Keep On Rollin’!

Hey Everyone!

Last night I met with a guy who helped run the gas plant that needed some IT help. I wan’t able to fix anything last night but I was able to determine what I thought could be done to help. I’m still in the dark on a ton of things that they have going on, but I have a direction for the issue that I saw. They have a machine that measures the amount of certain gases in other gases? I guess? It is pretty cool either way. It isn’t communicating with the PC that runs the software. I believe that they are clearly not on the same network based on their IP addresses and therefore cannot communicate. Coming in late to the game I have no idea how or why this is. I have them calling the company to confirm, and left myself open as a contact for further issues. I hope I can help a few more times.

This morning work as been a bit hectic. I have been tasked with taking care of all of the ‘dummy’ terminals in the shop, since our co-worker retired. Well, its a bit of a mess. I ran around all morning getting the make, model, serial number, status, and location of all terminals and scanners. It was not terribly fun, in any way. I have since entered them in a simple Excel sheet to keep track. It will have to be updated every time we send one out, replace one, or get new ones. After this I’ll run over to our other shop and do the same.

Tonight we will have our first company softball practice that huge softball tournament. I am excited to see if we get a decent turn out. I’ll be pitching so I’ll be sore tomorrow, after pitching to, potentially 20 people. With a bit of luck we can determine who is good at what and who can hit. If we hold a couple more practices before the tourny we should have a pretty darn good team. Our company hasn’t come close to placing and getting a trophy for years now, so it would b nice to bring something back! πŸ˜€

That is all for me today! I’ll be back again tomorrow, and hope to see you then. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


Yep It’s Monday!

Hey Everybody!

To be very honest, I did nothing all weekend long. My goal was to lounge and do nothing only on Saturday. This was achieved, no problem. Sunday I was supposed to have two softball games, these would be my first in 3 weeks due to my vacation. That got scratched real quick when I woke up to rain, rain, and more rain. ALl of the games were canceled by 9am and I was left with no reason to do anything. Again. haha. πŸ˜€

We all stayed home for the most part. We did focus on trying to get Everett back into his better eating habits. We tried introducing a few more foods and in different ways. He responded fairly well to getting back at it. His fever has finally broke and he is feeling much better.

My boss is off on vacation this week. He is going to help his daughter build a deck or something, and wanted to work on his own house. While we are still at work and expected to work, it just feels a bit more lax. I am ok with that. I ran into a snafu with the printers from the UPS program I was to use for the shipping upgrades, and am now dealing with the fallout. I am basically CC’d on all of the emails being sent from our Purchasing Manager, the Sales rep. I used (and shouldn’t have), and the UPS Rep. I’m just sitting here twiddling my thumbs while the argue about who is going to pay for what and how I did it all wrong haha. Whoops. At the end of the day it isn’t the worst thing in the world. If we have to buy the printers I still have a use for them. If we don’t…then great. It is just very awkward to be a spectator.

I would have had a movie review for you but, it may have been the worst movie I have seen in a long time and I didn’t want to go through the hassle of tearing it down on a Monday haha. It was Singularity if you were wondering. To be short, “Don’t bother!”

I did start watching Community over the weekend and was able to squeeze in about 40 episodes haha. I told you I didn’t do anything! πŸ˜€

I hope you are all having a less awkward Monday than I am haha. I hope to see you back again tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


Coffee Talk!

Hey Everyone!

We have had a bit of a roller coaster the past couple days.

Everett has had a fever since we got home from vacation. He woke up Wednesday night out of a dead sleep and threw up in his crib. He did that twice and continued to do it all morning. I chose to stay home with him yesterday and take him to the pediatrician. They didn’t find anything, which is good because it isn’t anything terrible. They think it is just something viral and should go away soon. He is home again today with my mom, and he did much better last night, so we hope he is coming out of it all.

In more happy news he just randomly started clapping the other day.

He is a smart boy! He is learning everyday, and we want to keep that up. I am back at work today getting caught up on all the things I missed. If you remember the UPS upgrade I was working on, I am deploying those PCs today, with any luck. The hard part will be decommissioning the old one and moving the database to the new PCs the right way. Fingers crossed! haha.

Do you all have anything fun planned for this weekend?

Thank you for hanging in there with me while my life gets sorted haha. πŸ˜€ I hope you all have a great weekend, with great weather. I’ll be back Monday, I hope to see you then. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Holy Moly!

Hey Everyone!

Holy Crap!

I absolutely meant to have a post out yesterday, but I got hammered with stuff to do. Like really hammered. We have our annual profit sharing meeting today at 10:15am, so it only makes sense that all of the presenters haven’t finished their presentation… I was running back and fourth from our main building to our recreation hall, helping four different people with different aspects of their presentation. lol. One guy wasn’t done with his PowerPoint. One guy couldn’t get his videos to play. Another guy was using the wrong slide format. The President of the company didn’t know how to get his .gif the right way and wanted the screen to be bigger haha. It was a mess. So needless to say I was too busy to do anything during or after lunch.

In the morning while all was well, I was able to automate our list of PCs in the building a bit. I set up macros to retire old PCs with a click of a button. I also set up a button that brings up a form to add a PC to the active list, and then organized the workbook to look nicer. That part was fun.

Heck even this morning I have been hit with a curve ball! I walked into the building and was immediately called by one of the guys in accounting. His PC wouldn’t boot up and would flash a red LED. Doh! That means it was seeing an error on his mother board. This could be nothing, or it could be awful haha. Thankfully with a little tweak here and there I got it working again but that was scary for a Friday morning.

So I’m hoping the rest of my day just breezes by once we have our meeting. Most people just leave work after since they won’t get much done anyway. So it should be fairly quiet. Fingers crossed.

We will be traveling, yet again this weekend to go spend the weekend with my wife’s dad and his family. He is only 50 something, but has been diagnosed with Alzheimers :/ shitty I know. So he has been slowly losing it since I’ve known him. It has been getting worse by the day and progressing faster now, so we want to be sure to spend some time with him, as we don’t normally get to. Everett, and possibly myself, will get our hair cut by his wife. We both desperately need a trim. there son is only 2 or so years old so he will be fun to chase around as well. It’ll be a good weekend. Then it will be back to painting that fence of mine!

That is all for me this morning. I hope you all have had a less stressful couple days than I have! I’ll see you all again Monday (The last day in April) πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

I’m Back! (Pictures)

Hey Everyone!

I bet you thought I died haha. If you can recall I was feeling really crappy last week. I mentioned it Monday and Tuesday. Wellllllll, It wasn’t getting better so I took Wednesday and Thursday off. I wanted to be well enough to enjoy the holiday with my family. I’m still hacking and sniffling here at work today but I’ll be ok. My wife is now sick and Everett is still yucky as well. We did make it though and we did have a great time, so I’ll jump right in!

Saturday was our busiest day, by far. My wife had a sunrise photo shoot at 7am. I was home getting Everett ready for his first swim class! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ When my wife got home we were pretty much ready to go. Here is my boy in the YMCA parking lot.


We took him into the family changing area where we met my mom, brother and his little girl. Everett was checking everything out so he wasn’t very animated haha. But look at that little swim suit! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


He was a little hesitant at first, but warmed up quite nicely. It was only 30 minutes but that seems like an eternity once you are in there. The girl standing next to us is the instructorΒ  (not just a random creeper haha)



Part of the way though they put these floating letters and noodles in the pool for the kids to hang on to. Everett was getting used to laying on his back in this one. He did get there!


Once we were done at the pool we had to hurry home and take showers. We were right back out the door to go to my cousin Austin’s baby shower. Here is my cousin, my aunt, and his new baby boy Koen! He is a cutie with big cheeks. (Fun fact: He is almost 3 months old and weighs as much as Everett haha)


Again, after the baby shower we hit the road and went to My wife’s families house for Easter. When we got there he had these ears put on him haha.


Everett’s grandpa and his family came over for dinner, which was a nice treat.


The rest of the night was spent playing with the three little kids that were there. We hit the hay early because we were drained and still were getting over some sickness. Sadly my wife woke up Sunday feeling worse. :/

Everett was enjoying some pancakes and yogurt bite in the morning.


Again we got ready and headed out. We were going to Erie to my aunt and uncle’s house for our other traditional Easter lunch. There were 8 children there under the age of 8! that hasn’t happened since all of my cousins and I were little. It was awesome having that many people there and seeing the next generation of little ones. The best part is they all seem to get alone and play like crazy.

After we ate I helped hide Easter eggs in the yard and my wife got Everett ready to go. He wasn’t feeling it haha.


Here we go!

This is His first ever egg hunt so it was pretty fun.






Once all the kids came back in the house and got their candy sorted we tried to get them all on the couch for a picture. This was chaotic, but fun!Β  This is about as good as any picture got haha. The second one on the left is my niece Rory and she was not having it haha. It was still pretty funny.


Everett was looking out the window with one of his cousins here and it was just too cute to pass up.


Lastly for Sunday, before the long drive home was another shot of my newest baby cousins Koen, again. He was dressed in his little bunny outfit. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


We woke this morning feeling groggy and out of it. I made it to work, still not feeling the greatest, but I have to power through. It can only get better from here right? haha.

I have missed you all, and hope you had a great holiday weekend! I’ll be back tomorrow, and hope to see you then! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Little Of This, Little Of That!

Hey Everyone!

Like I thought, I was not able to get a quality post out yesterday. :/

Last night our Masonic lodge held a “School of Instruction” which is exactly what you think it is. We gather at one spot and have other lodges converge on that location, and spend the evening working on ritual work. Since most true Masonic information is not written down it is very important to hold these kind of meetings. They are very laid back and fun. You don’t have to dress up, we usually have food and drinks available for afterwards. It is also a great time to meet other brothers from other lodges.

Over the last few days I have been sick, again, and not doing much. One of those days my mom and dad came over and brought a gift from my great aunt Jackie.


As you can see he wanted to eat it. It is a Christmas tree ornament, his very first one! We are thankful for our family and all the things they do for us. Also, side note, please go back and look at the back of his hair hahaha.

This morning we had some fun getting him ready for daycare. He is all snuggled up in this first one and dressed in the next one.



So cute! It is getting pretty cold here and we have to wrap him up pretty good. It is going to be a real pain this winter haha.

Today at work we are having a retirement lunch for our receptionist. She has been here 28 years and will be leaving us after tomorrow. It is sad but shes 80 so she is ready. I have been working on setting her up with a PC to take as her retirement gift. Our company gives each person that has been there over, I want to say 5 years, $100 for every year that they have been with the company. So she is walking out with $2800, not bad haha.

Yesterday I received my very first letter from Abel my sponsor child. It was written by someone who works with Children International, because he is 9 and cannot write. I hope that he will learn as soon as he can. It was sent with a picture that he colored as well. His family is doing well, and are thankful for my sponsorship. He enjoys playing soccer, with his friends and helping around the house. I have sent him another letter and can’t wait to hear from him again!

We have been invited to a Halloween party for us and out kid this Saturday, but I’m not sure we are going to go. He currently has his second ear infection and I am just getting over my second sinus infection. We may just stay away from people in general. lol

I hope you are all having a great Thrusday, and I will see you all again tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

3rd Degree, Well Conferred!

Hey Everyone!

Last night we had a great 3rd degree. Of course it is the longest one and generally the hardest one to confer. I was wondering if any of the NY brothers would show up, and a few did. Four of them showed up to watch how we do it in PA. There were impressed, it is much different than how they do it but just as good. Other than that we had a good showing of other brothers. It isn’t everyday you raise a person to the Master Mason level. After the degree work we had coffee, cake, and ice cream.

When I got home it was pretty late. My wife had spent the night baking some cookies and watching the little one. It was a nice night to stay in and watch a movie but I had other responsibilities. :/

Today at work I was surprised with a laptop from a co-worker. I told him a day or so ago that I would look at it for him and he promptly brought it in haha. He wasn’t able to even get it to turn on. Sometimes that is worse, because there is no error message and really no signs. I was thrown for a minute because I tested the power cable with a multimeter and the voltage came back normal, at around 19 volts. I plugged it in to the laptop and everything worked fine. That threw me off because I saw no issue. I decided to clean up the programs on the laptop and let it charge. Once I did that I moved it across the room so it wasn’t in the way and that is when I saw that it was no longer charging. Hmmm, what happened. I decided to pull the whole thing apart, to check the adapter in the laptop it self. This is a very tedious process and involves a ton of small screws. I saw that everything was fine and then put it back together. I then tested the power cable again only to see that it didn’t have a charge at all anymore. So, final thought, it is the power cable. he can buy one for about $20 and he should be all good. πŸ˜€

It was fun to have something a little challenging today haha. I have also started watching Cleverman on Netflix it is rather weird. I enjoy it, but it is a bit weird. If you are into slightly strange science fiction shows you should give it a look see. πŸ˜€

I also bought a game yesterday that I have been on the fence about for some time. It is called Stardew Valley. You can buy it for around $15 on Steam. It is a single player story game, which is good for my anger haha. There is no real competitive angle that can annoy you. the premise is that you inherit your grandfather’s farm and take it over when the city life gets to be too much to handle. You rebuild the farm and live out your days. I really enjoy it so far and hope it keeps my interest.

That is all from me today! I hope you have enjoyed your stay. I’ll be back again tomorrow with any luck. I will be leaving work early to go back for homecoming. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Nice Night To Go To The Dam!

Hey Everyone!

I was planning on going home after work and just cutting the grass. Sounds pretty boring right? My wife called me just before I left and asked what I was doing after work. She suggested that we go for a walk at the Kinzua Dam. I told her that I wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to do something with our family for cutting the grass haha.

Once I picked him up from daycare and got home, we got him ready to go!


It is a little hard to get a picture of a baby that keeps moving, my apologizes haha.

We took off and made our way there. We went to a spot that wasn’t as much hiking, but rather a leisurely walk with some pre-made stairs and what not.


Once you get closer to an overlook you can see the reservoir beyond the trees.


Lastly you are greeted with this amazing view! This is a beautiful place anytime of the year. It is always worth a visit. We come here as often as we can, when we remember to actually do it lol.


Of course with any small day trip you need a few family photos. It was very bright, as you will see. It was clear and sunny.


We tried again back in the woods to get away from the direct sun light and we managed to get him to look and not cry haha. That is a win win if I’ve ever seen one.


I love my little family and taking trips like this. They are the most important things in my life and I would be lost without them. The trip was great and was a much better way to spend the evening. πŸ˜€

Tonight I have a Masonic 3rd degree. It will take most of the evening and be late. It is the longest degree and the last degree to become a Master Mason. It will be fun, we are hoping a few of the NY guys come down to see it done our way.

This weekend it our Alumni homecoming and we will be going back for the festivities and to see friends. I’ll keep you posted! I hope you have enjoyed today’s post and I’ll see you all tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Daddy -O-Five Update!

Hey Everyone!

A while back I posted about the ‘Daddy-O-Five’ scandal. If you are unfamiliar with it I leave a link to my first post. Riiiiiiiight…..HERE! Feel free to check it out.

Last we knew two of the five kids were living with their biological mother. That is still the case, and since that update we haven’t heard anything else. That is/was because there was a gag order and legal proceedings were going down. This has now been covered on multiple new outlets and of course back on YouTube. Heather and Mike Martin have now been charged with a 10 year suspended prison sentence, and 5 years probation for child neglect. Some may see this as going to soft on them and others may not. The gist is that if they break probation in any way they can serve up to 10 years in prison.

Here is a write up from Fox 5 News: Link

Another one from The Frederick News Post: Link

And lastly one from The Baltimore Sun: Link

If you want to hear it from the words of my man Philip DeFranco you can watch his take from here in this video: (Skip to the 7 min mark, not sure why my link didn’t work correctly)


It is pretty ridiculous to think that they got away with this crap for so long. It really makes your blood boil. I am personally please that the justice system has intervened and that this injustice was brought to light.

I’d like to end the post today by asking you the community, do you think they got off too easy? Do you think this is the end of the story? Let me know down below!


Learning & Housekeeping!

Hey Everyone!

Not much going on here today. At work today I was shadowing a co-worker on how to replace and send back our old data collection terminals. the scanning guns tend to break and the terminals are older than dirt. From what I have heard on the grape vine, they are finally fazing them out. That is good and bad. Good for the reason that they are old and suck. they are also bad because until they replace them I have to learn all about them, which can seem like a waste of time. Before this said co-worker retires I have to learn that, how to create some sort of cards, and die cards. I already know her day to day and how to run it, which is what I’ll be doing tomorrow. I also have to take over ordering the toner for the as400 printers. With any luck her whole position will be dissolved. I will be taking over parts of it and another will take over the rest. I doubt that it will come with any raise, but in due time my work will be recognized.

As for tomorrow I probably will not be posting. I will be into work early to cover her. That means I get to leave at like 2-2:30, that’s the good part. πŸ˜€ Sad news, is that I have to come in early and won’t really be able to push out a post. 😦

I was able to make a decent amount of zucchini bread last night. It was tasty if you are wondering. I cleaned up around the house quite a bit last night. I made myself a bit of a housekeeper. I hit up some laundry, made dinner, did the dishes, fed the pets, cleaned up a bit and helped with the baby. It was very productive, too bad it will all be for nothing in a day lol.

This weekend the wife and I are going to a craft festival at our fair grounds. It happens every year and seems to get great results. There are vendors that make their own goodies, and their own handmade crafts. Everything is for sale, and most everything is of solid quality. Generally it is early enough that the weather is not to warm and not too cool. I’ll be sure to take a few photos. πŸ˜€

That is about it for me today, and again I’ll be back Friday! Hope to see you then. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€