What A Day!

Hey Everyone!

Let me run down a recap of the rest of my Monday. I left work early to have enough time to gather my dog’s urine and take it to the Vet for further testing. She had a UTI and I wanted to make sure that it was all cleared up and that she was good to go! To be short, they called back and said she was all clear. Again I took her on the leash and slid a dinner plate under her haha. I scared her a little bit this time so she stopped going. I had to transfer the urine into a baggie because I didn’t have a different small container with a lid. It took some real skill to do all of this, I’m sure you can imagine haha.

I was all ready to head to the Vet and my wife had picked Everett up for his 9 month checkup. The timing was great. I was ready to go, and so was she. We grabbed Everett and headed out. We hit up the Vet first and then headed to his appointment. We made it there with about 30 seconds to spare. The called his name and back we went.

The appointment didn’t really go so well, unfortunately. :/ He only needed one shot, so that was good, but he seemed to be in rough shape other wise. He has another yeast infection on his bottom, and a double ear infection. This after he just got over the Flu. They gave us a referral to meet with an ear, nose, and throat doctor in Buffalo, for tubes. We have time to decide if he really needs them or not, but we may as well get the process started. After the appointment we had to grab some groceries. We hit up the local Wegmans and had some subs there, before shopping for food. That way we didn’t shop on an empty stomach. Everett was having the best time, because for the first time he was able to sit in the cart and see everything.


He is still a bit tiny so we watched him closely but he did great. We finished grabbing groceries and headed home. Once we were back in town we had to pick up his two prescriptions at the local CVS. He needed stuff for his ears and cream for his baby butt.

By the time we really got home, it was about bead time. We unpacked, and put everything away, and that was that.

One thing I forgot to mention, was that Everett also bonked his head at daycare and had a nice bruise on his head. I just told her that he is now crawling and pulling himself up. I did all of this so that she would pay attention to him and make sure he wasn’t doing anything that was going to result in something like that. :/ I guess he pulled up on a toy and was bouncing around, while holding on to it. He fell forward and hit his face. He also got a bloody nose…DOH! I just wish they did a better job at watching him. Sadly there is nothing or no one in the area willing to watch kids this young. So again, our options are more than limited. I feel trapped a bit, because I have to have child care, but the care isn’t up to snuff. This then leads to us not feeling comfortable with him being there for safety reasons, but having no where to go.

We will see how today goes when I pick him up.

That is all from me today! I hope you are having a great Tuesday. I know I am taking some time to chill after yesterday’s all day affair haha.Β  I’ll see you all again tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


Prepping For A Yard Sale

Hey Everyone!

It was a toss up yesterday, on whether or not I would mow the lawn or go to my parent’s house and set stuff out for a yard sale. As you could tell from the title I didn’t mow the lawn!

After work we met at home and grabbed the baby and the dog, and headed over. They only live a literal block away. A little back story, we lived with them for two years while my wife finished grad school and I got established at my current career. We stored a ton of stuff in their basement, andΒ  now was the time to go through most of it. We took what we wanted back to our house, but the majority of it could be sold. They are having a sale this weekend and I really hope they can get rid of most, if not all of it. I don’t even care if they give stuff away at this point. The rest of the stuff, that is ours, in their basement is garbage. It can be thrown out or burned in their yard.

We had a ton of nice wall decorations, that no longer fit the look of our house. I had an old bass guitar amp in there that should be good to go. Everything else is typical of a normal yard sale.

That now just leaves us with a closet full of stuff we want. Once that comes to our place we will be fully out of theirs haha. We have some bigger stuff like my gun safe in there, and I’ll need help with that.

Today work has been steady. I have been putting out a few new computers, and running into some weird issues with a new piece of software that is out of my control. After work I will most likely mow the lawn tonight, if it doesn’t rain. Who knows?!? I don’t really want to tonight.

That is it for me today, we are all feeling better and working on getting our colds fixed up. I’ll see you all tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€