Happy Thursday!

Hey Everyone!

I had some plans change yesterday and wasn’t able to get a post out yesterday. I kept thinking I forgot to do something all day and I think this was it haha. 😀 What happened was I scheduled a doctors appointment as soon as they were available, which was the middle of the day.

Since Saturday my back has been killing me. I have full range of motion but it hurt/hurts when I breath deeper. It was confusing to me and I couldn’t calm myself down about it, so that is what I did. Once I was done with my appointment I just went home. The PA-C determined that I strained my diaphragm. Just like doing curls with your arms all day would hurt your arm, I hurt my diaphragm by using it all day. The two points where, I guess, it meets other parts of the body are where it hurts and that is why it felt like two separate spots. He prescribed me some muscle relaxer for the evening and ibuprofen three times a day for inflammation. I have felt pretty good today, so far. I’m sure I’ll be fine to get back out there for the tournament.

In other news I am finally getting my car fixed and inspected Friday. I have to drop it off at the shop tonight, and I can’t forget. That is part of the reason I am telling you haha. 😀 If you didn’t know I totally forgot to get it inspected in May and didn’t realize it until July. It is now August and It will finally get the work done. Don’t worry, since I found out I haven’t driven that car. It has only taken this long because it needed brakes and calipers. The other reason it has taken so long was that one of our shops in town completely burnt down, so every other shop is backed up. I hope to be back in business next week.

Yesterday my wife’s family came down to see Everett So her grandma and mom were there when I got home. They brought some ice cream cake from DQ for all of our birthdays and bagels from our favorite spot in our college town. They make bagels daily and they are really delicious!

That is all for me today, I hope you have a great Thursday. I’ll be back tomorrow and hope to see you then! 😀 😀



What A Day!

Hey Everyone!

Let me run down a recap of the rest of my Monday. I left work early to have enough time to gather my dog’s urine and take it to the Vet for further testing. She had a UTI and I wanted to make sure that it was all cleared up and that she was good to go! To be short, they called back and said she was all clear. Again I took her on the leash and slid a dinner plate under her haha. I scared her a little bit this time so she stopped going. I had to transfer the urine into a baggie because I didn’t have a different small container with a lid. It took some real skill to do all of this, I’m sure you can imagine haha.

I was all ready to head to the Vet and my wife had picked Everett up for his 9 month checkup. The timing was great. I was ready to go, and so was she. We grabbed Everett and headed out. We hit up the Vet first and then headed to his appointment. We made it there with about 30 seconds to spare. The called his name and back we went.

The appointment didn’t really go so well, unfortunately. :/ He only needed one shot, so that was good, but he seemed to be in rough shape other wise. He has another yeast infection on his bottom, and a double ear infection. This after he just got over the Flu. They gave us a referral to meet with an ear, nose, and throat doctor in Buffalo, for tubes. We have time to decide if he really needs them or not, but we may as well get the process started. After the appointment we had to grab some groceries. We hit up the local Wegmans and had some subs there, before shopping for food. That way we didn’t shop on an empty stomach. Everett was having the best time, because for the first time he was able to sit in the cart and see everything.


He is still a bit tiny so we watched him closely but he did great. We finished grabbing groceries and headed home. Once we were back in town we had to pick up his two prescriptions at the local CVS. He needed stuff for his ears and cream for his baby butt.

By the time we really got home, it was about bead time. We unpacked, and put everything away, and that was that.

One thing I forgot to mention, was that Everett also bonked his head at daycare and had a nice bruise on his head. I just told her that he is now crawling and pulling himself up. I did all of this so that she would pay attention to him and make sure he wasn’t doing anything that was going to result in something like that. :/ I guess he pulled up on a toy and was bouncing around, while holding on to it. He fell forward and hit his face. He also got a bloody nose…DOH! I just wish they did a better job at watching him. Sadly there is nothing or no one in the area willing to watch kids this young. So again, our options are more than limited. I feel trapped a bit, because I have to have child care, but the care isn’t up to snuff. This then leads to us not feeling comfortable with him being there for safety reasons, but having no where to go.

We will see how today goes when I pick him up.

That is all from me today! I hope you are having a great Tuesday. I know I am taking some time to chill after yesterday’s all day affair haha.  I’ll see you all again tomorrow! 😀 😀

Stacking Wood & Plumbing!

Hey Everyone!

I was supposed to meet with the pluming guy yesterday right after work. Key words, ‘supposed to’ lol. When I got home I saw that my cousin Mike, who helped us cut down that huge tree, dropped off a trailer full of full cut and split firewood. I gave him the length that I needed and he got me the goods. It was piled up in my driveway. I got home and started taking it piece by piece behind the garage where I was going to stack it. Once it was all said and done, no plumber, but I did get these nice stacks. 😀


I sent him these same pictures and he asked if I was good, or wanted more. Of course I said more! I want to have about 4 or 5 of these stacks at all times. I can have it drying all summer and be good to go next winter. I can also have some small fires in my portable fireplace. Fingers crossed my neighbors don’t call the cops. 😉

Since the plumber didn’t show, and my wife got home from work an hour and a half later, we went to get groceries. One thing that I didn’t expect to find was the barbecue sauce that we had on the pork shoulder Saturday. But, I did! Check it out:


Good Ol’ Stubb’s! It is a good vinegar based sauce, I would definitely recommend to you if you like that kind of stuff. They had a few other flavors, but this was one of my favorites from the other day.

That takes us to today, I got on the horn to the plumbing and heating company, and they set me up today! They did redeem themselves. They guy that owns it is a good guy. I graduated with his son. He set me up with an appointment at noon today. That is why this post may be a tiny bit late.

I also called our insurance company about coverage. I was wondering about electrical, water, and sewage. He informed me that everything from the meters in, is covered. Everything that is beyond the meters are not covered in our plan. Which tends to be the norm from what I hear. He advised me to not worry about getting electrical if I didn’t have big trees around, because it isn’t likely to get messed up. He said it may be a good idea to get the water and sewage if I have an older home, which I do. My house was built in 1941, so I’m not really sure about the outside piping. I’m not sure if the city or previous owners have done anything with them. I contacted the water company, and was all set to get coverage for water, sewer, and indoor plumbing. This was until I asked about a specific issues I was having. Once I did that she told me, “Since you have old us on a recorded line that you have an existing issue we can’t offer sewage and indoor.” After that I told her to scrap all of it! If I do ever want that coverage I have to get them a proof of repair from another plumber, then buy it. So that was just a giant waste of time lol.

Noon just happened to roll around, like it does daily, and I went home to meet with the plumber. He informed me that I have all four of the types of plumbing lines, and that they were all in good or great condition. There was one fixture that was dripping super slowly by the water main, that I can fix myself. Since the only water to the top two floors is basically the kitchen and upstairs bathroom, he thought the plumbing was all re-done. I asked him about the toilets backing up, and he said that I could set up an appointment to run a snake and camera through the pipes and fix the issues, for a couple hundred bucks, whenever we are ready. I asked him about that water line insurance and he told me that it is a waste and not to bother so I’m a bit torn. I am overall pleased with my house and the things I find out about it. Like anything it can be different but, I think I landed a pretty good one. We want to finish the basement at some point, and have to make sure nothing is going to back up, and that there will be no leaks first.

I’m back at work now and kind of missed my lunch, but that is OK. In the comments below let me know your thoughts on getting water, sewage, and piping insurance. Have you had experience with any of it? Do you like it, or nah!?! I’ll leave you with that. Thanks for stopping by again today! I’ll see you tomorrow. 😀 😀

How is your driving record?

Hey Everyone!

Welcome back on this fine Tuesday afternoon.

I had the opportunity to watch the movie ‘Arrival’ recently and it was different haha. arrival_hk

It is about some alien things coming to earth to ‘help’ humanity. I won’t go into much detail for those of you that haven’t seen it. It has Amy Adams as the lead actress, followed by Jeremy Renner, and Forest Whitaker. It is a slow movie that provokes thought, rather than portray action. If you are into that kind of thing check it out. With the Oscars being held so recently it must be said that they were nominated for eight Oscars, winning only one. It is a good movie at about two hours long. I just wanted to put that out there because it was fresh on my mind.

I have been trying to figure out a way to keep track of my bills and what not so I don’t forget to pay them. I have Outlook through work, and just started to use the calendar. For now I have all day appointments set for a couple days after my bill should post. I will try that out for month or two. If that doesn’t work well, then I might try to make it just two days a month to pay them all, if I’m able to. It really just seems like there is no good way to keep track of seven plus monthly bills that post on different days, and require different payment methods. Gah, it is so much more added stress that isn’t needed. It could be partly due to the fact that this is the first time I have paid for all of the bills in a household. I’m sure I’ll get used to it, but should I really have to get used to it? I should try to find a really good way that works for me. I’ll tweak it when I can. I also have a fairly basic Excel sheet that keeps track of my bills per month/year. It can tell me what I have paid in total per month, how much I paid per year in each category (gas, electric, water,etc…), and how much I paid total all year. I have the sheet copied and ready for the next five years haha.

It is hard for me not to look at the big picture and freak out. I have so much stuff that I want to do to/in that house, and I can’t see a time that I can do most of it. Some being money related, others being time related. On top of that starting a family and trying to potentially finding a car is stressing me the F*ck out. Again, I’m sure it will be fine and I am just having a moment, but this moment keeps reoccurring lol. I have thought about just keeping my truck and only taking the baby in my wife’s car and seeing how much of a big deal it will be. It really may work out fine. That would be one less thing to worry about. One day I will need a new vehicle but our plan is to put it in my wife’s name and just have me as a primary driver, to keep costs, down.

If you don’t know, and you wouldn’t I have had a not great past when it comes to driving records. I have had my license taken away three separate times. When I was younger, and kind of still now, I didn’t really agree with the speed limits. I racked up enough points in my state and other states, for speeding only, to lose it. In doing so at one point I got my whole family kicked off of their insurance completely, and the rates skyrocketed. I have been scared ever since to get my own insurance for fear of not being able to afford it. I know, even now years late, that the rates are still high from that stuff. That is why I would just hop on with my wife. The more you know! 😉


I have seen this in my rear view mirror more times than I can remember! Even just in finding this picture I can feel myself getting a tight chest. I get really defensive around police officers and internally frustrated. I do my best to maintain a good demeanor knowing that it comes from a place in the past and not of the present but it just happens in an instant.

If you don’t mind sharing, what run ins with the ‘fuzz’ have you had? If none, great! Not that it needs written but if you don’t feel like sharing you don’t ever have to. It is just fun sometimes to start a conversation. 🙂

That’s it for today, I hope you enjoy my stress and awful driving record! I’ll see you all again tomorrow! 😀 😀