home again, I installed the grill outside for my wife, and put the AC unit in the window. We got the laundry done and the house clean. That was the end of our busy Friday.

Saturday was my brother’s bachelor party. I got to the restaurant early and played some ukulele in the truck before they arrived.


While I was still waiting I got a shot of how full my truck was and the outside of the place we ate.


The food was great and the owner knows my dad. They used to work together so we chatted with him for a little bit before we left to hit the links! We are terrible at golf and nothing was to be expected haha. We lost more balls than we wanted but found more than we lost so that makes it all good. πŸ˜€

As you can see we are a rag tag bunch of guys haha. We did what we could. My brother beat us all which is fair, since it was his day.

After gold we ate at a local spot and headed to camp. We set up tents and got rocks from the creek for the fire ring. We played some corn hole and reminisced about past memories. It was a great night.

I was able to do something that I have been waiting for for a very long time. I was able to share a drink with my brother for the first time ever. He stopped drinking all together when I started for the first time haha. This was the first time we were able to share a drink together and it was a good feeling. I even have proof that he did haha.


Sunday we made it to softball surprisingly. We had our first round of double headers. I was able to get a few pictures of my niece playing and hanging with her daddy.

We didn’t do so hot during the games. We dropped them both which is always a bit disappointing. It wasn’t any one players fault just an off day.

Now you are mostly back up to speed. I’ll leave you with a little bit of a cliff hanger for when I come back. My wife woke me up at about 3am Monday morning, and told me we needed to go to the hospital….

Thank you for reading, I have missed catching up with you all. I’ll be back soon with a proper introduction to my healthy son! See ya then! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Easter Weekend!

Hey Everyone!

Back after a great Easter weekend. I hope you all were able to enjoy some time with your families and friends.

I guess we will just jump right into it here. Friday I was off of work for Good Friday, and we used the sunny warm weather to get some more of the cabin done. Remember, we have a goal to have it done enough to use by the last week of May. That is coming quick. We got up and headed to Lowes for supplies.


We picked up about half of the metal roofing we needed because that was all that they had. We also got the plywood for the roof.

Once we got to camp, and carried everything into the woods (awful) we got to work. We started by getting all of the plywood boards up and nailed into place. After that we started to add the painted metal roofing.Β  Towards the end this is what we had:


You can see some light through the top there because we didn’t cap the top, as we don’t have all metal roofing yet. We had the rest ordered and should be here within the week. That took the whole day Friday and we were beat.

Saturday was a little bit more relaxing. We didn’t have anywhere to go, or anything we had to do. It was supposed to rain all day and only sprinkled for a short time. We decided to take the dog for a walk, and go feed the ducks again. It really was a nice day. We got some thingsΒ  done around the house. We saw our grass was getting high and we wanted to cut it. Small problem though, we didn’t have a mower lol! Back to Lowes we went. After getting a mower and some spray paint we were ready. It looked like rain when I was done setting up the mower, so that has to wait until today. I did however paint the portable fireplace with heat resistant paint, annnd this lovely rock in front of our house haha. 20170415_165149

It wasn’t intended to be so bright, but what are you going to do! We may rough it up a bit and put our house number on it. It’ll get fixed up soon. The rest of the day was spent touching up some things in the new office space, and hanging out.

Sunday was the big day! Easter was here and we had a ton of stuff to do. We woke up early and headed to Erie, PA. We had to bring a few things to the baby store to return. In the process we ordered a few things for our baby with the money and gift cards we had. We were able to purchase our diapers bags, pack and play, and sheets. The book store was open so we ended up there for a while since we had an hour to kill before going to my aunts house. I ended up starting my Funko Pop collection as shown below:


I know it isn’t a great picture but it was after a long day haha, cut me some slack! I figured I’d start it with some old school cartoons. The Animaniacs, was where it was at. I got the three main characters, Yakko, Wakko, and Dot. My wife got a book for the baby, kind of a fill in the blanks about how we met and came to be and then how we became three. It is a neat book, we filled some of it out late last evening. It was time to finally go to my aunts. We were there before everyone because we were already in town. We watched as everyone showed up one by one. When it was all said and done we had about 20 people there. The fun part is that we now have five kids under the age of five. We ate and then hid some eggs for the little kids. It was the first time in years that we had an Easter egg hunt, and it brought a ton of old memories back. Good ones. πŸ˜‰ We had a few family pictures before we had to our next destination. Then we were gone.

We left my aunts and headed to my wife’s grandparent’ house for more food, and good company. We were both pretty full, so we didn’t over do it. We realized on the way over that this would be one of the last times that we will be traveling out there for a while, since we are having a baby.Β  We are going to have people come to us more often. That will be a big change. My wife’s Uncle Mike was in town from Indiana, as well as her brother and sister. Our little nephew Carter was there too of course. We stayed there for about three hours, and played a dominos game. After we left my wife had to stop at the local ice cream place that just opened back up for the season. Finally it was time to turn right around and drive all the way home. We didn’t read the driveway until about 9pm and again we were beat. The weekend went fast and three days really felt like one!

As of today I may be taking my mini fridge back home to use in the office, which would be awesome. I could stock it full of goodies. I have to remember to mow the grass at our new house for the first time ever, and get the weed eater out too. It is hard getting back in the swing of things after a long weekend.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my weekend, if you did anything special let me know! I hope you all had great weekend. I’ll see you all again tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Well That Went Fast! (Picture Overload)

Hey Everyone!

I am back after a very productive, and fast weekend. I have a bunch of pictures from this weekend and I hope you enjoy!

Saturday we had our one day class and initiated five new guys in the the Masons. This was all very fun, and went quicker than expected. You can see the five new guys in the plain aprons below:


We had doughnuts and coffee for breakfast at about 8:30am, followed by a delicious smoked pork shoulder for lunch, with homemade vinegar based sauces. Four of those new guys will be in our lodge and the remaining one is from a lodge about an hour away. We are very excited to see all the new members already with this new year. Later that day I went with my cousin and got a new chainsaw chain and all of the things I would need to sharpen it on my own.

This takes us to my busy Sunday! I have eleven pictures here, in order, showing the task at hand. We had a cracking, dead, Sugar Maple about to fall on our cabin. We got a hold of my cousin and went out to get it down as safe as we could. You can see in teh pictures that we used his Jeep to winch it one way, a come-a-long to pull straight back, and he made the cuts. He works in the forestry so we let him do it haha.

Below you can see the videos that I took. you can see how close it really was to falling with its full weight onto our structure. He saved our butts this weekend. We did have the tippy top hit and break two 2×4’s but those can be replaced easy.

Once that fun was done, I still had a project at home to take care of, getting my office cable run from my basement to my attic! I had previously made about a 70′ cable and now got to use it. I had to run it from my living room, through the basement, out the wall, up the wall, over the wall, then up again into the attic. haha That is tough to follow! You can kind of see it all, follow the yellow cable. I had to drill into my siding and through into the attic cubby, where I will pit a switch and then terminate two cable ends into wall plates. I’ll be sure to keep you updated.Β  Oh, I also used caulking in the bottom and top holes so nothing can get in, as well as to insulate.


That was my short, quick weekend! I hope you all had great ones too. I’ll see you again tomorrow for some of the same great content! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Baby Shower, Camp, Projects! (Pictures)

Hey Everyone!

Back from an exciting weekend, and I hope you are all well.

As you may know my had her baby shower Saturday and it was a good success. I wasn’t there for more than a few minutes before packing everything up and leaving but I have some shots of the ‘haul’. Here we have a shot of most of the things on the table. You can see we asked for books, so we will have plenty of things to read for him. We have some diapers, and regular baby stuff. It is hard to look at so much clutter, my chest tightens when I see it haha.


I was able to get a few bigger items out of their boxes and throw them together that night. Here is the highchair that we got all assembled.I like to keep the instructions with everything because they fold and come apart so many ways now a days that I can’t keep it all straight.


We also got this little swing thing. It can run on D batteries or plug into the wall. It swings back and forth as well as plays music and nature noises. It also vibrates, which of course requires more batteries.Oye!


This was the advice board, where everyone was able to jot down a piece of advice for my wife. It is a pretty neat take, as far as set up goes.


We were able to put most of the stuff in its new home and decorate a bit more in the babies room. It comes together much better with the globe on the shelf and the adventure blanket on the chair. The crib and everything was all made too but I forgot to get a picture of that.


We finally got done washing and drying baby clothes for the first time, and put some of the stuff away. We kept the diapers on the floor because they are wrapped, along with the monitors since we have no stand to put them on yet. Some towels, and lotion are in those bins as well as stuffed animals. His little shoes are in the top left. πŸ˜€


That was the end. It was a long day but we got a lot done. Sunday my dad, brother, and myself went back out to our camp. We had the goal of getting the roof rafter up, and we did! Check it out.


Our camp is about 15-20 minutes away, for reference. We had to go buy 50 2×4’s take them up to the site to measure two of them for cuts. Once we did that we had to drive back home and make the cuts on all 50, and load them back up. We then left and went back to camp and put them up. It isn’t very fun to carry them through the woods haha. I think since you last saw we also have the floor joists in too! Our next goal is to get that dang roof up so the wood doesn’t warp more and get gross.

On one last note I have plans to take the dog to the vet tonight as well as buy supplies to make an indoor firewood rack. I drew up the design and the dimensions. It will cost me about $100 to get the lumber, stain, wood filler, screws, and wood glue. I already have nails and a nail gun for the panels if we chose to put them on. After that, if my wife approves I want to make an eight spot cubby storage shelf. Once we have that made or bought, we can put our baby monitor on it.

That was my weekend! It was very busy, but fun. I hope you all enjoyed your time here. If you like what you see spread the love!

I’ll see you all again tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€