Around The Water Cooler!

Hey Everyone!

A bit late today but never the less, I am here.

I had a few unexpected events happen today. First I was asked by my coworker to go give blood. It was out of the blue and I hadn’t done it in a while so I figured, why not? So around 10:45am we left the office ans went and gave blood across town. It was at his wife’s place of business so it was laid back and kinda fun.

Later, after we arrived back at the office, I was invited to go out to lunch with one of our vendors. This particular vendor comes from an hour and a half away and hits multiple client spots all in the same day. This time he was taking us out to lunch and just chatting about our current projects. We went to a nice little dive in town that I had never eaten atΒ  before, surprisingly. I ordered a turkey panini with cajun french fries. It was really good! I’m going to have to take my wife there some time soon.

In other news Everett woke up today not feeling well, I guess. My wife called me and told me that he was just laying and staring. He wasn’t very active and looked like he wasn’t having a good morning. 😦 He seemed fine last night and slept all night without any issues. She thinks that he may be just teething and we both hope it is nothing more. I just text her and she said he was playing a bit more than he was, so hopefully he is feeling better.

This weekend we have a few things to do around the house, like taking down our pool and possibly our umbrella in the yard. Saturday we have my niece’s second birthday party, down at the park where we play softball. It should be a good time, and if Everett is up for it, he can play with his cousins. I’m not sure if we have anything going on Sunday, but we may go work on the cabin some more to try and button things up for winter.

That is all from me today. I hope you all have had a great Friday, and I hope you have a great weekend! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


Cabin Work & Sick Wife

Hey Everyone!

I hope you all had a great weekend. Ours was so so. My wife got sick and is currently on an antibiotic. She caught it all very early and her and the baby will be just fine. She wasn’t feeling well at the end of the week and went to the walk in clinic in town. They told her that even though her Strep test came back negative, her throat still looked like Strep, so she hopped on some meds.

Friday, like I eluded to, we went to work on the cabin. We were going to work on the floor mainly, and I guess my dad and brother ran into an issue with it so we worked on the walls mostly.Β  This first picture is my brother starting the second wall: (you can see the first one in the background.)


Here is a better picture of the first one. It was a very tight fit and when we got it up, I fastened it with screws, to the top and bottom.


Here is another quick shot of my dad and brother trying to get the second wall squared up. I ended up doing the rest of that wall myself. My brother and I put it up when I was done.


With the two walls framed they decided to at least put two sheets of flooring down. So we cut them to length and screwed them in.


We are going to have to cut a third piece and make it fit. We also have to add the walls around the rest of the build. If we want to get this thing done, we better hurry haha.

I want to say Saturday morning I went to the grand opening of Dunham’s. It is a sporting store like Dick’s, but on a smaller scale. They have a modest amount of outdoor gear and sports gear. Our local mall is undergoing a huge transformation. We went from a full mall to nothing, back to a full mall soon. This is the first real store to come in and more are to follow. Here is the donuts, coffee, and candy that they had for everyone.


My wife was home sick, trying to rest and get better. It was a cold day and not much got done. She was supposed to go to her baby brother’s first birthday party and baptism but wasn’t able to.

Sunday I had a softball scrimmage. It was more for the other team than us, but the practice never hurts. They are a new team and we have been playing together for over ten years. They were getting a feel for what position their players would play, and who would hit where in the order. We played about six innings, and let everyone bat around at the end. It was about 70 degrees and sunny so I got a little sunburn. Nothing like the first one of the year. Speaking of softball, our opening season tournament is the 6th-7th of May. May is going to go by lightning fast. Softball, baby, bachelor party, wedding, masons meetings/initiations! It will be a whirlwind.

Today has been pretty busy at work. Everyone waits until Monday to come forward with their issues haha. I have been dabbling in HTML and Ruby programming languages, but who knows how long that will last. Coding for me is hard, I don’t tend to think the way a programmer does. It never sticks. I always try, and I learn a lot. But I never can keep the information in my head. It is very frustrating.

Anyway, that’s where I’ll leave it today! I hope you all have a great start to your week. I’ll see you all back again tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Easter Weekend!

Hey Everyone!

Back after a great Easter weekend. I hope you all were able to enjoy some time with your families and friends.

I guess we will just jump right into it here. Friday I was off of work for Good Friday, and we used the sunny warm weather to get some more of the cabin done. Remember, we have a goal to have it done enough to use by the last week of May. That is coming quick. We got up and headed to Lowes for supplies.


We picked up about half of the metal roofing we needed because that was all that they had. We also got the plywood for the roof.

Once we got to camp, and carried everything into the woods (awful) we got to work. We started by getting all of the plywood boards up and nailed into place. After that we started to add the painted metal roofing.Β  Towards the end this is what we had:


You can see some light through the top there because we didn’t cap the top, as we don’t have all metal roofing yet. We had the rest ordered and should be here within the week. That took the whole day Friday and we were beat.

Saturday was a little bit more relaxing. We didn’t have anywhere to go, or anything we had to do. It was supposed to rain all day and only sprinkled for a short time. We decided to take the dog for a walk, and go feed the ducks again. It really was a nice day. We got some thingsΒ  done around the house. We saw our grass was getting high and we wanted to cut it. Small problem though, we didn’t have a mower lol! Back to Lowes we went. After getting a mower and some spray paint we were ready. It looked like rain when I was done setting up the mower, so that has to wait until today. I did however paint the portable fireplace with heat resistant paint, annnd this lovely rock in front of our house haha. 20170415_165149

It wasn’t intended to be so bright, but what are you going to do! We may rough it up a bit and put our house number on it. It’ll get fixed up soon. The rest of the day was spent touching up some things in the new office space, and hanging out.

Sunday was the big day! Easter was here and we had a ton of stuff to do. We woke up early and headed to Erie, PA. We had to bring a few things to the baby store to return. In the process we ordered a few things for our baby with the money and gift cards we had. We were able to purchase our diapers bags, pack and play, and sheets. The book store was open so we ended up there for a while since we had an hour to kill before going to my aunts house. I ended up starting my Funko Pop collection as shown below:


I know it isn’t a great picture but it was after a long day haha, cut me some slack! I figured I’d start it with some old school cartoons. The Animaniacs, was where it was at. I got the three main characters, Yakko, Wakko, and Dot. My wife got a book for the baby, kind of a fill in the blanks about how we met and came to be and then how we became three. It is a neat book, we filled some of it out late last evening. It was time to finally go to my aunts. We were there before everyone because we were already in town. We watched as everyone showed up one by one. When it was all said and done we had about 20 people there. The fun part is that we now have five kids under the age of five. We ate and then hid some eggs for the little kids. It was the first time in years that we had an Easter egg hunt, and it brought a ton of old memories back. Good ones. πŸ˜‰ We had a few family pictures before we had to our next destination. Then we were gone.

We left my aunts and headed to my wife’s grandparent’ house for more food, and good company. We were both pretty full, so we didn’t over do it. We realized on the way over that this would be one of the last times that we will be traveling out there for a while, since we are having a baby.Β  We are going to have people come to us more often. That will be a big change. My wife’s Uncle Mike was in town from Indiana, as well as her brother and sister. Our little nephew Carter was there too of course. We stayed there for about three hours, and played a dominos game. After we left my wife had to stop at the local ice cream place that just opened back up for the season. Finally it was time to turn right around and drive all the way home. We didn’t read the driveway until about 9pm and again we were beat. The weekend went fast and three days really felt like one!

As of today I may be taking my mini fridge back home to use in the office, which would be awesome. I could stock it full of goodies. I have to remember to mow the grass at our new house for the first time ever, and get the weed eater out too. It is hard getting back in the swing of things after a long weekend.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my weekend, if you did anything special let me know! I hope you all had great weekend. I’ll see you all again tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Quick And Dirty Rundown!

Hey Everyone!

This is going to be a bit short and dirty today.

Last night we had a successful second, or fellowcraft degree. We didn’t get a ton of people there but we are kind of whooped with all of the degrees that we have had in the last two months or so. It all went smoothly and everyone had a good time. By the time I got home it was 9pm and I was beat. We just went to bed.

Today after work I am going to grab some stuff from my parents house, that we had left there when we moved. She wants some shoes and what not. I would like to get a few guitars and file cabinets, ya know since we are moving into the permanent office space. πŸ˜€ I have to run to Lowes and get a couple nuts for the backs of the wall plates, but then it will be all moving from there. It might make a long night but that is Ok. Anything I can do to get it right and start customizing it will be awesome! I’ll be sure to keep you all updated.

I just found out like yesterday that I have tomorrow off for Good Friday. Not being religious I lose sight of days like that, but I’ll take a day off anytime. We have plans to go work on the cabin roof during the day, and Tour the local hospital maternity ward in the evening.

This weekend of course is packed, with things to do. We may go back early to her grandparents house, or just take it easy around the house and get some cleaning, or garage work done. This being Saturday. Sunday is Easter and for the first time in a while we are going out of town to my aunt’s house for a lunch/dinner, as well as eating back at the wife’s grandparents as well. This will be a tough test for my diet but I am down 24lbs since I started! So far, so good!

I won’t be posting tomorrow, as I only post when I have the time and can at work. Sounds kinda weird but this is when I have a quick second to talk to y’all! I really hope you have a great weekend. I hope that if you celebrate for any reason religious reasons or otherwise that you have a happy and safe time! It’ll feel a bit weird not posting for a few days but I’ll have plenty to talk about come Monday! πŸ˜€

I’ll see you all again then. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

House Search & Mine Update

Hey Everyone!

Today my wife and I are going to go look at yet another house. We have been looking for about two years. We aren’t searching for any old house, but rather one we can stay in forever. Since we are currently living with my family we have the time to be picky. All of this is a good thing since my wife just finished her Masters program yesterday. We are hoping that in a month or two we will be able to get pre-approved for more than I could have alone and be able to find a house that is right for us. In the mean time we have been looking at houses that are more in my own price range, yet are still contenders for the forever home. The one that we are going to look at is a 3 bed, 1 bath with 2 half baths. Our house must have list includes: 3 bed, 2+ bath, basement, garage (2stall), a yard for gardening and kids, doesn’t need a ton of work, off the main road, and on the outskirts of town. It is again very picky but we have the time to be and want the right spot.

As for the Minecraft update, I have made a few more contraptions with the guidance of MrCrayfish and his YouTube channel:

His red stone creations are great. They may not be perfect but they work. I build a chicken, cow, and pig cooker/collector.Β  Each one is a little different. The chicken one is fully self sufficient, in that there are chickens laying eggs and you can shoot them out to the main area where they can be processed. They then fall in to a hopper and then a chest. That equals fresh cooked chicken and feathers.

The pig cooker requires you to go to the top and breed the full grown pigs. They sit at the top with a chest of carrots. You breed them and the babies fall into the main cooking area. You have to wait until the babies are full grown so that they can produce meat. The nice thing about this one is that if you do it with the babies in it it won’t hurt them since they are too short.

The cow cooker is very similar but I made it larger due to the fact cows are bigger. This required me to expand the pig build to fit cows. I just had to make it wider and work with the red stone paths. All three require the use of sticky pistons, red stone, torches, and normal building equipment. They also all use dispensers and hoppers.

The last thing I built was a bridge for the fun of it. I have pictures of everything below. Enjoy!


Each one is operated by the push of buttons. As I also forgot to mention they are build into a mountain so that they don’t protrude all weird. My next build will most likely include an under water shelter.

I hope you all have a great Thursday and carry on to Friday! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€