Not A Great Day!

Hey Everyone!

Sorry I missed out on posting yesterday.

It wasn’t a great day for me. I was informed at work that I did not stay in the running for my boss’ position here at work. That stings even if you are mostly sure you wouldn’t get it anyway. I am ok with it, but it isn’t ever something you want to hear, ya know? I was told that I was impressive and that I made the decision harder than they had initially thought, which is a huge plus. I let them know that I was willing, able, and ready to move up. My boss said that he told the rest of the interviewers that I would be a great leader one day, whether it was here or somewhere else. He has always had my back and continues to even entering retirement shortly. The rest of my day, at work, fell flat. I didn’t care to do anything and rode it out.

When I got home I stayed in my work clothes because we had an electrician coming at 4:30-5:00pm. Well long story short he just…didn’t show up. Who does that? I know that plumbers and electricians have jobs that run over and everything. That is understandable, but to not call your next solidified appointment to let them know is a dick move. So I sat and waited until about six and then figured he wasn’t going to show for real. I still haven’t heard from him at all. I’m going to be calling a few other people today, I guess. I need some one to come in and do the damn work, plain and simple. If someone was willing to pay me to do my job, I’d do it. I’m not sure what is so hard about this concept. So we are still stuck with no answers, or solutions.

Work is doing slow today, as I am posting early. The one thing I am looking forward to is just after work. A few of us are meeting at a local bar in town to ‘send off’ our Human Resources Assistant, who is moving to Virginia. We are just going to have a drink or two and tell her good bye.

Tomorrow I have my Bio-metric screening at work, and will have to fast for 10-12 hours. They will check our vitals, as well as cholesterol. They then give us a print out of all the results so that we can take any action if needed. I will most likely need to take mine to my doctor, as my results have been high the last three years. :/

That is all for me today. I hope you all have a great Wednesday, and I’ll see you all again tomorrow! 😀 😀


Happy Baby!

Hey Everyone!

I just got done working in the shop all morning. We had 14 cables ran and they all needed ends and wall plates. I will try to keep this post short for my own sake, since while working in the shop I cut my middle finger and it is all taped up. I have typed 6 words incorrectly just in this paragraph because of it haha.

Last night we gave Everett some pizza crust while we were eating and he seemed to like it.


Told ya so haha. Such a cutie!

After we got him all cleaned up, and in his jammies he rode his train that his grandparents got for him. We have to still hold him up but he was loving every second of it.


If you want to smile today all you have to do it watch this video we took of Everett last night. There doesn’t seem to be much that is better than a baby laughing.

In other news, remember that the official first day of winter is tomorrow! Yikes. I hope you all have a great hump day, and I’ll see you tomorrow, byeeeee 😀 😀

Late Night In The Network Closest!

Hey Everyone!

Sorry in advance if you don’t like this type of post, but it is my daily life. This is indeed what happened yesterday. Cleaning up the network closest was the name and game last night.

For a quick and dirty rundown, all companies that have a network have Firewalls, web filters, routers, switches, and servers. Each of these things need ‘plugged in’ somewhere. Most times you end up with a mess like we had. Look below:


To be fair we had this looking better until we had one of those switches die on us. We had to scramble a little bit and replace it with a spare and re-plug everyone we could back in. We had to prioritize important things and people first and things got messy haha.

Once we ordered and replaced the dead switch it was time to clean it up! We first had to do some port forwarding on just a couple ports. (each spot that can have some thing plugged in to it, is a port) So you can see we used a service called telnet to do that:


You can also see all the cables I made there haha. So time consuming! As professionals with quite a few devices networked, we have an Excel sheet telling us which ones are ‘plugged in’, where they are, what they are, and where they go. That is the biggest factor and making this a smooth transition. Another thing to note is that we had to do this after hours, since everything needed to be ripped out, as shown below:


Some of the things still connected above are servers, and a few other things we weren’t sure of at first. they all did get moved around. We wanted less mess, and to be able to attach the wall and door again haha.After three hours my co-worker and I get everything back up and running! And if I do say so myself, looking pretty damn good. With about 8 or so servers, 3 switches, and a few battery backups this is what we have:


Once we were satisfied we put the wall and door back on. We also moved the server rack closer so that it looked like normal again. this is a sweet sight!


Everything was all buttoned up. For better reference here is a side by side comparison for your viewing pleasure:


It was fun getting my hands dirty and getting in there. I’m glad we had to do this.

Tonight we have nothing in store, except for getting groceries and snuggling the baby!

That is all for me today, I hope to see you back again tomorrow! If you have any questions about anything in this post feel free to ask! Bye! 😀 😀

Low Key Night

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday, after work, we headed to the doctor’s office for our baby’s four month checkup. He is still small in stature only being in the 23rd percentile in height and 8th percentile in weight. Of course he is only four months old so not really a big deal. He also had to get a couple shots in his legs. He tends to scream bloody murder for about 20 seconds then he is OK again lol.

Afterwards we got home and cleaned up a bit around the house. My friend from grade school came over for the first time since we bought our house. He is working in town again so we had to catch up. I showed him around and we just talked for a while. He is staying at his parents house while his wife stays in the city, where they reside. It was great to have someone over and break the norm a bit.

Early this morning my boy woke up in, what would seem like, pain. We assume it was from his shots, so we got out the infant Tylenol. He went back to bed so that is a plus! 😀

Here at work today I will be staying late. We are doing the tidying up of the server room. I have spent a couple days making Ethernet cables to the correct length. About 40 or so, which if you don’t know the process can take a toll on your fingers. I’ll post a video below if you feel inclined to know more.

I have the exact same cable tester, and when you use it they should all light up green in the correct order. It is simple, but it is tedious and making that many takes a while. I’ll take pictures if I can to show before and and after.

That is all for now! I’ll see you all again tomorrow! 😀 😀

Cable Work, Birthday, Home Coming!

Hey Everyone!

It has been a nice slow day here at work. In a way I enjoy it and in a way it makes the day drag on.

Tomorrow will be a different day. I have 30 patch cables that need ends. That means 60 ends total, possibly more. We are cleaning up our server setup so it no longer looks like a rat’s nest from the switch dying. Again most likely tomorrow we will work on the new set up for the conference room on the second floor. We have 4K TVs and all sorts of goodies going into that room.  This should keep us quite busy for a little while.

I was unable to mow the lawn last night due to my wife getting out of work a bit late. I wasn’t able to watch the baby and mow haha. I am hoping that she will be home before me today so I can get right to it. It isn’t fun to cut grass when it it over 80 degree and humid, from all the hurricane rain leftovers. But, it must get done, so I’ll do it!

Friday is also the day my mother was born all those years ago! 😀 😀 haha Jokes aside we are going to all go eat at a place of her choosing. That is a tradition in my family since as long as I can remember. Fingers crossed that my baby will behave haha.

I was able to book my hotel for my universities home coming events. We go back most every year to see friends and watch the parade and what not. We met in college and we love the town the university is in. If we had it our way we would live there. Thankfully we are only about an hour and a half away, and can visit when ever we want. There may be pipe dreams of the future of buying a lake house out there but we will have to wait and see if that ever becomes a reality.

That is everything from me today, I hope you are enjoying your week day slide into the weekend! I’ll see you all back again tomorrow! 😀 😀

Home Office (Cabling)

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday I went to my first softball practice of the year, and I am sore. After shagging balls and hitting through a bucket of balls my back is killing me. We had a small turn out but it was OK because I did have another project to work on when I got home.

Once I got home, and into some work clothes, I gathered my tools and got to work running cable in my attic.


In the picture above you can see my tool kit, drill bits, a dremel, my switch and some cables. There are a few more things there but meh. You can see that there is a little door on the wall. I had to crawl in there and go to the front of the house all while dragging two cables and a box cutter. I was using my phone as a flashlight. It was super tight and hot since there was insulation on both walls.

Once I got the cables in the correct spot I had to cut a hole through the insulation and the wall. I fished the cable through it so I could terminate the ends. The second cable ran across the floor at the front and into the crawl space on the other side of the room, where the process repeated. Below, you can see the mostly finished product. I have to get nuts to snug it up because the walls are too thin, but after that It will be good to go .


I have to get the nuts and tables for desks and start moving things up there! I’m so excited.

We have a plumbing evaluation today right after I get out of work today. I hope everything is good for the most part, but I know we have some blockage. I hope it can be resolved easily. It is neat, our plumbing and heating company sent out coupons for a free evaluation. I would be dumb not to take advantage of that!

Tomorrow I am going over to a co-workers house right after work to set up his work email on his home computer. After that I have to go home and get ready for yet another masonic initiation. We are going through a second degree.

Throughout both of these days I want to get my office all done and set up so we can start getting a feel for a permanent spot. We have a file cabinet at my parents house that we need to bring over, as well as a few more things. This will also free up the bedroom that we are currently using as an office. I need to get quarter round trim on the floor but then we can decorate it as a spare bedroom for now.

That is all or today! I hope the rest of my week and yours goes smoothly. I’ll see you all back again tomorrow! 😀 😀